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How likely do you think reprisals from that business in Waco are? For example, say I sometimes drink at a bar in Texas that Bandits "respectfully" frequent (ie, with a sober Sargent at Arms to keep anything from kicking off.) Would it be prudent to avoid it until things cool off, or is that chicken shit and I should just get the fuck out of there if any Cossacks/Scimitars show up wearing colors?

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My absolute favorite error in Apollo 13 is the STS mission plaques in mission control. When they remodeled FCR 2 around 1992 and put all of the Apollo-era equipment back in, they left all of the mission plaques up for flights where that room had been mission control. The Apollo 13 set people made a replica of the room to film in, and didn't catch the Plaques from the Future.

Once you notice a shuttle-shaped silhouette in the movie, you can't stop seeing it.

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I'm very excited for the new album, and I really love the concept of getting a bunch of musicians together to burn studio time towards making a base to take samples from. Have you thought about what you're going to do in the future with all those hours of recordings? Have any producers hit you up for copies after your album is done or anything like that?

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My impression is that this situation has been escalating for a while. From what I've heard, if the cops hadn't started shooting it was supposed to have just been a big old fuck-off argument-settling chain and pipe brawl with few, if any, fatalities. Does that sound right to you, or would you guess that the situation was already to the point where guns were going to come out either way?

Thanks for doing yet another AMA, by the way.

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I really enjoyed Today's Special. Do you feel like it has found its audience? Any plans for another screenplay?