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If you were to win the lottery

what would be the first thing you'd buy?

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Recently there was an episode of Workaholics (which is a comedy that airs on Comedy Central) which revolved around the 3 guys falling in love with an actress over a livecam type of website.

When they found out that all 3 of them were in love with her,they did some detective work and figured out where she "lived",and when they found the "home" it turned out that it was an office building like any other and the "room" that she was filming from was just a small cubicle that was decorated to look like the corner of an average teenage girls room.

And the entire building housed 15+ livecam girls that were all in cubicles that was decorated differently and all ran on strict schedules and had rules like any other office.

Is that really what it's like? or do these girls actually broadcast from their home?

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I found your album several years ago through a music blog and really enjoyed what I heard.I wish to thank you for what you did,it certainly brightened up several dark days for me.

But here's a fun one

What other names were considered for the band before you settled on DEATH?

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What about sexual noises?

Alot of us attribute things life a woman moaning to sexual arousal since puberty.

How has this affected you in your love life?

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What was your new years resolution?