I work at a Kaiser Hospital and have been employed there for almost 2 years. I've seen and heard many strange things and have met many interesting people. The Organization is going through cuts and I am lucky to have a job.

I don't know how I would prove this... perhaps a mod could help me out.

EDIT: Sent proof to mods. Verified!

EDIT: Getting tired. Stayed up all night. Keep asking questions. I will answer till I fall asleep.

Edit: I've been up waaaay past my bedtime. Thanks for the questions. Ask away and I'll answer when I awake. Stay classy folks.

EDIT: I just woke up. HOLY CRAP! Never thought this would explode. I'm gonna answer all I can. Thanks for all the questions.

EDIT: I have to go to work! Keep asking and I'll answer on my breaks.

Thanks for the questions guys!

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jigglemybowls307 karma

are you anything like the Janitor in "Scrubs"?

MrRozzers211 karma

I always get a laugh out of this. I guess you could say I give the Doctors and Nurses insight on life. Although I don't replace lights or fix broken things like he does from time to time.

jigglemybowls126 karma

so you didn't show up on career day as Doctor Jan Itor ? this really bums me. Nevertheless i give you much respect for the hardships of your job.

MrRozzers110 karma

I came in trying to cover up being a janitor. But they had "Janitor" written on my name tag. D:

jigglemybowls40 karma

more serious question if not answered already: can you describe your tasks, such as are you on a day/night shift? do you work in rooms, labs, OR? handle biohazardous stuff? any interesting/odd/insane stories?

MrRozzers147 karma

I'm an on-call. But I get 40 hours a week. I tend to work evenings but I do pick up a day shift or a night shift every now and then. I've clean rooms and OR rooms. OR rooms are fun to be around, I get to watch operations going on like knee surgeries and heart surgeries. Its actually really cool.

I've handled radioactive waste and I've handled TONS of blood. Chemo I am always scared to handle but I do.

I guess I can share a story. :P

Twas my 3rd day of work. I was working a night shift. I was being trained on cleaning a heart room. We get a call to go take care of a bed bug situation. It sounded like an interesting adventure. So we ventured forth! I was pumped! We went and put on these white body suits and we felt like rabbits. We jumped around a bit and went to the bed bug room. We arrive and LO AND BEHOLD, a nurse had the bright idea of taking care of it herself. We alerted the Supervisor and she went home. She also threw the bed bugged bed sheets with the other laundry. We had to prevent an outbreak, so we had to search for it. We searched for an hour and called quits. We did know which bin it was in so we marked that bin. Labelled it as hazardous and sent it on its way. TLDR - Bed bugs, nurse was stupid, saved the day.

Thop20737544 karma

Could you possibly stick a penny in a door and blame it on some one

MrRozzers75 karma

It was Thop207375. I SWEAR!

LukaCat153 karma

I don't actually have a question, but I just want to say from one hospital worker (who doesn't have to do clean up) to another: thank God for you and the people who do your job. I've seen the shit (literally) that you guys have to clean up, and it ain't pretty. So thanks :)

MrRozzers107 karma

Thanks! :D

We do it for our hospital family!

lula2488116 karma


MrRozzers94 karma

WOOP WOOP! Thanks a bunch. :)

ghotis90 karma

Has anyone jammed a door with a penny?

MrRozzers123 karma

A co-worker did once. He just wanted to try it. Was not disappointed.

ghotis60 karma

By coworker you mean an intern right? An intern who goes by the initials J and D. Maybe Dohn Jorian? I want this to happen.

MrRozzers54 karma

LMAO. I want this to happen REALLY BAD. Life please.

ghotis34 karma

I'm going to become a doctor and work at your hospital. You better make my life terrible or I'll be disappointed in you

MrRozzers42 karma

I shall make your life a living hell!

MimiLaSardine64 karma

Worst cleanup you've encountered?

MrRozzers129 karma

Oh man. I can't exactly say what is worse at first sight. But the top three would be projectile vomit, massive blood spill all over the OR floor and a trail of feces from a patient going for a walk. BUT THERE ARE SO MUCH MORE!

EqualOppAsshole70 karma

I had a friend who did the same thing a few years back. He had two pretty gruesome experiences. The first was having to clean up a bathroom after a woman gave birth to a stillborn. The second was being there when an ambulance brought a woman in after a botched suicide attempt. She tried to shoot herself in the head and ended up shooting her jaw off. Yes, just like the South Park episode with Brittany Spears. Needless to say there was a lot of blood.

