Hey Reddit! Like the title says I'm a 28 year of burn survivor. When I was almost 2 I was burned in a fire which covered 98% of my body. I was given a 1% chance of survival and here I am. Ask me anything!

Here's my proof http://i.imgur.com/C6lBwFH.jpg FIXED LINK!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that donated to me. I don't know if their is a way to thank you all through PayPal, been looking through the site but can't find a way to. I tried answering everyone's questions but if I missed you, feel free to message me and I'd be glad to respond. Thanks again everyone!

Edit: For those of you who want pictures of me before here you go!
http://i.imgur.com/Kjcce5A.jpg <-----This picture was actually taken 2 weeks before I was burned.

Here's pictures of me younger during hospital visits and so on http://i.imgur.com/hvlk47s.jpg
http://i.imgur.com/EPt9cR5.jpg <---- I had to relearn how to walk
http://i.imgur.com/4cLNBbS.jpg <----That's my mother on the left of me
http://i.imgur.com/hbpbvWp.jpg <---- This is how I spent my 2nd birthday
http://i.imgur.com/SWMzOsx.jpg <---- This ones a little intense so warning
http://i.imgur.com/BPLr7Bd.jpg <----- My mother feeding me
http://i.imgur.com/2ziK17n.jpg <--- My 2nd birthday

I made a video to personally thank you all!

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cmyk30002415 karma

Hi, I have a question I feel silly asking, but I think about it a lot so here goes. Sometimes I'm walking somewhere in public and see someone with a noticeable physical deformity, handicap or something outside the visual "norm" for lack of a better term. If we happen to lock eyes, I generally give a small smile and avert my gaze because I was just letting my eyes wander as I went about my day, not trying to stare, but I worry that they may catch my eye and think that there's some asshole staring at them. Obviously you don't speak for everyone with a physical deformity, but do you ever notice this difference? Just locking gaze with a non-asshole vs. getting stared at and getting cruel looks? I hope you do, because I never want to make someone feel uncomfortable. :( I'm happy that you are rocking at life with your lady and kids despite what happened when you were little. I hope that things work out with your job.

Edit: seeing the photos of your recovery was impactful in a way I don't know how to express. I'm so happy that you have found love and happiness and a family of your own. I can't imagine what you went through as such a little guy.

EDIT: ERMAGERD, GERLD! Thanks for the gold, mystery person! Garsh. I don't know really how to use it but I shall cherish it.

thereaper841859 karma

Yes I have noticed it, it doesn't bother me much cuz I know I'm different and plus people are going to look. It actually comforts me when people smile and stop looking. I'd rather people ask me what happened but I know people won't because either to scared or think I might be offended. Usually I don't feel uncomfortable though when someone just glances but if that glance turns into a stare or you glance then look away, then glance again and so on, then I start seeing that person as either confused or if they make a face an asshole.

Llama_fo_yo_mama929 karma

My dad used to do this all the time and I have started, when he would be talking to someone with a deformity or scar or injury he would just bring it up get it out of the way and almost always the people he was talking to would be glad to have it overwith and it led to much better conversations and friendship s

thereaper84293 karma


Engineeringyourface239 karma

How about the little "sup" head nod? I feel like I do that when I accidentally lock eyes with any stranger. I actually saw a below-elbow amputee worker at Walmart yesterday carrying something, and I did that to him and he responded in kind.

thereaper84253 karma

Yea some people do that to me and I return it, that I like as well

Tinkleheimer2025 karma

You say you had a 1% survival rate, have you ever considered that you in fact, have died, and are just a high functioning zombie?

Either way congrats on making it whether you are living living or living dead!

thereaper842197 karma

lol, that's hilarious seeing as I love zombies.

Hmmm, let me think.....well now that you mention it I do have a craving for human flesh now and then......

IIGe0II400 karma

Ok, I'm absolutely not trying to be crass with this. If you live anywhere near Atlanta, Georgia I'd try to contact the The Walking Dead people. Make up effects artists love to use amputees and such to make the zombies look more genuine. Your unique face and hands could make for an awesome zombie.

thereaper84341 karma

I wish I did because I'd love to do that but I live in Massachusetts

Ziggy3191913 karma

What 2% of your body is not burned?

thereaper843962 karma

The important stuff for my wife ;)

thereaper841870 karma


Badlay368 karma

So you wearing a diaper and wetting your pants actually saved your manhood from any serious damage?

