hi reddit- Donal here - you might know me from things ranging from Jimmy the Cabdriver on MTV to Donovan on Copper, Lee Toric on Sons of Anarchy and King Horik on Vikings

proof: https://twitter.com/donallogue/status/367059834249547778

thank you so much for your questions- I have to go now- anything else you want to know- hit me up @donallogue on twitter - (i loved all the sneakers, tao of steve questions too)

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jamesfromnyc1525 karma

Hey Donal, I just wanted to ask why you are such a cool and amazing Dude? True Story Redditors... I contacted Donal out of the blue a few years back via "myspace" gasp... about helping me propose to my then girlfriend. The joke was that she thought I looked like him and she would always see Donal on TV/Movies and say "look it's you!"... Well long story short, I reached out and Donal said he would be Honored and some point later we met up and he helped prank my girlfriend and then I proposed. He did this for me, a complete stranger! She didn't believe it, and it was a night we will never forget. Totally the coolest guy in the world in my book. So ends another tale of "LEGENDS OF LOGUE" Thank you DONAL!!! Pics or it didn't happen... http://postimg.org/image/c8jz7wkw1/

DonalLogue1474 karma

the whole plan of you proposing was the greatest thing ever- what a joyous occasion! I pretended my grandma gave me a special pen I used to sign things an that was the box the ring was in- tHANK YOU for letting me be part of your life in that way- I miss you guys, btw

no_shut_your_face365 karma

Tao of Steve is one of your best films. Not really much more to say, I just always wanted to tell you that and now thanks to reddit... I can.

DonalLogue181 karma

thank you!

WorkFriendlyAcct288 karma

Any chances of a Terriers movie? I really loved that show. It ended with Britt at a crossroads, as his friend and partner, Hank offered him a choice: drive straight to prison or go left and flee to Mexico.

How do you feel the story proceeded or should have?

DonalLogue461 karma

chance of terriers movie (we talk about it) ted griffin dreams of netflix or someone picking it back up (better as series than a film)

DonalLogue164 karma

britt went to prison- had to go down like that

MTP_DER174 karma

Donal! Big fan of Grounded for life. How do you feel about the legacy of the show now that it has been over for a couple of years? Also, I remembered it had jumped from Fox to WB during it's run, how did that affect the show, if at all? I've always been curious to shows changing networks during production, you guys did not seem to miss a beat though. Thanks for doing this!

DonalLogue188 karma

thank you WB for saving the show! BUT grounded for life should never have left fox (one person made that decision- all the other execs were fighting to keep it there) and yes the jump affected the show and our ability to make it in the same way

Djsquirtle157 karma

I would love to see you on 'Justified'!!

DonalLogue237 karma

i love justified- FX may be tired of me by now though!

DonalLogue138 karma

alright- thank you for being here and supporting copper, sons and vikings- if you want to know anything else- I am way too open and can be found at @donallogue on twitter

maxwell_stupid117 karma

What has been your favorite role so far and why is it Hank? Be right back, going to go cry about Terriers some more.

DonalLogue123 karma

had many favorites- hank clearly (gave me most running room) love lee toric on sons and donovan on copper- vikings is an incredible experience- cast and shooting in Ireland an added benefit- I loved doing and the band played on and jimmy the cabdriver too

rgbouch105 karma

Hi Donal. Just wanted to say I got a chance to work with you as an extra this summer in Ireland and you, sir, are a class act.

Didn't pluck up the courage to talk to you then but hope to get the chance to work with you again.

Sincerely yours,

Ray the Saxon

DonalLogue136 karma

ray! sorry to kick saxon ass! next time on set you have to come say hey- vikings is (from top to bottom) a team effort for all involved

cooljammer0089 karma

Any news on Terriers stuff? DVD release? Realistic chance of a Kickstarter or a Netflix revival?

What shampoo do you use?

DonalLogue212 karma

i use any shampoo the hotel gives me in tiny bottles- realistic chance of some kind of terriers revival- yes

Frajer67 karma

Was it more awesome working with Kevin Corrigan on Grounded for Life or Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider?