MrRozzers36 karma

Holy crap! I've worked in the Emergency Department only a few times and the only problems I've had have been the mental patients throwing their drinks and IV all over the place. But I can't imagine that.

mts_t11 karma

Please tell

MrRozzers38 karma

Someone threw up in the sink and no one was called for a few hours. It nearly hardened and I had to scoop i tout with my hands. They barely chewed their food.

EPluribusUnumIdiota26 karma

Why are the puke container so goddamn small?

MrRozzers29 karma

No idea. Ask your nurse for a bucket.

gowahoo56 karma

No question, just thank you for your work.

MrRozzers56 karma

THANKS! :) Edit: HOLY COW! Gold? Thank you kind Redditor!

m3t4lhed44 karma

Have you ever had a good relationship/bond with a dying patient?

MrRozzers105 karma

I don't interact with patients too often. But I do get calls asking for a quick room clean or a mop job. It's always nice to have a conversation with them, they basically spill their life out. You figure out who they are and It makes this man of me want to cry. But I haven't been around a patient die. I would prefer not to see it happen.

pedrosh0w30 karma

What was the story/life that made you want to cry the most?

MrRozzers90 karma

There was an elderly lady wanting her daughter to come visit. her daughter would come and she cried a bit. But she talked about how a wonderful woman her daughter was despite her daughter rejecting to come to her. I was saddened. :(

FrankieSucks29 karma

There was an elderly lady wanting her daughter to come visit. her daughter would come and she cried a bit. But she talked about how a wonderful woman her daughter was despite her daughter rejecting to come to her. I was saddened. :(

Wait, do you mean her daughter wouldn't come, or she would and she would cry anyway?

MrRozzers48 karma

She wouldn't come at all. I don't know why but that event has stuck with me.

JewsusChrist0 karma

this man of me been around a patient die

MrRozzers2 karma

My heart goes out to you. I could never handle myself if that happened to me.

ferci9736 karma

How did you get that job and why did you take it?

MrRozzers88 karma

I knew someone that worked there and they referred me. I took it because I needed another (better) job. At my last job I was being cheated on and treated like a leftover. I also wanted to get my name in at the hospital. I am trying to be a radiologist tech.

iseebones42 karma

Hey im a radiology tech, good luck to you!

MrRozzers41 karma

Thanks! Working hard to get there!

ferci9717 karma

Awesome, I hope that works out for you man! (:

MrRozzers34 karma

Thanks dude/dudette! :D

NIGHTSCOUT1332 karma

I've considered doing an IAMA hospital security guard, but quickly realized no one gives a fuck LMAO!

MrRozzers47 karma


The_Narrators32 karma

As an ER nurse and former hospital janitor I just want to say thank you for what you do, it's a job that goes unnoticed or unappreciated much too often but what you do is vital to the function of the hospital and safety of our patients.

MrRozzers25 karma

Thanks a ton! Nurses like you is what keeps us coming back to work!

ipitythefool42030 karma

What kind of machines do you use to clean your floors? What about floor waxing systems?

Just ask as I also happen to work as a custodian at a hospital.

MrRozzers39 karma

Housekeepers don't really wax the floors. We have "Floor Techs" that wax the floors. They're all nice guys. But when we mop we use Virex and a neutral cleaner. But most of the time we use Virex to mop the floors.

unusuallytallgnome23 karma

I've heard that the heavy use of disinfectants is causing new strains of "super-bacteria". Is that a concern where you work?

MrRozzers36 karma

It has not been brought up, but the company that supplies our chemicals is doing constant research and "upgrading" the products we use. Bleach kills everything as of right now.

Gapmasta20 karma

How mad would you be if you found a penny stuck in the elevator door?

MrRozzers33 karma

I'd be watching you. But what if I gave 5 bucks to eat it after I get it out?

James4278520 karma

I'm sure you've seen some shit in your day, was there ever a mess that you refused to clean up? If so what was the reason behind it and was your refusal successful?

