Hi reddit,

Everytime I tell someone how I lost my leg they ask a lot of questions. Then it occures to me that this was a much better way to answer them.

I have been experimenting all my life. 7 years ago I started experimenting with fireworks and explosives and it came to a point where I was able to synthesize some pretty complex explosives(TNT being my to achievement). On one unfortunate night I lost my lower leg due to an accident involving a self produced stick of dynamite(nitroglycerine+Ammonium nitrate, silvernitrate and petn primer)


Edit: proof in dutch. It wasnt world news i'm afraid



EDIT: been answering questions for ten hours now so im going to go to sleep :p will check back tomorrow since i'm on reddit everyday anyway so don't hesitate to post your question

To all of you, thx alot, I had a great time. Except ofcourse the guys who called me.a dumbass, fuck you

Edit 2: since im having fun with it i will just keep answering questions till this thing dies down... But with breaks ofcourse :p you guys made me not pay attention to half of my lecture today xD

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gilgagoogyta144 karma

Why were you experimenting with explosives? What caused the dynamite to explode?

inferno1234208 karma


whymusticarryon101 karma

You started stamping on a toilet roll that contained nitroglycerin?

DV_DC27 karma

This. It takes two things to set off explosive heat and pressure and OP provided both. Side note GIs used to heat there food with C-4 just light it and it slowly burned however it was well know to never stomp the flame to extinguish it. I always wondered if it really worked.

BackScratcher25 karma

Mythbusters did an episode on this. C4 can't be set off with anything short of a blasting cap, you could hit it with a sledgehammer and it still wouldn't go off. It's actually pretty awesome how stable C4 is.

inferno123442 karma

Thats why its such a widely used explosibe

DV_DC5 karma

Sources confirm that C-4 can not be detonated by stomping in it while its on fire but you were dealing with something different. Do you think this could have caused the explosion? Was there ever any investigation to why or was it just left up to you were fucking around with nitroglycerin trying to make TNT and left at that?

Forgive me if this was asked, looked through the comments and didn't see. Thanks.

inferno123410 karma

What exactly? I think the fire set off the explosive, but there is no way to be sure. It might be a coping mechanism to shift some.of the blame away from myself

DeathByNUUUU84 karma

Follow up question, how did your father respond to the news?

inferno1234141 karma

First time i saw my dad cry, only one at that. I still have a letter from.him.somewhere. Touching stuff

thefattestman2225 karma

why in gods name did you light it on fire?

inferno1234225 karma

How else would you test flammability?

800imawesome20 karma

If it caught on fire, I wouldn't stomp it out; I'd be sprinting in the opposite direction, presumably screaming "SSHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIITTTT"

inferno1234107 karma

If you would be able to think rationally maybe. However i was just in caveman mode: man.see fire, stompstompstomp

DonMahallem24 karma

Did the same when my experiments caught fire. (Ammoniumnitrate and Diesel was it I think) aftermath: shoe got ruined, I lost a lot of bodyhair and was quite deaf for some days but luckely nothing that bad. Never touched anything like this besides blackpowder again

inferno123424 karma

Finally someone with some field experience who did the same. Thx for confirming its a natural instinct

Quantumtroll11 karma

Heh, I understand what you mean. My (sometimes idiot) brother once turned a relatively controlled little fire into a minor disaster when he instinctively kicked said fire. Not stomp, because it was burning too high, but an outward kick that sent burning pine needles flying over a wide area, with the expected consequences.

inferno123414 karma

Exactly! One small mistake can have large consequences

Clay_Statue101 karma

You will either have a great career as an industrial chemist or a terrorist.

inferno1234176 karma

I am an aspiring pharmacist these days, since I later took an interest in synthesing drugs and their workings instead of explosives.

Still alot of chemistry involved though.

snowbie36 karma

You mention your ability to synthesise chemicals and a later interest in drug synthesis and pharmacy...

Excuse me for asking an obvious question but I feel the need to for curiosity's sake (and PM me if you don't want it on here) - have you ever synthesised any form of drug, particularly of the illicit kind?!

inferno123466 karma

Haha good question! The precursors for illicit drugs are very well monitores and.much less common. So i have never done it.

