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I don't always get laid when i travel internationally, but yes i do.

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i used to do the same thing from age 14-29. Except in my PJs.

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I don't always play B roles in television programs, but when I do i sometimes forget it.

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What a cop out. Hundreds of thousands of redditors are here tonight to ask you anything. And CarlPeligro has ask the tough question. We, flatly and without any reluctance for the hard truths, need to know your stance on the potential future for our kind, a future that might involve our primary method of locomotion becoming cardboard velocirapter with googly eyes. Please deliver, OP. The fate of the world depends on it.

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The true power of a free market economy is finding efficiency. And self can think of no truer efficiency, and absolutely streamlined jet stream pathway toward perfection of motion. Entire families - nah - entire communities of decent people, boarding cardboard dinosaurs, arriving safely at their destinations, all while saving the precious fossil fuels that our endangered planet has left. And good on you, theLisau, for making this a lighting rod to progress.