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Sharing gyms sales secrets just in time to save people $$ for New Years Resolutions! Did you know some (not all) gyms have minimum session sales goals? Do you know why personal training is expensive? I show and tell you why!

Teach yourself how to save money by understanding the gym sales games!

Ask me anything about the fitness industry regarding EXERCISE and GYM BUSINESS MODELS.

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RainyDayFace261 karma

Do personal trainers lie about potential results to clients on a regular basis?

HeartAtak304 karma


I do not believe personal trainers lie to get clients. At least not the good ones anyhow.

Personal trainers in big corporate gyms typically work on 100% commission and have to sell X amount of sessions per month to make sales goals etc. Sometimes these trainer will "TTWTWTH - Tell Them What They Want To Hear" to sell a few extra sessions.

Example: "Without a trainer you might hurt yourself. It could take you 6 months to reach your 30 pound weight loss goal. BUT! If you work with a trainer you will not get hurt and might reach your goal in 3 months!

Again, trainers are VERY GOOD but sometimes the corporate structure causes them to be very pushy, much like "the stereotypical car salesman". (no offense to car salesmen)

lambeingsarcastic185 karma

I don't even talk to the trainers in my gym any more. It's a bit of a shame 'cos I'm a friendly guy but I just get the impression that I'm wasting their time. The only reason they seem to talk to me is to sell me personal training that I will never buy (one session cost more than a months membership) and a few have got pretty butt hurt when I've turned them down after them chatting me up and all.

HeartAtak131 karma

Excellent point.

A previous gym set the same "atmosphere". Maybe how people feel when they walk onto a car lot. I keep using this analogy bc I feel people can relate.

You do not want to be SOLD. I understand you on this one. This is why I LEFT the corporate fitness industry to do my own thing! The sales ruin the environment for good regular members such as yourself :)

Just remember you can be friendly but let them know you are HAPPY with your body and routine! :)

and no you do not want to break your knees doing squats on a stability ball lol

Astraea_M40 karma


No, many of the personal trainers at gyms like 24 Hour Fitness are not good at all. Many of them know very little, because the industry is poorly regulated. Even many personal trainers with years of experienced failed a fairly basic test.

A trainer who knows what he or she is doing is valuable, but many of those people pushing personal training sessions barely know their gluteus from their triceps.

HeartAtak18 karma

I can not speak for the masses of trainers.

Again, your bad experience is a COMMON experience. Sadly this is what ruins the industry for both professional trainers and the poor clients left holding a bill with no results.... :(

SerendipityHappens25 karma

I feel kind of bad telling the guy who tried to push a fitness instructor on me that I wasn't interested. But at least I didn't make him go through his whole spiel. Him, maybe I should have? Either way, I wasn't about to start paying $60 a month for something I didn't feel I needed.

HeartAtak33 karma

Good point! Do what works for you. Few people have spare $ these days to splurge on extra fitness motivation.

Hey, if I could afford Solar Panels I would put them on my house....but I cannot... sigh... wishful thinking on my part :(

Kurtisk9 karma

Where do you live? Check into Vivint Solar.

HeartAtak24 karma

Thank you for the tip! I will check it out! (I am in Columbus, Ohio, not much sun)

vigpounder18 karma

Upvote for bustown! I'm not bashing your profession but the "one bad experience ruins everything". My ex, who was 5'3" and curvy as hell with ne fat on her took one hour with a pt. The poor girl was pasty white, clamy, in tears and didn't know if she wanted to shit or puke. People who lift know the feeling. Poeple who don't, shouldn't. She was sore for several days and missed a day of work. I tried and tried to ease her into it after that to no avail and I can't blame her. The pf rates are hard to resist but ill stick to blasting on my heavy bag and clanging iron in the basement blaring pantera Tldr; fuck that women's gym on morse. Pace yourself.

HeartAtak16 karma


TY for the upvote. I am very sorry to hear about your gf's bad experience! My goal as a trainer is to train SAFELY rather than SORRY.

I could never take back RUINING someone's body but I can always start too easy and apologize then turn up the heat on the next session.

lol.... Morse Road :) I'm up in the Dub area! About 10 years ago I worked at Bally's next to Fujiyama for oh... a whole 9 days.... what a POS gym.

Slow is VERY good for starters. excellent advice

motoroats20 karma

I sought personal training, told them I had a back injury that I didn't recover from properly, I said, I just want to be able to bend over and lift a full water bottle (at that point I could not), she ended up working me so hard, and would not listen to my cries of pain, I ended up injuring myself all over again. A CT scan has shown I have a herniated disc, and a sequestered disc fragment from the next disc down, an MRI next Monday will tell me if I need surgery or not.

I will not be seeking personal training again. Lol.

Thank you for not being one of those "if you don't puke every session you're not doing it right" trainers.

HeartAtak8 karma


I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with your trainer. Again, I feel trainers are here to HELP people.

The main point of my thread is to emphasize how few people can afford hiring trainers but man this is great! Your story, other people's stories! Pure awesome!

I hope your herniated disc does not lead to surgery.....

Take it easy on the back and .... maybe you do not need to reach down and lift that full water bottle in the next few weeks ;)

Ultimately, seek daily activity and watch your caloric intake and hopefully you will do better! Best of luck with the scan!

vigpounder2 karma

Shit. From your comment, I get the idea I was bashing you personally and your profession. Thats not the case at all! I don't even go to the gym and can't count times I've seen VERY bad form. Like the guy curling 70lbs on a machine because he's lifting 2/3rds of the weight with his lower back. Dafuq would thst guy do with two 35lb dumbells in his hands? 1?! I know most of you are very professional and well trained. I honestly think the huge majority of you would call someone out on dangerous shit. That girl had my ex do something like 100 crunches (no weight) and 50 squats (light weight). Her used csr ssles pitch was to make her so miserable zhe knew she had to join. Not really an edit but leaving the spelling errors because phone. Tldr; this guy knows his shit. If you're in the cbus area and need this service, he's yourguy

HeartAtak1 karma


I do not take anything personally. I appreciate your opinion and everybody's opinion. Otherwise I would not post here and would not have created my website etc.

I know from what you described you and your gf probably have disdain towards personal trainers. I understand.

The same reason I keep mentioning car salesman. Most of them are good people but it takes one bad apple to ruin it for the rest of the honest ones.

Same thing in the fitness industry....

dead_lift_it1 karma

potential results

AKA the "unrealistic expectations" of clients.

