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Hey on the plus side, you got some awesome face genetics.

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Haha, thanks!

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Prepare for creepy PMs. But don't worry it's mostly 14 year old boys who would probably run away from you in real life.

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Thanks for the warning!

clint_taurus_200215 karma

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I've added it to my CV "Experienced ET hand model look-alike"

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PSA: If you haven't read what happened to OP's hand, read this:


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I wish my supervising technician had told me this when he saw me working away...

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I know a good PI lawyer if you're interested in making some real money. /s

amysplat622 karma

To be very truthful, money really, really doesn't bother me!

"Some people are so poor, all they have is money"

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So you are rich too, eh?

amysplat425 karma

Definitely not!! All on the NHS!

amysplat318 karma

(and a very poor student!)

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What happened to your hand?

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I was working on a polishing machine, polishing a metal box, when the glove I was wearing caught in the wheel and pulled my hand onto the rotating mop for 2-3 seconds. I managed to stop the machine and get my hand out. It didn't come out shiny...

edit: for a full log, I wrote a blog as it all went along:

edit2 2: just in case the person who give me Gold didn't see in the description, THANK YOU!!! :D

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I think i love you.

i mean heh nice hand...err...i hope you feel better.

scampers away

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Definite upvote for 'scampers away'

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Holy shit. Was it a jeweler's buffing wheel?

Great, now I'm terrified forever.

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Indeed it was...

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I stupidly stuck my finger into a wood lathe so I could feel how smooth the wood was. It pulled my finger in and took off enough layers that blood could lightly ooze from parts of the wound. The freaky part was the finger length layers of skin were all hanging off the tip of my finger.

This was HS shop class and nobody saw. I played it off, cut off the hanging skin and wrapped it up. It was close to the end of class and the day so I just kept my hand in my pocket wrapped up.

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Super cringe. Did you go to the hospital?

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As someone who frequently works polishing metal, (particularly small pieces) I'm really glad I saw this. I just recently heard not to wear gloves with spinning machines and now I know why! To think I was at risk of this for an entire semester o.O

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When that metal gets hot, don't put gloves on! Just leave it to cool!!

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Thats my left hand, We should high five some day

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Dude! Let's totally high five!

Blindsniper45178 karma

Anyway, it looks like you had a much harder time than me, I must congratulate you on your recovery, It must have not been easy. Do you have nerve damage ? because I have nerve damage in the bit where the white skin is(in the pic, this was last year), and on my pinky between the tip and the first joint on the outside, makes it real hard to feel when I'm pressing shift or control.

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Was it a burn? Not as bad as you by the sounds of it - I think my nerves are pretty okay now thanks to the graft (maybe?) but it feels a bit funny in either hot temperatures or cold temperatures.

Blindsniper45217 karma

luckily not a burn, I came home from school after I wrote the crappiest math test in the history of crappy tests and our house's power was out, so that meant that our electric gate would not open, so I proceed to climb onto a pillar next to our gate and jump down into our property, but as I'm falling my hand snags onto the palisade (the same type as this). I immediately knew I would need to go to the hospital, I applied pressure with my right hand, waddled into my house and shouting for help and looking for a place to sit because I was extremely tired and out of breath(from shock maybe). My day actually only improved from then. I went to the hospital, they gave me some awesome drugs, I had an adjustable bed with a remote and I had my phone and earphones, listened to the House MD theme song, and texted my friends. I had surgery at 12 that night and the anesthetic made me sleep quite nicely. Also caused me to miss two exams which I was grateful for.

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Haha sounds like your day picked up a lot! Your story/photo made me cringe. Looks like you got out lucky! I agree, the drugs they give you are awesome and the anaesthetic made me sleep wonderfully. Did you ever have to retake the missed exams?

Blindsniper4589 karma

yea I did have to retake the exams, but I was grateful for the off day in the middle of the week. I'm also glad because it really didn't ever hurt much, my hand was in pain for the 30 minutes I waited in the ER, until they gave me something that made the pain go away and made me quite happy. Never once hurt after the surgery, and that is why your injury looks so much worse, it looks like it hurt an awful lot. another good thing about the hospital was this

amysplat157 karma

Dude, my family got me ice-cream:

Mine hurt a hell of a lot coming up to the operation but the same as you, not much after. Physio was pretty painful, I wasn't expecting that! I just thought I'd unravel my bandages and be fixed! Ah, the weeks of attempting to bend my fingers...

lemmingsoup36 karma

Co-op chocolate icecream, awww yeah! Anyway, two months strikes me as a really short time for the amount of healing shown in the "progress" photos. Have any idea if your recovery (up to that point) was particularly fast or was it pretty much as expected given your injuries?

amysplat52 karma

I also couldn't flatten my hand for ages! Ring finger is still slightly bent too. I think it was pretty quick recovery because of my skin graft, without having it I think it would have taken a LOT longer to heal.

