Okay, I have to get back to editing the show. Thank you all so much for taking the time to come ask me questions. I hope you tune into IFC Thursday at 10:30 for the season premiere of CBB... after an all new MARON!

Host / creator of Comedy Bang! Bang!, the TV show on IFC (http://www.ifc.com/shows/comedy-bang-bang), and the podcast found on the Earwolf Network (http://www.earwolf.com/show/comedy-bang-bang/). Co-creator and director of "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis." Writer/performer on HBO's cult classic "Mr. Show with Bob and David."

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the_mad_waffler135 karma

Hi Hot Soccermom. Just binge watched Comedy Bang! Bang! on Netflix and immediately fell in sick, hard, sloppy love with you/it. Great eps.

Question: Could you please ask Comedy Central for Stephen Colbert's time slot so that you could host a show where it's nothing but you and Paul F. Tompkins and/or Adam Scott talking?

SAukerman142 karma

Would love this, but am afraid to ask... could you ask for me?

Denver_Ecig119 karma

How you weigh?

SAukerman175 karma

I weigh good, bro.

halfmast104 karma

U Talkin' U2 To Me? is my all-time favorite podcast, and I would love for Earwolf to put out more shows like it. It's really fun to hear you and other Earwolf regulars get to bullshit and make each other laugh outside of the typical format. So, with that said, two questions:

  1. Has the response to UTU2TM been good enough that we might see more banter/bullshit shows from Earwolf? (Side note: Jesus Christ. Please make Staind Glass with Todd Glass happen)

  2. What are the benefits and drawbacks to doing a limited-run podcast versus an ongoing?

Thanks for all the free entertainment you and Earwolf provide. It really helps me get through the week.

SAukerman83 karma


  1. I love the banter/bullshit shows - it kind of depends on who is doing them, and if they can be popular enough. It doesn't hurt that Adam is on an NBC sitcom and has a fanbase. Without it, I wonder how many people would listen. So you have to gauge that before spending the money to get a new show off the ground.

  2. The benefits are that you can get people like Andy Daly, who can't commit to a weekly show, to dazzle us for a short period of time. The drawbacks are, by the time that we learned how popular it would be (after it came out), it was almost over, so we couldn't sell the advertising as well as we would have liked to.

oshoney101 karma

Can we get a Paul F Tompkins version of the Podcast Pilot Project? I'm so sad there aren't any more episodes of that on the way.

SAukerman88 karma

That's a good idea!

bfreitas2689 karma

My girlfriend won't stop talking during the "Would You Rather" theme music, what do I do?

SAukerman160 karma

I'm not going to say you should break up with her, but I don't think she's really marriage material.

bigontheinside79 karma

Maybe it's just me, but for me, Lauren Lapkus seems to be getting funnier every appearance. Will we be seeing Traci Rearden this season?

SAukerman67 karma

We won't be seeing Traci, since she's a 17 year old girl (and Lauren is not!). But LL will be on CBB TV playing someone different she's created.

mrpibbandredvines73 karma

t-shirts or college girls??? You can only pick one

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nathanielnp70 karma

Will Wompler ever be on the TV show, or are the prosthetics too onerous?

SAukerman95 karma

Jess and I have been trying to figure it out.. i think it might be too difficult to do a visual representation of Wompler. In a case like that, I'll usually try to figure out something else for that performer to do (like Tom Lennon - we briefly did Lil Gary, but I think he had more fun as the Phantom). We do the Calvins Twins this year, and our one regret is that we couldn't make them four-foot-tall jockeys.

danccbc61 karma

Will Tom Leykis or Jessie Ventura make a future appearance on your television program?

SAukerman83 karma

One of these two is on this season.

kainer21160 karma

Hi Scott, Really enjoy both 'Comedy Bing Bong' and 'U Talkin' U2 to Me' but I have to admit do not like U2 very much. Is there anyway you can stop talking about U2 on the show completely? I'd really enjoy more Harry Potter talk. Maybe change the name to 'U Talkin' HP to Me'? Thanks in advance.

SAukerman86 karma

Thank you - we need to get back to Harry Potter. I keep forgetting about that.

Ryno363958 karma

If Reggie Watts were to pull a power play and take over your role as host on Comedy Bang Bang, how do you think he would betray you?

SAukerman137 karma

with a kiss, like Judas!

terattt58 karma

Are there ever times when you do the podcast and you're just not really in the mood to be funny? How do you "turn it on" in those instances?

