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I can't imagine how terrifying it would have been to get that news. A lot of people have sex with people they hardly know. People lie even when meeting at public places like a club. Don't blame yourself in any way, you were just being human. I hope you find the guy that did this.

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Are you inferring that he hasn't influenced the media he owns previously?

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Here's a cochlear implant simulation for anyone interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpKKYBkJ9Hw

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How did your brother feel about giving stem cells? Was it painful? Was chemo painful? Did you ever think you were going to die? How did you deal with the concept? Are you an atheist?

I have a close friend who has relapsed several times and is about to undergo surgery once more for ovarian cancer. She's told me several times that she doesn't want to fight it anymore. What can I do to support her? How should I approach talking to her about it. I find myself saying "so how's it going with the hospital stuff?" to avoid mentioning the word cancer. What stuff made you feel better? How did people best support you?

Sorry for the question bombardment.

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What's ALCAR?