I also had the bags... The worst was when I had my foot in bandages as well as my hand. Having to have a bath every morning when you're in a rush gets annoying after a few days... And fucking buttons indeed... And shoelaces!! Fucking bows...

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I hope you live long and prosper.

amysplat260 karma

And I hope the same to you :)

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amysplat209 karma

* bad...

Peace and long life!

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Thanks so much for your story and information, you don't realise how nice it is to know that I'll have fatter fingers again! Really, thank you.

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Geez! That looks intense. Could we possibly get a picture of the pressure glove? I kind of want to see it since I don't know what it actually is.

gingerXgiant408 karma

OP delivers! What exactly does that do, other than look cool?

amysplat495 karma

Thanks for thinking it looks cool! It flattens the scar - if I didn't wear it, the scar would become very fat and restrict the movement in my hand quite a lot.

jarrettgabe158 karma

Do you wear another glove on the other hand to match it and make you look badass? Because if you don't, you should. Fingerless gloves are awesome.

amysplat155 karma

Haha no, but I really should!

withmorten87 karma

Do you need to wear the glove forever, or just for a set amount of time?

And also, will the skin on your foot grow back or is that gone forever?

amysplat160 karma

For up to 2 years after my last operation - so until July 2014 for me, just whilst the scar matures. The skin on my foot has grown back but it's much thinner and blisters quite easily

withmorten49 karma

Thanks for the answer!

I read that other comment about running and blistering, too, I was just wondering if the foot will ever return to its "original" state.

amysplat52 karma

My bad! I would have thought so in time.

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you are gore-geous

amysplat179 karma

Smooth ;)

squirrelbo1252 karma

I'm sure there is a masturbation joke in here somewhere.

amysplat253 karma

Only if I was a guy...

Excentinel232 karma

That just means there's a handjob joke here:

If that's what happened to your hand, does he even have a dick left?

amysplat217 karma

Someone already commented this joke earlier, you're too late! ;)

iia186 karma

I just want to say that Craftygrafty is an awesome fucking name. Good job.

amysplat103 karma

Haha thanks :D

satanicwaffles148 karma

Not sure how to phrase this, but what is the cause of the skinniness of your fingers on the injured hand? It it due to the injuries, the compression glove, genetics, or something I haven't thought of?

Also, your surgeon, Mr Rauf appears to have a fantastic beard. Is it really as good looking in person?

amysplat201 karma

Pressure glove!

He does indeed have a fabulous beard. I have had a bit of a grope of it. He is a gentleman!

jdhovland144 karma

How's your sensitivity in that area now?


Are/were you left handed?

Do you have an alternative cool story to tell about the origin of your scar so, once your audience is wide eyed and mouth agape, you can say "just kidding, here's what actually happened.."?

amysplat304 karma

Sensitivity is odd, sometimes very sensitive to things such as temperatures but duller when you prod it.

I can't fully straighten my ring finger which is a bit of a pain in the ass but apart from doing hand stands, I can do pretty much anything else fine!

I'm not, I'm right handed which is a jolly good job!

I'm still finalising the details but I was going along the story of "So, as I was protecting the Queen as she made for her escape from the assassins, in the palace, I jumped out the window, glass flew everywhere, and grabbed hold of the rope hanging from the helicopter but my grip failed and I slid down the rope, burning my hand whilst shooting back and killing the assassin. Just another day on the job"

bhawke01120 karma

so since you have skin from your feet. Does it ever feel ticklish like your foot is?

amysplat177 karma

Actually, yes!