I have to ask. Is it big? I hope it's massive!

thereaper84620 karma

My wife loves it and it pleases her so I guess I'm good. It wasn't burned so it's normal and I've never sat there and measured it so I don't know.

skittles871831 karma

hey everyone i am thereaper84's wife and he has asked me to come on here to answer any questions that anyone may have for me here's my proof http://imgur.com/g6rzkHd

Wildelocke700 karma

No question. Cute kids though. I wish your family all the best.

thereaper84558 karma

Thank you!

Dano4201558 karma

I suppose the first question that comes to mind would be: How did it happen? Would you mind telling us the story?

thereaper842777 karma

I don't remember it but from what I'm told this is how it happen. I lived in Florida at the time, was almost 2 years old. I was outside on one of those baby swings and I managed to get out. My mom was watching me through the window and didn't think I'd be able to get out but some how I did. She didn't see me get out because she turned around for a second and when she turned back I was gone. She ran outside to find me but by the time she got to me I had managed to get into the shed where the gasoline and stuff was stored for the lawn equipment and so on. I had dumped the gasoline on myself and next to me was the hot water heater and when the pilot light ignited it caused the gasoline on me to ignite. My mom tried pulling me out but she kept getting my skin eventually she got me and rolled me out. During this the neighbors called 911 and fire departments and so on showed up. I was rushed to the hospital in a helicopter and doctors told my family I had a 1% chance to survive the night. Obviously I survived.

Dano4201276 karma

Wow, that's an incredibly sad story. Thank you for sharing.

thereaper841051 karma

no problem :)

Dano420599 karma

How do you feel when you go out and children stare at you?

thereaper842090 karma

With children I don't mind, I often find children to be nicer than teenagers and adults. When a kid stares I usually smile or wave or I hug my kids in front of them to show that I'm not going to hurt them. Usually my kids notice people staring first and will run up to me and hug me and play with me to show that I'm safe.

On the other hand though when teenagers and adults just stare, or make disgusted faces, I get pretty pissed. A lot of times groups of teens will walk by me and laugh or say something rude. Even adults have done it but I try to ignore it. My oldest though gets very pissed.

RedOkToker1210 karma

That makes me cringe hearing teenagers make jokes or laugh as they walk by, that's cruel.

thereaper84933 karma

Yea it is, but hey what can you do

ZackVixACD271 karma

As an adult who doens't want to seem like an ignorant ass to you, what would be the best way other adults could react when they see you?

thereaper84498 karma

I'd like them to ask me what happened rather than stare or make faces

sparrow5655 karma

That's so sweet about your kids coming up to you to show other kids that you're okay. How old are they?

thereaper84775 karma

Trinity is 4 and Nevaeh is 7, both girls

nurse_shells843 karma

Reading this AMA as I sit with my husband in hospital. He has 70-80% burns to his body after a work related accident in July. He's had 4 skin grafts and is doing well! Thanks for doing this AMA!

thereaper84913 karma

No problem, hope all turns out well! With todays technology I don't see why not and if he ever feels discouraged or anything, I'm more than willing to talk to him or you.

weesstt699 karma

Are you afraid of fire today ?

thereaper841351 karma

Actually, people find it weird, but I'm actually fascinated by fire. I'm usually the one that gets excited for bon fires or camp fires. Or I'm the one who's starting them and have to make the biggest.

One time at a friends house they had a lot of old furniture and lumber they didn't need and they had a fir pit and had to burn the stuff. Well, I'm the one who made a giant teepee of wood, put lighter fluid all over it and ignited it and then took sofa cushions and threw them in. It was amazing looking. lol

someguynamedjohn13578 karma

As Blood is to Dexter you have flames.

thereaper84350 karma

lol nice dude!

chcrouse357 karma

Is your skin either more or less sensitive to heat/burning now?

thereaper841159 karma

Yes it is more sensitive because the skin I have is very close to my nerves. In fact snow, when I touch it, burns like crazy, so cold affects me as well.

yxc_yxc614 karma

Hi, not a question but the neighbor kid who also happend to be my best friend got burned about 60% by a stupid teenager accident and later took his life because he could'nt cope with his fate. I salute you for your strenght and frankness, yeah that's all.

thereaper84402 karma

Sorry for your loss and thanks!

lovecrush562 karma

Did you go to the psychiatrist?

thereaper84905 karma

No, I've been before because during my teen years I attempted suicide a few times, but then stopped cuz I relocated and just haven't started again. I need to though cuz lately with what I'm going through currently I'm very depressed.