MrRozzers46 karma

I absolutely refuse to go into a room that was a C. Difficile. Seeing the poo and the smell.... ugh. It's flat out terrible. I refuse but I am still asked to go clean that room. I clean it but I ask for a break right after and they give it to me.

pizzaboy19228 karma

Where I worked, we had three different levels of that sort of mess: Code brown (Small amounts of poo in various locations. Usually a resident who missed the toilet at some point), Code Sludge (Where a resident completely misses the toilet for the entire performance, or where they never got to the bathroom to begin with) and Code Corn (Where there is no hope for humanity. Grab a hazmat suit and the specialty vacuum)

MrRozzers23 karma

Oh dang. All of ours is just flat out Code Brown. Its always a surprise when you get there. Sometimes I just wanna walk right out and tell them to get someone else. But I wanna keep my job, so I clean it up.

Chiplessxcookie18 karma

C diff has a look and smell that once you've encountered it, you never forget it.

You think cleaning the room is bad, imagine cleaning the actual patient that has it!

MrRozzers15 karma

Oh heck no! I assume you have, and I could not do your job. You are stronger than I.

James4278515 karma

That's a healthcare related illness anyway, often caught inside the hospital. I've dealt with Giardia myself and all you can really do is sit on a toilet and hold on tight. Is there a situation where you can legally refuse to clean something? I would imagine a specialized sanitation crew would have to come in for some things, such as a bloodied room from an AIDS patient.

MrRozzers21 karma

I haven't run into anyone getting away with refusing unless you're sick yourself. If it is an AIDS patient then we housekeepers do clean that room. But we do wear protective equipment. The one thing that we don't do is if the patient had bed bugs. Then we seal that room and we get a special crew to take care of that.

SethtimusPrime33 karma

Bed bugs, worse than AIDS...

MrRozzers29 karma

That's strange to think about, but AIDS basically goes away as the blood dries up. But we do take precautions just in case, and then again, I haven't seen a bloody AIDS room.

James427858 karma

So in a hospital that could encounter all sorts of horrors bed bugs is the only "Kill it with fire" scenario?

MrRozzers30 karma

That's the only one that pops into my head. But most of the viruses we are able to kill with the chemicals at our disposal. BUT WAIT. Just remembered, TB. We seal that room too and let that room sit for several hours till its safe to go in. TB is some nasty stuff.

rr6455 karma


MrRozzers7 karma

We put on a bit of gear but not much. There are times (rare) where a full body gear is required.

James427853 karma

Hospitals and emergency rooms should have a respiratory illness wing, just because of TB. That is a brutal disease.

MrRozzers10 karma

There is a section where just about all the TB rooms go to. But sometimes the patients illness is beyond TB, ie heart condition and so they would end up in the cardiovascualr unit.

mariox193 karma

Don't you have to bag yourself up from head to toe to clean a C. Difficile room? That little bug spreads like wildfire, and it's horrible.

MrRozzers6 karma

Its not entirely head to toe. We put on a little dress (I've been up all night I can't think of the actual term for it) a mask if we want and spray that baby down with bleach. The things a killer to clean and smell. Makes me sick just thinking about it.

Windycitypoet18 karma

No comment, just wanted to say thank you. I work in a hospital and nothing would run without you guys

MrRozzers14 karma

Thanks. It always means a lot to get a thanks in my line of work.

PicadillyJim18 karma

Before we all torture ourselves for not asking: What's your name?

MrRozzers31 karma

Lets just call me David. That seems to be popular at work.

PhilaDopephia17 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've walked in on?

MrRozzers78 karma

A lady with her booty up in the air. White as the snow, wrinkly as wrinkly can get and as old as Rome itself. I walked in and walked right out.

spooky-pants32 karma

This phrase needs to be made into a song.

MrRozzers21 karma

I'll leave that to you.

anu2627 karma

MrRozzers17 karma

EXACTLY! I walked in while putting on my gloves and walked out whilst taking them off.

BobbyD8416 karma

I'm an orderly. There's this bitch of a house keeper who always leaves her cart perfectly angled in the hallway so there's just enough space taken up that a bed or wide wheelchair won't fit. I don't know why she does it. Nobody else does it. I've been at this shit for 5 and a half years and I'm absolutely sick of it. What can I do to subtly fuck with her? What is something small that would really make you hate your job?

And before people lose their shit, myself and all of the other orderlies tell her about it every day. She aware that it's a problem and yet, she is persists.

MrRozzers34 karma

I would just take the safe route and alert her manager that she is in the way of patient care. Otherwise screwing with anything could land you in trouble.

BobbyD8421 karma

But what about my desire for petty vengeance?

