I am a 31 year old male who was at work and had an accident where my arm was caught and amputated in a lathe. It was reattached after 15 hours of surgery. Ask me anything im not afraid. I also have two posts in /r/wtf.



My Proof: http://imgur.com/MX2vOdJ

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_kamikazekripple_66 karma

Was the lathe okay?

3idvet177 karma

As far as i know it had a few scratches. I do know he is trying to sue me and the company for emotional pain. My lawyer says ill be fine his name is Saul.

_Lumos45 karma

Why didn't you get a hook instead of reattaching your hand? Or you could have been just like Inspector Gadget. Go Go Gadget!

3idvet52 karma

I told them to reattach it

OhMyMoogle39 karma

Was there a deliberation process or just a "Jesusfuckmothermaryofchrist - put that thing back this instant!"?

3idvet50 karma

no from what i was told i was addamant about it. This is while being hit with 2 shots of fetanyl and 2 shots of dilaudid in under 30 mins

BigManBeard13 karma

As a pharmacy tech and former drug addict, if you're still up after 1 shot of each, let alone two, you're a god amongst men. that shit is intense!

3idvet10 karma

I was so pumped on adrenaline and in shock but i still felt the first 2 shots and i told them i was fine i do think that the fetanyl was 2 micrograms is that alot

trav1103 karma

So were they not going to reattach it if you weren't adamant about it?

3idvet5 karma

Im not sure we never had that discussion

i_crave_more_cowbell37 karma

How long did you wait after losing the arm to try masturbating?

3idvet63 karma

Still waiting, i cant grip so but lucy is doing just fine.

Edinburgh_32 karma

What was the pain like?

3idvet68 karma

Imagine thousands of steel pieces with sharp edges heated to melting point. Then shove them all under your skin at once.

noideawhatmynameis30 karma

How long will it be until your recovery is complete? (Back to normal)

3idvet51 karma

right now we are looking at 3-5 years

girlysoundingname21 karma

Holy crap that's bananas! Does everything still work? Like, did you lose any sensation or mobility in your fingers?

3idvet37 karma

As of right now i have no feeling iin my hand and half my fore arm. Istart the procedures to re map my nerves on tuesdays becuse they are not connected.

f0xr0t21 karma

Hi 3idvet, what was your First reaction when the lathe grabbed your arm and how fast where you in the hospital for surgery?

3idvet28 karma

Oh shit im stuck. Then i blacked out. once everything was free i went into immediate shock. From the time I got loaded up in the ambulance to going to sleep was just under an hour.

I0n5O27RjTsd16 karma

Was your first thought "this will get me to the front page of reddit on r/IAMA"? Or were you selfishly thinking only of yourself and not of us?

3idvet34 karma

Not at all i figured this is one of those things that would strike the morbid curiosty of people.

Pagooy12 karma

Do you plan on using it for masturbation purposes?

3idvet64 karma

Hell yeah its like a whole new girl.

Desdon12 karma

What do you do for fun now? I recall reading you loved gaming. Have you found a way to play comfortably?

3idvet25 karma

not yet im rocking turn based games right now. but im trying differnt methods right now

stoicsmile12 karma

That is truly incredible.

Are you going back to your old job? Will you ever work the lathe again?

3idvet22 karma

Yes and Yes, i love my job and have a passion for what i do

stoicsmile11 karma

Follow-up question. What exactly do you do?

3idvet22 karma

maintain and install machines for the packaging industry

AdvocateForLucifer11 karma

How did your arm get sucked in? Did it catch your clothing or something?

3idvet26 karma

My glove got caught on a bur

danitrap1312 karma

I've always heard you shouldn't wear gloves when using a lathe. Does your work require it or was wearing them your choice.

3idvet29 karma

it was a requirement

AuJaDe11 karma

Were you in the 3rd Infantry Division?

3idvet30 karma

Yes i was from 01-07 with bravo 3-15

Frajer9 karma

Is there anything your arm can or can't do now that it's been detached and reattached?

3idvet24 karma

Basically everything under the elbow has no function right.

Nine_Cats7 karma

Why did you choose re-attachment as opposed to a bionic hand with control over it?