RevFuck942 karma

What's currently fucking with ya, homie?

thereaper841221 karma

Well I won't share everything but the big problem is me and my family are homeless right now and living in a shelter hotel, and it sucks BIG time. We're trying to find a place to move to but me without a job and my wife helps me with the kids and some normal daily living things she can't really get a job right now. I do receive money but it's not enough to live on and finding a place cheap enough just isn't happening.

icanucantoo407 karma


thereaper84349 karma

Sadly I'm not, I'm in Massachusetts

TheGreatZarquon390 karma

Y'know, real estate is super dirt cheap up here in northwestern Minnesota, and there's tons of oil jobs available in nearby North Dakota that require nothing but a high school diploma; there's 19 year olds up here making 50-60k a year. Have you considered moving?

thereaper84278 karma

Yes I have but I'd have to find a place first I can afford. I've been to Minnesota once, I loved it, where about do you live? I was in the area where the Mall of America is.

RiotBananas501 karma

Do you like the Fallout series? You'd do great cosplaying Ghoul at conventions. It'd go down amazingly!

In all seriousness though, thanks for the AMA, the details and being an all-round sound guy.

thereaper84630 karma

I love Fallout and often think I should cosplay at things or even work in a haunted house or something.

RiotBananas288 karma

You should definitely cosplay dude! Thanks for answering :)

thereaper84222 karma

no problem

Kromgar399 karma

What did you say smooth skin

thereaper84299 karma

lol I love those guys

ithinkihelped478 karma

Man, you had 3rd degree burns and spent most of your childhood getting surgery. Now, you have a wife and kids... and here I am afraid to find a girlfriend over what now seem like minor insecurities.

Congratulations on your lovely wife and children.

thereaper84367 karma

Thank you! If I can get a wife, you can get a g/f my friend

readparse432 karma

I would have put it a little more delicately than the previous guy did, but this is an AMA, where the second A stands for "anything." So I must say it: The first thing that strikes me about your story is that it sounds like your mom did this to you. I realize she's your mom. But the story about you pouring gasoline on yourself and lighting yourself on fire is would not fly at all in a modern investigation.

thereaper84504 karma

I agree it doesn't make sense, but I didn't light myself on fire, I was near a hot water heater and the pilot light in there came on and caused the fumes to ignite. I'm positive my mom didn't do it because like i said before they were investigated and I would've been taken away from them but I wasn't and the fire department even found where it started and investigated it as well. Also my mom and dad never abused me and my siblings growing up and they were very supportive of us.

thereaper84372 karma

Sorry if I'm not answering all your questions, I'm trying to. The Internet where I'm staying is pretty crappy and just turned off so I'm having to reply on my phone.

I really don't want to do this and not asking for hand outs but if you really want to help me my PayPal is [email protected]. I'm not asking for anything but people keep messaging me and asking for it. I'm doing this AmA just to answer questions.

phore_355 karma

Hey Reaper,

I have no question for you. I just wanted to say that you are a bona fide badass. Thanks for your time.

Best regards

thereaper84240 karma

Thanks man, you rock too! \m/

thereaper84345 karma

Sorry link wasn't working for some reason http://i.imgur.com/C6lBwFH.jpg

Yiib425 karma

You look good for what's happened to you.

thereaper84273 karma

Thank you

catcatherine203 karma

I was going to ask if you lost fingers but I see you did. How are you doing? Do you have good range of motion in the extremities?

thereaper84376 karma

I have 4 fingers on my left hand, my right has no fingers but I'm currently in physical therapy for the ilimb revolution.

catcatherine132 karma

So do you think you'll be in PT as a lifelong thing?

How has this affected your personal life? Do you date?

How's your Mom? I can't imagine how this affected her.

thereaper84494 karma

Don't date anymore because I'm married, I'll be married for 8 years on September 10th.

My personal life otherwise is affected some what but nothing extreme. Right now I'm going through a hard time which is really affecting my life but with the burns I'd say the way it's affecting me is getting a job. I can't do a lot of things but I can type on a computer (obviously), I've once owned my own computer business but it didn't go as I hoped, and when ever I apply for a job people automatically assume I can't do that job so it's hard for me to get hired.

I was going to college for computers, I completed C++ programming with an A, computer Hardware with an A, Network Configurations with an A, and Data communications with A, so I do know what I'm doing.