MrRozzers26 karma

It'll only get you in trouble. Sometimes the best vengeance is the kick out the door.

crazu15 karma

Do you have a knifewrench?

MrRozzers9 karma

Could you get me one?

dankdooker15 karma

Do you eat eggs?

MrRozzers18 karma

I eat eggs.

dankdooker16 karma


MrRozzers16 karma

It really is eggs-ordinary.

dankdooker13 karma

I egg-gree with you.

MrRozzers16 karma

This might get old egg-stremely fast.

dankdooker12 karma

It could lead to an eggs-orbitant amount of comments.

MrRozzers14 karma


dankdooker15 karma

Well, eggs-scuse me.

MrRozzers12 karma

I got no more Eggs-cellent words left.

baby_corn_is_corn13 karma

So what do you do with all that biohazard waste?

MrRozzers19 karma

We burn it on-site or if its radioactive then we lock it up in a secure area. It then gets disposed properly by other professionals.

baby_corn_is_corn12 karma

Interesting. We would just throw it in those red bags and it would disappear.

MrRozzers13 karma

Haha. But somebody took those red bags right?

baby_corn_is_corn5 karma

Quite, I just always wondered where they went. Lots of sharp needles and blood.

MrRozzers16 karma

The sharps we put in a red bin which gets picked up by the waste company. The blood we burn.

AliJDB12 karma

I'm a bit late to the party. I spent a lot of time in hospital as a kid, and just wanted to say I truly appreciate what you do for the patients of your hospital. The janitors I encountered were always the loveliest, most polite and kind people I encountered and I've always been in awe of what you do.

MrRozzers5 karma

THANKS SO MUCH! :) We always try to have a smile. :)

tokillauser11 karma

Have you ever encountered (excuse my language) WEIRD ASS GHOST SHIT?!!

MrRozzers32 karma

Hmmm.... I don't think I've run into a weird ass ghost who left a shit somewhere.

maybenow13611 karma

How douchy are the doctors you work with?

MrRozzers30 karma

Well... I want to put this nicely... Most of the doctors are douchy. But not all. There are some that are nice and understand that I have to clean crap up.

SubtlySociopathic10 karma

Is there a sanitation protocol for going to and/or getting off work?

If so, what is it?

MrRozzers17 karma

Shower before going to work. Leave your scrubs at work to be washed. Can't leave the hospital with scrubs on. That's the general rule stuff. But eh do ask us to change if we walk into an infectious room.

mariox1911 karma

I am amazed at how some hospitals let people come and go with their scrubs on. My brother worked at Mount Sinai in the city, and he said they were very strict—scrubs stayed in the hospital. Anything else, if you ask me, is criminally irresponsible.

MrRozzers8 karma

Just about no one is caught. It's really the hospital's administration for not catching the offenders. But some hospitals allow it, from what I've heard.

wasmachinator10 karma

So have you thought about starting your own squirel army of sorts?

Secondly, what is the wierdest thing you've seen a doctor or nurse do?

MrRozzers10 karma

I have a turtle army.

I don't really know. I can't think of anything weird. I must work at a boring hospital.

pizzaboy19210 karma

Just thought I'd drop in and say "hi' to a fellow custodial worker in healthcare.

Is working at a hospital a clean job? I ask because worked at a veterans home\hospital and there were so many things that were just strange and out there that by the end of my time working there I wasn't phased by much. Things like residents urinating into their trash can because they didn't like the feel of the floor of their room's bathroom on their bare feet, residents who would use their dentures as a puppet and "Sing" to other residents with said puppet. Residents who would drag race their electric wheelchairs... That was a fun job, but just... too strange.

MrRozzers8 karma

HELLO FRIEND! I usually run into patients who just talk to themselves the whole time. Not too many people are crazy in the rooms that I've been in.

oaksicle10 karma

Do you have any cool/unique cleaning machines?

MrRozzers29 karma

I got a cool mop. I also have some pretty neat rags I use to wipe things with. Oh and I got this nice cart that I push around. That is as cool as it gets my friend.

cubeydoobiedoo8 karma

I was a janitor at a hospital for a few years. I feel your pain! My absolute worst experience was while I was being trained. There was not enough room in the trash buggy, so the other guy showed me how you can rip a tiny hole in the bags and let the air out. Problem with this was... they were all red bags (hazardous!!)

Have you encountered any, less than bright co-workers, that put their own health at risk to make their job easier???