SAukerman147 karma

If I'm not in the mood, I usually rely on the other person to get me through. For instance, in the ep of U2 that came out today, I had a huge headache and was stressed out and not in the mood. But when Adam walked in, we started joking around, and a huge smile came upon my face. So that's where I find the joy in it.

BonoSlayer52 karma

Will the humor this season be on beat?

SAukerman70 karma

On kilter, at least.

bountyhunterthedog45 karma

Hey Scott, huge fan of your podcast, I've been wondering though, do you think the term peeing is based off of penis? They're so similar, like pee and penis, that can't just be a coincidence right?

SAukerman118 karma

Pee-pee actually stands for "Penis pee."

ellipsistg43 karma

Were you happy with how the Obama Between Two Ferns episode turned out? Do you feel any of the criticism was warranted?

SAukerman65 karma

I was happy with it, and I never care about criticism as long as I'm happy with something! It's when you're not happy with something that it stings a little.

justinotherpeterson42 karma

Hey Scott! Love when you and Paul F. Tompkins are on the podcast together! Did you guys always have that chemistry or did you discover it after you two had been friends for awhile?

SAukerman71 karma

We've always liked riffing around with each other, but I think PFT would admit that being on CBB has opened up new avenues to him in terms of playing characters. It's just something we can slip into pretty easily after knowing each other for almost 20 years.

Zsinjeh41 karma

Hey Scott, in last years AMA you mentioned making $67,035 after taxes, is this number still accurate?

Also, thank you and Jeff Ulrich for extending the contract with Hollywood Handbook: An insider's guide to kicking butt and dropping names in the red-carpet-lined back hallways of this industry we call showbiz, love that show!

And if you'd ever happen to plan a live CBB show in Stockholm, Sweden that'd be...you know, pretty cool.

SAukerman45 karma

Would love to go to Sweden someday! Let's make this happen!

whoisjavier41 karma

It's been... Quite a while since you have done an AMA! I wanted to thank you for Comedy Bang Bang, it has opened me up to a brand new world of alt comedy and I would have never known how great Andy Daly or Paul F. Tompkins, et. all are if it weren't for you. A couple of questions:

  • Did you ever imagine you would go into something like comedy? Right now I am about to enter college for comp-sci but the whole world of comedy writing is so alluring and I have always dreamed of being able to hang out in writer's rooms.
  • Any tips for starting a podcast?

SAukerman48 karma

The hard thing for me about getting into writing comedy was I didn't think I could do it because I wasn't a professional at it. How do you start? I started writing a Friends spec script, but I gave up because I didn't know "how" to write a joke. Even though I was huge into the Simpsons and Letterman and comedy in general, I thought I needed to take a class or something. The irony is, after I lucked into getting into comedy, I found that Friends script, and the jokes were good! I just needed more confidence.

As far as starting a podcast, it's easy! Getting the equipment might be hard, but someone can help you with it.

terattt39 karma

When someone like Tim Heidecker comes on and kind of puts on a character that seems like an asshole, will he beforehand say something like "hey look I'm gonna be an asshole and I'm not going to break character, so I just want you to know beforehand that it is just a character"? Do you talk about it first or do you just dive right in?

SAukerman59 karma

I usually know what to expect with people I know well. I find Tim to be so funny - I really enjoy every episode he does. It's like Bill Murray to me.

Fabtraption38 karma

What's the Comedy Bang Bang weather report for today?

SAukerman68 karma

Lil gloomy!

klobbermang33 karma

Hi Scott. Just wanted to say thank you. I was on my honeymoon with MY WIFE in fall of 2012, and we went to LA for part of it. We really wanted to see the CBB stand up show, but it was sold out when we tried to get tickets. MY WIFE randomly asked you on twitter if we could somehow get in since we were from out of town on our honeymoon and you were super nice and put us on the list. It was the best stand up show I've ever seen. Max Silvestri, Jasper Redd, Aziz Ansari, Kurt Braunhauler, Bob Odenkirk, Sean Conroy, Nick Kroll, Greg Fitzsimmons, ANDY KINDLER and maybe even some more. One of the best nights of my life. Then like two weeks later we all found out the show was ending. I would have never been able to see that show ever if you weren't unnecessarily nice.

I guess a question would be, why you so nice?

SAukerman38 karma

Aw, thanks! Your story touched me, I guess. Hope you're still together!

Ryno363931 karma

Hi Scott! I truly admire all the work you've done with the Earwolf Podcast Network. In your wildest dreams, who do you most want to host their own podcast on the Earwolf Podcast Network?

SAukerman44 karma

Thanks! Steve Martin, Chris Rock, David Letterman!

pastabear30 karma

Can you please get Jeff Goldblum on the show?

