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What you're not seeming to factor in is that the reason those students buy the book is because they need the code that comes with it to access the course website. I've got three $150 textbooks that are still in their packaging because I needed the codes that came with them.

Main culprits are Wiley, and Cengage, but these are becoming more and more common.

I'm going to go ahead and say that this is significantly more applicable to lower level students, as these software programs have been updated every year and haven't been around very long. If you've finished your undergrad and never needed one... You're old! You luckily missed out.

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In The Holiday you also played a not-your-typical-JB role, and did fantastic.

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Not really true.

Wileyplus is $112, and the OWL code is $90.

Regardless, the proposed rental scheme seems like it's taking advantage of the people who suck with their finances.
"Rich people can afford to spend less money," etc etc.

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I'm 17 and in third year of physics at a University. Sup.

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"Friggity frack!" please