HeartAtak5 karma

lol.... yes and no.

Education leads to reality.

People have BIG GOALS. Trainers have to make them more short-term and realistic IMO.

yin2lazy227 karma

What percent of people who buy gym memberships actually come back to work out? I ask cause someone at planet fitness told me that there were people to signed up for memberships for free pizza but he never saw them come back to exercise.

HeartAtak208 karma


AWEOSOME question! I wish I knew the exact answer. That will be different per club.

I can tell you from my experience at a large gym we had a small regular AM crowd and decent sized regular PM crowd. I would guess anywhere between 5-25% varies per club. Big range but some clubs are huge and informal, others small, intimate, very caring.

Honestly, I think what happens is 2 part; 1. confusion - people think they will join a gym and be shown exactly what to do.... yeah right, that rarely happens. 2. optimism bias - behavior change does not happen overnight. Think about babies; how many times do they fall before they can finally walk on their own. Parents and family ENCOURAGE them to succeed and they learn to do it! Same goes for gyms... you need to surround yourself with people who support you to be successful.

From my communications studies; people need 2 things to adhere to a new behavior or message: 1. motivation - people lose this over time (New Years resolutions crowd) 2. ability - We all have the ability to exercise but see #1. We lose motivation for many reasons.

All this said, they are many reasons why people join a gym then either never go back or avoid the gym....

lol... IF you join a gym for free pizza you FAILED! I have been a Planet Fitness Member for 5 months and have yet to eat the free pizza or free bagels

Join a gym for free health care.... your workouts are free health care..

Sorry I do not have statistics but I do know the human behavior patterns are very predictable. We are a lazy creature :-O (not the best quality pic, but look at the behavior pattern) This is why I named my website fitnesspatterns!

Sorry I rambled! I hope that gives you some answers/things to think about?

RockTwo80 karma

This is amazing. My gym's ex-manager told me 15% of members actually use the gym, you're saying it's more like 1.5%.

God bless every one of those non-regulars. If it weren't for them I'd be paying $2000 a month.

HeartAtak49 karma

lol RockTwo, I am using EXTREME examples with the EXTREME regulars that I KNOW and EXPECT to see every day. I also only worked when some people may have visited that I did not see.

I do not profess to know any industry standard. Not sure if anybody does really. I think 10% sounds like a good average for consistent usage but there are so many factors and regions and gyms and prices.

I claim ignorance on this question :) My apologies if I misled you before!

MrT-100017 karma

So if I'm reading this right, 35.7% of Americans over 20+ are obese?

graysonAC27 karma

This is a great answer, thanks for sharing.

Workouts being health care is a cool message :)

HeartAtak29 karma


Thank you for the positive comments. I wish everybody could see the positive benefits of 1% of your week (100 minutes) working out!

Check out the NPR exercise as prevention podcast!

yin2lazy21 karma

I think its the same concept as those weight loss commercials on Jerry Springier. People want to pay for something to feel good but if they really cared about losing weight instead of buying for exercise in a bottle they could actually turn off TV get off the couch and actually exercise.

HeartAtak14 karma


Sadly, many of us prefer the easy way out :(

A post I wrote about this.... You will like the picture :)

DrunkyMcDrunk-Drunk136 karma

They give away pizza as an a sales incentive for joining a gym? That's getting them coming and going. Nice job, Planet Fitness Marketing Team!

HeartAtak115 karma

lol.... I am a member there too. They have TOOTSIE ROLLS in small dishes around the front desk.

WTF sabotage! right? I have yet to eat a free piece of pizza, free bagel, or free tootsie roll !

DiscoDiscoDanceDance35 karma

I worked at a gym for a year behind the counter. Probably 20 percent of people with memberships actually use it regularly at mine.

edit: Gym typo

HeartAtak44 karma

That is insane!

80% passive monthly membership income. Sign me up for that business model! :)

eriks90123 karma

This is called the Pareto Principle I think.

HeartAtak46 karma

A principle, named after economist Vilfredo Pareto, that specifies an unequal relationship between inputs and outputs. The principle states that, for many phenomena, 20% of invested input is responsible for 80% of the results obtained. Put another way, 80% of consequences stem from 20% of the causes. Also referred to as the "Pareto rule" or the "80/20 rule". -

Good rule

yin2lazy35 karma

my neighbor once tried to lose weight by buying clothes, tredmill, bike and and everything related to exercise but I dont think he ever got around to the actual exercise .

HeartAtak21 karma

lol.... hopefully somebody can help him. Maybe after this thread you can go motivate him?

PermitStains39 karma

Funny you say that, a coworker had a whole home gym that he never used. I kept pressuring him to use it, I kept telling him that it would become addicting and not a chore. After a few weeks he started to use his thredmil for a few minutes a day. After a few weeks he was telling me how he couldn't sleep if he didn't work out.

HeartAtak17 karma

NICE! It is the truth too!

It is so easy to resist something you do not now or have never experienced! Exercise is one of those things....

graysonAC3 karma

That's sad, but hilarious.

HeartAtak14 karma

When I joined they told me something like "First Monday of the month is free pizza day and second Tuesday of the month is free coffee and bagels day."

ON the bright side; it is cool at $10/month they do this to APPRECIATE members! Every month!

A previous employer charged members $75/month and did not even give them a free bottle of water. So sad. Some gyms are dying to sell members everything! :)

Oh yea! I liked the free T-Shirt they gave me at PF :) Cool stuff! and a bumper sticker :P

riversofgore11 karma

I liked the shirt too, but I'm not an extra large. Planet fitness is cheap and quiet. Favorite gym so far.

HeartAtak10 karma

x2 :)

beardandabaldhead70 karma

What common mistakes to you see people make in the gym?

Also what one piece of advice would you give any gym user??

HeartAtak92 karma


My apologies! Tons of questions!

Mistakes: I think IN gym mistakes include; lack of patience, improper form, not knowing where to start, WATCHING THE TV obsessively, spending too much time on the cell phone (cell phones do not burn calories)

Non-gym mistakes: More psychological in nature; wanting instant results, quitting due to soreness, not understanding weekly workout schedules, quitting because "the gym is too far from my house" (WTF you joined the gym, it was that far when you joined), not going because any excuse..... I could go on.


Ignore naysayers. As long as you are in the gym, spending the appropriate amount of time performing cardio, strength, and flexibility; do not let other people tell you their way is better.