Also to synthesize something I would take sounds dangerous

tokinUP17 karma

This makes me wonder how controlled/monitored Mimosa Hostilis root bark is...

inferno123430 karma

Not at all, i did an extraction once for personal use.. Hardly a synthesis thoufh

thePZ3 karma

From what I've read MDMA and LSD synthesis are pretty easy for someone who has a good understanding of organic chemistry and a distillation apparatus

inferno12342 karma

I thought those where the hard ones?

Doesnt matter, the thing is those precursors (MDA and ergotamine if im not mistaking) are very closely monitored

ebolaRETURNS3 karma

Most syntheses for MDA and MDMA begin with safrole (or sassafras oil, from which you'd have to extract the safrole). If you're really lucky, you begin with 3.4-methylenedioxy-phenylacetone (and then perform a reduction a la pseudoephedrine---->meth). While it is possible to methylate MDA, usually the MDA itself is simply sold.

The LSD synthesis is considerably more difficult than that of MDMA.

inferno12342 karma

Thx for the info!

thePZ2 karma

You would start with Safrole or Sassafras oil before you get MDA I believe, been a while since I've brushed up on those

And I was regarding the synthesis being easy, not getting the reagents. But they're definitely possible to get just gotta know where to look

inferno12342 karma

That's true

friedjumboshrimp81 karma

Did you get the recipe from the world wide web? Did you face criminal charges.

inferno1234185 karma

Yes i got the recipe off the internet, and no, the police thought I suffered enough

TwoTril115 karma

Wow, GG cops.

inferno1234171 karma

Dutch cops are nice guys

Phob01 karma

07 was a different time entirely, im sure that mentality has changed drastically now.

also why did you light the glue on fire i am having trouble understanding this

inferno12346 karma

Because i wanted to know if it was flammable. I did not want it to ignite in my face when i lit the explosibe

ChickenWiddle4 karma

Jolly Rodger cookbook?

inferno123414 karma

No, far as sources go thats one of the worst

friedjumboshrimp59 karma

Have you ever dressed up as a pirate at Halloween?

inferno123481 karma

Yes, but no wooden peg for a leg unfortunately. It was more of an excuse. I put on an eyepatch and called myself a pirate. When people denied it i said i was more of a pirate then them since i had a wooden leg.

friedjumboshrimp23 karma

That's cool, I almost didn't ask that question for fear of it being perceived as offensive.

inferno123499 karma

Its the internet. Dont be scared ;)

JaroSage13 karma

Damn, I was gonna asked if you owned a peg leg. Just for special occasions.

Do me a favor: when you get really old, grow out an awesome grizzly beard and buy a peg leg, then work on your badass pirate limp.

inferno123459 karma

I live with an art student who has been talking.for years about making novelty legs for me :p peg leg, robot leg etc

GhostedToast49 karma

Do you like hammocks?

inferno123465 karma

Who doesn't?

Mcmackercracker46 karma

As only a teenager, how did you manage to acquire chemicals such as nitroglycerine and ammonium nitrate? Could you really just buy them online or from a chemicals warehouse with no questions asked?

inferno123482 karma

I live in Holland where chemicals are harder to acquire than in america. It took alot of searching the web and purifying to get the chemicals.

Many times cashiers asked me what I intended to do with the products(such as 5 kg of drain cleaner) but if you've done your research you have an answer ready. Most of the products where legal anyway

redrick_schuhart70 karma

Did you use different voices?

inferno123434 karma

That was hilarious

legbrd17 karma

I get that you can get most chemicals from commercial products, but where did you get toluene from?

inferno123446 karma

Distilled out of sticker remover iirc

legbrd14 karma

Really? I thought it wasn't allowed in commercial products any more. Either I'm wrong, or this was before the ban.

inferno123442 karma

Alot of things that arent allowed are still available.

I bought 96% sulfuric acid as drain cleaner.

However, it was more than.5 years ago. I traded chemicals with fellow chemists, purified mixtures and did loads of internet searches. I don't recall where i got everything individually

klrjhthertjr15 karma

If you got the drain cleaner for the NaOH then you can buy that pretty cheap on amazon. I use it for making hydrogen. About 12$ a pound.

inferno123437 karma

Drain cleaner is 99% NaOH and costs less than a euro per pound

Chazstic36 karma

What was your reaction after the accident? How did your parents react?

inferno123449 karma

My father had always been a very neutral yet supportive type on.the matter, and also after the accident remained this position. My mother was very worried and a tad angry at my dad for supporting me.

