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Lamurias658 karma

do you think chevy understands most of the jokes on the show?

Lamurias80 karma

Have you ever considered using Forrest MacNeil as a podcast character, maybe to promote his own show?

Also, when are we going to know more about the fight between good and evil that was revealed on CBB #274????

Lamurias26 karma

Spencer, congratulations on all your success. I've been following your career basically since it started, and it feels like it would make at least a good youtube series.

My question is, what's the weirdest thing you had to do for Dan?

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Scott, if you didn't get into podcasting, what do you think you would be doing nowadays?

Lamurias5 karma

Do you have interest in doing something completely different from what you're known for, for example, a drama movie or a multi-camera sitcom?