SAukerman49 karma

Would love that! How do i contact him????

riquardo229 karma

How do you see the podcast business evolving in the near future?

Thanks for all the free content over the years and building such a great comedy ecossystem on Earwolf!

SAukerman39 karma

I think advertisers will start paying more attention to it, as the technology starts to spread. Which will attract bigger talent to it. Hopefully people will still treat it like it should - which is a way to do what you want, without interference from any bigwigs.

Go_Phish28 karma

When will we finally get to hear an Analyze Phish episode about the Hollywood Bowl show last year? You guys had quite the crew, can't wait to hear about it.

Also... Have you ever voluntarily listened to Phish in private? If so, what song and why?

SAukerman39 karma

This will be coming out soon - all is now prepped, which was taking a long time, so as soon as Harris and I can get together, we'll do it!

starthirteen26 karma

Mr Scott, you make a lot of references in passing that clearly show you know comics pretty well. Have you ever considered doing a comic book related podcast, possibly with someone else who is also well versed in the ways of comics, like PFT or Brian Posehn? If not, would you please consider it?

SAukerman44 karma

I would like to, and I think the U2 show proves that the subject matter isn't as important as the personalities. But not for me in the near future!

binglebongle26 karma


SAukerman27 karma

It's ridiculous - how many times does he have to have the opportunity to talk to Bonos before he talks to Bonos?

robbd725 karma

Thanks for finally getting never Not Funny to go free! Can we expect you back this season? And who do I have to talk to about making you 3rd chair?

See you in Chicago next month. You might see me, I'll be a guy in the crowd. Keep an eye out, or 2. Party on!

SAukerman27 karma

I will definitely be back sooner than you think! And Jimmy may be on a different show with me also very soon.

Ryno363924 karma

What would be your dream concert festival lineup?

SAukerman83 karma

Radiohead Prince The National Jenny Lewis The Vandals The Smiths reunion and I am watching from the side of the stage, sitting on a couch.

Memphish_Boognish22 karma

Hey Scott, huge fan here. Have listened to every ep of the podcast and seen every ep of the TV show. Keep up the good work!!!

A few quick questions

  1. Will the 40 episode pickup for the TV show next year affect the format of the show at all? And will it affect the regularity podcast at all?
  2. Any cool new shows coming out on Earwolf?
  3. Can you please get Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd on the podcast together to promote their upcoming movie together so we can have an epic rap battle (with Neil Campbell as well) to see who truly is the all-time GOAT?

SAukerman29 karma

Thanks! 1. Nope - neither should be affected. I might work myself to death, but everything should be the same.

  1. We're always looking for great new stuff, but like to surprise people with it. That said, more people should be listening to Improv4Humans, Ronna and Bev, and Hollywood Handbook.

  2. I would love that! I think Amy might be out of LA this summer tho. But I am going to have David Wain put together a good group of people to promote that movie.

SAukerman22 karma

I misnumbered this, but you get the idea!

morzaj22 karma

If you could force Harris to any one concert, what would it be?

SAukerman35 karma

U2, of course!

Stevdrew21 karma

Been listening since Comedy Deathray Radio! It makes the work week much more bearable with all of the shows on your Earwolf network. I was wondering if you had a show that you like performing on the most? Also, pls pls pls kidnap PFT and make him resurrect his Pod F. tompkast. Thanks again for all of your effort and hardwork! <3

SAukerman31 karma

Thanks! Never Not Funny; Doug Loves Movies - those are the two I keep going back to. Would love to get PFT to do ANY kind of show - limited series or anything he'd like to do!

NikoEstevan21 karma

Intrepid host Escottic Aucksphyxiationman,

Love the show, love the podcast, love Earwolf.

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and I know you are one of a few people out there with the connections to make this happen – COMEDY MUSIC FESTIVAL. Here’s how I see it…you got your headliners: The Lonely Island, Tenacious D. Opening for them: Don’t Stop or We’ll Die, Reggie Watts. Also featuring amazing acts such as Weird Al, Garfunkel & Oates, Hard N’ Phirm, Nick Thune, Bo Burnham, maybe even Zach Galifianakis could break out the Steinway and Zinfandel. I’ve been to a number of music festivals over the last few years and there’s always shitloads of people willing to pay an obscene amount of money for a day of fun…I think this could be a goldmine.