Chazstic40 karma

Your dad seems chill as fuck.

inferno123440 karma

He is! :)

magikid36 karma

What sparked your interest in combining chemicals? Just want to make a big bang or an interest in chemistry?

inferno123443 karma

It started as an interested in.bangs and fires, but grew more chemical over time. It is not hard to make a big bang, but i wanted to make as many different explosives as i could

zParahax33 karma

Did this experience stop your experimenting or did you continue?

inferno123473 karma

Parents did not let me anymore, and the cops took apart my lab.

zParahax17 karma

So your parents knew you were making TNT? Is it too much to ask for parents like these

exikon14 karma

They probably knew he had a lab and did some stuff in there. I'd say they did not know he produced nitroglycerin.

inferno123447 karma

They provided me with a lab when they found out i was synthesizing explosives outside without any safety measures... I was not a very precautious person

Xaguta10 karma

Ha, was that before or after she brought you shopping condoms?

inferno123426 karma

Is that a thing mothers do? :p I stole my first condoms from my promiscuous father ;p

ThrowawaySkrillex6 karma

Was that before or after you lost your leg?

inferno12346 karma

Both :p condoms are expensive man

Edit to actually answer your question, i lost my virginity before i lost my leg

inferno123431 karma

For proof, I can look up an article but my name is mentioned. How do i go about this?

brownboy1325 karma

If you'd like to keep the information confidential, please use the message the moderators button to send us the information. We keep all information sent to us confidential.

inferno1234103 karma

Fuck it, i posted a link to the article.

tllewell26 karma

Do you ever get an itch or pain where your leg used to be?

inferno123447 karma

Used to be very painfull for the first 3 months. Took medication for that, now i almost never feel anything of it, maybe once every week i feel a "shock". Same goes for itches

Meltingteeth25 karma

FUCK phantom limb with a sandpapery stick. I have never felt something so maddening in my life.

inferno123415 karma

It sucks yeah

not_x_or_x_not9 karma


inferno12345 karma

It is right? You feel kinda helpless since you cant ich, apply pressure or do anything about it too!

drunkarder25 karma

Oh, google translate...."Together with two friends Good for a bang with the force of about twenty gun battles."

Chielts9 karma

hahah, "kanonslagen" are actually a type of fireworks. They're on sale for the NY eve celebration around that time.

Nothing fancy though, think of it as a loud gun shot. (kanon = canon, Slag = is something like shot, so its a canon-shot sound making fireworks :P )

inferno123411 karma

Upvote for the dutchmen!

Chielts2 karma

Mogguh ;)

inferno12346 karma

Always good to see a fellow dutchman

Jakabov24 karma

What did it feel like to have your leg blown off?

inferno123467 karma

It wasn't all that great

NippleandDimed22 karma

but did you learn your lesson?

inferno123442 karma

Nope, still live fire, fireworks and other dangerous shit

Kelly_Johnson21 karma

What do you think of illegal fireworks?

inferno123484 karma

Love em

PounderMcNasty20 karma

So is it fair so say that boom went the dynamite?

inferno123417 karma

Most definotely

ne14tennis18 karma

Did you almost die? I imagine you would have lost a shit load of blood. who found you and how long were you in hospital etc?

inferno123427 karma

Meh, i dont think so. I lost some blood but everybody including doctors kept assuring me that i would be fine (and believe me i asked)

asstits16 karma

Do people laugh at you irl when you tell your story?

inferno123428 karma

Hahahaha no they are waaaay to awkward for that. They feel sorry. I laugh though

SwagSnail16 karma

How did this impact your life the most, suddenly being a teenage amputee?

inferno123443 karma

I like to think it didnt, i was no sport fanatic, passed my year that year, no trauma, no depression, loads of friends and regular relationships.

There are some.activities i cannot embark in, but they are limited(rock climbing and such)

Maverician12 karma

I'm not sure if other's have asked, but how much of the leg is it?

If it is below the knee, I would imagine that rock climbing would still be quite viable, so long as you built up your arm strength. As far as I know, most rock climbers use their arms actually more than their legs (at least, for specific grips).

