Hi, I'm Omar Epps. I'm an actor, a filmmaker, an entrepreneur and I star in Resurrection on ABC, Sundays at 9 PM/8 Central. I am here with Victoria to take your questions. AMA.


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bluepunchbuggy972 karma

How often do you get mistaken for Mike Tomlin, coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Omar_Epps_1272 karma

Haha! People are having fun with this one. At least if a movie gets made about him, we all know who should play that role..

so_sic_of_it743 karma

Taye Diggs?

bobrocks308 karma

They'll just give to the Jamie Foxx...


My vote is for Tom Cruise in blackface. You cool with that Epps? If you're cool with it, don't respond.

Omar_Epps_954 karma

Ouch! Haha!

Unidan759 karma

Mr. Epps, I really enjoyed the nuances of your character on House, you were one of my favorite characters on the series!

When you were doing the role, did they have you working with any actual medical professionals in order to coach your demeanor or how you would direct your acting?

Omar_Epps_566 karma

Thank you! Yeah we consulted with medical pros while we filmed House.

Phluxed347 karma

Mr. Epps,

Preface: Apologies for being blunt.

Your AMA thus far has been full of some pretty boring 'hollywood interview' style answers. Everything is just hunky dory.

Tell us something darker and interesting about yourself that you've yet to reveal to the world.

Omar_Epps_366 karma

Ok why don't you go first..

xchrisxsays480 karma

I once open-mouth kissed a horse. Your turn

Omar_Epps_521 karma

Yeah um, that's creepy..

HeyAnswerThis310 karma

Still got the Juice?

Omar_Epps_325 karma


cardamomgirl1285 karma

Mr Epps, loved your work on House. What was the most challenging part of working with the cast? Do you relate to your character on that show?

Omar_Epps_312 karma

Thank you! Making House was challenging overall. Making any television show and or film is a challenge in of itself really, but we had a blast. Personally I related to Foreman's drive and ambition.

NewRedditorHere249 karma

Afternoon, Omar! What has been your greatest accomplishment to this date in your own eyes?

Omar_Epps_1180 karma

Being the father I never had.

GoWithItGirl203 karma

How does it feel that your name is often a crossword puzzle solution?

Omar_Epps_210 karma

It's awesome! Kind of trippy too haha!

2feetorless175 karma

You were the best Willie Mays Hayes. You have acted in football, baseball, and basketball movies. Favorite one to make? Which sport do you like best?

Omar_Epps_206 karma

My fave sports are football (American) and boxing.

Athole56 karma

If they made a movie about Mike Tomlin from the Steelers, would you audition for the role? Would you be willing to gain weight for the role?

Omar_Epps_132 karma

Gotta be willing to do what it aces for any role. De Niro in Raging Bull or McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club.

surveythesituation152 karma

love and basketball sequel? any chance?

Omar_Epps_175 karma

Anything is possible..

CrawfordShepard130 karma

Can you talk about working with Takeshi Kitano on BROTHER? The scene where you guys first meet is great, especially with the stillness punctuated by the sudden violence.

Omar_Epps_117 karma

Thank you! That was an amazing experience. Takeshi is such a brilliant film maker, truly enjoyed filming Brother.

thegerbear71118 karma

What is the food you could eat the most of in one sitting and have no regrets?

Omar_Epps_410 karma

This is going to be cliche in a way but fried chicken! Haha!

galacticsneeze107 karma

How was working on Don't Be a Menace? I'm sorry you never made it to graduation.

Omar_Epps_126 karma

Haha! That was fun. Working with fam is always fun.

heyitsme0698 karma

What attracts you to certain TV projects like Resurrection and House? Plus, I just saw that Resurrection shattered ABC's Sunday ratings with over 17 million viewers (L+3 Viewers). Congrats!

Omar_Epps_114 karma

Beyond it being unique (creatively speaking), I love the challenge of building something from the ground up.

marieburries91 karma

It says you are a rapper. When is your album coming out?

Omar_Epps_109 karma

Not planning on that so who knows..

nikeboy28981 karma

Any predictions on the Cowboys next season or what moves they need to make in the offseason?

Omar_Epps_294 karma

We'll be what we are, a mediocre team..

jdhan200660 karma

What would be a film you would love to make or star in?

Omar_Epps_185 karma

Good question.. Miles Davis.

Gluttony8954 karma

What are the most memorable similarities between working on House and working on ER?

Omar_Epps_78 karma

Both shows had stellar crews working behind the scenes.

Loosey51 karma

Hi Omar ! Talking about Resurrection... have you watched "The Returned", also titled as "Les Revenants", a french tv series about dead people reappearing ? If so, what did you think of it ?

Omar_Epps_82 karma

No I haven't seen Les Revenants but my show Resurrection is based on a novel by Jason Mott called The Returned.

AndyDufrense49 karma

Hello, thanks for doing this AMA. I was just wondering how it was to work to Tupac on Juice. Any funny stories you remember from the set?

