So, is where I work at and today, we're starting our Free Friday livecam special starring Brandy Aniston. Showtime is 3pm EST and 12pm PST.

Are there any particular porn stars you wanna see us book?

  • edit: It's SHOWTIME! I'll still be fielding questions but may be a little distracted heh.

  • 2nd edit: Okay, show's over. Be sure to tune on the 4th OF JULY for a new and free streaming camshow featuring 2 GIRLS. Thanks everyone. Follow us on twitter for the latest updates.

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Omnigog154 karma

Recently there was an episode of Workaholics (which is a comedy that airs on Comedy Central) which revolved around the 3 guys falling in love with an actress over a livecam type of website.

When they found out that all 3 of them were in love with her,they did some detective work and figured out where she "lived",and when they found the "home" it turned out that it was an office building like any other and the "room" that she was filming from was just a small cubicle that was decorated to look like the corner of an average teenage girls room.

And the entire building housed 15+ livecam girls that were all in cubicles that was decorated differently and all ran on strict schedules and had rules like any other office.

Is that really what it's like? or do these girls actually broadcast from their home?

rexy_unchained198 karma

LOL, i love that episode. How workaholics depicts livecam girls is partly true. Girls can work from anywhere as long as they have a good fast internet connection and an HD cam. But yeah, there are "farms" out there with lesser known stars who are strictly camgirls.

ceslek42 karma

So.. what about

I'm assuming you guys have a farm based on the somewhat vague response.

rexy_unchained44 karma

Nah, we're just starting this weekly free livecam show thing, so we're just booking, booking and testing and making sure we do this right.

rc196578 karma

Do the girls seem to enjoy their jobs or are a lot of them doing it for unfortunate reasons-need the money badly etc.?

rexy_unchained115 karma

Honestly, it's half and half.

i_crave_more_cowbell64 karma

That's... a little sad.

rexy_unchained447 karma

There's sadness everywhere. Not just in the porn industry. There's a bunch, I'd say majority of people who dislike what they do for a living but do it anyway. The porn industry is just a cross-section of humanity's collective misery pie.

i_crave_more_cowbell27 karma

Well that jut made me even sadder.

rexy_unchained78 karma

Damn dude, I'm sorry. It's Friday, not my intention to be a buzzkillington. Reside in the happy fact that you're alive in a 1st world country (please be right) and know that it's all good in the hood. Just keep sharp, and work hard too and everything will be fine.

Excelsior_Kingsley67 karma

Do you ever get bored of naked people? Genuine question. I always ask cause I think it's interesting that you kind of work in an industry that's an occasional treat to most people.

Also, Annie or Britta on Community...who would you rather?

rexy_unchained96 karma

Oh jesus that's hard. But Annie wins out. I have a busty bookworm fantasy I guess. She's so smoking hot. We're a bunch of nerds in the biz and blog about her all of the time. Funny you should mention that. And hell yeah I be breakin' a piece off for Britta too.

Hmmm. Seeing naked bodies will never get old to me. When it's on my monitor and it usually almost always is, I see a dick or a gaping butthole and don't bat an eye. Pussy lips all day. I have become desensitized, at least to digital nudity.

geoffgrindd64 karma

What's the pay for a job like yours?

rexy_unchained77 karma

i make 50k ish

THECapedCaper74 karma

Can...can I have your job?

rexy_unchained71 karma

lol, learn social media/marketing/photoshop/writing skills and move to L.A!