Apolliyon12 karma

Very much this! =) One of the best rock climbers I have ever seen was an amputee. She had this really cool foot that was perfectly shaped for climbing.

inferno123413 karma

Both of those comments were very inspiring! The allegory comes from the fact that one.of the times that i felt handicapped was when.choosing activities for a fay at school and.i wanted to rock climb but decided not to out of shame

coveritwithgas12 karma

This saddened me because I have two legs and have done very few two-legs-needed things lately. If you got your leg back, what's the first thing you'd do?

inferno123422 karma

Thats a thinker... Probably make.a fitness schedule.including squats since i can't do those now and it's a serious impairment

otherrehto10 karma

If you want to use very heavy weights, you would need a special foot to handle the load, but it just takes some creativity. Do a Youtube search for BK amputee squat and you'll see some examples.

inferno12349 karma

Thx for the tip man! I feel like I could.not go low enough but maybe i should just try. I do hpwever feel like if i do it wrong i'm.fucking up my back

otherrehto13 karma

You don't need to go to a low depth to have good form and not mess up your back.

Without a special prosthesis, there are four options:

  1. Squat normally to whatever depth your balance and prosthesis will safely allow.

  2. Squat from sitting - literally sitting.

  3. Build a cushioned support bench to go under your amputated leg and squat from kneeling on that knee at a height that allows full extension of your good leg. This is actually very easy. You just have to be careful not to roll out on your knee. That can be prevented with moulded/cut hard foam as a support.

  4. One-legged squats.

inferno12349 karma

Wow thx alot for the info, I will definitely look into that. Mind if I keep you in mind for questions.later on?

Peptatum14 karma

Do the other chemists in your pharm program think its badass? I imagine a lot of them did their own experimenting as well

inferno123419 karma

Some teachers do, the students don't really care. I have spoken.to many scientists who applaud my interests

totallynotmyalterego14 karma

I think you're pretty awesome. Loosing your leg to your own mistake isn't really that cool, but going on and becoming a pharamcist is. Cheers!

inferno123412 karma

Well thanks you :)

philloran13 karma

how did it feel when the explosion shattered your bone on a 1-10 scale?

inferno123434 karma

10 being ultimate pain? 7.5

philloran11 karma

haha fuck that, that would be a 10 on my scale, you are tougher than me :P

inferno123448 karma

A ten for me was the chemical burn over my whole stomach. I poured concentrated sodium hydroxide over my stomach, took me 2 hours to get through the hospital... 10 square inch burn blister. I still hate working with that stuff

philloran14 karma

fuuuckk dude i hope i never have to experience a chemical burn in my life haha that sounds terrible

inferno123415 karma

Im rooting for you :p they really suck

philloran11 karma

whats the thing you are most proud of in your chemistry endeavours?

inferno123419 karma

TNT was very impressive.

philloran8 karma

the explosion or just the chemistry involved in creating it

inferno123412 karma

Chemistry, its a step synthesis going.from toluene, to mononitrotoluene, to di- to tri-nitrotoluene

kscale1 karma

Dude when I was in school, I stole some NaOH flakes and put them in my lab coat. Within an hour they had absorbed moisture and metled down in my pocket. I felt some tingling on my body and realized what happened.

"OH ! SHIT !", Then I tore the lab coat and shit and threw them away ! Never again did I attempt chemistry without a haz suit !

( BTW, I also have an explosive past like u but i kept myself to KMno4 + Aluminium and Ammonium Nitrile + Gas. I was never brave ( in hindsight stupid ) enough to make Nitro ! )

inferno12341 karma

Haha great story! Still, you made one.of the.more serious flash powders. Good on yoi!

Wasting_My_Days10 karma

Hey B. I don't really have any questions seeing as back in the day we were active on the same forums and a friend of yours described most of what happened in detail.

Just want to let you know that over the years I've told your story to many people who were thinking of picking up pyrotechnics or HEs. Now when I say 'people' I mean idiots (k3wls if you remember the term) and when I say 'told your story' I mean that it's been a bit of a way to scare people out of a hobby that's clearly not for them. This may sound blunt at first, but what I'm trying to say is that your accident might've at least prevented some others from suffering a similar faith.

inferno12347 karma

Haha well i guess it's good to be a cautionary tale :p hell yeah I remember the term !

evil_steve10 karma

Any regrets?

inferno123431 karma

Shoulda ran. Other than that no

Micelight9 karma

I was told I once got extremely close to losing an arm from doing similar stupid shit. My respect to you OP, and my admiration for what you were able to synthesize.

