It started as a homework assignment. My class loved it so much that I wore it to a Halloween costume contest and it took first place. Everyone there wanted to make a dino themselves, so I developed the 3ft long ones, for which I currently have a kickstarter campaign. Feel free to ask me anything about the design process, my background, and where I plan to take this in the future!

You can see more pictures of the giant dino, as well as the smaller ones here:

You can see a video of the giant one walking here:

My Kickstarter campaign, making mini dinos:


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CarlPeligro1920 karma

Do you envision a future in which the cardboard-velociraptor-with-googly-eyes becomes the dominant mode of solo transportation, thus eliminating the consumption of fossil fuels by, ourselves, becoming fossils? If so, why not?

theLisaur885 karma

Man, that is the best thing I've read on here all evening! It's so awesome, I don't even know how to answer that. Good one!

Mrs_Mojo_Rising558 karma

What a cop out. Hundreds of thousands of redditors are here tonight to ask you anything. And CarlPeligro has ask the tough question. We, flatly and without any reluctance for the hard truths, need to know your stance on the potential future for our kind, a future that might involve our primary method of locomotion becoming cardboard velocirapter with googly eyes. Please deliver, OP. The fate of the world depends on it.

theLisaur939 karma

Well, I must admit that I do see that as a potential dominant form of transportation. But I can tell you, it won't be an easy road to get there. After all, how would families travel? Business people? One of Roger's 5 factors of facilitating diffusion of an invention into the marketplace is how similar (or not) it is to the established method of doing things. This is obviously very different from our current method of transportation, so we would need to take small steps, bridging the gap between cars and car-dboard dinosaur transportation.

MyReligionIsPhysics288 karma


theLisaur440 karma

sigh no....

MyReligionIsPhysics159 karma


theLisaur210 karma

of course!

Mrs_Mojo_Rising246 karma

The true power of a free market economy is finding efficiency. And self can think of no truer efficiency, and absolutely streamlined jet stream pathway toward perfection of motion. Entire families - nah - entire communities of decent people, boarding cardboard dinosaurs, arriving safely at their destinations, all while saving the precious fossil fuels that our endangered planet has left. And good on you, theLisau, for making this a lighting rod to progress.

theLisaur151 karma

Okay, you have now made my favorite comment of the night so far. Thank you for the laughs, Mrs. Mojo Rising!

littlecrab20 karma

Cardboard jet packs. Boom! The future just happened.

theLisaur69 karma

neato. But... fire. and burning... and cardboard.... I think that is cool, but it also means death. So, maybe not so cool?

bstampl132 karma

If so, why not?

is the right thing to do Philadelphia, so do.

theLisaur38 karma

Yes! It shall start with Philly, and spread to the whole east coast, and then to the world!

d0uble0h751 karma

How many times has someone called you a clever girl?

theLisaur817 karma

I've lost count. At least 412.

Apache_Longbow476 karma


theLisaur390 karma

Yes, make that 413.

Apache_Longbow236 karma

Catching on! You clever girl, you! 414

theLisaur304 karma

If I add in Imgur, I think it's more like 603 at this point.

ArcHammer16482 karma

What was it like to walk the dinosaur? Would you say that doors have opened for you?

theLisaur562 karma

Ha ha, it was awesome. A little odd though, because I'm not used to having a 7ft long tail behind me that can hit trees and small, awestruck children. I don't think walking as a dino opened up doors for me, but people certainly opened up door for me (since, you know, short arms).

ArcHammer16299 karma

Did you ever end up on the floor?

theLisaur304 karma

I almost tipped over a few times, especially when getting in and out of my costume. Being a dino is dangerous! But fortunately, no, never took any serious spills on the floor.

fluffymuffcakes291 karma

But did you ever GET DOWN on the floor.

theLisaur194 karma

? Like, break dancing? That might be a little tough to do as a dino.

themuffinking230 karma

They're referencing Was (Not Was) - Walk the Dinosaur.

theLisaur231 karma

ah. Thanks for the clarification! I have a friend who sings that all the time, and now I think I'm going to get yelled at for missing that reference the first time around...