Before anyone says Festival Supreme is already established and too similar, I’ll say “Does Festival Supreme have even a 1% chance of a Dom Dimello/Rockette cameo?” I think not…

SAukerman30 karma

I think Festival Supreme is doing a good version of that these days... and I think you should wait and see who's on it this year before deciding!

terattt20 karma

Do you ever have any guests on the podcast that you aren't already at least somewhat friendly with? If so, have there been any that were kind of rude or unfriendly toward you?

SAukerman30 karma

Lately I've been having a lot, but we have a good time! I try to prep people regarding what they're in for before we do it.

loukmilher20 karma

What are, if any, your preparations for the podcast? How did you come about your host character, which finds a way to very calmly mediate the chaos around him?

SAukerman59 karma

No prep for the podcast, other than maybe I'll think of a good question as I'm driving there.

My hosting style has evolved from actually wanting to give a good interview, to realizing there are too many shows like that out there. Now I just hope it's entertaining.

CrouchJr19 karma

Hey Scott, just want to say that your podcast(s) has been a huge help to me. Your show has helped me to see life in a new way, and has shown me how to be more positive in general and to accept people for who they are.
Hopefully you tour Toronto again soon so we can riff bits (if you invite me on the show as guest-host).

K thanks byeeeeeeeeee

SAukerman20 karma

That is really nice - thanks so much for saying that!

Dtomerlin19 karma

Seems strange that T. J. Miller has never been on CBB, any reason for that?

SAukerman36 karma

I just saw TJ in Ausin and reminded myself that I need to get him on the show! He flaked a couple of times on the UCB live show I produced, so it gave me the impression that he's hard to contact. I would love to have him, though!

evan_19 karma

How tired are you of the "Hot Saucerman" type joke names?

SAukerman58 karma

Not at all - it's actually pretty cool to have created something that people like to reference. It's like creating "Pump you up" or "Isn't that special" or something. It's nice to hear that people enjoy what you do.

stegesaurus18 karma

Scott AMAkerman,

I'm a huge fan of your work, especially with CBB the Podcast. Any hints at an upcoming CBB tour? Can't wait for Season 3 to start tomorrow.

SAukerman21 karma

I unfortunately can't tour this year, as I immediately go back into production on season four. I'm going to do a few select dates here and there- like the two in NYC this Sunday, and Chicago in June. Hope to tour next year!

sharkjack17 karma

I was a little surprised that you, Scott, and your co-host, Scott never mentioned the Mission: Impossible theme and U2's involvement, therein. Are you planning to devote an entire episode to this in the future?

SAukerman35 karma


gritty-kitty17 karma

Who was your favorite podcast guest? Maybe it's just me, but for me, I loved Kumail.

SAukerman42 karma

Kumail is great! I love having people on the show who have a good time. Amy Poehler is the queen of that.

bobfrumpet17 karma

How in the heck do you juggle so many projects? Are you rigidly organized or do you just embrace the chaos?

SAukerman46 karma

It's hard for me to say no to stuff... when the Obama Ferns ep came up, they wanted to film it right in the middle of one of our CBB TV production weeks - I actually told them I couldn't do it on Wednesday or Thursday, because I had Josh Groban and Lizzy Caplan on, and couldn't move them. The White House, thankfully, moved it to a Monday to accommodate me.

PromoMix15 karma

Is there a joke you thought of a kid that you still think is funny?

SAukerman56 karma

When i was in the doctor's office as a kid, maybe ten years old, he had paintings of zebras up all over the place. One was getting on a boat. To make my mother laugh, I started coming up with riddles based on zebras. I eventually started doing jokes like "Why did the zebra get onto the boat? Because he wanted to!" That's when I discovered anti-comedy.

ktabes15 karma

Hey Cop Swapperman,

Is there any editing done with the podcasts in terms of taking out laughter? Or are you all robots with no souls? Because I don't know how you don't break out into laughter every 3 seconds.

And big fan, thank you.

SAukerman24 karma

We don't edit that out.. some would say we laugh too much!

setto_14 karma

Hi Scott,

Has a combination of guests and visitors ever not worked or just seemed to drag on? It seemed when you and Bob Odenkirk were visited by the late Michael Jackson that Bob just didn't have the patience for ol' MJ!

SAukerman29 karma

It's a weird kind of alchemy, trying to put a bunch of people who don't know each other into a room and trying to create something. That's why I can relax a little more when everyone knows each other. But the best people are like Patton Oswalt, who, even though he didn't know Will Hines or Lauren Lapkus, can roll with it and find the humor.

npet14 karma

huge fan! whats your favorite episode of the new cbbtv season and any scoop for the second half of it!? also any plans to get people like joe mande, dj douggpound michael showalter on the podcast? would love to hear that. see you sunday!!!!!