DonalLogue80 karma

love both of them- kevin i knew beforehand- nic I just met in Australia when we did ghost rider

rdt15663 karma

I was digging into your IMDB in prep for this. I had no idea that was you in Sneakers as Dr. Janek. That's awesome!

I recently discovered Terriers on Netflix. Amazing show. (Sorry I missed it when it was on FX.) I've recommended it everyone I know. Literally.

Have you kept in touch with Ted Griffin? Any plans to work on something else together? Had Terriers made it to a 2nd (and beyond) season, where would you have liked Hank to go as a character?

Thanks for being awesome! I look forward to checking out Copper.

DonalLogue65 karma

i always check in with ted griffin (see previous answer)

Splissken199756 karma

Will there ever be a Knights of Prosperity reunion show?

DonalLogue78 karma

I wish- we need the Knights of Prosperity to comeback- wait kickstarter campaign in the making? could we afford Sofia Vergara? so many questions!

zjaksn53 karma

Very excited to see what is in store for your character on Sons of Anarchy. Are we going to see a lot of your character in this upcoming season?

DonalLogue86 karma

Yeah- Lee Toric runs amock around SOA land in `Season 6 (without giving anything away)

slickanus53 karma

Donal, Zodiac is my favorite movie. How much of a ballbuster is Fincher? What's the most takes you had to do for a single shot?

DonalLogue77 karma

i was on the low take count for david (maybe 19 takes the least we did) possibly a record- fincher not a ballbuster though- just a genius who wants a bunch of different looks at the same scene

TitusAndronicus12352 karma

Hey Donal! Big fan of Terriers and I'm a native of El Centro, CA. Got any fond valley/Central memories you could share?

DonalLogue106 karma

too many! just wrote a novel that takes place in el centro in 1980 (so it's my youth) called "Agua" do out next year harpercollins canada and US publisher will be determined late this fall- writing book was a trip through my childhood in the Imperial Valley

Enriquepollazzo46 karma

uh no, you are donal logue from 'tao of steve' and You are brilliant.

DonalLogue44 karma

thank you! i am flattered (and undeserving)

Pay_the_iron_price38 karma

Who should we blame for not having anymore Terriers? That show was easily among the best crime show on tv.

Also how cool was it to be around the guys from SOA, I have an image of Ron Perlman being just a really cool dude.

Are you gonna be as badass in the new season as SOA as the previous one led us to believe?

DonalLogue61 karma

no blame for terriers demise save for poor ratings- fx had their hands tied on that one- the SOA group is amazingly cool- Ron, Kurt, Kim, Boone Jr. Charlie, Katey, Tommy, DL, Maggie, everyone everyone daltonetc- all smart- super cool folks (and I got to work with Rockmond again!)

Pay_the_iron_price41 karma

I actually got an answer!

Will you wish me luck on my English exam on Wednesday?

DonalLogue158 karma

good luck on wednesday- don't blow this one

sbarnes6133 karma

Tá súil a fheiceann Karina agus tú a dhéanamh níos mó stuif le chéile!

DonalLogue49 karma

Tá súil a fheiceann Karina agus tú a dhéanamh níos mó stuif le chéile!

slan- i love my sister- one of the most talented people I have ever met and crushingly funny

Munkie9108731 karma

How does sitcom acting differ from drama acting? Do you prefer one to the other?

Just want to say I am a huge fan. You've been my favorite actor for a long, long time. I remember a few years ago you were at Pitt's campus and it was wonderful hearing you talk about acting. Keep up the good work!

DonalLogue64 karma

a god lesson i learned at my first audition for film television (thinking it was different from theater) was NY casting director Meg Simon telling me "acting is acting- just do the scene)

JacobMoore1831 karma

In this episode of Grounded for Life http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Pcrjuj9moJw was that scene improvised? And was Kevin looking into the audience because that reaction wasn't expected? Thanks Donal! :)

DonalLogue47 karma

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Pcrjuj9moJw improvisation was involved but grounded for life was the result of bill martin, mike schiff and a big staff of awesome writers loved that scene though!

mr_econ30 karma

Hi Donal (if it is you)- Long, longtime fan. Three questions:

1- how bummed were you about Terriers getting cancelled?