Solous143 karma

Now for the most important question: does your hand ever get that weird super-deep itch that happens very often beneath the sole of your foot? Because if so, it's just adding insult to injury.

amysplat182 karma

YES. I have to seriously itch that thing.

megustadotjpg40 karma

Does it begin to smell more easily when you're writing etc?

amysplat54 karma

Surprisingly no, but I do take the glove off regularly throughout the day to wash my hand

bhawke013 karma

That's actually really funny! so holding hands could be difficult?

amysplat11 karma

Holding hands is okay, just like wearing shoes doesn't tickle. But as soon as someone tickles that shit, ima thump them.

jdhovland74 karma

Wow, what about the other assassin(s)? Did they just run away, or did they keep shooting at the helicopter?

Thanks for the answers.

amysplat179 karma

Chuck Norris arrived just in time.

Waelsleahta2 karma

Just out of curiosity, did the injury and following surgery/graft result in Dupuytren's contracture? This is essentially scar tissue on the tendons which makes it difficult to extend the fingers fully.

Anyway, best wishes for a speedy recovery!

amysplat8 karma

Not on the tendons, but the scar did contract quite a lot so my fingers weren't straight. Had to have a second operation to straighten them out

picklelady3 karma

My daughter burned all skin off both hands and forearms 2.5 years ago. She's having her first surgery soon to release the scars so that she can straighten her fingers again.

My question: how bad does the surgery suck/what's recovery like? The hospital makes it seem like no big deal, 'cause I'm sure they do it all the damn time. But really, like, if you were 9-- how much would it suck?

amysplat4 karma

Honestly, the surgery doesn't suck at all. It hurts for a couple of days (and with painkillers, it's really not bad at all) and that's it. Having 50 stitches out sucked a bit, I called my Mum and talked to her whilst I had them out but that's probably the worst bit. I really hope your daughter handles it well, she sounds like a tough nut!

PacManDreaming112 karma

Hope you recover fully, OP. And I don't think there's anyone here that wouldn't be happy to hold your hand.

amysplat115 karma

You're sweet, PacManDreaming :) I hope you have nice dreams tonight!

Ulti98 karma

I'm going to have to say that you need to tally up all the "ohgodiloveyou" comments at the end of this AMA, because I have never, ever seen one person get so many. I know that's not really a question!

amysplat127 karma

Haha, this makes me go a bit girly and squeely. I did have a little sneaky one from my actual boyfriend which was probably the one that I found the most flattering!

krimsonmedic89 karma

I'm sure it was extremely painful, but this wasn't as bad as I had assumed... visually that is. Er, it doesn't LOOK as bad as I thought it might.

amysplat108 karma

No, it's turned out pretty amazingly! I'm very chuffed with it :)

bggp9q4h5gpindfiuph98 karma

Yes, but are you chuffed to bits?

Inquiring American minds want to know.

amysplat224 karma

I am awfully chuffed to bits, the surgeon did a jolly good job, I think it's bloody marvellous!

riprat53 karma

How's your foot?

amysplat82 karma

It's pretty good - blisters quite easily though. If I run for a length of time, it gets very sore and blisters. It's just thinner skin I guess

t0mcat32 karma

How do you deal with that? Just run less?

amysplat49 karma

Nah, lots of plasters... I've also got this stuff called Kelo-cote which is like a silicon gel that's meant to act as protection from rubbing but I don't think it works very well...

Tattycakes47 karma

Couldn't they have taken skin from somewhere that wouldn't be under such constant stress from walking and weight bearing, or was it something about foot skin that makes a good match for hand skin because they are so similar? Also, you are so ridiculously beautiful it brings a tear to my eye.

amysplat54 karma

You're right, the similar skin works best so despite being off my feet for a few weeks, it turned out the best in the end.

And your compliment made me blush. A lot. Regardless that I'm just staring at my computer screen.

And happy cake day :)

PichinchaV48 karma

What was the most painful part of the whole experience?

amysplat127 karma

The healing - my Mum had to clean my hand with iodine and salt water for 2 1/2 weeks, once a day. I couldn't wear bandages - I had to have a special plastic bag over it each of those days so it was pretty raw inside and yukky :/ lots of... juices...

edit: only had to clean it every day until my operation!

picklelady14 karma

oy! How long was it from injury to surgery for you?

My little one was in surgery within hours, and thankfully did not have to have grafts. We used a film impregnated with pig skin cells and hormones and stuff that made her own skin re-grow like mad (it was brand new and rare to find stuff in the US at the time). That stayed on for 10 days. Removing that was painful as hell, but I can't imagine having to scrub it even once.... ouch!

amysplat13 karma

2 1/2 weeks... most painful weeks I've ever had. Still not sure why it took so long... The pig skin thing sounds awesome!! I wish I'd had that :(

Coastie0715 karma

Why Iodine and salt water?