3idvet26 karma

At the time i didnt realize how bad it was plus i didnt want to look back and think"damn what if"

godofal8 karma

from these pics, it seems like your arm shortened considerably, is that so (if so, how much?) or is it just some photgraph illusion?

also, if it is actually shorter, are there plans/possibilities to lengthen it? i've heard about people getting their legs broken by professionals to get them to grow longer, thats why im wondering if the same is possible for arms

3idvet12 karma

yes im missin 2.5 inches on my arm. There is no way to lengthen it if anything if my nerves are in bad shape there talking bout shortening it more

nhexum6 karma

Was this a machine malfunction or operator negligence?

3idvet12 karma

machine malfunction

KungFuRainbowForce6 karma

What does it feel like when you don't have a part of you attached for a while?

3idvet9 karma

it felt like it was still there when i was in shock

DrSquick6 karma

How was the bleeding controlled at the factory? That obviously tore the artery, and I've always heard that open arterial bleeds are very life threatening. Was it just as simple as a cloth and pressure, or were you turnicanted?

3idvet16 karma

i had to stick my stump between my legs and squeeze then rolled on my back then my co workers came and put a turnicate on. it took me 5 days and 6 pints of blood to get normal

matto2005 karma


3idvet11 karma

i went into shock instantly. and to this day i still have flashbacks that shake me to my core to this day

pi3_FTW5 karma

What are the professional opinions of your recovery? do the doctors think it will be a full recovery?

3idvet12 karma

They are not sure yet and ill be lucky if i get 80 percent back

Hypocritical_Oath7 karma

After having it completely removed from your body, that fucking amazes me. An 80% recovery is ridiculous considering your arm WAS NOT ATTACHED TO YOUR BODY! God I love medical science.

3idvet9 karma

These were the more tame photos im just happy to be alive.

MagelansTrousrs4 karma

Does that mean you have more gruesome photos?

3idvet9 karma

yes i do i have one that has all my inner parts nicely organized on the table

kmao20045 karma

Is your old job paying you while you are going through all of this, and how awesome is your health insurance?

3idvet11 karma

Yes workers comp is taking care of everything

hotasmonkeys5 karma

Which hand did you write with before the accident?

3idvet6 karma


django_drunkard3 karma

Were you given a choice of amputating the remainder of your arm at the elbow or reattachment? If so, why did you choose reattachment? EDIT: I noticed you answered this question below. Would you still choose reattachment now after knowing what it will take to regain function/feeling?

3idvet5 karma

Yes i do not want to look back an wonder what if. At the time i made the best worst descison i could at the time

korainato3 karma

Is it hard to answer this question with one hand?

Also good luck for the future :p

3idvet11 karma

Very, i have to reach across the key board that is why im look into talk to text programs

Alps7093 karma

How much shorter is your arm now?

3idvet5 karma

2.5 inches

wavecrasher593 karma

get better friend. If i was you I would cry considering how close gta V is to coming out

3idvet10 karma

Yeah i put my pre order in and got bioshock infinite the day this happend

ARasool3 karma

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting! The fastest one hand clapper!

jk :]

Really glad to see you have your arm back.

3idvet5 karma

i laughed to hard to this thank you

1100110011002 karma

Did you try to taste a small bite?

3idvet12 karma

not by choice i had my mouth open when it happend

PromptCritical421 karma

Did you take a picture of your own detached arm or was it someone else?

3idvet2 karma

Someone else, the first set of photos were taking by my surgeon. the rest are done by me

ClarkTheLegend1 karma

Sorry if this question is a bit inappropriate but when you move around is your right hand all floppy at the moment like does it just bend everywhere? You are an incredible human and i wish you all the success in the future =)

3idvet2 karma

no i only have slight movement due to the plates i have holding my wrist together but i have no muscle or tendons connected so if i didnt have the plates it would be fun

GuyRichard1 karma

Will you be able to use your arm again?

3idvet5 karma

I am un sure right now i still have to reconnect my nerves to find out

beefat991 karma

Will your arm remain 1ft smaller for ever?

Are you worried that you will remain with a Stubby arm for the rest of your life?

Did you get Work's Comp?

3idvet6 karma

Yes i get workers comp an im fine with my arm bein 2 inches shorter i just have to bend over a little more to wank it

zaych12121 karma

Is it rude to assume all your answers will take twice as long to respond to?

3idvet2 karma

no because its true im usin my non dominant handand having to reach across the keyboard