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So you are keeping your penis, but without testicles? Or do you plan to eventually remove that as well?

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You will either have a great career as an industrial chemist or a terrorist.

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Thanks, I didn't mean offense by asking the question. Honestly curious.

If you like to top, how can you get hard without the testosterone from your testicles? Or am I misunderstanding the physiology?

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I find that inches are good for general construction/carpentry where a tolerance of+/- 1/8" is sufficient. I find using fractions smaller than that are more difficult to remember and process simple arithmetic in my head, so I default to metric for woodworking and cabinetry.

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I have exactly the same thing. I've lost 40% vision in my right eye before initially getting diagnosed, while my left eye remained fine for many years before the doctor decided to begin treating it as well. I've now had laser surgery in both my eyes and follow my eye-drop/appointment schedule religiously. I got it about 10 years ago in my early twenties and my pressures have been stable ever since, so I haven't had any further vision loss.

Considering that treatment was available to you, wtf did you ignore your doctors advice and not take your drops?!

Secondly: Technology keeps marching on. You are young enough now that you will probably die an old man with bionic eyeballs. You will regain your sight somebody, it is just a question of when.