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CarlPeligro1920 karma

Do you envision a future in which the cardboard-velociraptor-with-googly-eyes becomes the dominant mode of solo transportation, thus eliminating the consumption of fossil fuels by, ourselves, becoming fossils? If so, why not?

CarlPeligro1054 karma

It does on the outside, but each has its own Eucharist.

CarlPeligro51 karma

First degree dendrocide.

CarlPeligro27 karma

What legal barriers do veterans seeking treatment need to hurdle? Is ayahuasca illegal in the United States, or is there some sort of loophole whereby the ingredients used in making it are perfectly legal, but the substance doesn't become illegal until DMT is produced?

CarlPeligro27 karma

You must've taken a cardboard-velociraptor-with-googly-eyes to get here.