Hamlet776865 karma

and small, awestruck children

This sounds oddly specific.

theLisaur97 karma

that's what happened two weekends ago at a science fair. Parents had to rescue their children from being hit by a tail because they were too distracted by the dinosaur attached to it to notice.

ShredLox8 karma

Most bestest mashup ever, and the first time it's been relevant in my life on Reddit: Alter Ego vs. Was (Not Was) - Dinosaur Rocker

Dropbox link because this doesn't exist as an easily accessible video on the whole of the webernets, but it should be heard.

theLisaur8 karma


lowspeedlowdrag350 karma

The googly eyes totally make it. I have no question, I just wanted to commend that decision.

Also, please please please take a vacation and stalk Randall Munroe at a book signing. I bet people would contribute to your Kickstarter just to see that.

theLisaur202 karma

Thanks! I'm glad you like them. And I would love to meet Randall Munroe- his use of velociraptors in XKCD must have found its way into my subconscious, which is probably part of why I made a giant dino instead of something else. All the extra money I make on the Kickstarter though, will be going into my business so I can develop more dinosaurs (including, hopefully, a full size costume at a lower price point some time next year).

Samathura76 karma

I did not realize that this was a business venture of yours. I am most definitely a client, but if you could use the assistance of an inventor I would love to share some of my thoughts on rendering certain parts of the body as functioning components. Think animatronics in the tail, neck, and maw. There is a simple weighted pendulum system which can make the tail very very fluid and lifelike.

Let me know if you are at all interested in any of this stuff. I am very busy with trying to launch my own company, but this has been a back burner dream of mine for a while and I would like to share some of the things I have worked out if you are interested.

Anyways, great dino!

theLisaur72 karma

Thanks for your interest! Sounds cool, you should message me through Kickstarter! Good luck with your own company in the mean time!

BradleySigma150 karma

Any plans on a full size, self standing, quick assembly model? I'm envisioning somebody leaving a room for five minutes, and when they return, suddenly googly eyed velociraptor.

theLisaur116 karma

Yes, that also will be coming in the future!

barriof6148 karma

can you be the first AMA to respond to me?

theLisaur211 karma

er...yes? Do you have a relevant question to go along with it?

cptnpiccard249 karma

Dude shot himself from the shock

theLisaur126 karma

I guess so. Or at least fainted. Oh well. : (

barriof674 karma

not really :( i did see it on the front page the other day tho and its awesome! Keep up the good work!

theLisaur107 karma

hey, you responded back! Yay! It's okay. Thanks!

cmanslider142 karma

Velociraptors were turkey-sized. That's more like a Utah raptor... With googly eyes. It's a super rad idea though!

theLisaur125 karma

Yeah, you're right. But people generally recognize it as a velociraptor if they haven't taken the time to learn more about dinos. I'm glad you like the idea anyways, despite it being improperly named!

cmanslider40 karma

Yeah, I was/still am a total dino-nerd since a childhood! Jurassic Park gave everybody the wrong idea about raptors! Keep on making awesome stuff!

theLisaur32 karma

Thanks! : )

hueypriest134 karma

Any plans for a Lambeosaurus version?

theLisaur94 karma

It's not in my top 5 in terms of ideas, but possibly!

thejennadaisy108 karma

I don't have a question, I just wanted to say hi and that I'm proud of you :)


theLisaur96 karma

Thanks Jenna! : D

jova33100 karma

How much will this sell for?

theLisaur148 karma

If you look at the kickstarter campaign, the mini ones are $20. If you feel daring, the large guy is up there for $1000.