Any active way is better than being on the couch 24/7.

Results take place in the gym....

edit Add: EVERY WORKOUT ROUTINE WORKS... the problem is, people do not do them. They have a list of excuses and ignore the benefits. Those people are simply in the wrong frame of mind. One taste of 5 pound weight loss or drop in clothing size, even a compliment from a friend.... and they will be hooked on health forever! :) Gotta get over that first hump! Behavior change isn't easy but Rome wasn't built overnight!

GuitarsAreKindaCool30 karma

Dear Justin,

quitting due to soreness

Do you factor this in when you train clients? I mean do you try to figure out how much you can push someone? Or would you say "well, if he/she quits due to soreness, it's his/her own fault."

I'd really like to know the answer, because in every show you see personal trainers who do nothing but push their clients as far as they can.

HeartAtak43 karma


Thank you for your honesty.

I NEVER push clients past their limits, let alone when they are sore. Any good trainer will recognize soreness and tell you to rest. A GOOD trainer that is.

My motto is safety first. As a U.S. Army Veteran we were trained this way.

You can't fight if you are fatigued.

Same with exercise. Rest is the second best medicine! :)

The shows on TV are glorified for viewer pleasure. Sadly the shows may turn people away from exercise.

The client is really the boss. You know what you want (goals) I merely help you get there.

Sadly, some trainers may have an agenda to beat your a$$ or make you puke. Not me.

You do what works for you. Rest up. Go back to the gym/exercise on your terms.

Think long-term health not short term fitness/vanity. :)

MsChokesondick2 karma

You don't have to puke or die in the gym.Thank You! I try telling this to people all the time. Most people think if you can move the next day you didn't go hard enough.

HeartAtak2 karma

lol... agreed!

Some people have different thresholds for pains and gains.

GuitarsAreKindaCool2 karma

Thanks for your answer!

That sounds good. Like you said, personal trainers in TV shows probably often don't represent the trainers out there.

HeartAtak7 karma

Your welcome.

The TV stuff is meant to capture attention. The 1:1 experience with a trainer is about YOU.

I wish more people could experience it. I am working on a solution at www.GymGym.US

It isn't easy but I think I can change the industry for those who cant afford it :)

AlphaQ696 karma

Hi, college guy here with questions regarding cardio.

I'm finding it tougher and tougher to stay in shape each year(comparatively to when I was an athlete in H.S.). I'm usually able to lift 2-3 times a week and increase the weight I'm repping and putting on muscle. My cardio usually consists of running a mile to the gym and back, and occasionally longer 3-5mi runs (maybe 2x month)

My problem is, it's hard to stay consistent. Midterms will come up every 4-5 weeks throughout the semester and i'll prioritize studying over going to the gym (because I usually stay at the gym for 2 hours, I waste a lot of time). So what happens is I won't really lift/exercise much for about 1-2 weeks at times when studying is packed for midterms/finals... so I'll lose progress.

I do drink, usually not a lot and I try to eat healthy (which is hard because surrounding me is entirely fast food joints).

If I want to keep my bodyfat lower, because right now it's probably at 10%. Should I focus on sprints and interval training exercises or more-so long distance running?

Appreciate it!

HeartAtak22 karma


Thank you for the cardio questions. Congrats on your current routine! Sounds like you are doing well. I understand school can get in the way :(

What are you studying if you do not mind me asking?

Your metabolism will slow down, generally speaking, 3-5% per decade. This varies for lifestyle (diet and exercise, job, etc.)

Consistency is the best thing in any routine. 100 minutes a week minimum: ends up being about 1% of your week.

Is there any way you can split your studies. What I mean: Try 10 minutes study, 5 minutes pushups, 10 minutes study, 5 minutes situps..... something like that in your room?

Mix It up!

Not drinking is good, that gives you an edge on controlling calories! :) Thumbs up!

Fast food is temping, but try to make a trip to the grocery store. I find it easy to buy food for 5 days and maybe treat yourself on the weekend? Cook food in bulk (like spaghetti, oats, meat).

Do what you can to have healthy, quick snacks at the ready!

For body fat maintenance, I would steer you towards longer duration runs at a lower heart rate/intensity. Sprints are more athletic and will not burn as many calories in the long run PUN INTENDED :P

I hope this helps! Good luck on the workouts and exams!

bootstrap1368 karma

Would you suggest using a fitness and diet plan? They seem all inclusive but I'm not sure about starting one. Also what is your opinion on supplements?

HeartAtak165 karma


I do not use for any reasons. I am not against that website either.

Personally, I believe getting information from the website can be more beneficial than "trendy" diets etc. I know this is a generic answer, but if you need SPECIFIC nutritional guidance, I see the value of hiring a dietician for 1 or 2 hours. They can set you up with a PERSONAL diet plan based 100% on your want/needs/goals. Money well spent.

Supplements: I do not use them. I do not suggest them to others. I feel there is no substitute for hard work and consistency!

I have used protein drinks in the past POST workout only because my workplace made awesome peanut butter banana smoothies with a huge discount! But you do not NEED them.

Most of the supplements sell you on the results. Aka placebo effect. Take "product X" then workout in 30 minutes. You could take a spoonful of sugar and workout.

The working out part 3 times a week is what helps, not the product. I see BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION as the only supplement you need!

Again, Not bashing supplements, I just do not use them and never suggested any clients buy them. (they are pretty expensive for what you get and do not get.)

jorgepolak144 karma

Again, Not bashing supplements

Actually, you are. Good. Don't be embarrassed to call out bullshit.

HeartAtak64 karma


Thank you!

stingystooge18 karma

Wait. But are you saying protein is good if I can afford it?

Also, what is your take on mass gainers or casein?

HeartAtak40 karma

Protein is good if you can afford it yes. The natural type, aka meat/peanut butter, etc. are best.

However if you do not have the time or ability to consume natural protein go for the powders. Consult a registered dietician for supplement specifics

Mass gainers, I tried them in the past, not a fan. I did not like having to put one half of a cup of powder in a glass and attempt to fit the other half of the glass with milk. It was kind of like oil. I do not recommend that!

Casein: again, Consult a registered dietician for supplement specifics

As a personal trainer I would like to stick to exercise/fitness/gym sales advice as much as possible.

Erbrah23 karma

Protein from a shake and protein from meat is still the same macronutrient. And also to touch upon your spoonful of sugar comment, caffeine tablets would be better for preworkouts.