MrRozzers21 karma

Everyone does the same exact thing. It's super risky. I've also seen doctors/nurses enter infectious rooms without proper equipment. Called them out like a boss.

DragonsAreReal968 karma

What's the most fucked up, nasty thing you've ever seen while on duty?

MrRozzers11 karma

The thing that I still wonder about... I went to go clean a public restroom. There was poo on the flush handle. LIKE WTF! Seriously? I don't even get it. Someone must have wiped their rear-end with their hand.

NekoFever8 karma

Are there any bodily fluids that still have the power to faze you?

MrRozzers20 karma

Not really. The only thing that makes me shiver is some of the diarrhea. Not all of it, but some of it. It has several forms and it makes me hold my breath. But I can deal with just about everything.

Bk77 karma

Every answer I am reading is in the voice of Neil Flynn.

MrRozzers5 karma

My life has been narrated by him since I've worked as a janitor.

KEM106 karma

What is in that floor cleaner that gives hospitals that very noticeable clean-but-a-little-unpleasant smell?

MrRozzers11 karma

It could be virex or neutral cleaner.

SethtimusPrime6 karma

Have you ever experienced anything creepy or unexplained while working?

MrRozzers11 karma

I've heard of areas of the hospital being haunted. In the Medical Procedure Unit, after hours gets a bit creepy. They have lights with very sensitive sensors and I always jump. I walk by a procedure room and BAM! All of heaven opens up. That's about it tho.

SpeakSoftlyAnd5 karma

I hear A LOT about how dirty and disgusting some hospitals can be. As someone who's current profession is cleaning, is this in line with your experience? Are hospitals really as dirty and infectious as everyone says?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

MrRozzers19 karma

I thought it would a neat thing to talk to people about. :)

We get ratings on our cleanliness and we check some of our rooms randomly. The hospital I work out tends to dance around the 77-81% mark. Its about 5-6 out of 20 or so on a list. The hospitals past 8 or 9 on that list are pretty bad. But to tell how clean a hospital/clinic is just look at their vents. Most hospitals have lights in their vents that kill bacteria. So If its dusty then that light can't really do its work. Which in return could cause the infection rate to go up. You can probably google hospitals in your area and find some of their rates.


Give that a try.

remnanttroy4 karma

How would you react if I stuck a penny in a sliding door?

MrRozzers3 karma

I'd let it slide..... *walks out

tklee1234 karma

Have you gotten that ol' J.D?

MrRozzers4 karma

I got him fired hired.

tragic-waste-of-skin3 karma

Have you ever found a penny in the door?

MrRozzers10 karma

DAGNABIT! If I do find it there. I'm coming for you.

Arknell3 karma

Has your hospital begun using those strong ultraviolet light-lamps which kills germs and viruses which have grown resistant (or moved to places where they don't get swabbed)?

MrRozzers7 karma

We do use some kind of lights. I was told they were UV but not sure. Will have to double check on that. I don't touch them, but we have them throughout the hospital.

thatburrowedlurker3 karma

  • Has anyone tried to befriend you so that they can get access to something in the hospital that they shouldn't have access to?
  • What are some of the most interesting rooms you have access to in the hospital?
  • Have you ever had any interesting stories of finding people where they weren't suppose to be when you went to go clean a room/area?
  • What is something you are allowed to do in your current job that most other people would be jealous of?

MrRozzers10 karma

  • No one has tried, and even if they tried, the hospital badge system records your every entrance/exit so I would be shot up if i screwed up.

*I have access to just about everywhere. I gotta clean the entire place up! I have access to the Hospital Administration and I get to see what they're planning. So that's always cool. Oh and to a pool for physical therapy patients.

*There have been employees who try to hide in places. If we ever spot them we tell them to scat. They usually leave. Visitors/patients don't usually end up in closed or marked off areas. Security is always on top of that.

*Well... to have access to every room in the building. I know all the good hiding spots in-case of a zombie attack. I also get to go see operations, which I find just fascinating to watch.

Ks267393 karma

What are you going to do if you find a penny up there?

MrRozzers6 karma

I am gonna kill you JD!

MrRozzers3 karma

I'm gonna come after you.

ladieaupair3 karma

I really wanted to be all clever and ask if you'd ever found a penny stuck in a door, but it seems everyone has already beat me to it.

MrRozzers9 karma

I can let you be all clever.

huachaos2 karma

So you are on a deserted island, and can only take 1 type of cleaning supply with you (hey, the island is dirty). What is that item?