Personally, I had my fill and called it a day when we were a bit too careless with Acetone Peroxide.

inferno123417 karma

You mean you hurt yourself with AP? In that case you were lucky. Imho that stuff is the absolute most dangerous explosive there is. Super easy to make, commercially available ingredients and waaaay to sensitive. I never made it, not interestinf enough to be worth the risk

Micelight24 karma


inferno123413 karma

Yep, powerfull stuff for sure. And about your stupid move, I get it. Thats why this stuff is so dangerous. One moment of absentmindedness can cost you your hand. With you it didn't, with me it did.

Still, nice to find someone who is interested

Micelight7 karma

Yeah, must say, it pumped me up like nothing else. Crazy adrenalin rush. We did some other basic stuff that you'd expect out of chemistry naive teenagers who were self-teaching, but everytime it was a near rush of euphoria watching something you synthesized work.

Ironically, we made nearly equally as big explosions in chemistry class in highschool with jars full of hydrogen and magnesium.

inferno12347 karma

Yeah, as far as the bang goes high explosives are not that impressive. Its really only force in which they beat other explosives

For the less experienced: high explosives are molecules that detonate without confinement

Micelight2 karma

"Big" is the wrong word. 'Impressive fireballs' is what I'm trying to say. Though making Hyrogen-Oxygen rocket fuel was the best combination of both.

Ever synthesized any non-nitrogen/ammonia based compounds? How'd they turn out?

000008000005 karma

You realize you guys are probably going on a watchlist for these comments, right?

inferno123410 karma

Im on so many watchlists... I dont do illegal things anymore so i dont really mind

inferno12342 karma

Whats your definition of nin nitrogen based ? This device was my first ammonium nitrate based device. A list of the things i had made before that are: TNP, TNT, PETN mannitolnitrate, nitrocellulose, and i must be forgetting some. Then there are pyrotechnic mixtures.

imq9 karma

I feel sorry for you. Did you ever think that you had a leg and tried to do stuff but then remembered it wasn't there? How bad was the pain and what happened after the accident? like your dad heard the noise called the ambulance, felt pain or not. Please answer

inferno123431 karma

Two of those instances come to mind. Once i made a shot at pool and did not wear my prothesis. I jumped off the table in celebration and fell down.

Second time was when.i noticed an oddity on my foot and wanted to look at my other foot dor comparison. Didnt work out.

The pain was bad but not horrible, ive had large burns and.they hurt loads more. Ofcourse i was sedated after about 15 minutes.

After the accident my father ran(and fell) down the stairs to my lab. He yelled at my sister to call an ambulance. I remember thinking and asking if i was going to die. Directly after the explosion i ran for at least 5 meters, call it adrenalin. The police came first and asked a bunch of asshole questions:

Is there still fire? "no" Are there more explosives? "Not even.enough to blow up a doll house"

They did not go inside regardless, didnt helo or comfort me. Assholes. Then the military came and set off a perimeter. The whole neighbourhood was locked down(unnecesarily). Then the ambulance came. They were helpfull and.supportive. Sedated me, brought me to the hospital. There the questiom arose wether or not to keep the leg. The choice was this: lose the leg and walk within a year, or keep the leg and.always be.in pain and on.crutches. My parents chose to amputate and i think they made the right choice

DvDPlayerDude9 karma

Where did you buy/find the chemicals to make such a explosive? And where did you learn to make it? The Anarchist Cookbook?

inferno123426 karma

The anarchist cookbook is a very bad source. There are loads of forums with lots better info. I bought most of my stuff online, but it often.needed purificatio.

inferno123432 karma

I love how i have been telling this story to hundreds of people for years and they have never told me this, yet i go on the internet and all of a sudden everyone is blunt.

Think about it man, if i were standing in front of you, how fucking horrible would you feel for saying that? Not that it affects me but it is an awful thing to say.

DrBiometrics11 karma

The anonymity of Reddit gives people the license to say things they would not ever say in person. I bet 99% of the people calling you a dumb-ass in the thread would never have the guts to say that to you in person.

It is a double-edged sword. It is rude, and makes for less pleasant discourse. On the positive side, you learn more about what people actually think because they have the freedom to be totally honest. A lot of people who are supportive to you in person are probably silently thinking you were a dumbass.