Omar_Epps_96 karma

Tupac was an incredibly smart and charismatic person. It was an honor to work with him in Juice.

GoodGuyAnusDestroyer27 karma

This is the question I was going to ask too so thank for answering.

So, how was it growing up with Marlon Wayans?

Omar_Epps_60 karma

Marlon is truly a great person. We had a really fun childhood. He's been that funny since we were kids.

Omar_Epps_36 karma

This has been fun, appreciate all of you! Be sure to check out my new show Resurrection on Sundays at 9pm|8c on ABC! Peace!

PocketSandInc34 karma

What's your favorite movie based in Brooklyn?

Omar_Epps_89 karma

Do The Right Thing! CLASSIC!

All_Of_The_Bacon33 karma

Did they name your character on house Eric Forman for any particular reason? Do you find it as funny a coincidence as I do that you are now working with Kurtwood Smith who played an Eric Forman's dad?

Omar_Epps_33 karma

Ha! Nah, character names have to be cleared by the network. So most times, it's just the luck of the draw.

Delta_Jax30 karma

What's your favorite drink?

Omar_Epps_30 karma

Haha! Depends on my mood.

surveythesituation22 karma

what is it going to take to get more than a one line answer out of you. what are you passionate about?

Omar_Epps_73 karma

I'm passionate about life! My kids, my family. Oh and Korean bbq..

Antikickback_Paul21 karma

How often do you play Def Jam Fight for NY as yourself?

Omar_Epps_31 karma

Haha! Only time was when it first came out. I'm not a video gamer.

ShartVader19 karma

I love the premise for Resurrection, but eventually people coming back from the dead is going to get old right? I mean at some point whatever's happening will need to be explained. Where do you see the series heading once it reaches that point in the hopefully distant future? Do you see this as a short 2 or 3 season show, or do you feel there's content enough to run long term? Also loved Dr. Foreman on House. You and Hugh Laurie were excellent together.

Omar_Epps_24 karma

That's the challenge of making a good television show. Stay tuned..

Ankly19 karma

Mr Epps, if it's not too personal, how did you get into acting, what lit your fire?

Omar_Epps_24 karma

Honestly there wasn't a eureka moment. Spawned from writing really, natural progression.

Lazeeboy200317 karma

Did you enjoy the role of Willie Mays Hayes in Major League II? I love both of those movies (even though they're essentially exactly the same film, plot-wise).

Also, was it fun being the Black Hammer to Jesse Ventura's White Lightning?

Omar_Epps_14 karma

Thanks! We cracked up while we filmed Black Hammer. It was so silly!

thealien4206914 karma

What I your least favorite role you've ever played?

Omar_Epps_22 karma

The character in Mod Squad haha!

thebumm14 karma

Is there a role or type of role you'd like to play, but have yet to get the opportunity to? Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

Omar_Epps_15 karma

Not in particular. Just want to keep being challenged by the roles I play and keep evolving as an actor.

adarkfable14 karma

when was the last time someone asked you to spit your best 16 bars? do you still flow?

Omar_Epps_27 karma

Haha! Actually my boy Saigon. Not really, but every now and then I might spit just for exercise.

iTasteMVP14 karma

What was the strangest part about working with the film Juice?

Omar_Epps_28 karma

The fact that I was living out my dreams.

a_shallow_person13 karma

How did you feel about replacing Wesley Snipes in Major League 2?

Omar_Epps_20 karma

Kinda weird actually..

RUA_bug_Bill_Murray12 karma

Any major film/tv roles you missed out on that you really wanted?

Omar_Epps_35 karma

Yeah Larenz's role in Dead Presidents!!


Do you feel you went too deep in In Too Deep?

Omar_Epps_13 karma

Gotta know when to turn it off..

Sirkama11 karma


Omar_Epps_26 karma

Pros and cons. I'm a naturally private person so the adjustment was tough for me initially. But it comes with the turf.

I_smell_awesome11 karma

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Omar_Epps_23 karma

Just had eggs and spinach w/ sautéed tuna.

choboy45610 karma

Who was your favorite actor/actress to work with?

Omar_Epps_45 karma

This is actually a hard question. Probably Hugh Laurie..

moumouren9 karma

Show us a current picture with the controversial KILT! Also how was House like in person? Still keep in touch?

Omar_Epps_17 karma

Haha! Hugh and I spoke a few months ago, he's well.

itsnotatoomer9 karma

I knew Resurrection was going to be good when I happened on it by chance and saw you in the second scene.

Omar_Epps_10 karma

Thank you!

kars4kidz6 karma

By the end of House, how much more, if any, did you know about diagnostic medicine (e.g. treatments, symptoms)?

Omar_Epps_13 karma

Nope! Medical pros are an amazing bunch of people.

Kknowsbest5 karma

If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career?

Omar_Epps_14 karma

Good question. Maybe a lawyer or teacher..

karafrakinthrace5 karma

I have every season of House on DVD and have been marathoning all week. I just realized that your character 'Eric Foreman' has the same name as a character from another favorite show as mine. Eric Forman from That 70's Show. I don't really have a question, just wanted to say this and also say that I love House and you are an amazing actor.

