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Ken, I sent you an email 2 days after Infinite came out and you responded to me almost immediately, and in a way I didn't expect: You didn't answer anything! Instead, you lead me on a path to discover what I, myself, believed the game meant. That was so much more satisfying than getting a concrete answer on "This is how it is."

I just wanted to thank you for that and say I've been a fan of yours for a long time, and I'm looking forward to Burial at Sea and Logan's Run!

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Tiki, as a life-long Packers fan, I can still say you were an excellent player. Hope that means a lot to you because it wasn't easy to say.

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You're the best, taco bell guy.

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So theoretically I could call my local TB and say, hey in like 5 hours I'm gonna stop in and pick up 100 sides of baja sauce and they'll do it?

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Seriously, this is the only question I care about. Baja sauce is just, something otherworldly. Is there anywhere I can get like, minor bulk of it? Like a bottle or something