GrooveCombo174 karma

Well now you're on reddit and are getting some 15 minutes in, maybe you can network out!? :)

thereaper84231 karma

Maybe, hopefully something changes in my life for the good

thawigga320 karma

Hey I have a few questions sorry.

  1. Do you still need surgeries now?
  2. Did they replace your skin with cadaver or regrow what little you had left?
  3. What percentage of your childhood were you hospitalized.
  4. Because of the time you spent in the hospital was your education effected (i.e. held back)?
  5. What is your honest opinion about the accident and life afterwards? Do you feel resentment?

Feel free to answer as many as you want. Thank you for your time

thereaper84581 karma

Good questions!

  1. I don't really NEED them but some would help, but I'm too old for them at the hospital I use to go to in Boston, Shriners Burns. When you reach 21 they stop. I stopped when I was 18 because I had enough. My mother said she lost count at 200 surgeries when I was like 13 or 14 so I don't know the exact number but lets just say A LOT. Although Shriners has said if something is an emergency they'd do it.

  2. I was actually one of the first people and the youngest to have my skin cells grown in a lab. They take skin from parts of my body that were not burned and grow them, that's where skin graphs came in. After they grow them they place them where needed and stitch it, eventually your skin combines with it. Cadavers don't really work well because your skin knows your own skin and will not accept it.

  3. I don't know the exact percentage like I said before I've had over 200 surgeries, so a lot of my childhood was in the hospital. When my wife was in the hospital in labor I remember telling her the sounds from the hospital equipment was like a lullaby to me and I actually slept better when we were there.

  4. I wasn't held back except for when I transferred from a public school to a private school, which was my choice and I regret to this day. I had so many surgeries that I would miss months of school. Well when I was in public school, the school would send a tutor or work for me to do while I was in the hospital, now the private school on the hand did none of that. When I'd get back to school they'd say, "Well, here's 3 months of school, make it up." They wouldn't give me a tutor or anything so I failed. This went on for two years and I wasn't getting help so I figured the best thing to do is drop out and get my GED, which I did. The day after I dropped out I went and enrolled in GED classes and after fining the classes I passed the GED test and received my GED.

  5. My honest opinion about the accident is, I question what really happened, I've heard what happen but I often question if that really did but any who life afterwards I usually accept it for what it is but right now with my current struggles, I wish it didn't happen because my life might be better. Then again if it didn't happen, would I meet my wife, would I have the kids i do today and would I be the person I am today like personality wise?

TheSamHendry138 karma

Hey thanks so much for doing this AMA! In question 5 you said that you questioned what really happened, what do you mean by that? Do you not think your accident happened the way you were told?

thereaper84268 karma

Yea, I find it odd in the first place I was outside being almost 2 years old by myself, and how did I get out of that swing? Why did I go to the shed and not the road or some where else? Things just don't add up to me. I know without a doubt it was an accident of my doing because I was a VERY curious baby. My sister would attest to that. I know my parents didn't do that because I wouldn't have grown up with them, i would've been taken away and the doctors I saw from the time I was 2 till I was 18 never say anything else besides that story.

bannock22101 karma

So then what DO you think happened?

thereaper84203 karma

I honestly don't know and I never really think about it, what happened, it happened and it's done

redaemon256 karma

What kind of work are you looking for? Are you willing to relocate? I see you studied computer-related stuff, do you have any experience in computer-related work?

thereaper84409 karma

I'd love a job with computers. I have a ton of personal experience with computers and I've passed C++ programming, Computer Hardware & Configuration, Networking, and Data Communications all with an A in college.

I use to work at a company doing record keeping, making excel records for clients, data entry, and creating reports every month.

I'm also known as the computer guy or a computer geek to friends, family, and people I've helped with their computer. I'm usually the guy a lot of people go to when Best Buy says they want to wipe their computer or charge them an arm and a leg. I've even go people who don't go anywhere but me for computer problems because I can fix them.

I've repaired computers that are full of virus, spyware, malware, and adware. Corrupted windows files or other files. I've repaired computers hardware wise, I've even built computers for people. i have a load of references of people that would attest to stuff I can do with computers.

I'd be more than willing to relocate if it's somewhere I can go to because I'm pretty poor right now, stuck in a homeless shelter trying to find a place I can afford.

