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What are some of the strangest articles that you guys have had to deal with?

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What's your position on taxing the rich? Your boss seemed like he was trying to evade or reduce his taxes, even though he was obviously well off.

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Hi, college guy here with questions regarding cardio.

I'm finding it tougher and tougher to stay in shape each year(comparatively to when I was an athlete in H.S.). I'm usually able to lift 2-3 times a week and increase the weight I'm repping and putting on muscle. My cardio usually consists of running a mile to the gym and back, and occasionally longer 3-5mi runs (maybe 2x month)

My problem is, it's hard to stay consistent. Midterms will come up every 4-5 weeks throughout the semester and i'll prioritize studying over going to the gym (because I usually stay at the gym for 2 hours, I waste a lot of time). So what happens is I won't really lift/exercise much for about 1-2 weeks at times when studying is packed for midterms/finals... so I'll lose progress.

I do drink, usually not a lot and I try to eat healthy (which is hard because surrounding me is entirely fast food joints).

If I want to keep my bodyfat lower, because right now it's probably at 10%. Should I focus on sprints and interval training exercises or more-so long distance running?

Appreciate it!

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I have a HUGE problem with losing my voice. I hae a midly deep voice and don't speak extremely loud naturally. I'll lose my voice very easily though and it's so annoying.

You say, you just gargle this tea with added honey and it helps?

edit: I moved to LA for university but I haven't been able to enjoy LA too much. How do you like living here?

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Business/Real estate finance!

Thanks for the info! I live in my fraternity house so we have a chef that cooks, so I sometimes skip meals because it might be pizza and meatballs for tuesday lunch,for example. I'll then just make a sandwich with some various meats.