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Came here to upvote all of the questions/concerns about the move to FXX. I don't get this channel. How do you feel about alternative nefarious distribution methods?

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I thought you threw exploding head syndrome in there to make sure we read the entire title, like Van Halen and Brown M&M's. Thanks for clarifying. Glad to see there's no Scanners Sleep Disorder to worry about.

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Hello, Mrs. Schulz. Thank you for taking the time for this AMA. With the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas coming up in 2015, are there any plans in the works to mark the occasion?

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I ran this through some filters in Photoshop MS Paint. It's definitely a fake.

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Do you ever wish the show would have been able to stick to showing the process of custom bike design and building, rather than delving into the work, family, and interpersonal relationships?