Hey guys, it's Omar back on reddit. I brought my castmate Devin Kelley with me. We're on Resurrection on ABC on Sunday nights at 9 PM.

Victoria's helping us out with getting started today. AUA.


It's been fun guys! Peace!

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DayoftheDead482 karma

Omar, what's your strategy going into the game against the Bengals this weekend?

Omar_Epps_420 karma

I'm a Cowboys fan. Was that a Tomlin joke? ;-)

CitizenBacon137 karma

I can't even describe how happy I am that this exchange just happened

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Hollaatmo163 karma

Lol they came here to promote the show Resurrection and everybody ends up asking about House instead. I mean it was a fantastic show so I am not surprised. So how do you like working on Resurrection?

Omar_Epps_147 karma

All good, i'm having fun.

Daymanahaaah148 karma

Hi Omar, big fan. My question is, how do you find time to still be as big of a success as you are right now, while also devoting yourself to coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Omar_Epps_157 karma

They've been cloning humans for about a decade now so ;-)

theoryG35138 karma

Mr. Epps! Huge "House" fan here. I'd like to start by saying I enjoyed your portrayal of Foreman immensely. From his robotic, ambitious, somewhat detached manner (specific example: telling Cameron she's a colleague, not a friend) to the incredible range of emotions you displayed in the "Euphoria 1&2" episodes, you were one of my favorite parts of the show. So THANK YOU very much for being such a huge part of my favorite TV show.

Five questions if I may:

1) In the series finale, Foreman finds House's ID card in his office. He sort of looks at it and smiles. Do you think he was remembering all the experiences the characters had together, or do you think he understood that House was actually still alive?

2) Do YOU think Foreman and House were similar? So much was brought up in the show about their similarities, and Foreman's desire to not turn into House. What's your take?

3) I honestly enjoyed Foreman's fashion quite a bit on the show. I know TV shows have wardrobe departments, but did you have any input on Foreman's clothing choices? Get to keep anything?

4) Quick two part question: do you keep in touch with any of the other cast members regularly? How was it working with the lovely Olivia Wilde (Thirteen)?

5) Any quick anecdotes come to mind regarding working with Hugh Laurie?

Thank you very very much for time and best of luck with everything in the future, including Resurrection! I'll be watching!

Omar_Epps_136 karma

Thank you! 1) Yeah Foreman knew House was alive. 2)Yeah they had similarities, mainly ambition. 3)Yes I had input on his clothing. 4)Olivia was cool, happy for her success. As well as everyone else's. 5) Not really. Just a super talented dude.

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It's been fun guys! Peace!

collinse9079 karma

Omar, you still have the Juice?

Omar_Epps_82 karma

Always ;-)

Vettelaw53 karma

Mr. Epps,

When can we expect a sequel to Black Hammer, White Lightning? Also, did Black Hammer ever truly get revenge for the death of his boa constrictor?

p.s. Thanks to both of you for doing this. Been really enjoying Resurrection

Omar_Epps_35 karma

Ha! Never!

dolosification43 karma

Just wanted to say thank you Omar for your time on House. Your performance in the two-part episodes Euphoria with the laughing cop blew me away! Such raw and pure emotion was beautiful to see.

Anyway onto the important stuff;

Which do you two prefer, the sea or the sky and why?

Omar_Epps_47 karma

I love the water, so sea. And why? That's where the majority of the creations on this planet dwell.

Maddie_N36 karma

In an interview earlier this week, Lisa Edelstein said that she hasn't talked to Hugh Laurie since the show ended, although she has talked to some of the other House cast members. Do you still talk to Hugh and Lisa? What about the other members of House's team?

Omar_Epps_75 karma

Well everyone is pretty busy. Jesse, Peter and I keep in touch. Saw Jen and Olivia not long ago. Hugh and I emailed last year. Just life happenings.

imluvinit32 karma

I LOVE the show by the way!! I love the chemistry between your two characters (and yes, I'm definitely rooting for a romance!)

Anyways, I'm impressed that the show has managed to maintain the plot of Resurrection without delving TOO much into the idea of religion or the afterlife. So, if either of you were to meet a relative or loved one that had passed away and came back, who would it be and what would you want to ask them?

Also any memorable behind the scenes moments you guys can tell us about? And has there been any moments that happened during filming that were totally spontaneous or off script that stayed in final edits?

Omar_Epps_22 karma

Our table reads are fun. We laugh a lot which makes the writers cringe ha!

Omar_Epps_14 karma

Hey Dev stole my answer ;-)

Maddie_N25 karma

Since there weren't any bloopers on the House DVDs with the exception of seasons 2 and 3, what was your favorite blooper from the later seasons?

Omar_Epps_35 karma

Too long ago to remember.

