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I'd like to visit Europe for a week. I live in Atlanta. The cheapest I have EVER found was $800. And for next month the best I can find is 1.100. What am I doing wrong? Is there no way to get across the pond cheaply?

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I'm glad someone else noticed it. Recently, I found out my boss has been changing my name to his on all of my reports before submitting them upstairs. And when I talked to him about it, his response was "well that's just how things are done". And the sad part is he's right. My last tech director was that way, my engineering friends say their management is that way, and when I talked to my grandpa about his time as an engineer, he agreed.

I don't even care about the credit. I wouldn't have gone into industry if that's what I cared about. I just hate seeing someone claim my work as their own.

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Scott when can we get some solo bolo action?!

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What happened with Beyond Earth?

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As an industrial chemist, the further I find myself advancing in my career, the more I see just how awful the industry can be, with large petrochemical and raw material companies in particular having carte blanche to do whatever they please. I'd like to use my abilities for good, and not evil. How can I go about that?