CODEX_LVL569 karma

If you do well enough do you plan on mass producing the dino costume? If so would that make it any cheaper?

theLisaur129 karma

Yes, I want to find a way to standardize the inside to a few different sizes so that most people could afford it. It would be much cheaper, for sure. That's a plan for next year.

trashcanreddit-10 karma

I'll get $20 worth of cardboard and make the large one myself.

doctorbusch-3 karma

I was thinking just buy the mini one, and make larger copies of all the pieces.

theLisaur6 karma

ha. ha. ha. good luck with that. It's not so simple... I assure you : )

stayonthecloud68 karma

Why are you so awesome?

theLisaur163 karma

If I must answer that question (and please, know that I am both surprised and honored you would ask it), I can only say I think it's because I never stopped dreaming, letting myself be creative, and just trying to be myself, whoever that is. I think a lot of people stop being awesome when they start trying to be like everyone else, when they try to 'fit in' in ways that go against their true passions. I just try to be me.

stayonthecloud44 karma

Great motivation. :) Thank you and please stay awesome always.

theLisaur45 karma

: D

TheKookySpooky33 karma

Old lady here. You are spot on! Indeed, you shall achieve great things with that kind of thinking. Aren't the greatest achievers, movie stars, singers, chemists, basketball players, etc etc the ones who were unique to themselves, that made them different than all the others? Passion also needs to be in that mix.

theLisaur17 karma

Thanks! : )

je_te_kiffe_grave48 karma

I love those googly eyes!Where can I get some?

theLisaur79 karma

AMAZON!!!!! : D

je_te_kiffe_grave31 karma

I should have known. Anything and everything can be found on Amazon!

theLisaur72 karma

Except for bulk packs of medium-sized googly eyes. Amazon does not have those. I learned this after much fruitless searching.

brohenderson24 karma

So you make giant cardboard velociraptors but can't make googly eyes? I'm skeptical now

theLisaur48 karma

I could totally make googly eyes if I wanted to! It was just more economical to order them from amazon. Or, is that a challenge?

A_bird_in_the_hands45 karma


theLisaur53 karma

Not a silly question at all! In the first costume (the original picture you probably saw), I....don't. Well, I can sort of see out of the lower belly area of the dino, but I have no idea where I am going, and thus have to be guided by someone tapping a stick in front of me. With the second costume (see the gif), I have two holes carefully cut in the front of the velociraptor (difficult to see in the side profile) that allow me to see.

A_bird_in_the_hands87 karma


theLisaur49 karma

Aww, did you seriously draw that? That is so cute! Can I put it on my KitRex website?

A_bird_in_the_hands45 karma


theLisaur44 karma

I seriously love it. It's the thought and imagination that makes it so cool! Thanks! : D

jova3344 karma

Was your inspiration that foam rubber dinosaur that was on some Japanese prank show running through an office building?

theLisaur126 karma

Yup. For sure. That, and one I saw in a mall, 'attacking' people. I said to myself, man, I want to be a velociraptor.

jova3337 karma

Yours is cuter. I think the foam rubber one costs like $1000 to rent.

theLisaur59 karma

wow, really? Yeah, when I decided to put on the large googly eyes, I knew I wouldn't be as effective at scaring people, but I think I'm okay with that at this point!

Danjorgo39 karma

Judging from the pin up space, im guessing you're a design student. Were the tiles extracted from a rhino, maya, grasshopper, or python file? I only ask because were doing a very similar "manufacturing process" type assignment here at my University.

Regardless that's some fantastic work. Kudos!

theLisaur78 karma

You're right about me being a design student (or was)! I'm actually in a Technical Entrepreneurship master's program, but as an undergrad I was an architecture student. Last semester I TA'd for a class who didn't mind that I was using some of their studio space to build a dinosaur (well, the professor did, and still claims that I owe him rent payments in the form of candy). But anyways, I made the faces in Rhino. Good luck with your project, and have fun with it!

Danjorgo17 karma

Upvote for the BArch! same here. Although now i'm working on my MArch now. Best of luck with the kickstarter and sorry to hear about the prof. I hope hes joking.

theLisaur26 karma

Ah, you know some professors... you can never know! Congrats on working on your MArch! I was planning on doing that this year, but, as you might imagine, I pivoted a little bit. Perhaps some day I'll get back on track to being an architect... and design dinosaur-inspired buildings! : D

Mitchenmanjensen30 karma

So will you dealing exclusively with velociraptors in the future, or do you have other creatures in mind?

theLisaur57 karma

Oh, I already have a few other dinos in the preliminary design stages. Next up is the pterodactyl. I am looking for suggestions though! Past dinos, I'd like to start making animals, mythical creatures, and really anything that people would enjoy!