HeartAtak33 karma


Thank you for clarifying.

I admit I am a personal trainer not a registered dietician. As a good trainer I do not pretend to have all the answers let alone I make it a point to avoid giving nutrition advice. It is not my job. Exercise is my job :)

Thank you for the help!

dmwo2222 karma

Supplements are not bullshit at all, especially if you have a deficit of a certain vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or fiber etc. Yes, supplementing something that you already get 100% of in your diet is stupid, but not if it's deficient.

HeartAtak15 karma

agreed IF there is a deficit. Consult a registered dietician for supplement specifics

jessebrede3 karma

Awesome answer.

HeartAtak2 karma

thank you :)

billynlex42 karma

How effective are personal trainers? Do you think people use trainers for motivation, maximum results, or a combination? If I were to get a personal trainer how can I best go about reaching my goals and what can I do to ensure we're a good fit for each other?

Thank you for the Ama!

HeartAtak75 karma


Excellent questions. I believe personal trainers are VERY effective (when affordable). At a previous gym, less than 3% of the membership base could afford hiring a trainer. Translation: Personal training is effective only for those who can afford the service (not many people) :(

I think people use trainers for hundreds of reasons. Everybody has their own reason for hiring a trainer. Motivation, accountability, attractiveness, workout partner, gossip partner, need the extra PUSH, boredom, etc. Many people it because the results are pretty much 100% as long as your honestly follow the tips.

If you were to hire a trainer; tell the trainer what you want SPECIFICALLY. Example: I want to lose 20 pounds, fit into my size 6 jeans, and run a 5k in 18 minutes.... be specific. (Not your goals, just using examples).
Be sure the trainer UNDERSTANDS and repeats your goals. Also, the NUMBER 1 rule is you have to like him/her. If you do not like the personality do not hire them. Kinda like a date.... do not force a second, third, and.... 20th date if you buy a package....

Basically, you like the trainer, you are good to go. IF there is awkwardness, then.... maybe look for another person. You are NOT stuck with whoever performs your fitness evaluation. You are the customer, you are always right!

:) Goodluck with your workout goals!

fatperson8737 karma

Okay, say I walk into your gym. I'm a 30 year old woman, 5' tall, and 400lbs. Where the hell do I start?

HeartAtak50 karma


Thank you for the question :) Also, going to the gym is awesome! Do not let anybody tell you otherwise!

Start with a plan. You need to have goals. Write down your biggest grandest goals. Then divide them by 10.

Hypothetically, your goal is to lose 50 pounds! That sounds like a crazy never going to happen goal for most people. Well, divide it by 10 and now you have 10 - 5 pounds steps!

Lose 5 pounds, not too hard, repeat! :)

At 5' tall and 400 pounds you want a medical clearance from your doctor before starting a workout (as does any person really).

Be sure your doctor tells you what you can/can't do and take this to a trainer. FOr that kind of person, I would suggest hiring a trainer and dietician for maximum support and motivation :)

The most important thing for you will be BEHAVIOR CHANGE. All the little changes will add up to weight loss and healthier happier lifestyle in the long run! You can do it!

Canis31437 karma

I'm not sure I can really put my faith in you. I respect your credentials and experience but I'm just not sure here.

You said that pretty much all supplements are "unnatural" and useless, when there are completely natural supplements such as creatine, glutamine, fish oil, etc. which have scientifically proven beneficial effects. There is no substitute for hard work, good diet, and rest, and only a fool believes that a tablespoon of creatine and some curls a day will get you jacked, but plenty of supplements are not bullshit. I suggest you do some research, there's great stuff out there!

Also, most serious weightlifters will recognize Planet Fitness as an intensely for-profit gym that hooks those "New Year's resolution" folks but provides them no incentives to stay. Their business model is not based around improving their clients' physical fitness, seeing as how it's almost nothing but cardio and weight machines, the latter of which often force you into unnatural movements that can get you injured and also are not as effective as free weights. Plus, they kick you out for grunting.

HeartAtak44 karma


Thank you for your comments.

I do not recall stating exactly, "You said that pretty much all supplements are "unnatural" and useless".

I simply do not think highly of supplement and prefer people go the natural route. People seeking supplement advice SHOULD SEE A REGISTERED DIETICIAN not A PERSONAL TRAINER.

I agree some supplements do wonders for people hitting plateaus and rough patches. However, I do not suggest beginners load up on them based upon the SIZZLE of (most of) the MARKETING B.S.

My PERSONAL take as a trainer, which is MY take not everybody's, is to not PUSH supplements.

I respect if you use them, get results, or know people that use them. Again, I defer to the R.D. :)

I am not here to push Planet Fitness. I am just a member. I am sharing my experience. Everybody has their take on what works and what doesn't.

Honestly, people could save the money and workout at home. However, most people at home will turn on the tv and eat. There is no one size fits all solution. It is a tough situation. But I agree that any gym giving away tootsie rolls, pizza, and bagels is NOT helping the situation :)

Thank you for your remarks!

Canis31419 karma

Thanks for replying even though I didn't have a question. You're a cool dude.

I totally agree, because I don't like to see beginners loading up on mass gainer stacks and preworkouts they don't need, or even experienced people buying stuff just because it has a cool name and a jacked guy on the label. It's just the use of the word "unnatural" that bothers me, because supplementing with creatine or fish oil is no different than taking a protein shake - it's just a more efficient way of getting raw materials without eating ungodly amounts of food. It's not like you're pinning 800mg of test every day :P I'd consider that unnatural

HeartAtak26 karma

Thank you!

SPOILER ALERT: My first protein powder mishap.....

IN 1998 when I FIRST STARTED WORKING OUT I went to the Columbus, Ohio Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Expo (my first time) and was dazzled by the gorgeous fitness models, buff dudes, and free protein handouts...

You want to talk about me being a noob. When I got home I tore off the top of a protein powder packet, poured 1/2 a can of PEPSI in it and tried to eat it with a spoon. ummm....yea.... I just said that. I had NO IDEA what I was doing.

Partly why I am here. I do not want people doing that or curling 3 pound dumbbells while staring at the tv hoping for quick weight loss. Maybe I can save a few people some precious time and money!

nathanwoulfe16 karma

That is the single most awesome thing I've heard. Ever. I bet it was delicious.