SAukerman13 karma

I've seen the first seven at this point, and I don't think there's a dud in the bunch! In the second half, I think the Christmas episode is going to be something special.

sillstaw14 karma

I don't know if it's a thing from the podcast, but what's with all the fake products being made by "Sullivan's?"

SAukerman22 karma

We knew we had to come up with a fake brand, and Sullivan's sounded very innocuous and unassuming. We hoped to go more into what Sullivan's actually was, but kind of abandoned it for the now. Maybe we'll go into it in season four?

crudmeal14 karma

What ever happened with the episode where Will Ferrell (in character, I think) was supposed to be on the podcast? It was the episode with Ben Schwartz and Horatio Sanz (as Coco Marx). Did he cancel at the very last minute or was the whole thing just a joke?

SAukerman29 karma

That was a joke the IFC marketing department thought up - after it came out, I was a little bummed, because I realized everyone expected Will to be on the podcast. Wasn't too happy with how that came out, especially since what was pitched to me was very different than the ad copy I received. I was tired and just read it, then regretted it. But yes, it was a joke.

veddyedder13 karma

Do you feel like there is a rift between UCB or improv guys and other "regular" comedians?

SAukerman30 karma

I think when the UCB theatre in LA first started, because I moved CBB over there, it bridged the divide between types of comedians. You would see improv guys hanging out with standups. Plus, we would have a mixture of types of comics on my show, so it helped create a more cohesive comedy community, in my opinion. I wonder, since I stopped doing it, if that still exists?

TheRussianCircus12 karma

Which would you rather have, at least one Emmy every year for Comedy Bing! Bong! from now on, or the U2 shirts?

SAukerman25 karma


Snatchateer12 karma

What's your favorite Sourpuss Brian Eno album?

SAukerman26 karma

"Here Come The Warm Jets," by Ol' Sourpuss

beeinyourbonnet12 karma

Any big plans for the 300th episode?

SAukerman20 karma

I have an idea.

elib20612 karma

Do you have actual competition with other networks like Nerdist/Feral Audio, or do you guys just coexist and really enjoy each other's work.

SAukerman23 karma

I think there are enough jobs and opportunities to go around for everyone. There's room at the table for all.

vortex32010 karma

Scott when can we get some solo bolo action?!

SAukerman8 karma

Comin' at you soon!

WithForte9 karma

Good Hollywood Afternoon, Scottrich!

I've been a listener to the podcast since the Death-Ray days, and I want to give a huge thank you for the podcast, and all of the other Earwolf shows. It's now to the point where the majority of my entertainment is podcasts. A few questions:

  1. How would you describe your humor, and how did you come to it? I ask because I have a hard to putting into words what your humor is like. It's like you can simultaneously play the straight man, but a straight man that goes anti-comedy, absurdest, mocks everything, and is sincere. And then it's like you're doing it all in a meta sort of way. It's really interesting (and god damn hilarious).

  2. IT'S BEEN such a pleasure listening to you and Scott discussing U2 in great detail every week. As we're coming to an end of their discography, please tell me you guys will still get together and record stuff. It doesn't even half to be U2 related. It could be all about Huey Lewis and the News for all I care. Also, a few episodes back (I think it was Pop and Slowing it Down), there seemed to be some tension and genuine animosity between you two, and it was hilarious. Am I hearing that right?

  3. Harris Wittels, The Bad Boy of Radio, has said that he's finished editing the recordings for a new Analyze Phish. Get your ass in there and record the commentary!

  4. Finally, I know you get show requests all the time, so I'll just throw mine on the pile: how about a reunion with John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, and Lizzy Caplan. Lizzy seemed so exhausted and annoyed by the end of that episode.

As always, I wish you nothing but scabies, rabies, and Mickey Rooney Sugar Babies.

Sincerely, Dalton Wilcox, Poet Laureate of the West

SAukerman14 karma

Thank you! I don't know how to describe it, but you did pretty well!

Adam and I will keep going. I think the faux-getting on each others' nerves is fun and hilarious.

Good suggestion for a show! Lizzy is on the TV show this year - I'm currently editing it.

Scrumpy79 karma

Do you ever wish you could do more character work? Or do you enjoy being the (funny) straight man for the comedians in character?

SAukerman27 karma

I liked being on Dead Authors podcast with Paul F. doing characters - there were a few times I riffed stuff in character that made me feel like I could be okay at it. if I did it more, I feel like I could get into a good rhythm with them.

stinatown8 karma

Hi Scott! I'm a new but fervent CBB fan. I started listening in the past year and I can't wait for Monday (I know, right? Of all days, I'm excited for Monday?) because I get to listen to a new episode.