Mitchenmanjensen70 karma

I would enjoy the shit out of being a centaur. Just sayin'.

theLisaur38 karma

Good idea! I'll write that down for later.

OutofH2G2references25 karma

I'd just like to say that I love the work, am very impressed, and feel very strongly that you should know what you have actually made is a dinosaur called Deinonychus. Velociraptors had feathers and were turkey sized!

Still, as I said, very impressive!

theLisaur22 karma

Thanks for the info! Have been informed, thanks!

miss_guided23 karma

Your design has helped me be less afraid of the velociraptor (although I still refuse to have those horizontal door handles since Hollywood tells me that velociraptors can open them)

theLisaur14 karma

Yay! Don't worry, my dino can't open up doors, so you're safe! : )

VisibleVoid22 karma

I noticed while you're wearing the suit you appear to be walking a bit awkwardly. Did the raptor look funny if you were walking normally?

theLisaur47 karma

Yeah, it did. I needed to exaggerate my walk for the dino leg motion to look more natural. It was like being in the marching band all over again!

theLisaur14 karma

Okay guys, thank you for being awesome! I'm going to go sleep now, but if you have any burning questions, I'll answer them when I wake up. Thanks again Reddit!

3day14 karma

Who is your favorite artist?

theLisaur24 karma

I actually don't have a favorite artist. I am a fan of almost all installation art though- I like things that take up space, use repetition, and play with your perception. If you have any recommendations though, please tell me, as I'm always looking for someone new to be inspired by. : )

jova3313 karma

Are the arms mobile?

theLisaur21 karma

Not yet, but planning on doing that for future versions!

toiletduckling13 karma

This is so damm cool, I got no use for one yet I want a thousand of them.

theLisaur12 karma

: D

Samathura13 karma

I have always wanted to build one of those. I actually have a pair of spring stilts and intended on making a Trex version. Congrats on actually building one though. It looks great, cute and intimidating.

I was wondering if you had put thought into making the tail dynamic. Just a side thought anyways.


theLisaur15 karma

That's so cool that you want to build a TRex. I actually did try a few method to make the tail dynamic. The closest-to-successful one was when I put rubber bands between the joints- but then they eventually broke. I'd welcome any suggestions though!

Samathura39 karma

The key to building a fluid tail is in biomimicry. Each tail segment should be solid planes linked together with three cables. One of the cables runs through the top of the tail, and serves to carry the weight. The other cables are to the lower left and right sides of the tail and can be pulled taunt to make the tail flip from side to side. If you leave a little slack in both cables the tail will move as the person walks. To make this motion organic add just a bit of weight to one of the sections near the tip of the tail and then one weight at the very tip so that the tail can curl with more vigorous motion. As the top cable is not slack, you can imitate an aggressive stance where the tail is lifted by pulling on the top cable. The difficulty is in whether to link each segment of tail and then cover the links with a fabric, or to keep each section separated but make the sections overlapping. I would prefer the overlapping design, however it requires much more refined designs of the structure of each element, and would be much harder to fix if broken. I had intended to have the tail operate with neural inputs from an emotiv headset, but a simple pull wire attached to the user's body will be more than sufficient.

Sometimes I like to go off on a little bit of a rant, but I love these kinds of things. Another interesting thing that you may want to try is using gestural commands with an accelerometer to control the playback of sound. Accelerometers in the feet, neck, chest, and tail could be used to trigger a simple playback of sound based on the posture, and walking of the creature.

Yeah.... I will stop nerding out on reddit, but there are plenty of cheep and awesome things you could do to augment something like this.

Good luck, and if you can think of anything I can help with feel free to message me whenever!

theLisaur21 karma

Nerding out is cool! Thanks for teaching me something new, and perhaps you could help me out with this sometime in the future. Thanks!

