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Memphish_Boognish947 karma

I’m a huge fan of Andy’s appearances on the Comedy bang Bang podcast. Is there any chance we’ll see you or even all of Lonely Island on there any time soon?

Memphish_Boognish271 karma

Patton, I have loved all of your appearances on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast (especially the ones with Dom Dimello and iBrain) and was wondering if you had any plans to make another appearance anytime soon

Memphish_Boognish160 karma

What exactly is a Street Fighter?

Memphish_Boognish132 karma

Where is Bob Ducca? We miss him

Memphish_Boognish65 karma

Hey Marc, I loved your previous appearance on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast and I was wondering if you are planning on doing that again any time soon.

Also thanks for everything thing you do, buying the premium WTF app was one of the best purchases I've ever made