HeartAtak6 karma

It was yummy chocolate sugar caffeinated sludge! mmm.....

pointer_to_null32 karma

Several years ago, I paid up-front to 24-Hour Fitness for 3 years and several sessions of personal training for about $500, with the added benefit of $50/year membership fees thereafter with the promise of being able to attend any clubs. I've been paying the yearly fees, but it seems like the number of locations I'm allowed to enter is shrinking- they now classify nearly all new locations as "Super Sport" or better which means I'm not allowed entry. The language in my initial contract doesn't seem to reflect this (it says any 24-Hour fitness club location). What recourse do I have in fighting this practice? Should I simply discontinue paying this fee?

HeartAtak25 karma


I do not know the specifics, but I would argue many large gyms set up contracts to deceive members and make it all but impossible to quit.

Your best luck, IMO, is to get out of the contract, TERMINATE PAYMENT and get out of the contract however you can. You may lose money, but join another club.

Worst case scenario, buy some home equipment and try a few body weight workouts?

Sadly many gyms will catch members in the confusion net and milk them for money month after month and hope you quit the fight and pay.

Do not give up!

Fight back! Get your money or get out of the contract! Good luck with the situation!

txglasgow16 karma

I see personal trainers as therapists for the body (and actually parts of the mind) instead of purely the mind. How would you respond to this observation? Also, do you have any stories where you completely changed someones life? You know, like the type of thing they would make movies out of. You can talk about as many different aspects of these questions as you want.

HeartAtak113 karma


I agree with your observation. Personal trainers give instant feedback, correct form, and can tell how the client feels based upon posture and facial expression (and amount of puke... j/k).

I heard a quote the 2 people who know the most about you are 1. your trainer and 2. your hair stylist. Think about it, you spend a ton of time with either of them and (some people) spill the drama. We trainers are therapists, psychologists, friends, motivators, educators. Some clients may live vicariously through their trainer!

I love this question! I love working out! I love helping people workout! I am getting all red in the face as I type this, really!

I see my body, your body, and client's bodies as our vehicle in life. No matter what we do, where we go, who we are with, it is OUR body and WE are responsible for what we do with it, how it looks, and how long we live. We can abuse our body, amuse our body, and do whatever we want but no matter what we have to look in the mirror and take responsibility with our bodies.....

A client success story.... Picture here for visual:!members/citr (I am in the middle, Phyllis on the right, her daughter on the left, she gave me permission to use her image)

This is a deep story with a happy and... sad.... conclusion....

Phyllis was one of my first clients. She was a nervous 54 year old nursing director fed up with weighing 235 pounds! I met her over a fitness assessment, spoke about the benefits of training, and was IMPRESSED with her decision to hire me for both her and her daughter!

Phyllis made up her mind. She wanted to be fit.

Phyllis committed to 3 days a week of strength training the first month, and 2 days a week thereafter. Her sessions were fun! She could barely perform a kneeling pushup on her first session. She could not for the life of her stand on a BOSU ball as she wobbled all over the place...

Not only did Phyllis tell me she wanted to change and be a good role model for her daughter, she said she wanted to ride a 70 mile bike ride to raise money for cancer patients (Pan Ohio Hope Ride). At first, I thought to myself, are you sure Phyllis? But she insisted she do it for her health, for her cancer patients and their families, and for her daughter and husband (to be a good role model).

Fast forward to about her 70th session....TONS of weights lifted, many calories restricted... Phyllis, who I now called "PK" at this time managed to lose 70 pounds! She lost 70 pounds in 10 months!

She told me she went to an Ohio State University Football game, sat in her assigned seat, and her nephew said, "Excuse me, this is reserved for my aunt!" Her own nephew did not recognize her! WOAH!

So month 10 we re-assessed her goals and came up with a 3 month plan to make the 70 mile bike ride happen.

Phyllis is the epitome of ideal client. One, she was dedicated. Two, she was determined. Three, (luckily) she had the money to keep me at her side as her personal coach.

Phyllis and I rode the Pan Ohio Hope Ride. She wore her heart rate monitor. She burned 1,500-1,800 calories. It took us 10 long hours. I was there by her side the whole time.

She is determined.

The whole time, weight loss, bike ride, the whole process.... her young 13 year old daughter Rachel (also in the picture) was watching.

Phyllis is a role model. She inspired her daughter to pick up regular activity and weightlifting as a healthy lifestyle.

Phyllis influenced Rachel to stay the course, eat healthy, and lose that 13-17 year old "extra cake" weight :)

Phyllis stuck with her workouts for 3 long years battling the fat, getting down to a breathtaking 165 pounds at 56/57 years old.

Then.. . .

PK was diagnosed with cancer. Phyllis, my GOOD FRIEND and MOST MOTIVATED AND DEDICATED client left this Earth in October.

In true Ohio State Buckeye fan style she had the OSU marching band play the school's theme at her funeral.


I am actually tearing as I write this

I miss her.

She did so well. So many of her friends raved about her passion for fitness. Her love of health. Her positive image to her coworkers, 3 of which hired me 100% based on her recommendation.

She did so much for cancer patients. She passed on the fitness torch. Her friends, her family, her daughter.

I am proud to tell you all her daughter and I still speak regularly and she is very active at her college gym. She is also studying to be a nurse. Just like her mother.....

PK is reborn in her daughter Rachel.

This family and encounter is probably the NUMBER ONE reason I love doing what I do.

It is the number one reason I started my website. I want everybody to experience what PK did.

I want everybody to live a happy health life.

I wish she was with us today.....

Thank you for your comments!

txglasgow11 karma

Wow, thank you so much for that response and for the things you talked about. I'm sorry that you had to go through that loss but it is bittersweet in a way. That was really what I needed to hear though, I go see a therapist regularly and really want to turn my life around and get fit. I'm 117 pounds, a guy, and 5'8 ish. They say that regular exercise can treat mild depression just as well as medication and I really believe it can, I just need to get motivated enough so that I maintain a schedule but you've convinced me that I can do it with a little help. Again, thank you for the response! I think I'll be hitting my local gym for a trainer as soon as I can.

HeartAtak18 karma


Thank you for inspiring a wonderful memory :) You will do well with your therapist guiding you in the right direction.

Do everything you can to stay positive. I hope this helps and keep your head up man! I was 125 pounds at 5'9" when I started working out... Exercise has boosted my confidence and nearly given me a new personality (proud not cocky) to match my healthy body! You can too!

lol... go to my website and look at the about me page, the pic of me with my first weights should motivate you. I was JUST LIKE YOU when I started!