2- how did you like working with Damien Lewis, and...

3- Sarah Shahi (on Life, for those wondering what show)?

DonalLogue52 karma

bummed about terriers- but incredibly fortunate to have done it and thankful to FX for keeping it on the air despite low ratings (and netflix for giving it a second life) Damian is an amazing actor and even better person- also I ma a huge fan of Sarah Shahi- we are still close friends (same with Damian) Damian's acting abilities are next level

apanthropy30 karma


DonalLogue71 karma


micah80829 karma

I need you and Kevin Corrigan to costar on a tv show ASAP!!!! you guys were so awesome on Grounded for Life.

DonalLogue44 karma

i need kevin in my life for so many reasons- I miss Kevin- one of the all time great actors (and please follow the awesome @megynprice on twitter) megyn and lynsey were the true warrior/stars of grounded for life in my opinion

popdisaster0027 karma

Hey Donal! Grounded for Life was a favorite show of mine while it was on the air, and Terriers was fantastic as well. What are some upcoming projects of yours that you're getting excited about?

DonalLogue36 karma

Well Copper is in the last half of season 2 amazing show that needs love on bbc america sunday at 10 Sons of Anrchy starts Sept 10th and Vikings I am working on right now- my book Agua is the thing that drives me cra`y 24 7 though- trying to make it really good (thanks Hadley Dyer at HarperCollins! my editor)

inkypinkyblinkyclyde25 karma

Hey, Donal! I am continually impressed by your performance in Copper. Between that beard and the accent, I didn't recognize you until I saw your name in the closing credits. Is the beard real, or prosthetic?

DonalLogue57 karma

my son (looking over my shoulder) just laughed and said- oh yeah, the beard is real (it's even crazier now)

br549xt9324 karma

What ever happened to Jimmy the cab driver?!

DonalLogue53 karma

started driving a towncar

ZacharyTF23 karma

What was it like filming Terriers with your sister, in particular, the scene where she's climbing into the attic while you're playing guitar? That scene was a great cliffhanger and made Terriers a must watch show. Appropos of nothing, I consider Terriers to be the second best one and done show, behind the legendary Freaks and Geeks. Maybe Shout Factory can release Terriers on DVD and Blu-ray!

DonalLogue27 karma

terriers was brilliant for sure- of course i am biased- but my sister was amazing as steph- thanks for the terriers love

tcn3322 karma

How often do you get people quoting Tao of Steve to you?

DonalLogue43 karma

yesterday was the last time- tao of steve endures

brentapetrie21 karma

We need a reprisal of your MTV spots, stat. The one where you parodied the video for "Ironic" is forever burned into my memory. Thanks for that. :)

DonalLogue38 karma

jimmy will live again!

throw10away19 karma

Really liked in you in the show Life and Terriers. Terriers is one of my favorite shows and I hope to see more of it.

  • Will there be a kickstarter for Terriers like one for Veronica Mars movie?

  • Any fun or interesting stories on the set of Life and Terriers?

  • What are you favorite moments on both shows?

  • Was that you or your stunt double in full body burned make-up in Blade? How long did it take it put on the make-up?

DonalLogue31 karma

favorite terriers moments?? too many- working with michael raymond james and that crew off the charts (michael and I rented a house on mission beach together too and jumping in ocean everyday was a plus) doing scenes with my sister, karina, while my mom and dad were on set was awesome

life was just an amazing show- i miss damian lewis and sarah shahi too

DonalLogue27 karma

sorry- stuntdouble for blade in burn make-up- yes and no- I did some stuff and dislocated my jaw and went to hospital in burn make-up and there is a half-hour comedy bit in what ensued- my double (who jumped out hospital into ambulance) was awesome and broke his leg on that one

DoubleSuited19 karma

Nothing to ask, just wanted to say Terriers was insanely good, as were you in it. Just a really, REALLY good show. Also, catchiest theme song I can think of (it's now my ringtone).