Sil36913 karma

do the eyes jiggle?

theLisaur32 karma

yes. Yes they do. And it's awesome.

ungilded10 karma

Was just checking out your kickstarter campaign last night. Why $1,000 for the big one? I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing THAT was your product. The small one is novel but we want the big one.

theLisaur18 karma

It's a LOT more material, plus fees for the laser cutter, plus customization (which would take a decent amount of time). In the future, I plan on standardizing sizes, but for the debut of my dino making, I wanted to go with something that anyone could fit in their home (after all, most people don't have room for a 15ft long dino!) It will be a lot less costly in the future, so keep an eye out for it!

inuzawc10 karma


theLisaur19 karma

An A... I think- I actually never checked!

inuzawc9 karma


theLisaur25 karma

It was called 'Making It'. We had to explore a manufacturing process and demonstrate it in a unique way. I chose to explore 'Industrial Origami', which is mostly used in utilitarian objects, and use it instead as something fanciful- an origami-like costume. I didn't have access to a large supply of cheap sheet metal, so I made it out of chip board instead!

Betty_Felon7 karma

I friend of mine is an origami nut, and in high school he made giant origami zoo animals as scenery for a play the drama class put on.

theLisaur8 karma

That sounds really cool! Sounds like a person I should meet.

jellociraptor10 karma

I feel completely at home in this thread. You are amazing and I love dinosaurs.

theLisaur7 karma

Yay! Welcome, and thank you! Dinos are so cool.

Gurgzy9 karma

so i can ask you anything right, so assuming you played Super Smash Bros on the N64 , what character did you fight with and why?

theLisaur3 karma

Pikachu (and sometimes Nes) because of the jumping abilities. Otherwise, I tended to fall off the map...

BeanerSA8 karma

Any pictures/sketches of your design process, that you would care to share?

theLisaur13 karma

I don't have any on me at the moment, unfortunately. Most of my sketching, though, was about figuring out how I could fit inside, and then how I could make the legs move properly.

quirky_troll7 karma

What is the best reaction you have seen to the suit so far

theLisaur22 karma

Well, a lot of the reactions I haven't seen since the costume greatly limits my vision. What I hear though, is fantastic. I think the greatest reaction was from a little kid, who, after seeing the dino walking around one day, asked if he could see it the next day, too. Most little kids, they don't know it's not real, which is pretty cool to me.

logically_hindered7 karma

How has Dr. Hammond influenced your life?

theLisaur10 karma

Well, he gave me hope that dinosaurs can be seen, walking among us, in this day and age with the help of technology. I think I helped prove that hope true. : p

m_MrsSmashing7 karma

Would you consider putting sound effects in your dino? If so which sounds?

theLisaur12 karma

Actually, a friend of mine is working on that right now. Probably screeching, velociraptor-y sounds, like in Jurassic Park. Any other suggestions? Perhaps a car horn, for when people don't move out of the way?

murph_diver6 karma

a series of cat meows

theLisaur7 karma

Yes. Cat meows. I like it, I like it a lot. That will be a thing, thanks you murph!

m_MrsSmashing3 karma

Anything creepy would be hilarious!

theLisaur9 karma

Like what? Dalek noises? chains rattling? What kind of creepy?

InTheNude7 karma

How are you able to see where you're walking when you're inside the costume?

theLisaur7 karma

Check out my answer below. Depends on which costume I'm wearing (I've made two).

EZPlayer1236 karma

So, why exactly did you want to be a dinosaur? Did you have a vision that inspired you? Do you feel it was your "destiny?" Or did you simply wake up one morning and proclaim: "Fuck it. I'm gonna be a dinosaur."

theLisaur6 karma

It was a combination of a desire to be a velociraptor paired with an assignment where we had to demonstrate a manufacturing process in a unique way. Things just worked out. I guess it was destiny.

[deleted]6 karma

You have to make a version that let's you break dance!

theLisaur6 karma

That would be pretty cool. It would also probably have to be plastic, so it could deal with break dancing. I don't know how it would be done, but it would be awesome.