Regular exercise, IMO, is the best damn anti-depressant on this Earth. What worries you? Go bust out some deadlifts or pushups! Look in the mirror, you are making yourself sexier, healthier and happier! Other people will notice you. You will be a role model for others. You can pass the torch. You can motivate others. You CAN do it.

Nobody can tell you NO but the guy in the mirror.

txglasgow3 karma

You're right, you were very similar to me right now! It's great to know that I have the potential to grow and change in such a positive way. I think that a personal connection is something that a lot of people need to get motivated as you've stated before. And again, thanks a million, this has been a huge help!

HeartAtak5 karma

You are very welcome.

Yes the personal connection helps.

You need somebody to tell you, "You can."

Guess what.... You can! :)

jessebrede2 karma

Very inspiring!!

HeartAtak2 karma

:) Ty!

ITL24i12 karma

What type differences do you find in training a male vs a female assuming both are new to the gym and generally active?

HeartAtak35 karma


Every client is different. Women, in general, have more visual/costmetic goals. Men, in general, have more power/strength goals.

I find new female clients often times do not question the workout as much where some of the men have very specific requests about larger arms or getting buff!

Again, a great question but honestly every person coming into the gym wants a personalized program.

I think the most common request of men and women both is (and all my colleagues would say the same) "What is the best exercise to get a 6 pack." lol.... the answer, "close your mouth and put less food it in!"

:) Thanks for the Q!

Gurd_12312 karma

I've noticed in the past few years that gyms are popping up everywhere where I live (Sydney) and a large body building culture is developing. Is this the same case as to where you're located and if so, do you believe it's something that will continue on or is just passing fad that will end within the decade similar to how squash courts were all the rage in the 70's?

HeartAtak16 karma


Bodybuilding in Sydney! Sweet! I have never been to Australia! Wish I could visit you :)

I have not seen the bodybuilding fad here. I am in Columbus, Ohio, which ironically is the home of Arnold Schwarzenegger's fitness expo!

I think gym fads come and go. I have heard of a lot of CrossFit gyms popping up around the state of Ohio. I see the value of crossfit, but also see it as another "trendy" way of doing what people have been doing for thousands of years...MOVING.... lol

I got a pic with "Ah-Nuld" here:

Maybe fads hit certain regions at different times? Who knows! Great question though!

Do you workout a lot? Are you into bodybuilding?

spooky98110 karma

What percentage of a gym's customer base are zombie? By that I mean paying customers who just never come by.

HeartAtak9 karma


Thank you for the question. I may have answered it in yin2lazy's response.

I cannot give an exact number for every gym. I would argue in the commercial gym, 50% of members are at the gym less than 2 times a month.

There is a good chance 10% of the members signup then never go back after their initial fitness evaluation or assessment.

This may sound odd, but some personal trainers do such a good job of explaining the benefits of working with a trainer and devalue the workout machines that some members are scared to "do it alone". I am speaking of members who cannot afford trainers.

This has nothing to do with sales and everything to do with confusing the member with big words and fear of injury and misinformation.

I do not believe trainers do this with negative intentions but think about it like this. Would you want to try to do what you car mechanic does on your own? especially if they explain all the technical aspects of the repair....

You might just want to either not fix the car or PAY the mechanic to fix it: The sad thing is many people cannot afford a personal trainer so they end up just leaving the gym confused, sad, and even most disgusted because they "can't do anything about their health" .

The system is very odd and confusing... :(

catlover138 karma

Hey, thanks do doing this AMA! My question is, can you recommend any ways to feel more comfortable in a gym? It can be intimidating for me to see all of the really fit people in there and I always feel like I'm being judged for being out of shape.

HeartAtak7 karma


How to feel comfortable in a gym? - Bring a friend! Make a friend! Find a workout buddy.

Remember that most of those people are getting fit because they are in the gym. You are doing the same thing. Maybe you are a bit heavier or feel uncomfortable but you have to start somewhere.

GOOD people will support you no matter where you are. Look for the GOOD people! :)

GooBerry6 karma

What are your thoughts on the current certification process to becoming a personal trainer? It doesn't seem like many personal trainers necessarily need a college background in the sciences and/or exercise science (there's a community college nearby that will give you a certificate as a personal trainer), but given how much trust is required between a client and personal trainer, it seems like there should be stricter rules regarding education and training.

HeartAtak4 karma


I believe the industry is confusing. Too many misc. PT certs.

I like to stick with the big names (IMO) of NASM, ACSM, ACE, and a few others.

Some community colleges will make a program sound really sweet only to make you pay $2000-$4,000 tuition for what you can get online (sadly) for only $300-500.

I feel a national or at least state standard for certification would be better.

Anybody in this thread could, within reason, signup for an online class, get a book and study and have an exam/cert within 30-60 days.

The hang up comes to the employment market. Some gyms require a degree in a fitness field AND a PT cert to be hired. The "good" gyms do this IMO.

Some gyms will lie and say who cares. We will hire you and you can train and you can get your cert over the next 3 months. (One facility did this where I worked) I see the value of hiring staff and training them (to be a personal trainer) as they work. However, would you want your mechanic to work on your car unsupervised if he/she does not know what they are doing without their certification?

The industry is lacking STANDARD rules, but, what are you going to do right? I think they should make only XYZ certs acceptable but that will be a long time in the making.....

the flip side of my friends has a PhD in Exercise Science and could not get hired as a personal trainer because she did not have her PT Cert. ? Um? What?
So I guess the gym has standards but...come on.... a PhD ? Seriously? not sure what to think about that......

SatanGetsAbadRap5 karma

I heard the other day that when signing up for gym memberships that the sign up fees are negotiatable. The monthly fees are set in stone but the right up front money can be minimized or washed. Is this true and what's the best way to negotiate?

Edit: Beer before words makes awkward sentences.

HeartAtak13 karma


Yes. Gym Fees are negotiable.

Do not fall for the $100 joiner admin fee. You do not have to pay the gyms marketing fees.

Same thing with car dealerships, you do not OWE "Doc fees" and "dealer prep fees".

These fees are ways to take excited customers money because they are riding the emotional "ooooh New Years I should join a gym" wave!

The best time to join a gym; the end of any month.

Many big gyms have membership sales goals and quotas, again, much like car dealerships.