DonalLogue24 karma

we tried to make terriers a show in which if a moment felt fake or forced (and not in line with the the emotional reality of what was happening in the show) it had to go- that's Shawn Ryan, Ted Griffin and Tim Minear for you- (Tim Minear needs a ton of props- watch AMerican Horror story)

DonalLogue18 karma

couple of minutes left- whatever you want to ask- throw it down!!!!!

MoSFan18 karma

RIA! How does a Hollywood actor find himself in the trucking industry? I respect these men and women immensely as this country would be at an economic standstill without their efforts.

DonalLogue37 karma

trucking is awesome- my partners in Aisling Trucking, Bud and Cathy Williams are the hardest working, biggest hearted people I know- trucking is 1000 times harder than acting- when I am driving truck I marvel at the skill level and hard work it takes and I love truckers, trucks, truck stops and all of it- it is criminal how little truckers get paid for the service they perform- getting my class A cdl was a big, big deal in my life

wezinbones15 karma

Hi Donal! Just one of Horik's men stopping by to say hello! (Up onto the overturned keel....)

DonalLogue35 karma

sweet- I will be heading back to Ireland tomorrow - now I am in Calabasas- o snap- Kardashian country!

kozmund14 karma

Ah, Dr. Janek in Sneakers. "It would be a breakthrough of Gaussian proportions..." was said (seriously or sarcastically) more times in the 1990s than I care to admit. Was that math monologue particularly challenging, in terms of how to deliver it? Did you base the cadence and style on anyone in particular?

DonalLogue26 karma

there is such a long story behind that- janek was not supposed to be as young as I was at the time- but i argued that he should be young enough to blast existing paradigms in math/science

irate_desperado13 karma

You are awesome in Sons of Anarchy, which is up there with my favorite shows currently on TV. I'm really looking forward to this upcoming season to see how your character progresses. How is working on SOA? Lee Toric seems to be a bit of a different character than the ones you normally play.

DonalLogue20 karma

working on sons was the best experience possible- season 6 gets so dark- it shook me leaving work though- but environment (cast and crew) couldn't be cooler- a lot of terriers peeps on the crew too

Sloth-Lord13 karma

Should marijuana be legalised?

DonalLogue49 karma

i don't drink alcohol or smoke weed (not because it was something I never did) so I am not sanctimonious- even though I don't smoke weed I still think it should be legalized for 1000 reasons

Peepth12 karma

Loved your work in American Splendor. Is there going to be a sequel set in outer space?

DonalLogue20 karma

yes and no

Mstrchapl11 karma

What's the best prank you've ever seen played on a set?

DonalLogue28 karma

TRAVIS FIMMEL (star of vikings) is the greatest prankster of all time- Garry Marshall however- flew in a dude I was goofing on to confront me when making "Dear God" that was deep

ArizonaLad11 karma


DonalLogue30 karma

i did a little in highschool (thanks Mrs. Johnson at Central Union High in El Centro) but started in earnest sophomore year in college

NMW10 karma

Hello! Thanks for being here today -- it's really great to see you. I love your work.

I have some questions about something not listed in your post above: your performance in last year's CBC adaptation of Stephen Leacock's Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town. A lot of us who work on Leacock academically were very excited to see that there'd be a new film adaptation of his classic work on the centenary of its publication, but the end results were sort of mixed.

Your performance in it was wonderful, but I have to say that it was one of the few things about it that I unambiguously liked. I'd love to get your perspective on as many of the following questions as you're prepared to answer:

  1. What was it like to work on the first major adaptation of this classic Canadian work in fifty years?

  2. Have you read the Sketches yourself? What do you think of them? And how did you feel to see that so many of the stories involving your character were cut out?

  3. Did the production team talk to the cast at all about their adaptation philosophy? What did they have to say about it? It was a real surprise to many of us to see a 90-minute adaptation called Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town that only really adapted two of the book's twelve stories while adding so much material from the author's own life and a handful of other books.