PartysaurusRexx6 karma

You've been on here answering questions for hours. That's impressive staying power.

theLisaur12 karma

I was an architecture major. We are trained for long nights of work.

vittyyluvscookies6 karma

How uncomfortable is it to wear one?

theLisaur15 karma

It's actually not too bad... unless you have to stand still for pictures for 40 minutes! That results in quite the back ache. Walking around is fine though- cardboard isn't heavy.

Jennyjensen885 karma

Great job but did you know that what you made is not a velociraptor?

theLisaur12 karma

yes, I have been informed. : )

murph_diver4 karma

you are a wonderful human/dino.

theLisaur9 karma

Thanks! You're cool too! (I think)

murph_diver1 karma

that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me today. thanks! and i think i'm pretty cool but also jerks probably think they're cool, too.

theLisaur1 karma

that's true. But I don't think too many jerks like dinos. Maybe I'm wrong.

murph_diver2 karma

also marry me?

theLisaur1 karma

I'm glad you like the dino, but sorry, I can't accept your proposal! Hopefully you'll find another velociraptor to marry.

blueyedblondi5284 karma

This....this is perfect. My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary this month. He has a thing for dinosaurs and the baby Dino would make a really nice gift! I saw on your kickstarter that these will be shipping around July 2014? I suppose you can't make any exemptions to that, huh? :/ Either way, lovely craftsmanship!

theLisaur7 karma

Yeah, sorry! Can't make exemptions, otherwise everyone would want one. : ) You could give him a card with a picture of the dinos in it though, and say they're on their way!

Jroln3 karma

What is the most fun you've had in the suit?

theLisaur7 karma

Dancing at the Halloween Party. And when a bunch of guys in fancy business suits (who were likely on official businessy business) stopped to take pictures of me.

lettucent3 karma

What kind of tools did you use? Did you draw the patterns out and then cut yourself, or did you have some kind of machinery to assist you? The cuts all look way better than I could do with that large of a cardboard and a razor. Was it just standard cardboard? The blue on the mini one is intense and really well done.

theLisaur6 karma

I have been using a lasercutter for all of my prototyping (Thanks Rambo!) There are actually two giant dinos- the original was made out of chipboard, and the second was made out of E-flute cardboard. I'm glad you like them!

lettucent1 karma

Cool! Didn't think it would be quite as intense as laser cutting, was there any worry of the cardboard catching fire? Looks like pretty tough cardboard. Knowing me, I'd probably have spent an insane amount of time cutting patterns out by hand, buying tons of razor blades, then have it structurally failing because I used salvaged cardboard boxes and forgot struts.

theLisaur4 karma

Hah, well, sometimes with certain materials you do see flames when lasercutting, but generally nothing catches fire. Everything smells crispy though. Aside from tabs, there isn't much to support the interior. The only problem I see with using salvaged cardboard is the most of it would be the heavier, bulkier C-flute cardboard (standard), which would make for a very heavy costume!

pwendler23 karma

As a fellow student, what (if anything) has Lehigh taught you that allowed you to pursue this? Or was it just your own idea?

theLisaur4 karma

Lehigh, especially as an architecture student, gave me the freedom to explore a great variety of fields as an undergrad. They also focus quite heavily on 'making' things when you design, not just working on the computer. The Technical Entrepreneurship master's program then encouraged me to really push all of that design and crafting experience to the next level. They encourage us to do things that are bizarre and different. You should see what some of my other classmates have done. Everyone has done something that will blow your mind! And, of course, it was a TE homework assignment that really pushed me to make this happen. So it was my idea, but it became a reality thanks to TE.

ninja8ball2 karma

How do you see in that thing?

theLisaur1 karma

See a longer message I wrote above.

Dr_Coxian2 karma

I have no questions.

You did something amazing, and I love you for it.

Like a brother loves a sister. And not the way reddit thinks a cousin loves another cousin.

/r/Dinosaurs also loves you.

theLisaur2 karma

Yay! Thank you for your platonic love!

