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I would have put it a little more delicately than the previous guy did, but this is an AMA, where the second A stands for "anything." So I must say it: The first thing that strikes me about your story is that it sounds like your mom did this to you. I realize she's your mom. But the story about you pouring gasoline on yourself and lighting yourself on fire is would not fly at all in a modern investigation.

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Jerry Seinfeld has this funny joke about when he's looking for something at a store, and they're out of it. The employee invariably says "everything we have is on the shelves," and Seinfeld's response is "Oh, so there's nothing in the back. It's just a huge empty room back there, with no boxes or anything?"

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The fact that it was a potentially correct answer, plus the comedic value, made it the absolute right answer to give. The reason it's what is most remembered is because it was hilarious.

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Oh, pack it in, boys. Reddit does it again.

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Was this AMA organized in coordination with the Navy, as part of the same recruiting campaign that is featuring your story on their website?

I'm glad the Navy is working out for you. I was in the Air Force, and it was a good experience for me also.