Do you see yourself doing the podcast forever? As a time bobby, can you reassure me that I will one day be an old lady still listening to new episodes in 2050? Or will you rip this small pleasure away from me and make me hate Mondays again? What did Mondays ever do to you?

SAukerman16 karma

When I first started doing the podcast, similarly to the live show, I didn't think I would do it much longer than a year. It's crazy we've been going so long. But I don't see any reason to stop, at this point!

herrdunphy8 karma

Hi Hot Saucerman!

  • Ever thought of you doing a character on Comedy Bang Bang and let another guest be the "host"?

  • What other podcasts do you love being a guest on?

SAukerman25 karma

PFT and I talk about switching one show - hasn't happened yet!

terattt8 karma

Were you ever nervous doing the podcast/radio show when it first started up? Do you ever still get nervous thinking about how many people are listening? Or does it become empowering knowing you have this huge audience?

SAukerman14 karma

I got nervous when I first started because it was on the radio, and for some reason, that seemed like a really big deal. But now I don't get nervous, unless it's someone I really respect, like Nick Lowe or Paul Reubens.

Fish938 karma

I was listening to the latest "U Talkin' U2 To Me?" (great ep) and realized for the first time that it's actually kind of remarkable that I listen to that podcast for 2 hours every week and have absolutely no interest in the supposed subject matter of the show (I'm not a huge Huey Lewis fan). How confident were you that that show was going to have any intrinsic entertainment value outside of the fairly small subset of people who would listen to it because they wanted to know the names of the members if U2 and the instruments they play?

P.S. I'm a huge comedy fan now and owe it all to Comedy Death-Ray Radio for introducing me to most of my favorite comedians. I started listening around the 1 year anniversary and still re-listen to a lot of the earlier episodes, so thanks sincerely for that.

SAukerman14 karma

Thank you! We had no hopes anyone would be interested at all - but actually, in the middle of the first one, I thought, "This is pretty funny, and might appeal to people who don't like the band." But we originally just wanted to do a sincere podcast about the band for fun.

Snatchateer8 karma

Hey Scott, what do you have against crumbs?

SAukerman20 karma

I like R. Crumb at least!

Sonicdissent7 karma

Could you go into the Rob Delaney/Michael Jackson thing a little? It wasn't apparent to me while listening that he was souring.

SAukerman15 karma

Haha, I don't mean to sell out Rob - I just think he was tired and in the middle of a giant press tour, and maybe the last thing he wanted to do was improv with a guy pretending to be Michael Jackson? That said, he went along with it - that's just the feeling I got from him. He is game to do anything, though, and a great guy and great talent.

DaveDrevello7 karma

What is something that you've come up with on Mr. Show/the podcast/CBBTV that even made you think "This is too ridiculous. Nobody is ever going to go for it." but actually was successful?

SAukerman16 karma

The Burgundy Loafe for Mr. Show Neil Campbell came up with the Spank-Free Day for Bad Little Boys and I had a long think about whether it was too out there for the show. But at the end of the season I threw it on because we all loved it so much.

Hugh8887 karma

Scott, since you're obviously a huge music-lover and you used to do musical theatre, I've always wondered what you do in the way of making music nowadays. Do you ever bro out with some bros and guitars?

SAukerman13 karma

I played guitar with Fred Armisen, Marc Maron, and the Birthday Boys at an IFC event recently - it was fun! Kulap got me a new acoustic for Christmas, and I bust it out every once in a while. My dad and I sang Everly Brothers songs together recently.

mrclay7 karma

How many of the CBB podcast ads are done with guests in the room?

SAukerman9 karma

None, really!

wishdasher7 karma

Scott, podcasting had been around for a significant while before you arrived. In some ways you were following a trend rather than setting one. However, since your start with earwolf/Comedy Death Ray 5 years ago, your style and approach to comedy podcasts have indeed affected and helped mobilize an astonishing array of talented people to start up their own podcasts and networks of podcasts. How does it feel to be a trailblazer or trendsetter? What happens now? Where next?

SAukerman9 karma

Thanks - yes, I thought I was late to the party with podcasting, but it hadn't exploded quite yet. I sort of answered this elsewhere, but thank you so much!

mjsher27 karma

Hot Saucerman, I love Comedy bing bong theory and U talking U2 to me?

What character of Paul F Tompkins do you like most?

What is your favorite sub podcast in U talkin' U2 to Me!

