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How is "Green Team" not a feature film yet?

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  1. Hindsight has placed "The State" as one of the most important comedy hallmarks of the 90s and the DVD release of the sketch show has proven that it holds up. Between The State and UCB, you can almost trace roots of anyone important in comedy today that does not suck. When filming the sketch show for MTV, what were your aspirations? We're you guys aware you were on to something special?

  2. Hell Baby has had what is currently referred to as an "unconventional release" with VOD, though it is obvious that the industry is headed in that direction. What are your thoughts on these new avenues for release? How has this model been with Hell Baby? I can say anecdotally that I probably would not have made it to the theater to see the movie, but was more than happy to fork over some cash to watch at home.

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Is it true that Bill Murray magically appears where he is needed ?

Did you have any interaction with him?

Is he behind you right now? Or me?

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Do you have any Mr. Show horror stories?

How has fox been so far with HSUSA as far as meddling and promotion? Loved the episode they showed.

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Could you go into the Rob Delaney/Michael Jackson thing a little? It wasn't apparent to me while listening that he was souring.