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I'm just gonna go ahead and consider this a "yes."

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I've never read an entire AMA's comments, until now.... Thank you Jo.

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Had Taco Bell for dinner last night, need some help. Will you pull my finger.....

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Is there a way to ELI5?

Whenever healthcare is talked about, the concept that we are the "only western" or "only 1st world" country that exists with this ass-backwards medical system is always thrown around... How come our government/population is so complacent with this standing? It blows my mind that that statment can be so casually spoken without ANYONE being embarassed and subsequently affecting any change!

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How stringent is the "seed to user" paperwork? I understand that CO is interested in tracking production so they are able to levy taxes on all the Recreational sales and prevent "black market diversion." Is there any legal framework for the distribution/marketing of imported (out of state produced) marijuana? We, here in Humboldt are very closely watching your social experiment as it unfolds... there are some strong proponents here for a Humboldt "branding" (think of Napa Valley as for wine..) of our product for market exposure/penetration. How do you envision that playing out for the overall future of retail sales. And in that same thought, what do we need to do to have "AOC's" enacted for some of our "heritage" production areas?