TheMurdocktor171 karma

I have those! I HAVE THOSE!

rexy_unchained65 karma

List of insider adult sites, you may not even have to move at all. * *

tossoutaccountOHIO31 karma

Well, he is a redditor, so he's probably got the social media, photoshop, and basic writing skills down.

rexy_unchained37 karma

Good points! By that rationale, all of you guys should visit and score some sweet jobs

tossoutaccountOHIO24 karma

As an unemployed dude, thanks a lot!

rexy_unchained43 karma

Anytime dude, I know it's hard out there. Think of us as the "good guy porn company" lol.

rexy_unchained19 karma is a good insider site if you want to get a job working in adult.

iamgarrettt48 karma

Are there hot singles in my area waiting to meet me?

rexy_unchained26 karma


TjBee48 karma

I told her to lick the camera and she told me she won't. I'm amused, confused, aroused and disappointed all at once.

rexy_unchained28 karma

maybe you'll get lucky at the next show (4th of July)

1dontpanic47 karma

After working in porn all day, what do fap to?

rexy_unchained75 karma

probably the same stuff you do

bordss385 karma


rexy_unchained96 karma

all a matter of perspective

Rapistsmurf46 karma

Sasha Grey.

rexy_unchained67 karma

Retired, but I'll try throwing money at her and see if she concedes

thenewnum219 karma

not sure if allowed to ask, but how much money do you guys toss out there for that type of thing?

rexy_unchained24 karma

I can't say but the amount of money is definitely worth their time

SoUpInYa34 karma

Who is owned by?

No doubt, someone had to shell out some cash for that domain!

rexy_unchained45 karma

Yeah I'm not at liberty to say but the price tag I think was upwards of 10 million? 20? Something like that. We were featured in forbes i think it was.

TheThirdDad32 karma

  1. What's the most popular thing girls get asked to do?
  2. Do you have any shemales working there?

rexy_unchained54 karma

  • 1.) Shove a toy in the butthole
  • 2.) Not at the moment, no, is there a big market for that? Or is that just your personal tastes?

TheThirdDad19 karma

It's just personal taste, however I do feel that there could be some big bucks in that, I mean like really good shemales, not half-assed amateurs.

Do the girls do the anal stuff alot?

rexy_unchained18 karma

Yeah, I'm thinking if we get a hot ladyboy, that should do the trick (there's a huge t-girl market for example) Thanks for the suggestion!

tossoutaccountOHIO34 karma

If you end up getting one, you should get the ladyboy to fuck a real girl.

rexy_unchained25 karma

Kinky, i like it.

[deleted]-13 karma


TheThirdDad3 karma

that's not offensive considering the term 'shemale' is for transsexuals who work in the porn industry. But whatever.

rexy_unchained3 karma

This guy is right. Silly porn context.

Mattnsw129 karma

Do you ever tap into the shows at home to watch?

rexy_unchained80 karma

Oh yes.

MagiDidymusJames2 karma

Have you nutted at work? We're all friends here.

rexy_unchained5 karma

no but lots of dick slime on my thighs during my first month

mrzhi29 karma

What's your average bandwidth consumption? You guys running any load balancers?

rexy_unchained43 karma

Shit, this is where I feel stupid. That's a question for tech but I know we did a bunch of beta testing and it wasn't til a flood of redditors showed up that we started seeing broken connections and whatever the hell else goes wrong technologically. Answer: a lot?

Sunburn7955 karma

Ah, the old reddit hug. It's the best.

rexy_unchained68 karma

You guys are like a swarm of internet traffic locusts lol (a compliment)

Excentinel25 karma

It's rather convenient for tech companies to have a free server stress test at the low, low cost of wide advertising.

rexy_unchained41 karma

You guys are almost like freelance marketers, only you don't get paid.

chipmunk700028 karma

What do your parents think of you working there?

rexy_unchained137 karma

They have no idea. My life, my rules.

WhiskeyOnASunday9327 karma

Is there not a sinister side to this industry? Especially when cams are hosted abroad?
I've read it isn't always a financially challenged college babe, and is often a chinese sex slave racking in profits for a pimp.

Do you have any kind of screening process for this?

rexy_unchained41 karma

Whoa there. Give me a sec to scrub that image.

Well, I have no idea how cams work abroad, but here in the states, especially the major respected channels that we go through are really cool and flexible about performers. As long as they have fast internet and an HD webcam, they can host shows virtually anywhere.

And we hire pornstars through big L.A agencies so there's a lot of paperwork to ensure everything is on the up and up. CYA, as they say.