FWIW, I think you are pretty bad-ass. The closest most of the people here have ever gotten to a real explosive is probably in Call of Duty.

inferno12345 karma

Its worth something ;) thanks for the observation man!

Talon1257 karma

Wow. I'm shocked no one has said this to your face. Not trying to be a huge jerk (maybe just a small jerk) but seriously. You made dynamite/explosives at age 15!? You were a dumbass. Fact.

inferno123417 karma

Most people say its an achievement. But whatever man, I'm just here to answer questions not to.be called an.idiot

DVagabond6 karma

What kind of prosthetic do you use? Do you have different prosthetics for different activities, such as running? Is it a lot different than walking with your natural leg? How long did it take to learn how to walk with it? Do you have balance or back-pain issues at all?

Sorry to ask all those leg questions ... it's just that I've wondered what it would be like having my own lower leg removed and replaced with a prosthetic, but there aren't many people around who have actually gone through it to ask about what it's like. My normal leg is just messed up enough to be really frustrating to deal with, but I honestly don't know if it's frustrating enough that I'd actually want a prosthesis over my natural leg. It's something that I bounce back and forth in my head a lot.

Oh yeah, one more question: Pirates, ninjas, or robots?

inferno12347 karma

No worries man, i had expected more leg questions tbh.

I will post a picture of the prothesis in a minute.

I only have one prothesis, there are running protheses but i quit running a while ago. I do alot of fitness but it does not require alternate gear

At this point( 5 years) it is not much different to me. I get tired faster, and i get blisters faster but if i would wear high heals i would also.have this.

Because my ankle was only damaged they could make a very clean amputation which made the rehabilitation proces very easy. 3 months after my accident i walked without crutches.

I think my balance is less than regular, but its not a problen in everyday life, and my back is fine so far. I try to keep it that way with fitness

To have your own leg removed seems like a hard decision, but if you are considering it it must be hard. Discuss with your doctor and if you have any questions feel free to PM me!

Definitely pirates.

TwoTril5 karma

Would you recommend other kids (or adults) engage in similar activities (although perhaps with more caution)?

inferno123410 karma

I would. Chemistry is extremely interesting, and science aswel. With the majority of hobbies being multimedia related i can see our youth getting stupider by the year. I would be glad to see more children experimenting, maybe with something safer like crystallographt though

Chielts0 karma

Most of the info you needed to make that shit came from the internet... Kinda contradicting yourself there buddy.

I think the loss of your leg is a good example why you should leave this shit to chemists, and not 15 year old with a hobbyist chemistry set and an internet connect...

inferno12341 karma

I mean sitting on your ass watching movies, playing videogames. If you have an interest, pursue it.

kscale3 karma


inferno12345 karma

Iirc 50 mls in about 200 grams of ammonium nitrate, and the whole shabang blew up

brerrabbitt3 karma

Silver nitrate?

I've read up on the Brashear process. That stuff can be set off by harsh thoughts.

inferno123410 karma

You actually made me look it up, it was silver acetylide. Silver nitrate is not even explosive right?

brizna3 karma

Where'd you find your nitric acid? If you made it, what's the process you used? Thanks!

inferno12345 karma

Ordered it from a website for artists. It was used for etsing out metal. I also made it when possible by adding potassium nitrate to sulphuric acid. However without destilating this mixture it is only useful for maki.g nitrocellulose

vtjohnhurt3 karma

Have you ever tried to buy a pressure cooker on Amazon?

inferno12342 karma

Haha nope

everypanda2 karma

Most of the people in this thread calling you idiots are idiots themselves. I'd like to see them create half the stuff that you did.

Also you're going to become a Pharmacist, apparently that means nothing.

Kudos to you, you intelligent man. Keep on synthesizing!

inferno12341 karma

Thx for the compliment! I really intend to :)

WurdSmyth2 karma

I too love nitro glycerin and ammonia nitrate combinations. The power and excitement of working with these complex chemical compositions have always exhilarated me since I was young.. I'm sorry this happened to you.

inferno12344 karma

Thx for the compliment. That is exactly the way I feel! It is definitely a thrill.