SAukerman14 karma

Lord ALW is the one I have the most fun with, I think! And during I Love Films, I really get to show off my breadth of movie knowledge.

astro_not7 karma

Hi Scott. I've got a boring question but I'd really like to know the answer. Has it become easier or harder over time to merge running a business that commodifies comedy with being someone who creates comedy? Do you see yourself continuing to wear two hats? And do you think doing so has affected your comedic sensibility or your relationship with comedians in any serious way? As an extreme example of what I'm getting at I think of Lorne Michaels, who started out as a writer and performer but now is almost exclusively seen as a producer.

Love the show, love the podcast, and I'm looking forward to the return of Comedy Bang! Bang! to NYC this weekend. Thanks!

SAukerman13 karma

I always hope that business doesn't get in the way of friendship - I try not to take anything personally. I'm one of the rare comics who enjoys figuring out how to organize and band together comedians to make cool shit.

bjmillican7 karma

p.s. is leo allen the coolest guy ever or what?

SAukerman13 karma

I miss Leo! He did great work on Andy Daly's Review.

Paavokoo7 karma

Hey Scott! Have you ever tried getting Larry David or Jerry Seinfeld to appear on your Podcasts or the TV show? Love your podcasts, and really want your show to air in Finland too!

SAukerman27 karma

Would love to get them, but don't know how to reach them! I made Larry David laugh while improv'ing during my Curb episode, and I am very proud of that.

Lamurias7 karma

Scott, if you didn't get into podcasting, what do you think you would be doing nowadays?

SAukerman18 karma

Probably still writing movies, maybe getting into directing them - I had to give that up doing the TV show, which is a bummer.

ojsimpsonjr7 karma

Hey, Scoot. Are you taller than your dad? I am.

SAukerman13 karma

Yes, I am! I was talking to someone in the White House about why everyone seems to be getting taller, and the consensus was better nutrition.

apathy20076 karma

Dear Mr. Aukerman,

I gave up on my dream of becoming an actor not long ago. My main inspiration, Philip Seymour Hoffman (whom I resemble physically, though much younger), passed and I had this weird guilt about giving up on something he cannot share with the world anymore.

I live so far away from Hollywood. What do you recommend I do to have the opportunity to show someone I can take their material and ideas and truly represent them in a manner that makes them proud and entertains and inspires people like myself? Is it really all luck and timing? Is there something more I can do?

SAukerman14 karma

it depends on what your goal is - if you're doing it just because it's something you like doing, and you want to express yourself, then your idea of success will be how happy you are doing it. If you want your work to be seen by a great number of people, it's best to move to Hollywood or NYC. (Or start your own community of filmmakers like in Austin or something!)

pandrewclark6 karma

Hi Scott, huge fan here! First off, thanks for all the laughs. Second off, what's your favorite movie and why? Third off, what's your favorite food genre?

SAukerman19 karma

thanks! I think Back to the Future is maybe my favorite movie - I told the mother of a girl i went on a date with in 1989 that, and she asked me what my favorite "serious" movie was, so I said the Godfather. that impressed her, but I've regretted it ever since.

mlauer6 karma

Hey Scott - Long time, first time.

Do you think you will ever have an intern-off between Wompler, Reardon, and Geno?

I'm not sure if Reardon is actually an intern but all three characters are around the same age and I could see Geno and Traci having a love connection.

SAukerman8 karma

We have been trying to set this up for a while - getting them all in the same room has been hard... almost happened for the 5th anniversary, but Gabrus was out of town!

headless_bourgeoisie6 karma

This is a dumb question, but I have to know: did you select Faith No More's "Surprise! You're Dead!" as the theme for the game "Alive or Dead" because you're a fan of the band? I'm a massive fan and when I first heard you use it I got really excited.

Slightly less dumb question: How do you handle playing copywrited music on Analyze Phish and UTU2TM? Do you just hope that no one will notice? Has there been any legal trouble? On a related note: I've recently realized that my favorite thing to listen to is comedians talking about music they like. Which is weird because I enjoy neither Phish nor U2. (okay, old U2 is alright).

SAukerman14 karma

i am a FNM fan, and I needed a song that had "Dead" in the title - and that one fit pretty well!

We usually play so little of a copyrighted song, that it's fair use.

RussIsAnOkayGuy6 karma

Hi Scott, I am a mega fan of the show and podcast. You talk a lot about music and shows and stuff, so I was wondering what your favorite live music experience was. Thanks!