Malcolmxxx_Geezee24 karma

What does live cam mean?

rexy_unchained34 karma

"livecams" are live streaming shows with pornstars. You enter in chatroom-style and can ask her questions and of course, see her get freaky and play with herself.

Danmish2122 karma

What was by far the strangest livecam show you ever saw

rexy_unchained45 karma

I feel like this link best illustrates all of the disasters that can go on in a livecam show. It's totally fucked, guys.

teh_nicKLess37 karma

Yeah... I've seen efukt... Not going back there, thanks.

rexy_unchained51 karma

pay attention to this guy. heed his wise words.

throwaway4513416 karma

that last one was sad :/

rexy_unchained17 karma

yeah it was..

Splash_was_effective21 karma

What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

rexy_unchained79 karma

Had sex in a drive-thru as I was ordering at Wendy's then kept humping all the way home. Love those goddamn square burgers.

rhds17 karma

By working in a such company, what have you gained so far?

rexy_unchained20 karma

In this atypical career, I get to accomplish weird things like writing porn parodies, creating interactive games, virtual reality sex, develop apps, social media, and helping out a special someone realize their dream of directing a porn scene!

rhds11 karma

How did you get into this? Was it your intention or random occasion?

rexy_unchained16 karma

I majored in creative writing/marketing in school and got this job completely at random while searching for jobs online

fruitcommander17 karma

Do you have an affiliate program I could promote?

rexy_unchained14 karma

Yes! is our main affiliate program. too actually come to think of it.

ThalmicPaper17 karma


rexy_unchained33 karma

Not to me. And that was before I got this job. Heh. Dem college days is crazy, mane.

odiro16 karma

How did you get that job and why did you decide to get that job?

rexy_unchained21 karma

I found it randomly online and like everyone else in the world, I gotta do what I gotta do to get paid! I decided to take the job because it's FUN.

invisibo14 karma

What sort of server/back end is run on? Databases, TBs of storage, OS, etc. I'm sure those servers are well endowed.

rexy_unchained7 karma

Shit, I have no idea about the backend but after beta testing, our servers can handle thousands of viewers. fingers crossed

nifi2224 karma

ha. "backend"

rexy_unchained11 karma


ownthehobo14 karma

What's the worst part of your job?

rexy_unchained37 karma

post-moderation. like a mad motherfucker

BabyCheezits10 karma

How long does this last? I don't get home from work until 6:30EST

rexy_unchained6 karma

ah, it's a one hour show

BabyCheezits5 karma

ah well I will miss it :( Hope It turns out well.

rexy_unchained7 karma

Damn! well thanks for the best wishes

SoUpInYa9 karma

I used to do web development for a number of adult sites, but not cams, except for a house cam site.. Do you get a lot of women having technical issues with their equipment, that you need to resolve?

rexy_unchained7 karma

Yeah we try to minimize those technical problems from occurring with lots of prior testing.

red_wing928 karma

Can you make livejasmin stop popping up?

rexy_unchained7 karma

sorry, wrong company. they are bastards. but are effective bastards nonetheless.

hosj3217 karma

FWIW Noon (PST) on a Friday seems like a bad time to do anything porn related (most people are at work)

rexy_unchained11 karma

Yeaahhhh, good point

UwasaWaya15 karma

I think of it as charity for us unemployed folk. Keeping up spirits and all that.

rexy_unchained51 karma

Hahaha. Porn hour for the proletariat?

Thisblackguy176 karma

I used to think that all the guys working behind the scenes would be douche bags but you're actually really respectable.

rexy_unchained8 karma

why thank you. and to you and the reddit community, I think you guys are the most progressive thing to happen to the internet. The idea of autonomy and dedication is really admirable. It's a wonder what people can accomplish when it comes to something they're truly passionate about. its like encarta versus wikipedia. take care bud.

tannerdanger5 karma

I need to know who's dick you had to suck to get the domain name

rexy_unchained6 karma

Metaphorically? Nobody's.

tannerdanger3 karma

I'm just saying, that domain name alone is worth a whole lot of money. I have a weird fascination with valuable domain names and who ones them. This was a somewhat serious question as to how you got your hands on it. Did your company have to buy it or did they register it a long time ago?

rexy_unchained2 karma

My boss scooped it up in the mid 90s along with,,, and

tittybeater5 karma


rexy_unchained14 karma

I feel like this link best illustrates all of the disasters that can go on in a livecam show

ihateredd1t5 karma

Do you ever take advantage of your own "assets"?