Idostuff20102 karma

Linderman or FML?

theLisaur1 karma

? I don't understand why you are asking me about libraries.

Idostuff20101 karma

Ha it was just the first University specific question i though of

theLisaur1 karma

Ah. Linderman, definitely. : )

kennethhjj2 karma

I read that the velociraptors are for sale. Where can I get them? Can they be shipped to Singapore? And awesome job with it. What a cool idea you have

theLisaur3 karma

Thanks, and yes they can be shipped to Singapore! You can check them out on my kickstarter,

kennethhjj2 karma

Thanks! I'll be showing my support!

theLisaur2 karma

Yay! Thank you so much!

Spaction2 karma

Hi Lisaur,

Cool project, hopefully you can have a whole pack terrorize the mountain.

That would be something to see.

theLisaur3 karma

Thanks! Yeah, that would be the dream, right? And to film it all, too, would be really cool!

BiggerBangTheory2 karma

So first off... you're awesome. My 7 year old daughter says so.

Second.... I don't know if you know about this.

theLisaur3 karma

Thanks! And, wow, that's pretty cool. I don't know what one would do with that piece... well, actually, reenactments could be neat!

UniqueSteve2 karma

Nicely done! Are the googly eyes as googly as they look?

theLisaur4 karma

Yes they are, but since I can't shake my head too much, they don't roll a whole whole lot while I'm walking- more of just rock from side to side.

Mrs_Mojo_Rising2 karma

A great man once said: "open the door, get on the floor / everyone walk like a dinosaur." More a comment than a question, really.

theLisaur2 karma

: D Good song!

yougotafrientinme1 karma

just wanna say youre awesome. and a tv show that featured peoples reaction to seeing, being scared by or being chased by someone in this would be awesome. keep it in mind.

theLisaur2 karma

I will. Perhaps someday it will happen. And thank you! : D

scruffandstuff1 karma

How does it feel being the coolest person on the internet?

theLisaur2 karma

I don't even have words for that. It's good that I'm typing, because I think my voice has disappeared from shock.

The_Happy_Pooper1 karma

Lisa, can you make this your next costume?


theLisaur2 karma

I'm not sure how I could wear that, but that is a super cool looking shape-thing!

notevil221 karma

it's cool you made that thing but there's not much I feel like asking Kate Upton, that's a girl I'd want an ama from!

theLisaur1 karma

I'm glad you think it's cool, and I'm sorry I can't be quite as cool to you as Kate Upton! Ah well.

subuserdo1 karma

Are the velociraptors alive, and, follow up question, what do I need to do to prepare for the impeding velocipator apocalypse?

theLisaur1 karma

Well, the first question depends on how old you are. The second question is that you will need a lot of slow-moving friends and a steel bunker with voice-activated doors (no door handles, can't make that mistake twice).

Iron_Evan1 karma

Are there more of your species? Does the American public have anything to overreact about from your impending invasion? And has TLC contacted you about a reality TV show about fighting off the last remaining rebellious humans?

-Regards, a paper trilobite

theLisaur2 karma

Ha ha, fortunately for me, my species is growing. That's not so good for the American public. No offers from TLC yet, I'm afraid! : D

DepressingReality1 karma

What's your favorite dinosaur?

theLisaur2 karma

Definitely the velociraptor, but brontosaurus is a close second.

a_guile5 karma

Did you know that... Nah, everyone knows what you are talking about, no need to be pedantic.

theLisaur3 karma

Thank you for not going there- I got the hint from everyone yesterday- yes, it's not a 'velociraptor', but that's what most people who don't know dinos well would call that creature. Frankly, it has been awhile since I've read a book about dinosaurs!

theLisaur1 karma

No! My childhood beliefs, all shattered! Oh well.

3isthenew4-1 karma

Who is your favorite Flatbush Zombie?

theLisaur0 karma

What is a flatbrush zombie?

theLisaur0 karma

I don't understand what this guy with grills and footage of waffles has to do with dinosaurs...