YourOldPalHoward388 karma

If you get a great job because of this AMA, I would be so happy.

thereaper84147 karma

lol me too but I doubt it

spli10wiggz225 karma

Can you describe the pain? Being burned is one of my greatest fears. Also, your pic is broken.

thereaper84434 karma

I don't remember how it felt sorry, I was only 2. The pain I do remember is the surgeries I've had. My mother said she lost count at 200.

caroalamos219 karma

I think you are awesome. I would love to hear about your family, how did you meet your wife?

thereaper84509 karma

Well in 2000 my father passed away, and in 2004 my friend went to school with a girl who's mother just passed and told me to talk to her since I knew what it was like to lose a parent. At first I said no cuz I had just left a relationship and didn't want to be involved with anyone again. He kept insisting I do to help her out cuz she was having a hard time, so finally I agreed. During this time AIM (Yea remember using AIM for everything?), was big so we talked through that online. WE just talked about what she was going through and so on and then eventually I met her in person and she said she fell in love with me when we first talked online. When I told her she was crazy and showed her my picture and she said she was even more in love then so I um, yea I ignored her for quite awhile, lol. Eventually I talked to her again and then we met that first time in person. Finally I asked her out and she said yes and we dated for almost a year and on valentines day in 05 we went to a park and I wrote a poem for her asking her to marry me and she said yes. Now before I go further, I have to elaborate more of this. We went to McDonalds to get food, then we went to a park, in February, in Massachusetts, for those who don't know, that's winter and cold, there was snow every where. We sat on a bench in the park, in the snow and did this, lol. Then right after she accepted we went back to my car and helped someone get their car out of the snow lol. Anywho in September of 05 we got married in my sisters backyard, who lives on a lake, so it was pretty. I actually hated my wedding though because we had no say it what happened but w/e I'm happy I married her.

caroalamos76 karma

That's a sweet story!

thereaper8460 karma


Slaedden211 karma

You've said that you have kids and with 98% of your body burnt I just want to ask if they're genetically yours? Did your genitals survive the fire or are your kids adopted/from a donor?

thereaper84658 karma

My genitals, my lower stomach, my thighs and my butt were not burned. Diapers are pretty flame retardant.

DavidPuddy666670 karma

I feel Huggies should have a commercial with you about protecting manparts. The brand would fly off the shelves as every father afraid for his baby son's most important parts would immediately buy them.

thereaper84270 karma

lol they should

Phallic_Motion197 karma

Are you still caused physical pain by the burns?

thereaper84346 karma

Not the burns really, the pain I get now is from arthritis in both of my knees. I had so many bone reconstruction surgeries that it caused both my knees to develop arthritis.

beaReddy183 karma

Are the bone reconstructions burn related? I don't quite understand, have parts of your bones burnt? Sorry if this is a silly question.

thereaper84448 karma

Not a silly question at all. No their not from the burns, it's from my skin being so tight it constricts the bones from growing. So they have to release the scar tissue and then break the bones to regrow.

Pagooy67 karma

Do you feel like you get special treatment because people see your condition and feel bad?

thereaper84169 karma

Special treatment? No, in fact I'm in a tough position right now that you'd think people with a disability would get help with but I'm not. But going out in public can be a pain in the ass at times. There's a lot of ignorant people in this world. I'd be fine if people came up to me and asked, I'm fine with little kids staring because I know they don't understand, but when it's older teenagers and adults that stand there and stare at you or make disgusted faces, that get's on my nerves. I mainly feel bad for my kids and my wife when we're out in public cuz we can't go anywhere without being noticed. My oldest daughter gets very pissed when people stare.

thawigga37 karma

its good to see that you were able to overcome it and find someone that was willing to accept you in the way you are. I don't mean that offensively I am just happy your disability hasn't stopped you from having a semi normal life. You don't see that a lot.

thereaper84198 karma

Thank you. Yea growing up I convinced myself I'd never be married and that no one could love someone like me but I was wrong.

Some people say, "Oh she married you because she feels bad and doesn't really love you!" My response is, "Really? I have two kids, my wife is attached to me at the hip, I can barely go anywhere without her because she loves being around me and when I'm not with her my phone is ringing off the hook cuz she misses me so bad. Plus c'mon I got two kids, and I'm still getting it almost every night." :)

thawigga62 karma

lucky guy. Those people are probably just jealous that someone like youu has a better life than them because they see you and think, "wow at least my life is better than that guy." But it isn't. I take it you aren't particularly self conscious of it any more.

thereaper8484 karma

At times I am, I like to avoid mirrors cuz in my mind I know I'm different but don't picture myself that way until I see my reflection. I personally don't like the way I look but my wife and kids tell me otherwise.

