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Civilian pilot or police/EMS?

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Any idea of which type of flying, like airlines, tours, business, etc.?

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Would've been one helluva story to tell to your kids.

"I was a war hero! I used my dick to beat the living hell out of my enemies! They never stood a chance. Sometimes I'd ram it through their stomach, other times I'd club them in the head with it. But that all changed one day. The assholes were firing missiles at my guys, and I was whacking them away with my huge dick. But one went off! Nearly ripped off my dick. And that is how daddy left the military and created the MOS 69BD. Oh I miss being a 69 Big Dick."

Thanks for your service, man, and good luck! Breaking a dick is definitely not a fun thing to deal with, but hey, you've still got it and seem like you're profiting pretty well in bed.

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Were you in the 3rd Infantry Division?

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I have no questions, just want to say god bless and thank you. Everyone deserves their right to the pursuit of happiness.