However, most thrills come with risks

SnarkDeTriomphe2 karma

What was the actual mechanism by which your leg was damaged? Shock? Heat / burning? Mechanical damage? I'm unclear on the most common injury mode from explosives

inferno12343 karma

My ankle was shattered by the force of the shockwave. No burns. On my other leg I have a few bruises from small rocks flying

AuJaDe2 karma

lol at the people calling this kid dumb. He's not dumb, it takes a lot of mental aptitude to do what this kid did. Of course it wasn't safe, but how many of you only did safe shit when you were kids? Probably only one or two of you.

However, it was a dumbass move to step on it, but oh well, not every day is someone's bright day.

Hope you get to live a relatively normal life and get to do everything a two legged person can, it sucks losing a leg.

inferno12342 karma

Thx for the support! I lead a very nice life, i dont know about normal but thats not because of the leg ;)

docious2 karma

Insofar as you understand, is this method dangerous:

Tape a Picolo Pete and remove the stand. Then wrap with several layers of duct tape. Then hit the firework with a ball peen hammer lightly about 20 times. This turns it into an m80 style firework.

Is this super stupid?

inferno12341 karma

Stuff like this got my first account banned from the pyrotechnics forum. It is not stupid, but why not just buy M80s? If you want tp fuck around with fireworks, make some flash powder and put it in a hull. Big bang guaranteed

catfishingyou2 karma

Were you conscious after it happened? When did you first realise you were losing a leg or had lost your leg? What were your initial reactions?

inferno12345 karma

I was pretty unaffected, at least seemingly. I didnt cry, didnt scream. Life goes on.

I did not lose consciousness

mrthumb2 karma

Im sorry you lost your leg. I was fortunate enough to go through my experimenting without incident. Id love to share some storys sometime.

inferno12341 karma

Hit me!

ArtificiallySmart2 karma

In the article you said:

I don't do anything without my father. He sees to it that i perform every step safely.

Why did he allow you making explosives? he surely must've known that explosives like nitroglycerin can pretty much blow your face off if you mess up.

Also, wouldn't it have been safer if you just let it burn out, instead of throwing it on the ground and stomping on it?

inferno12347 karma

I did it before he allowed me, but i did it outside, or hastily when my parents were not home. He realised he couldnt stop.me.and gave me.a room, a fire extinguisher, a coat glasses and an.eyeshower etc.

As for your reasoning on my inappropriate reaction, yes, it was not the smartest move. However, if you see fire in.your explosiveslab, your instincts take over... At least mine did.

Qwertyrocks72 karma

Years ago when you started this interest, did you realize how dangerous it was? Did you ever expect something to go wrong?

inferno12342 karma

Realize yes, expect, no, otherwise i would not have engages in these activities

SonnyScott2 karma

Were your parents mad?

inferno12343 karma

More sad

virnovus2 karma

Have you ever made erythritol tetranitrate? A few years ago, I discovered you can detonate it by rapidly heating it in the presence of aluminum. I've detonated it by running electricity through a strip of thin aluminum foil that went through a clump of it, but usually by wrapping a small chunk of it in foil and lighting a flame under it. It's a lot safer than most other detonation methods I'm aware of. I think this is similar to the way tannerite works, but I didn't do enough experiments to be sure.

I only ever used chunks about the size of an aspirin, often to scare the geese away from the lake near where I lived. It was a lot louder than any fireworks you can buy, anyway.

inferno12341 karma

I haven't, this sounds mighty interesting though!

Morganicx2 karma

I almost lost the use of my legs from doing something incredibly stupid, so i can relate. I got lucky though. How does it feel going day by day knowing that you couldn't catch a break?

inferno12342 karma

I like to think it made me.who I am today, and I'm happy with that person. No regrets

Morganicx2 karma

Fkn Right. If it wasn't for the accident, I'd probably still be doing stupid things.

What a way to smarten up :D No regrets man.

Just to clarify, when i was 13 I decided it was ok to go mud bogging in the back of my step-father's truck. He though it was an ok idea as well. We hit a bump, I flew off the side and landed flat on my back, onto a rock. Doc's said that I was very lucky.

I only dislocated my spine from my hip, cracked three disks, shattered right elbow and ankle, punctured lung from broken rib, damaged kidneys, and severe concussion.

Wow, sorry if this beginning to sound like a pissing contest. Just wanted to say that you are a strong individual for coping, and that I can relate.

Almost relate :P

inferno12342 karma

Good for you man ! And I'm always up for a pissing contest xD