  4. This is certainly hypothetical, but if they decided to adapt the rest of the Sketches in the same fashion, would you be prepared to play Josh Smith again?

Thanks very much for this AMA, and for your great work in this film. The Sketches mean a lot to me, and it was a pleasure to see one of the most important characters in this adaptation brought to life so well.

DonalLogue21 karma

so much to say! I love Leacock- I love how dark it was in ways (alcoholic father who abandoned family) malcolm macRury is brilliant (adaptation by) many long conversations about how he chose what he chose to make that version- I would do Josh Smith again in a heartbeat- I love jill hennessy too and was proud to be in an all canadian cast

alphacharliekilo10 karma

How was working with Terrence Malick and that cast on The Thin Red Line?

DonalLogue15 karma

i got cut from thin red line and to this day i don't think I've been in such a band of brothers situation- adrien brody, tim blake nelson, dash mihok, larry romano, sea penn, will wallace john reilly elias koteas- we were all tight- would scuba dive a lot together on great barrier reef- love love love terrence malick

fsu_pdt10 karma

No question, just wanted you to know whenever talk of movies "you gotta see" comes up I always throw "Tao of Steve" into the conversation.

DonalLogue20 karma

thank you! tao of steve love endures in the universe

Bonarro10 karma


DonalLogue13 karma

thanks lee toric and king horik are complicated people- but not necessarily nice guys at all

throw10away9 karma

  • It says on IMDB that you lost 4 friends to alcohol abuse and you haven't had alcohol since 1991. Did you use these experiences and was it difficult when playing your character as a recovering alcoholic on Terriers?

  • I didn't know you still drive big rigs. Will you be making a big rig movie like Over the Top or Black Dog?

Thank you for doing this AMA.

DonalLogue18 karma

the imdb thing about quitting drinking is a bit off- all of us in El centro remember a very bad wreck in 84 in which we all lost a number of friends- I quit because my life sucked and no matter what I intended, alcohol was the priority- big rig tv show is in the works (we'll see)

jboutte099 karma

Ah man no question just wanted to say I loved you in blade. Perfect comedic relief mixed with badass. Perfectly flowed with the movie, which is one of my favorite of the action genre. You're great in everything man. Keep in keepin on

DonalLogue13 karma

thanks- I love keep on keeping on- it's what i tell everyone

AtomicBunnies9 karma

Just wanted to say I love your work!

DonalLogue12 karma

thank you

networklackey9 karma

Hey Donal, I don't really have a question.

Just want to say, no matter what you are in, good or bad, you always stand out.

Thanks for the good times.

DonalLogue14 karma

thank you!! one life journey on earth and we are in it together

Mstrchapl9 karma

How often are you asked to sign a Blade DVD? (Extra points for "New Line Platinum Series" snap case)

DonalLogue21 karma

blade is job I am most stopped for in street, truck stop, etc- I drive big rigs and pulled my peterbilt into truckstop and dude working behind the counter tripped so hard and actually had a blade dvd for me to sign

redfeather19 karma

I love you in Grounded for Life, You are awesome in SOA. But my favorite role of yours was in Hackers 2: The take down. The movie about Kevin Mitniks arrest. Thank you for doing this AMA and thanks for the fun watching your work.

Q: What did you take away from Hackers 2, and what do you (try) to take home from each part at the end of the day? Any good lessons you have learned?

DonalLogue17 karma

the best absolute greatest thing that happened because of takedown was I became friends with kevin mitnick (after he got out of prison) and skeet ulrich- they are both still good friends

thedregs139 karma

No question. Just want to say that my brother and I loved your cab driver character on those MTV spots when we were kids.