Omar_Epps_4 karma

Appreciate you!

Quiddity994 karma

Looking back, what are your thoughts on Boyz in the Hood?

Omar_Epps_7 karma


crooksy553 karma

I remember when I was a kid my mom and sister wanted to watch Love & Basketball, I thought I would hate it, I ended up loving. I guess it's important to give everything a chance. How good are you at ball? seemed pretty good in the movie.

Omar_Epps_4 karma

Cool. Nah b-ball has never been my thing really.

o2gen3 karma

Do you think there has ever been a show, in the history of television, that attempts to manipulate viewers feelings more than Resurrection on ABC?

P.S. Big fan

Omar_Epps_5 karma

Hmmm.. Maybe not in the same way.. X Files?

Icouldbeanyone3 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA.

Did the Wayans brothers approach you to play the small cameo of your character from Higher Learning in Don't Me A Menace to South Central....? Or did you approach them?

I love both films, even though I watched them at a much younger age then the audience it was intended for.

Omar_Epps_8 karma

I grew up with Marlon Wayans, so that's family.

toolbert2 karma

Hi Mr. Epps! I loved your work on House and always wanted to know how you felt about your character's progression as the series was reaching it's end. Did you think he went down the right path or did you wish that something different happened?

Omar_Epps_2 karma

Thanks! I was happy with Foreman's progression. He ended up where I thought he should be.

FloppyTunaFish2 karma

What's your favorite kind of donut?

Omar_Epps_4 karma

Haha! I actually don't eat donuts, but when I did I liked the plain glazed ones.

juef2 karma

Hey Omar! Although I have no question, I wanted to say I do appreciate your work and look forward to seeing more of you in the future!

Alright, maybe I do have a question. Should Foreman have been involved in House and Wilson's "prank war", what would he have done?

Omar_Epps_2 karma

Thank you!

palermo2kx2 karma

Love your work, especially on House! Any advice for an aspiring actor/ film maker?

Omar_Epps_3 karma

Thank you! Believe in yourself and follow your own tradition.

popsicleotter2 karma

Did you enjoy working on scream 2?

Omar_Epps_4 karma

Yeah we had fun.

booomdynamite2 karma

Hello Mr Epps! Huge fan of yours when you were on House. My question for you is what's your top 3 artists/bands you are currently listening to right now?

Omar_Epps_2 karma

Thanks! Pharrell's new album Old school King Floyd And Nirvana's first album

sevpay2 karma

Did you enjoy your time on House? Was there ever talk of a spin off staring Foreman? It seemed to me that they were setting that up for a while.

Omar_Epps_6 karma

Haha! A Foreman spinoff would be hilarious!!

DiarrheaThighs2 karma

Why are you so awesome?

Omar_Epps_2 karma

Thank you!

the_ouskull2 karma

Loved you in "The Program." I was wondering what kind of football training (if any) you and the other actors had to go through for the film. Also, what was it like having, ahem... "those" scenes with a young Halle Berry?

Omar_Epps_4 karma

Thanks! I played Pop Warner football, so filming The Program was special to me. Yeah we trained with ex pros and college players. The scenes with Halle where exactly what you think they were haha!

BrightenthatIdea2 karma

Do your children have any inclination to get into the business?

Omar_Epps_4 karma

Kinda sorta

flippityfloppityfloo2 karma

What was it like to take over the role of Willie Mays Hays for Wesley Snipes in Major League II? And do you happen to follow baseball at all? If so, favorite team?

Thank you for taking the time to do an AMA today!

Omar_Epps_3 karma

Filming ML2 was a cool experience. I'm a Yankees fan.

HandsomeBeagle2 karma

Who would be your dream role to portray in a biopic?

Omar_Epps_4 karma

Well Denzel played Malcolm and Idris just played Mandela. That's a good question.

alexandra_c2 karma

Hello! Thanks for doing this AMA.

Have you liked working on Resurrection so far? Do you prefer working in a certain genre?

Omar_Epps_3 karma

I'm diggin' it a lot.

Etherian2 karma

Is Hugh Laurie as cool as he seems?

Omar_Epps_5 karma

Yeah Hugh is a brilliant artist and a true gentleman..

robinsky12 karma

What sort of things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Omar_Epps_2 karma

Just chilling with my kids. Bbq-ing, hanging with the fellas. Normal stuff we all do really..

PandoraBlackBox1 karma

Hi Omar, Thanks for AMA session U seem like u lived so many lifes, what s ur favorite : actor/singer/movie maker/entrepreneur..?

What was the best advicee u were given ,by whom?


Omar_Epps_1 karma

Sidney Poitier is my on screen hero! I've been given a lot of great advice thru the years. One that stayed with me is: it's 10% talent, 90% hard work.

paper_lover1 karma

I was so happy to see you on Resurrection! I love your work!!

Omar_Epps_2 karma

Thank you!