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Then make a part two with bowling. Maybe have a coach who use to be a great bowler but lost his bowling hand.

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Leaving on good terms is one thing. Doing what you claim when they weren't looking and getting away with it is another.

I work at Worldport in Louisville. The central hub of all of UPS air workings. I've seen the workings of the Hub and other parts of the place and would say that everyone does a good job taking care of packages. Its the little shits like YOU who ruin the packages. The people here should be pissed at you and not UPS for what happens to their packages because it is you fuckers that do that shit and give everyone who is just trying to work and make a living a bad name.

You also provide no proof except pictures that could easily be gotten from google image. Then claim that you did work at UPS. Benefit of the doubt if the management knew what you were doing along with your group of friends that ruined customers packages then your leaving on good terms would have been turned into a lawsuit for destruction of property. There will always be you little shits that spit in a burger, kick a package, or ruin something at a job.

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There is always going to be one of you people that get your kicks off of destroying peoples property. I work at UPS and I can tell you that we all do treat these packages with the utmost care. At the end of the day it is our job. In my 3 years working at UPS I've seen people like you who think its funny. But we all know you are that person lacking the burden of a hard education.

OP is one of those pricks that will take a picture pissing into a condiment bottle or standing on food in the back of a fast food place. If you don't want to work there then quit. But I'd guess you can't work anywhere else because you are one of those jerk offs that rather not work. So to take it out on your job elsewise you make a IAMA to troll and piss people off.

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Charlotte. Love your work and think you are one of the most beautiful and talented women of the industry.

For my question I've seen in bio of yours on IMDB that you enjoy playing DnD in your spare time. What character type do you like to play? Tank, healer, magic, melee dps, etc. Also what alignment such as Good/Evil or Lawful/Chaotic? If able to answer anything else what are some of your favorite books or movies? Thank you!

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I always have sinus problems and hardly am able to breath in/out my nose. How well are you able to breath? Is it about the same as breathing through your mouth? I know what happened is unfortunate but I'd be looking at that you never have to invest in allergy meds or nose spray in a good way. On that note do you have real bad trouble with having a runny nose?