DonalLogue13 karma

thank you- hearing that made doing them worth it- created it with my rock friends, jesse peretz and clay tarver

kristopherw288 karma

Hey donal i just wanted to tell you that terriers was a greats show sad they got cancel and also the tao of steve was one of the first movies that got me introduced to your humor my question is out of all you shows which one did you like the most and my wife says hi

DonalLogue14 karma

asking what shows you like is like asking which of your kids you love the most- the answer is arlo of course (just kidding finn- arlo's standing over my shoulder and you are at skateboard camp- hard to beat terriers for how much i was given to do though

Odusei8 karma

Having gone to St. John's College in Santa Fe, The Tao of Steve is required viewing for all undergrads. I still wonder if you have any idea that it's obsessively watched at my school.

DonalLogue13 karma

i considered St. John's when I left high school (santa fe and maryland campuses) I am always impressed by st. john's grads (and now even more so)

cinemakid8 karma

I noticed you tweeted about a Twilight Singers song the other day. I recently saw Greg Dulli live at the Sub Pop Silver Jubilee. The Afghan Whigs are one of my favorite bands of all time, with Up In It being one of my favorite albums of all time.

Did you listen to the Whigs and if not, what other early 90s grunge acts do you like?

DonalLogue27 karma

I listen to the Afghan Whigs constantly- greg is one of my best friends (has been since I road managed another great band- Bullet LaVolta) mud honey, dag nasty, lemonheads, teenage fan club, mogwai, too many to count)

d4ngerous8 karma

Think you'll ever play piano again? But seriously, you were fantastic in Blade!

DonalLogue13 karma

thank you- loved blade- stephen norrington is a genius

Annelise51508 karma

Hi Donal...friend of yours from Central. I am so impressed with the depth you bring to your characters. How do you approach each one?

DonalLogue18 karma

I try and figure out the whole world first and then where they fit in- what is their personal mission then I try my best- there have been times when if I was confused- I sucked! I feel bad about missteps I have made

DonalLogue15 karma

ps- go Spartans

thatguy508 karma

Man I really loved Tennis, Anyone?. That movie needs to be seen by everyone. Just came here to say that and thanks for being so awesome.

DonalLogue12 karma

thank you- i am super proud of tennis anyone? kirk fox, jason isaacs, paul rudd stepehn dorff danny trejo et al- thanks to orian williams

rjl_8 karma

How'd you get involved with Sons? Did Sutter seek you out? Also, judging from the end of season 5 and the promo for season 6, is it safe to assume that we're going to see a lot of Lee Toric?

edit: Oh, yeah. RIP Terriers. Glad to hear that there's an outside chance of a comeback!

DonalLogue18 karma

my involvement with sons of anarchy is 100 percent due to kurt sutter trying to get me on for years (scheduling problems prevented it) I owe kurt sutter so much

tritso8 karma

Would you rather have people explore your film work or television work? If you had to make the choice, of course. Thanks Donal

DonalLogue16 karma

no difference- clearly television is in an amazing place right now with so much room for writers, directors and actors- but films like the tao of steve are always special (zodiac etc- can't do that in an episode of television)

wilpoptires7 karma

Howdy dooty, Jimmy The cab Driver was the best thing on MTV... dammit I would love a Jimmy The Cab Drive movie, see how he lived and where he lived.. DO EEEETTTT

DonalLogue11 karma

we tried to do a jimmy the cabdriver movie- had it set up at paramount and then it all went south- long, semi-boring story- but there was a guy who essentially killed it and it was a bummer- nothing we could do

littlewitch347 karma

How do you feel about the city of Boston?

DonalLogue18 karma

I lived in Boston when we first immigrated to America and went back for college (and beyond) if I could- I would live very happily in Boston going to shows at the Middle East smoking a pipe- I love Boston

Sandraxf7 karma

Hi there! I can't wait to watch CBGB, hoping for it to be released in Germany as well. How was the atmosphere on set, and how was working with Stana Katic? Thanks!

DonalLogue16 karma

I have been friends with stana for years- I am doing a film with German Wim Wenders- and she loved the script I adapted and she is as cool as they come- CB's was a great experience (I hung at the club a lot in the 80's)

spicole7 karma

Does your mom consider "Sneakers" to be the best movie you've ever been in? Did she give you math tips during the movie?