Edit: I meant does he jack it to his own site....

rexy_unchained10 karma

Nah we just find them, book 'em and make sure everything goes swimmingly

chillypeppers4 karma

How old are you? have you experienced porn induced E.D.?

rexy_unchained3 karma

im at that wondeful wanderlust age of 32

ghostwriterforhire4 karma

Do tube sites make money? If so, how?

rexy_unchained6 karma

its all about internet trafific. for a quick break down

cyberomega4 karma

Skin Diamond, Misty Stone, Justine Joli and Princess Donna are my faves atm.

rexy_unchained2 karma

duly noted!

mastapasta3 karma

Please tell me at the 4th of July show they won't be sticking firecrackers in their asses. please

rexy_unchained4 karma

oh you just gave me a great idea

Nutella_Bacon3 karma

What shampoo do you use?

rexy_unchained4 karma

i buy whatever man shampoo is on sale, always some derivative of axe or some shit

xtimina2 karma

Have you ever slept with somebody you did hire? (Camgirls etc) Just one time?

rexy_unchained5 karma

no but i wanted to so so badly

duxONPC2 karma

how much do you earn?

rexy_unchained6 karma

50k ish

[deleted]1 karma


rexy_unchained4 karma

thank you for the suggestion, i'll jot her down right now

Mellyrox1 karma

What color is your underwear?

rexy_unchained3 karma

Right now? Naked as a Jay bird yawns

SolarWonk1 karma

Is there a secret porn mafia that will take you out if you try to enter the California porn business?

I ask for a friend...,

rexy_unchained2 karma

yeah don't mess with tony cilantro, he'll fuckin' kill ya

IKingJeremy0 karma

Neither of the twitter accounts you linked has made any tweets verifying that they are doing an IAMA, so,...this isn't really proof.

rexy_unchained2 karma

Well, what would satisfy as proof. Come 3pm, you'll see I'm not lying.

IKingJeremy1 karma

The proof that I am referring to is to whether or not you indeed

run the "livecams" department at a porn company.

All IAMA's require proof.

rexy_unchained5 karma

Okay, check my twitter now. Hopefully that's sufficient

IKingJeremy0 karma

That works.


rexy_unchained3 karma

No problem!

koky61-3 karma

nice best reddit topic whatever the fuck is called, for months

rexy_unchained6 karma

thanks dude!

Skulty-6 karma

Hi, Been around the scene for a while. Basically, your like a drug dealer, selling sex and you like to participate in the goods.

I feel sorry for you dude. Your never going to get married.

You are tainted by the job you do, it was cool at first, like porn, like a keyhole peeping thing, but after thousands of keyholes, then its just not exciting.

Good for you though, keep peeping and consuming.

In 30 years maybe or 20 or 10 it may be the reason why your life is not as it should be.

rexy_unchained1 karma

Aw, I don't need your pity, fellow smut peddler! With all due respect, you don't know a goddamn thing about me and to make these presumptions are just...naive and ignorant. The only way you'd be able to make such an intimate, almost Nostradamus-like evaluations is if you knew me, and you don't. Just by reading what I write isn't a portal into who I am.

Good hunting, old boy.

donfan1 karma

most ignorant comment here...congrats. What about his job makes him a bad person or destined to be alone? Everyone needs to make a living and hes doing so with something he enjoys and went to school for. The porn industry is huge and just because you are a part of it doesn't make you a bad person. I'm sorry that your 'morals' deem it unfit but what he does with his life is no ones concern but his and who he chooses to surround himself with.

rexy_unchained1 karma

Thanks for that.