Join near the end and they may waive the fee. The worker wants their bonus and you might be that lucky 25th member signing up.

Also, knowing this up front..... tell them you will not pay any "JOINER FEES". If they do not like it, they lost your business....until they call you back at the of the month when suddenly, the manager waived the fee "just for you".... haha....

Beer is good :)

Ownejj5 karma

pics of you right now, rear glute spread

HeartAtak3 karma

lol... 5:06am up 10 hours straight.... not right now :) I need more pics on my site though, working on that!

MrJAG4 karma

Hey thanks for the AMA. If I were to hire a trainer and reach my goals within that period, do I keep on paying for sessions? And if I don't will my trainer dislike me!

HeartAtak6 karma


Yw on the AMA :) Thanks for the comment!

Lets say you hire a trainer to lose 10 pounds, and it happens in 2 months. It is up to you to keep training.

Often times, as is the case in the industry, you will build rapport with your trainer and like him or her. This is where many people maintain the relationship with the trainer because (assuming they can afford it) why not? You got great results, enjoy the trainer, and it keeps you happy! It is a win win!

Now if your trainer starts pushing all kinds of products and extra sessions on you OR TELLS YOU NEW GOALS (that are not yours) you may need to cut the cord.

The decision is yours.

Personal trainers are great as long as there is no pressure to buy!

Knock out your goals and goodluck!

Iron_Lumberjack4 karma

We did it, Reddit. Again. We killed a website with our hugs.

HeartAtak2 karma

x2 :)

hairmot3 karma

You appear to skip leg day

HeartAtak1 karma

My calves are my weakest point :(

Kinda like Arnold. He said he used to pose in water before he worked on his calves. Maybe I should try that? :)

obscene_banana3 karma

How important is cardio actually? I like to think that the sex I have accounts for all the cardio I need, so when I'm at the gym I generally only rip at weights and do core exercises.

HeartAtak4 karma

Cardio is very helpful!

I see cardio as a way to warm up and cool down the muscles you are about to workout. If I have to skip the warm up I make sure I hit a good 1/2 to 1 mile cool down.

I believe letting the heart pump a bit extra after a workout reduces the inflammation in the muscles and assists in removing the lactic acid from said muscles.

Also, improved VO2 can benefit your endurance during extended strength training workouts. A fully developed cardio system will deliver oxygen to muscles demanding nutrients/energy. It doesn't hurt in small amounts :)

Of course hitting a few minutes on the treadmill might help out for a few extra "sessions" in bed. Maybe even a marathon? :)

redaemon2 karma

Is it really hard to quit a Fitiness club? I've been considering joining the one near work (it has better facilities by far than the small gym in my building), but I don't want to deal with the hassle of an interminable contract.

I've heard horror stories about people who end up just stuck with their membership for life (e.g. because the gym requires you to show up in person to cancel, and they moved to another country).

HeartAtak1 karma


Quitting many large chain-gyms is a nightmare. Take your pick and read..... (try to avoid contracts or pay in cash. DO NOT HAND OVER YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO FOR SHORT-TERM MEMBERSHIP OR YOU ARE F-CKED)

redaemon1 karma

Blargh. I guess the number of potential customers they lose from this shitty practice is outweighed by the number of existing customers they "retain"

HeartAtak1 karma


Sadly yes in some large-gyms.

Turnover. Kinda like the crappy car repair shops. They only need to screw you once. Sure they make a great sale today but not a good long-term business model.....

why do you think these big chain gyms change their names every 4-6 years or so? :)

destructogrrrrrl2 karma

What do you think about fad diets like Paleo? Is there a real "best way" to eat? And is it true that "abs are 90% made in the kitchen"?

HeartAtak4 karma


I do not follow diet fads or exercise fads. I apologize I do not know the specifics of the paleo diet.

I am an advocate of calorie counting and small portions. Many personal trainer colleagues were the same. They would eat very clean Monday-Friday and go nuts on the weekend. (I do not suggest this, just saying what others did).

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. I think if you (or anybody) uses the word fad to describe a diet, it may make the diet questionable. Again, I am not a dietician so I do not want to steer you in the wrong direction.

Try to research and see what you can do. My client Phyllis lost 70 pounds (safely) in 10 months with diet and exercise by using Weight Watchers Point system. Maybe that will help?

I use CDC guides to help people.

I hope all this helps!

Best of luck with the diet!

PS The abs - Abs are made in the kitchen by not eating more calories than you need (aka storing as fat and hiding the abs) and in the Gym by burning stored fast (covering the abs) and showing that true 6 pack.

There is no 50/50 rule or 90/10 rule. Abs are made by building lean muscle mass and boosting the metabolism. Abs are always there, just made more obvious when people diet and remove the fat layer hiding them...


Ryanhawker272 karma

Hey just wanted to say these are some of the most in depth AMA answers I've ever seen. You're awesome man. My question is: as a tall very skinny person, how can I gain weight in a good way? I have difficulty eating a TON- as stupid as that may seem.

HeartAtak1 karma


Thank you! :) I know 2014 is less pretty close..... a lot of Resolutions. I want to help people transition as easily as possible!

I understand you can't eat a lot. I would say start by performing light to moderate weight lifting. Sometimes the appetite will come along with additional caloric expenditure. (most of the time)

See a dietician for specifics. Most of the time people will add protein after a workout but you will need to get specific amounts for what you are looking to do.

Personally, I just started picking up weights and worked from 20lb dumbells for curls, 2 sets of 10 reps....worked up to 3 sets of 14 reps..... then moved up to 25 pounds and repeat.

I hope that helps! Good luck with the new workouts and weight gain! I was skinny at 15 and slowly added muscle. It doesn't happen overnight but you can make it happen with dedication and support!

Henry42 karma

Hey, how would you rate P90X for a beginner? I used to do some of the exercises and would like to stop being lazy. Thanks for the AMA!

HeartAtak3 karma


P90x and ANY program that gets you moving is good! Sitting on the couch bad. Moving good.

Beyond that, be sure to pay attention to all the basics and beginner information. When my website is up again you can learn a lot of the basics there to supplement your starting exercise!

Good luck!

Timmermann232 karma

What is the best at-home single piece of equipment I can own?

