Omar Epps

Omar Hashim Epps (born July 20, 1973) is an American actor, rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

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Haha! People are having fun with this one. At least if a movie gets made about him, we all know who should play that role..

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Being the father I never had.

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Ouch! Haha!

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Thank you! Yeah we consulted with medical pros while we filmed House.

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Yeah um, that's creepy..

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I'm a Cowboys fan. Was that a Tomlin joke? ;-)

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This is going to be cliche in a way but fried chicken! Haha!

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Ok why don't you go first..

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Thank you! Making House was challenging overall. Making any television show and or film is a challenge in of itself really, but we had a blast. Personally I related to Foreman's drive and ambition.