DonalLogue16 karma

ha! did you have my mom as your math teacher at calexico??? my mom finds most of what I do amusing, but baffling from her perspective as an irish catholic

Gatmanz7 karma

Hi Donal, has anyone told you that your Irish accent in Copper sounds more Jamaican?

DonalLogue20 karma

jamaican accent came from cork. kerry irish people living in jamaica- true fact) Irish accents from Belfast through Dublin to Kerry as different as Mississippi to Baltimore and then New York- rock on

LFCMick7 karma

Huge fan Donal!!, love Grounded For Life, any upcoming projects??. I heard also that you're a dual Irish/Canadian citizen??, do you ever get to spend as much time as you'd like in both countries??. Keep up the good work dude!!

DonalLogue15 karma

I spent the almost half of this year in Canada- spending the other half in Ireland (bt broke it up with a stint in NOHO on Sons of Anarchy) my parents live off and on back in Kerry

TehMuffinMan6 karma

Loved you in Confidence. Just say'n.

DonalLogue8 karma

loved confidence- ed burns, luis guzman (who inspired me to move to the country- he lives n vermont) rachel, paul, brian leland order dustin hoffman - amazing cast

Mr_A6 karma

What is your favourite silent film and why?

Do you think the history of film is important? And what do you think can be done to broaden the appeal, or introduce silents to the youth of today?

DonalLogue11 karma

oooh Elias Merhige's Begotten yes- the bicycle thief (not silent) is a classic for a reason

lostrites6 karma

Donal, you have been one of my favorite actors for years, and you just keep showing up in my favorite movies and shows, Terriers, SOA, Copper, Life, and so many more. I saw you at Mexicali in Studio City right after I moved to LA to pursue acting as a career. I didn't want to be a drag, but as we passed each other I just said, Hey man, I really dig your work! You were really cool and gracious. Cut to several years down the road, acting didn't work out for me (bummer but life choices and all that). I'm back visiting friends in LA for the last time it turned out, we go to In & Out Burger (criminally absent from my current location), and damned if you didn't walk in. You were with your kids, so I didn't want to be a dick and crowd you. I just thought that was a weird 'full circle' kind of element to my LA experience. That's a long thing to say that you prolly won't read, but I really admire you and your work. Continued good fortune to you, sir.

DonalLogue11 karma

thanks so much for saying that- ps- life is a long dream machine- even if you have to be responsible to kids (i get it) keep dreaming creating and going for stuff - i feel that way about trucking, writing novels, etc- keep trying and creating and say hey next time!

lainiek6 karma

How great it is to work on such an authentic set as Copper? Also, you all seem to have a true affection for each other, which is great. What is the word on Season 3?

DonalLogue11 karma

no word on season 3 of copper- but copper (from top to bottom) was a joy and a privilege- the production design of shows like copper and viings (and sons) makes the actor's job so much easier

raindogs706 karma

With what happened to Bob Filner in San Diego, could you see that being worked into "Terriers" in the future? Hope the show gets a second life.

DonalLogue13 karma

the bob filner story is sad- but the terriers bad guy (neil mcdonough) was going to be far worse

wschapiro6 karma

Hey Donal! So 1) we have a few mutual friends, as you may have seen on other social media (Steve Schub, Tim Minear and Stephen Collins) - you're in good company amongst some of my fav folks and 2) what would 6th grader Donal have liked his teachers to make sure he left the grade knowing? I am going back to teaching after a hiatus of a few years and need all the advice I can get. Thanks!

DonalLogue14 karma

i had an amazing run in fifth and sixth grade- reading fiction is the key- teaches you to dream of outside world

RuthB19576 karma

oh, I just thought of a question! lol; is there any type of character you haven't done yet, or story line, etc. that you would really love to do?

DonalLogue13 karma

i wantt o get back to improvisation comedy a la jimmy the cabdriver- am cooking something up at bad robot possibly along those lines

spicole5 karma

Did you ever dance on the speakers at "Forum"?