MrRozzers6 karma

BLEACH! Bleach the heck out of that thing.

verbosegf2 karma

I used to be a housekeeper at a hospital!

My question for you is, does your hospital have a housekeeping contract (like HHS) or are you employed by the hospital itself?

MrRozzers3 karma

I am employed by the hospital itself. But there is fear that the hospital might be moving in that direction.

teamfabmom2 karma

Any paranormal or creepy experiences?

MrRozzers4 karma

Just darn lights turn on when you walk past a procedure room in the dark. I flip out.

BobVosh2 karma

Is this one of the hospitals with a pysch ward?

If so have you had any encounters with them?

Also if so, how do they keep escaping and showing up in my hotel's parking lot?

MrRozzers5 karma

haha. We do have a psych ward and we have all doors locked at the ward. All entry and exit requires a badge to open a door.

I've been around them, they just say hi and move along. Sometimes they stare you down, and I just say hi and the reply back with a HELLO.

You might want to stop going to that hotel. Bad place to pickup chicks.

benjikenji21 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. What does your typical day to day schedule consist of?

MrRozzers3 karma

We start with a 5-10 minute meeting. Then we prep our carts. We clean a few rooms. Then we go and clean the areas of the hospital we were assigned. Some of us would get calls to go take care of some accidents that would've occurred.

MrMakanhoes1 karma

I am also a janitor for a orthopedic specialist. All I can say is fuck iodine!

MrRozzers4 karma

That stuff is a pain to take out. GAWD.

MrMakanhoes2 karma

Just last week it looked like someone when wild with it an splashed it everywhere. 2 hours just to get the spots less visible. The shit we deal with for money.

MrRozzers3 karma

But I love me that money.

ggrieves1 karma

lots of "fun" questions here, but what about sterilization? MRSA and other "superbug" bacteria are cultivated in hospitals, what steps are being taken to clean rooms of these? I've heard of new technologies involving deep UV irradiation or ozonation. What are your standard procedures for disinfecting? Are they always followed strictly? Do you test for how effective the methods are? Are you ever worried you'll contract something untreatable by constantly being exposed?

MrRozzers3 karma

I am always worried I will contract a bug like MRSA or even C. Diff. I don't know how I do it but I just go in and do it still fearing. For just about any pre-caution room we put on a gown and a mask if we find it to be airborne (or if we want a mask). But we do have full body suits for more serious cases. We haven't ahd a serious case for quite sometime. We use bleach to fight most of our infectious viruses and it tends to get the job done. From time to time the rooms get tested for any bacteria and if found, then things get taken care of (fired/re-trained).

The hospital has adopted UV lights throughout parts of the hospital. I only hope that it works well.

I hope I answered it thoroughly.

Furious__Fapper1 karma

How much an hour??

MrRozzers10 karma

hehehehe. Im getting $16+ with free healthcare.

VoronoiGoggles1 karma

David! How old are you?

MrRozzers1 karma

You shall not take my identity!

Jumbo_Janxbot1 karma

How hard to actually work? Can you hide in your closet all day?

MrRozzers3 karma

I can't hide in the closet. D: The difficulty of the job would depend at what part of the hospital I am in charge of keeping tidy. Some areas demand more upkeep while others require just a few mops here and there.

HEG1 karma

I had your job. Your job sucks.

MrRozzers2 karma

But did you have fun?

spooky-pants1 karma

How did you get into this line of work?

MrRozzers3 karma

A friend of mine helped me get it.

Chugimisgay1 karma

Anything you want to say but haven't been asked?

MrRozzers4 karma

Life moves too slow.

Chugimisgay1 karma

Does it? Or do we perceive it to be slow/

MrRozzers2 karma

We perceive it to be slow, so then it is slow.

w0w11 karma

What you do when you are not working?

MrRozzers5 karma

What everyone else does. Reddit.

ckelly951 karma

You said you want to be a radiology tech. I think that's awesome! How do you plan on going about that? Are you taking classes locally?

MrRozzers4 karma

I am taking classes. I need to finish up my biology then I can get in the program.

DrRobotniksUncle1 karma

Have you ever punched a whale?

MrRozzers3 karma

Afraid not D:

But I petted a dolphin. :D

you_are_so_boring0 karma

Custodian, dick.

MrRozzers4 karma

Want a piece of me?