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That sounds about right, lol. My step grandfather joined the German army at the age of 16 and was in charge of his own Panzer IV. (I say German not nazi because he didn't believe in the nazi party; just doing his part for his country. Proof is that my grandfather on the other side of the family is Jewish)

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Who were the session musicians for the intro and credits?? The band sounded really tight.

Also, how much do you end up composing and using live musicians? A film composer friend of mine (sci-fi network movies mostly) uses almost all samples

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Aw come on. You catch the backend part but not the well endowed?

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In terms of programming, you start to build up a library of solutions to problems that you can rely on. Over time, you can refine those solutions.

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Speaking of... Just a heads up: the Saudi internet is heavily regulated and monitored. Just be careful about what you're posting unless you're going through some sort of proxy.