I think alcohol would be slightly less painful, and probably a bit quicker.

amysplat17 karma

Iodine just to kill any germs (and I guess I can't get drunk off it...) and the salt water to equally speed up healing - I'd recommend the salt water baths to anyone.

PetterDK46 karma

At first, I upvoted your post solely because you noted what kind of NSFW your post was in the title. Good job – Reddit needs to do this all the time!

But then I actually read/saw the post and now I just want to say that I hope you make full recovery if that is possible.

amysplat23 karma

Really, thank you :)

bean22038 karma

How was your experience with the nurses and plastic surgeons working with you?

amysplat81 karma

They were awesome guys and girls - very helpful, very informative. I couldn't have asked for better care. There was a point where I was in so much pain but my drugs were causing me to be very sick and they saw me (despite being very busy) without any prior appointment. Any problems I've come across, they've always made time to see me. I'm very grateful for the NHS!

Chaular31 karma

I hope this doesn't come off as rude, but do you think those 2 fingers will return to their original size (so to speak)?
Also, what is a z-plasty/what do you mean by releasing the scars?
If it's any consolation, I think you might have gotten unlucky with your hand, but luckier in the face department.

amysplat51 karma

Don't be worried about coming off as rude :)

I've been told they might fatten up a little after the glove is off but my knuckles will always stay lumpy.

When a scar matures, it becomes very tight and contracts. As this was happening over my fingers, I couldn't straighten my hand properly and my fingers were curling up. A z-plasy procedure cuts zigzigs into the scar, flips the scar around a bit and sews it back down again - it's a bit difficult to explain. But it worked!

And thanks :D

LobsterTache30 karma

What do you do with your hand for the one hour a day you didn't wear the pressure glove?

amysplat68 karma

Shower, moisturise - I now don't have any sweat or oil glands so the scar gets very dry which makes it tight and uncomfortable. When it first healed enough, I was having to moisturise for 5min, 6 times a day. Now it's more like 3min, 4 times a day.

sekai-3129 karma

Can we see your other hand for comparison please?

sajmonides69 karma

How did you take that picture?

amysplat123 karma

Took a photo of my left hand, swapped hands and took a photo of my right, then a little help from Photoshop to merge them!

huixqui26 karma

What was the extent of the injury? Was it only skin or did parts of your bone get injured?

amysplat44 karma

Luckily only skin - I didn't break any bones or damage anything too much. I lost my nerves, sweat and oil glands

Mcmackercracker23 karma

Do people often ask you to explain what happened when they see one part of your hand looks different from the rest? Do you find this awkward or are you happy to explain everything (as long as they ask nicely)?

amysplat60 karma

People think I'd be offended if they asked why I wear a glove on one hand or think it's some form of fashion statement - I'm happy to explain everything! I'd prefer that then them having to ask someone behind my back as if it's some big secret.

Imaginativenamehere14 karma

Have you started coming up with any awesome lies for when people as how it happened?

If not you should, it will keep it entertaining.

amysplat22 karma

I'm open for suggestions! Reddit, help me think of a really cool story!

NotTheory14 karma

Hand injury pals! :

On the bright side, you have a pretty cool super villain story now. Hope the pain's better; and it actually came out looking pretty good. It's also a great story for parties, especially for squeamish people.

amysplat15 karma

Your photo was awesomely gross!! You did a good job! Hope you're healing well!

Krehlmar8 karma

Did the whole intern ever ever tell you you're beautiful?

Well you are. Have a nice day.

Oh and I can relate on the hand, had a huge glass crushed in my hand, 40+ stitches. Nothing like showering with a bag on yer hand!

amysplat4 karma

:D thank you. Have a nice day too!

Ouch to your story, I can agree with the bag on the hand showering! And having stitches out sucks. I had 40+ too!

RakoGumi7 karma

I wish you all the best, here some questions not about your hand or good looks :)

  • What is your favourite food?

  • What is the most awesome place you ever visited?

  • What is your style of music?

  • What do you do during your down time?

Keep your spirit, you seem like an awesome person!!

amysplat17 karma

Food: Pasta/Pizza Most awesome place: St Mont Michel/Paris/Florence/Venice Music: Blues, rock, indie stuff - The Black Keys/John Mayer kinda thing Down time: read my books. Currently ploughing through The Hobbit!