DonalLogue7 karma


GeezerMuldoon5 karma

Just want to let you know that Tao of Steve is one of my favorite movies. Did you enjoy making that film?

DonalLogue11 karma

i loved the tao of steve- thanks to antony bregman and ted hope- jenniphr goodman and greer goodman and duncan north (the stone cold genius it's based on)

justfred5 karma

When will the SOA crew be making a road trip to Camacho's?

DonalLogue9 karma

SOA crew would fit right in in Camacho's

iJ3ST5 karma

Good evening sir, hope all is well. Been a fan of yours for some time now, you were my favorite SOA character. My question is, do you own a motorcycle... And if so which one?

DonalLogue10 karma

I sold my 2003 harley fatboy to @GillesMarini (twitter) and now only have two insane WR450 Yamaha enduros (til I get a new street bike)

Stovokor_X5 karma

Hi Donal ! Are you still shooting the new season of Vikings ... so eager to see what happens next. Were you surprised that history channel were behind shooting a TV series of this nature ?

DonalLogue12 karma

no- because the execs at histry (and mgm) are cool and they hit a homer with hatfileds and mccoys before vikings

DonalLogue9 karma

ps- still shooting vikings- we are almost halfway through season 2

TommyOConnell5 karma

Only 1 record to play in your cab: 'Come On Feel The Lemonheads' from The Lemonheads or 'The Gift' from Bullet LaVolta. Choose wisely.

DonalLogue7 karma

the gift- bullet lavolta- my life was 24 7 bullet lavolta in those days

Vegoia5 karma

When will you be back on Vikings?

DonalLogue10 karma

I am in all of season 2 of vikings that premieres in america in march of 2014

am_ian4 karma

Peanutbutter or Nutella ?

DonalLogue10 karma

i can live on peanut butter

mjh844 karma

Would you consider 'Grounded for Life' the greatest show ever to take place on Staten Island?

DonalLogue7 karma

Grounded for Life is the second greatest show set in Staten Island- the never aired sitcom about the creation of the WU TANG CLAN IS THE GREATEST

franticantelope4 karma

What show/movie has been the most fun to work on?

DonalLogue9 karma

there are so many for so many different reasons- I swear to god- it's not the critical factor that makes up great life experiences though- I loved working with a cool young cast on things like shark night and when david ellis died i was so sad because he was a kick ass human being and a friend

RuthB19574 karma

Don't really have a question, just wanted to say hi, & I love you on Vikings; Can't wait for the next season to start! Have a great day!

DonalLogue12 karma

thank you!

Nuroman4 karma

"Cochise!" Does anyone yell that at you when you're walking down the street? Thanks for the AMA!

DonalLogue9 karma

i wish- jimmy on sabotage was one of my favorites- "Nathan Wind as..." I give it up to the genius of `Spike Jonze and the Beastie Boys

Chonjacki4 karma

Did I hear something about you writing a novel?

DonalLogue11 karma

i answered that in question about my hometown of el centro on the mexican border- novel is called "Agua' will come out mid next year

iwishiwasliamneeson4 karma

Hi Mr logue! One quick question, how did the music video with theory of a deadman come about? It's one of my truly favorite music videos, and you are one of my favorite actors. Even if you don't see this thanks for the AMA! Has been an interesting read so far

DonalLogue13 karma

one of my oldest- best friends- Paul Boyd (genius Scottish Director) who actually played a role in getting me to do things like Jimmy the Cabdriver- called me up to do theory of a deadman's video- loved those guys and hanging with paul and the band in jacksonville doing that video pulled me out of a weird period where I was being a wuss and in a dark space personally- a lot of good stuff started in my life after "Lowlife"

Bobrock363 karma

How do you like working on coppers, vikings, and sons? All awesome shows! I was pretty bummed to hear of the demise of terriers!

DonalLogue11 karma

i feel blessed and grateful- involved a lot of flying around- but its been a bit of a thrill ride- tom kelly, tom fontana, kurt sutter, michael hirst as writers - unreal experience

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lins are up- thanks Victoria at reddit for the help!