cusses43 karma


thereaper8434 karma

Thanks you my friend. Don't give up dude, trust me, you have to show that you're worth it as well. Not all women go for looks.

thereaper8460 karma

Lol nice I have a stalker, wait is this bad

mkl945561 karma

I've read most of your comments and you keep alluding to some hard times you are going through right now. Anything you care to share?

thereaper8494 karma

Well I won't share everything but the big problem is me and my family are homeless right now and living in a shelter hotel, and it sucks BIG time. We're trying to find a place to move to but me without a job and my wife helps me with the kids and some normal daily living things she can't really get a job right now. I do receive money but it's not enough to live on and finding a place cheap enough just isn't happening.

QualityPrunes55 karma

Hi, you are indeed an inspiration. I have a few questions. Please don't take these wrong, I am not making fun, I truly am in awe. Did you lose any toes or part of your feet? If so, does this cause problem walking? I see you have eyelids that do not appear to have been harmed in the fire. Where these reconstructed? What about your ears? Do you need any protection to your ears? Are you glasses held on by an elastic band? What about the scar tissue? Have you had problems with the scars becoming too restrictive? I see you mention iLimb Revolution. I googled it, and this is wonderful! Wish you and your family the best!

thereaper8490 karma

I lost all the toes on my left foot, but it doesn't really cause a problem with walking, only my knees bother with walking. My eye lids were never burned however if you notice I have no eye brows which can be a pain when I'm sweating, which I'm always sweating. My right ear is fine but my left ear is gone but no problems, I do however have loss of hearing from experimental medicine I received when I was younger nothing serious, I'm not deaf but in crowded areas with a lot of people talking, it's hard to understand people talking to me and I can't hear high pitch noises.

My glasses are tight enough to stay on my head without an elastic band.

Yes I have had scar tissue problems, which is why I've had a lot of surgeries. My body couldn't grow because of my skin being tight or other problems so I had to have a lot of plastic surgeries to release them.

I can't wait to get the iLimb, it's going to change my life BIG time.

QualityPrunes25 karma

Thanks for answering. So if you were to gain weight, would the scar tissue be a problem? Or does weight not affect the scar tissue?

thereaper8491 karma

I actually am a fatty right now because my wife cooks so good, but I only expand where I'm not burned but I've wondered that myself if I were to get too big would scar tissue rip, hopefully I can start losing weight and not find that out.

Stromz54 karma

I'm so sorry for your ordeal. Do you ever wonder what you would look like if it were not for the burns?

thereaper84174 karma

Yes, I do all the time. In my dreams I'm not burned but I don't know what I look like, never see my whole self except for my hands which are both normal in my dreams.

SpareLiver39 karma

What is your reaction (both inside and outside) if/when you hear kids making comments to their parents as they walk past you?

thereaper8462 karma

Inside I'm a little hurt but I understand they don't know people like me.

On the outside I usually smile, wave, or say hi.

giant_hero30 karma

are you taking any kind of medicine ?

thereaper8449 karma

nope, just acid reflux meds and an inhaler now and then but that's it

ruthless7528 karma

Firstly, thankyou for doing this AMA. Did you have a really bad time at school? Did you go to a regular school? Did you have a good friend who stuck up for you if you got picked on?

thereaper84104 karma

I went to a normal public school up until 11th grade I went to a private school by choice which I regret to this day. I had a lot of friends. I never got bullied in school and oddly enough in Hugh School I was very popular, I hung out with pretty much everyone including those people everyone wanted to hang out with, the jocks and so on. At pep rallys the players would point to me and yell money, (my nickname in high school, no clue why) and people would come up to me and tell me if anyone messed with me let them know. I was the class clown and could make anyone laugh and would do anything to get a laugh so that's how I got so popular.

ruthless7530 karma

That's so good to hear as teenagers can be cruel at school. Why did you decide to go to a private school or was that your parents decision? Why did you regret it? Not sure if anyone has asked this but how did your mum cope? Thanks for answering

thereaper8456 karma

I decided to go to a private school because I had friends there that really wanted me to go. I regret it because it was such a horrible school and I didn't receive any help when I missed months of school from surgeries and wound up repeating 11th grade twice and eventually dropping out to get my GED. If I had stayed in the public school I know without a doubt I would have graduated.

My mom, I'm sure had a horrible time. Every year on the date it happens she calls me up and says how much she loves me and that she still remembers that day, but she was tough and went through every surgery I had and everything else I went through she was at my side.