Thanks :D

wesker126 karma

yo im guessing hand jobs are a bitch?

Now seriously speaking, as a pre-med student, I'm glad your grafts took so well! You had a good surgeon!

And its a dope hand, do you still have full dexterity and shit?

amysplat4 karma

Haha, heard it before ;) I did indeed have a fantastic surgeon! I have most of my movement back, struggle with the hook finger position a little but that's about it!

pompalomp5 karma

What's the best thing which has resulted from your accident?

Will you have dinner with me tommorow night?

(Weird one) If you could go back in time, would you stop yourself from having the accident?

amysplat18 karma

I have realised how awesome your body really is; never neglect it or abuse it.

If I could go back in time, no. It caused a lot of good things to happen and I have a cool story to share! I like to think it has made me wiser but that is seriously debatable...

And yes, I will have dinner with you tomorrow night. Fancy cooking me a scrummy pasta dish for me, then we can munch on popcorn and watch The Walking Dead?

bigbudtrill4 karma

Are you self conscious about the scar/ do you get annoyed when people ask about it?

amysplat8 karma

I never get annoyed at all when people ask about it - it got a little annoying when I first did it because it really was multiple times a day, every day for about 2 months. But I'm totally cool about it now! And I don't really get self conscious about it, no. I like to think it's something not very many girls have!

Astronaut_Loulou4 karma

How do you get your hair like that? Not a lesbian, but you're definitely the most attractive woman I've ever seen.

amysplat6 karma

Condition and curlers!

_invalidusername3 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, how painful was it?

amysplat11 karma

On the day - 5

Over the next 2 1/2 weeks before surgery - 10

Post surgery - Hand - 3, Foot - 7

Physiotherapy - 7

XerxesJF3 karma

Congratulations on your progress and thanks for doing this AMA.

You often hear from people that have had injuries such as yourself that the way they see other people has changed. Many say that their bonds with other people have become stronger.Would you say that that's true for you as well?

amysplat8 karma

I only really feel more of a relation to burns victims now, simply for the fact I know what they've been through. I cannot express the compassion I feel for full body burn victims - my small burn was painful enough! I truly can't express what the pain must have been for them.

leew983 karma

What part of England do you live in( the north, south etc.) Did that sound creepy? It wasn't meant to

amysplat5 karma

Middle :D

leew984 karma

Have you every had a bad experience with the NHS? Not just with this incident but overall?

amysplat7 karma

Never - I think a lot of people don't realise how awesome they are and find any reason to have a good moan about them. I think they're bloody awesome!

leew984 karma

Do you think the press just want to find anything bad with the NHS currently? I have never had a bad experience and I don't know anyone that has but their are stories every day in the media about something bad

amysplat6 karma

I believe the media try to publicise the nation's complaints, despite them only being the minority. 'Shocking' NHS horror stories sell papers! Saying how well treated we actually all are gets boring after a while!

internet_interpol2 karma

Can I see what your pressure glove looks like?

EvisGamer2 karma

So the 24th hour, where you don't have to wear the glove... that's for some personal "me" time?

amysplat6 karma

If personal "me" time you mean showering and moisturising, then yes.

(I'm right handed...)

Kevinwilson8212 karma

How does the pressure glove work?

amysplat8 karma

It acts like a layer of skin, stopping the scar tissue from getting too knotted up and lumpy. It forces my collagen fibres in my skin to lie flat instead of going lumpy and forming a fat scar.

nickburnin82 karma

Do you find yourself slipping the phrase "not since the accident" into conversations pretty often? Do you laugh when you say it?

amysplat6 karma

Not very often but when I do, I try to look mournfully into the distance. Then I do indeed chuckle to myself.

MCINTJ2 karma

You are super cute O.o, i would hold that hand any day.

amysplat2 karma

Aww you're sweet :D

smoquin1 karma

Why the glove?

amysplat11 karma

To flatten the scar - if I didn't wear it, the scar would become very fat and restrict the movement in my hand a hell of a lot.

Sochbat1 karma

Just seeing your pictures makes me want to high five you.

I don't think people high five enough. What do you think?

amysplat6 karma

My boyfriend and I are trying to master the perfect high-five. We miss a lot. But I agree, people definitely don't high five enough.