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Jesus. You're a god damn machine.

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Thank you. A friend of mine is very badly injured from the blast today. was complaining about not being able to beat his marathon time when the doctor told him to get off the phone. i have mad respect for this individual who, after experiencing something personally traumatic, STILL attended and volunteered at this marathon where he/she made a difference for people like my friend. They're a god damn machine. No time to be in shock, no time to be tired. Only time to be a hero. One of a great few in this world.

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As a pharmacy tech and former drug addict, if you're still up after 1 shot of each, let alone two, you're a god amongst men. that shit is intense!

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Trust me, the irony of a (Heavy) drug addict going into the field of pharmacy tech has not been lost on me or anyone who knows anything about me.

At first it was. Its abysmally easy to steal things from the places I've worked at (And i know this because I've gotten 2+ people fired for stealing) and it would have been all to easy to fall off the wagon. Xanax, Ambien, Vicodin, Fentanyl, Oxycontin, Adderal, Codeine, you name it and it was just a fingers reach away. I wanted it in the beginning, i wanted it really REALLY bad. I'd been sober for close to 2 years then, and i still wanted it. i still want it now, and i've been sober for close to 5 years now. every day is a challenge, but i feel like for all the people i fucked over when i was using, i kinda deserve a little torture every day at work.

I love my job though, and if i was to ever quit this field of work, it wouldn't be because i was surrounded by drugs though. Some of the people who come in to where i work are fucking SCARY.

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For reference, 1000 MCG are in one MG so they were giving you 0.002 MG of the stuff per shot. Fentanyl has an LD50 of 3.1 milligrams/kilogram in rats, and, 0.03 milligrams/kilogram in monkeys. The LD50 in humans is not known, but is widely assumed to be less than half of monkeys. you may not have had a huge volume, but put into perspective, they gave you a fuck ton of (Arguably) the strongest painkiller legally usable in human beings.