Trelalala11 karma

Does your mother feel guilt over what happened?

Was it hard meeting people after what happened? I know you said you have a wife and kids but did you experience any issues when you were dating?

thereaper8433 karma

She's never told me she feels guilty but I'm pretty sure she does, I mean she's human, why wouldn't she.

I don't remember my early years but during my teen years I hated it, I would get pissed at people staring at me and would often hide and avoid groups. Today, I'm use to it and being out in public with my wife and kids, I'm fine cuz I'm proud of them and they like to stick up for me.

When I was dating before it was a little tough. I had a few g/f's, most of them used me for attention or felt bad for me, or cheated on me. A few were actually genuine but obviously didn't work out.

Analtoast10 karma

You mentioned there are a lot of things you cannot do, obviously I assume sprint is something you struggle to do but are there any other more subtle things/activities that I as a person would take for granted?

thereaper8417 karma

I use to be able to sprint when I was younger but as I got older my knees developed arthritis and now I have a hard time walking.

Things I currently struggle with are walking, doing things with one hand (because I only have one with fingers but hopefully soon I'll have the iLimb Revolution and be able to do things with two hands), it bothers me that I can't hold my kids with both hands, I can't run around with my kids which bothers me, I can't be in hot places because of the 98% of my body that is burned I have very limited sweat glands so I over heat very fast. I think that's about it, if my knees weren't so bad I'd be able to do so much more I think. I've asked about replacing my knees but because of how thin my skin is, doctors said no because it'd make things worst.

Not_KGB5 karma

can't be in hot places because of the 98% of my body that is burned I have very limited sweat glands so I over heat very fast.

So the 2% where you're not burned, does that sweat like a mother fucker or is it just like any place on a non burned body?

thereaper847 karma

It varies on how hot I am, if I'm very hot, I sweat a lot, I'm well known to go through 2-3 t-shirts a day when it's hot out. I try not to get to hot because I dehydrate VERY fast.

Vahaes9 karma

you're a badass

thereaper847 karma

Thank you

SpareLiver7 karma

Is Hanako your favorite girl in Katawa Shoujo?

thereaper8421 karma

not into anime or things similar to it really. Only animes or manga I really like are Trigun, Desert Punk, Cowboy Bebop, Princess Moninoke, and Vampire Hunter D.

Cootieisfolk7 karma

Is burned skin more sensitive to sunlight? Do you have to apply lotion more often so it doesn't dry out of anything?

thereaper848 karma

Yes mostly, some parts not so much but sunburns are very bad in my case

radoslav4004 karma

man, i think you really exceeded your chances in every aspect of your life. i'm sorry about your financial situation, but i'm sure you will come through. i mean, come on you have a family, you have some skills and probably you have a really cool personality. i know a lot of single people without any visible flaw that don't have the confidence to initiate a conversation. you, my man are a hero. you are married and have a family, i must ask: how's your wife, is she good looking? :D

thereaper846 karma

lol She's beautiful, she put up a picture on here as proof she's my wife with my kids.

Romyandstuff4 karma

You said that your mom lost count after 200 surgeries, when did you stop having them? (Related to this accident) How would you describe you last visit? and how old where you back then?

It's btw amazing to hear that you got a wife and kids, I hope that you are all doing great C:!

thereaper848 karma

I stopped when I was 18 because I had just had enough of them. My last visit to Shriners hospital, I remember taking the train in with my best friend and went in for a normal checkup and the doctor said, "Ok so we have you booked for May." I looked at him and shook my head and said "I don't want anymore." He looked surprised and asked if I was sure and I replied I was certain and that was it. I've been back a few times to visit people there because they are like a family to me.

We're not doing that great, relationship wise we're all fine but other than that not really but we're trying.

Romyandstuff6 karma

Thank you for answering and I am sorry to hear that about your familie, good luck with everything!

thereaper849 karma

Thank you!

Wildelocke4 karma

How much does having reddit and other means of anonymous communication available help? Do you find it easier to socialize online where people don't stare?

thereaper848 karma

Yes! I find it a lot easier to talk to people on the internet than in person. My mid likes to trick me when I talk face to face to people. I tend to think I'm not good enough for other people and would be wasting their time. I also am very quiet, I don't talk much in person, my wife will even tell you she goes sometimes for days without me talking.