HeartAtak5 karma

Your body. It is free :) (body weight exercises)

But.... if you need to buy 1 thing... I would go with a light set of dumbells! Try 5lbs or 10lbs set. If you are frisky, add a 15lb and 20lb set and even a workout mat. You will be good for a while! Try a used sporting goods store or craigslist. I hate to say this but there is a lot of cheap stuff out there because people give up all the time ;(

numquamsolus2 karma

How is a 100% sakes commission possible? There would be nothing left for the gym except drink and power bar sales.

HeartAtak3 karma

Trainer gets no base pay.

Trainer sells sessions and splits it 50/50 with gym.

No session. No paycheck.

xEzio1 karma

Excellent AMA and thank you for doing it. Hopefully you can answer some of my questions.

  1. What should I look for in a personal trainer? I want to find one that actually wants to help instead of sales goal.

  2. In your opinion, what gym do you prefer more? Ex: 24 hr fitness, Golds gym, Planet Fitness, etc.

  3. What do you think about Planet Fitness?


HeartAtak2 karma


Thank you!

  1. Look for a trainer with a personality you like, a body you see as "fit", and a positive helpful attitude. (my opinion) A HELPFUL trainer will not PUSH crap services and products down your throat.

  2. In my opinion, I prefer any gym that has basic workout equipment. I am not partial to any gym because I do not want somebody suing me for libel or false advertising etc.

Personally, I do not "need" a pool, full service café, nail salon, child care, basketball courts, etc. Does paying $50 a month make a gym better? Does paying $100 a month make a gym even better? You are the customer, and know what you want :) You also know your budget! I tend to vote frugal!

I need a weightlifting and cardio gym. But that is just me. I can't please everybody nor do I intend to. I am offering my advice and I hope it guides you in a positive manner! :)

  1. What do I think about Planet Fitness? I am a member. I pay them dues. They have my business. In a capitalist society I vote with my wallet They have my vote!

Fitmurse1 karma

How many people do you estimate in the gym are on gear?

HeartAtak2 karma

on gear? Can you elaborate please?

Fitmurse1 karma

What do you think about herbalife?

HeartAtak2 karma

I do not promote supplements. However you take that... I guess that is my answer?

Actually, I think you would be better served asking a registered dietician. As a personal trainer my area of expertise is exercise!

Thank you for the question and sorry I could not help a lot.

Redpubes1 karma

What the hell? Is this some giant pre-planned advertisement?

HeartAtak2 karma

No advertising. My website is just a blog.

I am excited about New Years and had coffee 1 hour ago. It is 2:33AM here in Ohio. I am happy about health! :)

Honestly, 1 man show here

Ilostmystripes1 karma

Hey! Thanks for the AMA!

I am about to start a free trial for a pretty spendy gym that offers a lot of cross fit, reformer Pilates, yoga, and other add on classes. The membership for the add on classes is soooo much more expensive than a basic classes membership ($30 vs $129). Is there a way I can negotiate or any sales tips I can use with the sales person in order to get the better membership for a lower price?

HeartAtak1 karma


Cool name. Military? :)

Woah! That is lot to offer at a gym! Sign me up!

Not knowing the specifics, I would question your schedule. If you can frequent said classes, the higher price may be worth it.

However, if you are not sure if you can REGULARLY attend these classes, I would not suggest you signup just because they all sound so cool.

Be honest with yourself if you can/can not make the classes.

Sales tips: Act uninterested after the trail. Do not show them your excitement. IF they see you are passionate about they (may) try to use that against you to sell it to you.

Try to act passive and RATIONAL about the whole thing. Ask for a discount. You can't make the sale if you don't ask :)

Also, if you can join toward the end of the month, some gyms will offer discounts for "close out". Try these tips :)

theecharon1 karma

(Late to the party) Hi! I had a trainer in high school for hockey! It was great and I love what you guys do. I'm on crutches at the moment (looonnnngg story) and probably will be for a while. I fucked up my hip somehow and am looking to working out again when i'm healthy. This being said i'm losing a lot of my past workout routines. Can you recommend a site with a lot of set workouts for core muscle groups (back, arms, shoulders, chest, abs, legs)? Till then I WILL WATCH EVERY WILL FERREL MOVIE EVER. Thanks!!

HeartAtak2 karma

!!!!!! Sorry you broke your hip. That must be insane! :(

My website only has basic workouts for beginners. Other people said has good info for specific body parts.

Search around youtube for videos! You will find workout stuff in no time! Goodluck with your hip and a speedy recovery!

fishwaddles0 karma

What is the best certification you recommend obtaining for personal training? I've heard of ACE and that it's not great.

HeartAtak1 karma

I do not know that there is a "best" but I believe the ACSM is pretty much the standard for college textbooks and educational courses.

Look them up. I have nothing against ACE. I see the value in having multiple (2 or 3) credentials from various certifying agencies to get a different viewpoint!

wastedo0 karma

After scrolling through this thread I can see that OP suffers from inertia. So much hate for technology and new discoveries. If a scientific test on fitness has found that a new technique of exercise has proven to increase your metabolic rate then that is a fact and can't be ignored right?

Telling people that Protein won't help your body is like telling people that Medicine won't cure sickness. Protein is the most cost effective way to get 30 grams of protein in your body. Sure it's more process than steak however, eating 180 grams of steak (which has 30 grams of protein) realistically isn't affordable for most.

Before you say that abusing protein shakes can lead to liver problems. That's true but also, you can die from drinking too much water. So take that with a grain of salt.

Edit: I just want to add that I do appreciate you sharing your information on gyms in general and a lot of your advice is really useful. I just wanted to share my differing opinions on a few topics you've discuss.

thanks :)

HeartAtak1 karma


Thank you for your comments.

I would like to point out that no matter what technology we have and how many supplements we have the obesity rate has been on the rise for the past 30 years....

An example:

(not the best quality but I put it together quickly) lol... I am a trainer not a computer programmer, as you can tell from my blog... At least I am trying!

Telling people that supplements work is like ignoring the entire obesity increase for the past 30 years. Wooops!

sleepy55-3 karma

P.S. I'm asking for a friend

Do they have special discounts for curling in the squat rack? My friend wants to know because he only goes to the gym to curl in the squat rack so why should I pay for the treadmills if I don't even use them

HeartAtak3 karma

sleepy, sorry for the delay, tons of interest!

lol.... unsure about the curling in the squat rack.

I have seen that though! Very annoying :)

Great question!

I love the people who hoard 4 machines at once and tell other gym members, "Hey! Do not use that, I am going to use it in 3 minutes!" WTF right? :)