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I believe de-jiggled is the proper nomenclature.

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I love the premise for Resurrection, but eventually people coming back from the dead is going to get old right? I mean at some point whatever's happening will need to be explained. Where do you see the series heading once it reaches that point in the hopefully distant future? Do you see this as a short 2 or 3 season show, or do you feel there's content enough to run long term? Also loved Dr. Foreman on House. You and Hugh Laurie were excellent together.

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If you're still around taking questions - what camp were you in? My Oma was in Tjideng with one of my uncles. My Opa was else where with my other Uncle. He was down there working for Shell Oil. The only one left that was alive at the time is my Uncle who doesn't speak of it, though he was very young. Before my Oma passed she told us of their attempt to flee from the Japanese and credits their survival to many of the local people that worked for them in their house. Those people helped to smuggle food into the camps for them, otherwise they would have starved. After liberation the moved back home and lived in Haarlem, then Leiden where my Uncle still lives.

EDIT - Sorry. Somehow I skipped the portion where you listed your camps. My apologies.

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"Protests" or "Riots." Burning a convenience store is Rioting.

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Of course it is! Why make the accessibility features easily accessible?