Chileandog4 karma

If a good skin is critical for controlling our body temperature, do you have to take precautions controlling it?

thereaper845 karma

Yea, I'm always hot. I could be outside in shorts and a t-shirt in snow and I'm still sweating. So I have to be careful and stay hydrated and not in the sun for too long. also some parts of my skin are very dry and will crack and I have to put lotion on them even though I hate the feeling of lotion.

LiquidSwords893 karma

Fuck man that's scary shit getting burned so bad at such a young age. Hope youre dealing with it all okay. I can only imagine the guilt your mother has went through.. has she handled it okay?

thereaper845 karma

She's been very tough and been by my side with all the surgeries from the time I was 2 till I was 18

tanne_sita_jallua2 karma

I always have sinus problems and hardly am able to breath in/out my nose. How well are you able to breath? Is it about the same as breathing through your mouth? I know what happened is unfortunate but I'd be looking at that you never have to invest in allergy meds or nose spray in a good way. On that note do you have real bad trouble with having a runny nose?

thereaper844 karma

Nope, no sinus problems and no runny nose problems. When I get a cold, it's just like everyone else or at least I would assume so since my friends, family, and doctors have never freaked out about me when I had a cold.

50_shades_of_clay2 karma

I'm sorry to hear about this, and this question might sound weird; But how is your sexual life, is it possible? Like... Idk. I feel bad asking this.

thereaper8414 karma


thereaper845 karma

lol don't feel bad, yes I have the utensils to reproduce and please my wife and yes they are my own because the diaper protected there.

Yiib2 karma

What is the most comfortable thing people can do when they encounter you? Just not look at you at all? Or just not be rude.

thereaper843 karma

I'd like them to talk to me and ask me what happen, I don't care if kids stare, but teenagers and older they should be mature enough to at least ask. I don't care if you glance cuz we're all curious.

Calitexian2 karma

You wouldn't happen to be a drummer would you? And before I get down voted to all hell, I heard a speaker a few years ago with an almost identical story of burns from childhood, losing his fingers, and is an amazing drummer. Very inspiring story. If this ISNT you, I suggest you look him up. If nothing else just because of interesting similarities.

thereaper844 karma

No I'm not although I'm very much into Metal and hardcore music

VicAceR1 karma

I feel for you my friend. Stay strong, keep fighting for you and those you love !

thereaper842 karma


bermea1 karma

Did it hurt?

thereaper842 karma

I don't remember but the memories of the surgeries, yes

AGoodMan3241 karma

What are your top 5 movies??

thereaper846 karma

  1. Constantine
  2. Spiderman 2
  3. Super 8
  4. Night at The Roxbury
  5. Ghostbusters

LTVOLT1 karma

having gone through this experience, would you rather have had that happen or traded it for being blind instead since the age of 2?

thereaper845 karma

I don't what it's like to not be this way, but sometimes I wish I could trade for anything else, possibly even be blind because that can sometimes be fixed with our latest medical technology, but now that I have kids and a wife, I wouldn't because I love seeing them.

inRuin1 karma

What are somethings you do to cope with ignorant people? How do you keep from blowing your lid?

thereaper843 karma

I'm use to it since it's been happening since I was 2, but sometimes it does get me pissed and I have to think to myself, "Chris they don't understand, besides, it's illegal to do what you might be thinking." lol

No, seriously, I just try to ignore them and if it does bother me sometimes I sit there and actually get depressed or sad, if I'm about to lose it though it helps to blare Metal music or have my kids and wife hug me and distract me from it.

Sluttypanda1 karma

What's your earliest childhood memory?

thereaper843 karma

Hmmm, tough one. My earliest memory would probably be when I was in preschool or head start and I was eating cookies like cookie monster, making a mess every where and then I looked up and saw my family visiting through the window laughing.

Sluttypanda1 karma

It's good to hear it's a pleasant memory and not one related to a hospital visit. You're still better looking than some of the losers I've dated in my life. Cheers!

thereaper841 karma

lol thanks

eaifga-9 karma

Honestly it sounds like your mom set you on fire. No way did a two year old get into a shed and pour gasoline all over himself, then get ignited by a spark of the pilot light. Ever heard of M√ľnchausen syndrome by proxy? Or heard the song "Burn Baby Burn"? The second question was a joke but still your mom totally lit you up bro.

thereaper8410 karma

They were talked to and investigated and tested and nothing showed up and my parents were never abusive to any of us growing up. I have an older sister and a younger brother, so I highly doubt this is true