SAukerman13 karma

Radiohead - Hail to the Thief tour (saw this many times) Prince - saw seven times when he was in LA last Crowded House - 1989 Fishbone - 1988

BillyMumphreys6 karma

Will you be involved in the planned Mr. Show reunion next year?

SAukerman12 karma

There's talk of us being in a video or something -- the live shows were something that a bunch of us were going to be a part of, but i think that's probably not economical, so it'll be a smaller group.

ManiacKK346 karma

Hey, Hot Saucerman. I was just wondering if Traci Rearden, Marissa Wompler, and Miss Listler will make their big debut on TV this season? Also can we expect more hijinks from Lord Webber this season? I love the podcast and love the show. I can't wait for season 3.

SAukerman12 karma

None of the formers, but Lord Weber comes back in episode 5 and does something you wouldn't expect.

ieatpants6 karma

Hi Scott. I am a huge fan. thanks for all your great writing and jokes and podcasts.

I'm curious, with the upcoming 40 ep order for CBB -- do you ever consider reading unsolicited scripts? I'm asking for a friend :)

SAukerman14 karma

Sorry, no, we can't! Legal reasons.

oddlyspicy5 karma

Are you making any differences from a writing stand point to produce 40 episodes of content as opposed to the 20 you have been doing?

Love, Humongous Fan

SAukerman8 karma

Nope! Just more!

blarkk5 karma


I like the things that you do and the way that you do them.

What are your thoughts on the level of popularity of your current programs? For example, if the CBB tv show exploded in popularity to prime time network television, would you want that? Or are you happy with the level of popularity and followers you have these days?


SAukerman8 karma

One always wants more people to become aware of one's work... it can be kind of hard to juggle when it becomes TOO popular, because you start having people like it for different reasons that what you intended, I guess? But CBB doesn't have that problem yet. That said - I would love more people to watch/listen. Tell a friend!

mirallas5 karma

Hey Scott,

Do you have a friendly relationship with your sound engineers all the time? I was just listening to and old episode last night (Colin Hanks and Myq Kaplan I believe) and Engineer Dave (I think) kept messing up the levels and interrupting you, and you kept shitting on him. I was just wondering if when stuff like that happens, you all just laugh it off, or if you actually get upset about that stuff? I'm sure it's funny sometimes, but I know you want to keep it TIGHT.

SAukerman12 karma

We laugh it off! I'm friendly with them all.

johnny1504 karma

Scott, just gotta say listening to your show and hearing all the improv has really made me want to pursue comedy. I live near NYC, so I'm sure there's no lack of a place to learn, but I'm just so intimidated and don't even know where to start/if I should be taking classes/just dive into it? I admire all you do, and just seeking some advice so maybe I could be a big fancy TV star like you.

Ps, can you please teach Adam how to use his fucking phone?

SAukerman8 karma

Just dive into it - the sooner you start, the less regrets you'll have about waiting so long to start. And yes, how hard is it to use your fucking search?????

seandotosull4 karma

Big fan, Scott. What has been your favourite sketch to come out of Comedy Bang Bang so far? Does it throw you off acting sometimes knowing so much of the action generally comes during the editing?

SAukerman6 karma

I love Chews To Lose... I am not sure what your second question means, but yes, probably!

MadMan20124 karma

Hi Scott, over the last few years I have become a big fan of many of the Earwolf podcast. Thank you so much for pulling together such an amazing group. Also congratulations on another season of Comedy Bang! Bang! quiet possibly the best sketch show I have seen. which brings me to the question now that my nose is brown enough.

I(like many people who shouldn't) consider myself a funny person and have come up with several ideas for sketches. While I have somewhat crippling social anxiety that keeps me from finding a sketch group to bother with my ideas, I was wondering if there was a way to submit my ideas to the Comedy Bang! Bang! writers? I figure you must have something like the large bags of podcast pilots that Earwolf keeps receiving that Andy Daly and Matt Gourely were kind enough to sort through.

PS - Please try to convince Andy and Matt to do another round of the Podcast Pilot Project, they were some of the greatest piece of comedy gold. I am glad I don't have to ask for CBB to continue... please don't stop doing in order to make me beg, because I will. Alright I am already on my knees.

SAukerman10 karma

We can't take submissions on the show, due to legal reasons, but I think the way to get your sketches performed is just find a group of like-minded FRIENDS together - hopefully you have people you hang out with, and your anxiety doesn't prevent you from doing that. Joke around with each other, then try to turn that into creating something. Start slowly. Help each other out. These are the people who you will most likely work with for the rest of your career. Hope you can get up the courage to do it - you'll love it!