Tcraw48716 karma

Omar and Devin, thanks so much for taking the time to do this! Are you afraid that your characters might be killed off by Margaret due to Michelle's Game of Thrones connections?

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alienkat8714 karma

How do you feel about your careers today? I think your awesome ...yep your a celeb but your normal so do any of your family try to get money out of you or have friends used you at all?

Omar_Epps_33 karma

I've had the same group of friends since I was 12 years old. Always kept a tight circle in that regard.

sdshelt12 karma

Hello and thanks for doing this AMA! My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying Resurrection. We debated whether or not to start watching it because too many shows we have started and liked have unfortunately been canceled. But we caved and got sucked in on the first episode. I really enjoy the on-screen chemistry you two have!

To both: Are the actors in on what the heck is going on in Resurrection or are you being kept in the dark like us viewers?

To Ms. Kelley: I don’t recall seeing you in anything before. I enjoy your portrayal of Maggie and really like your character. I was looking at your bio on Wikipedia and saw you were from my state, Minnesota! Do you still visit family here? Do you ever come back in the winter and do you have to re-acclimatize yourself to it? :-) Also it said you graduated from a school in Apple Valley. Were you involved in the theater in your school? Did you ever become involved in local theater like the Chanhassen Dinner Theater or the Ordway?

To Mr. Epps: I really liked the movie Big Trouble and even though I own it, when it’s on TV I’ll watch it. I think it’s a shame it is so underrated and performed poorly at the box office. And I understand the release date was pushed back due to September 11 which did not help. I was wondering how it was working with such a great ensemble cast and do you have fond memories of the movie? It’s personally one of my favorite comedies.

Edit: added bold

Omar_Epps_15 karma

Cool that you liked that film. Wasn't one of my faves to be honest.

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Omar_Epps_17 karma

Boys In Da Hood is a classic!

ErOcK19869 karma

Omar, can you make me as handsome as you????

Omar_Epps_25 karma

Just lather yourself in aloe vera gel ha!

xxsilverrainexx8 karma

Is it bad that the only thing I know Omar from is Def Jam Vendetta? Also how did it feel to be in a video game?

Omar_Epps_15 karma

Hey you've got to start somewhere.

Skraff6 karma

Did you read the book before starting the show? If so, how do you feel about the title change and the major plot changes in the show, compared to the returned?

Omar_Epps_11 karma

Yeah the book is a great read. I think the show has done justice to the book.

thnxbeardedpennydude6 karma

Omar!! 2 questions. 1: In real life is Kirtwood Smith more similar to his character in Resurrection or his character in That 70's show? And 2: Is Landon a little ladies man?

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MrDoctorPepper6 karma

Omar and Devin, If you could create and write your own tv show, what would it be?

Omar_Epps_19 karma

In the midst of doing that, stay tuned.

suaveitguy4 karma

Omar: Breakfast of Champions is a classic novel, what was the feeling like on set while making it? Were you surprised by the response it got?

Omar_Epps_10 karma

That was an interesting experience. Quirky would be an understatement. Not sure it actually got a response.

numaricleorder2 karma

Okay. Okay. Play it cool, it's Omar Freakin Epps. Don't be internet stupid......

Ahem, hi guys. The plot of this show can be a bit emotional for some, and that can be a bit of a hindrance. (Example: people wishing their relatives were back and all weird because they'd still be back, etc.) What would you say to someone who's emotionally a bit hesitant to check out "Resurrection" for the first time?

Also, you're my favorite from House. Like, the ultimate favorite. (Devin: Don't think I forgot you! My mom and I LOVED "The Chicago Code")

Omar_Epps_4 karma

Just take the plunge.

Omar_Epps_4 karma

Yeah what Devin said ;-)

you_ruin_everything1 karma

OMAR!!!! HUGE FAN!!!! There was a huge rumor that you and Patrick Warburton did not get along on the set of Big Trouble due to his farting a lot off set. It sounds made up but I've been hearing it for years. Is there any validity to this at all????

Omar_Epps_5 karma

I don't know who that is.

Omar_Epps_5 karma

Still don't know who this is. But I wasn't on that set long enough to not get along with him or anyone else for that matter.

keithyp241 karma

Hi Devin ;)

Oh, whats up Omar

Last episode "Forsaken" was AMAZING

Can a returned get a "normal" person pregnant? Will we find out in future episodes??

Omar_Epps_5 karma

Good question, who knows..

two_off1 karma

What one thing on the set for Resurrection makes you feel better than any other set you've worked on?

Omar_Epps_3 karma

I don't process things like that. I like each journey for what it is. I don't compare one to another.

Maddie_N1 karma

House is a beautiful show and I just finished binge-watching it. Omar, what's an interesting fact about your experience with the show that you've never said in an interview before?

Omar_Epps_-4 karma

Glad you like the show. I've pretty much covered everything in interviews.