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nutsocharles716 karma

Oh. I feel sad. This has been going for four hours, so I probably won't get a response, and you probably won't see this. But I wanted to say thank you, so very much. I'm in my 30s now. When I was a kid, you and Mark Lynn-Baker brought my family together. When Perfect Strangers came on, we all jumped on the couch, parents teens and single digits like me. We sang "Sometimes the world looks perfect, nothing can be arranged..." (I still remember all the words). We watched you jump on the wagon and laughed at U.S.A. or Burst. We watched you and Cousin Larry in the mailroom at the paper, meeting Carl Lewis, the flooded basement....years after my brother had moved thousands of miles away and my dad had passed away, I bought my mom Perfect Strangers on DVD as a present for some holiday. It meant the world to her. You meant so much to us. When I did really well at something, in school or whatever, for years my mom and I did the Dance of Joy. Di, di, di, di, di-di, di-di-di-di, hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! LEAP. Anyway, as Balki you were not just a part of my life -- you were a wonderful part of it, and Perfect Strangers was and is a wonderful moment and memory of happiness as a family. Thank you, Mr. Bartokomous.

BronsonAlcottPinchot522 karma

That was lovely to read. I had similar memories of watching Carol Burnett with my family. Then I actually worked with her. It was magical. So are memories like this. Bless you.

nutsocharles138 karma

Bless you and thank you.

BronsonAlcottPinchot182 karma


ywkwpwnw42 karma

:))))))))))))))))))) Hi Bronson!

BronsonAlcottPinchot82 karma

How dee

Margaretto32 karma

Putting it Together was WONDERFUL! How was it working with Sweeney Todd, Capt. Jack, Fantine, and of course Carol?

BronsonAlcottPinchot53 karma

They were all wonderful. It was a happy happy group.

nonsensepoem13 karma

Conclusion: Entertainment can seem so inconsequential most of the time, but really it's not.

BronsonAlcottPinchot12 karma

That's true

Hosni__Mubarak286 karma

They should totally hire you to replace Chevy chase on community. Not as a similar character. But it's at least half of a good thought.

BronsonAlcottPinchot210 karma

You're right. :-)

WannabeNywriter156 karma

Perfect strangers, Beverly Hills Cop...FUCKING TRUE ROMANCE...classic dude. You NEED to be in more films.

BronsonAlcottPinchot193 karma

I kind of do. It's a sore point. But I don't mind feeling the pain for Reddit.

littlemamaqt31451 karma

Is it weird I am shaking my phone in giddiness over your uber coolness? It's not, right?

BronsonAlcottPinchot81 karma

No, it's so not weird.

ideashavepeople37 karma

True Romance is one of my all time favorites. So many great actors in that movie.

BronsonAlcottPinchot64 karma

Aw, thank you, on their behalf.

WannabeNywriter17 karma

Sorry bro, didn't mean to bring you down.

BronsonAlcottPinchot41 karma

No worries.

eye_fork99 karma

Eliot Blitzer from True Romance is my favorite character you've played. What is your personal favorite role?

BronsonAlcottPinchot108 karma

Eliot on film, and on stage Autolycus in The Winter's Tale

Letsgetitkraken34 karma

The hotel scene is one of my favorites of all time. Just wanted to say thanks for your part in that.

BronsonAlcottPinchot58 karma

Awwww, shucks.

porvidacs30 karma

Came to post this. Seriously, You played the paranoid straight man so well!

BronsonAlcottPinchot34 karma

Many thanks

bob-leblaw25 karma

Actually, the elevator scene was it for me. One of the best scenes of all time. You are an actor, motherfucker.

Edit: Linked the scene.

BronsonAlcottPinchot30 karma

Aw, thank you.

BillyBreen14 karma

How much of that scene was improv? Also, had you ever heard of Quentin Tarantino before you saw that script? Did you instantly know he would become Quentin Fucking Tarantino?

BronsonAlcottPinchot31 karma

The groundswell was just beginning at the time......

sixstringzen87 karma

Hi Bronson!

This is going to sound crazy - but somewhere around 1995, I was a young kid, all of about 12 years old, traveling with my cousin on a flight from JFK to LAX. You were sitting directly behind us and I think, if I remember correctly, you were with Amy Heckerling.

Anyway, for about an hour, my cousin (a girl) and I were in total 12-year-old-freak-out-mode because Balki Bartokomous was sitting behind us.

Finally we worked up the courage to chat with you and you were so awesome to us. You chatted with us like normal human beings and not like we were some young punk kids bothering a celebrity. You even gave us gum to chew on the descent!

Bottom line: you were a pretty standup guy and gave me a great first impression of a celebrity. Plus, I got a great story that I still tell to this day!

Anyway, I just wanted to see if you remembered that and to say thanks for being awesome!

BronsonAlcottPinchot84 karma

What a sweet memory. I am glad you remembered too. :-))))

sixstringzen25 karma

Haha! That's awesome - thanks!

BronsonAlcottPinchot37 karma

No problem.

angryku72 karma

Did you base the character of "Balki" on any particular ethnicity? If so, where did that inspiration come from?

BronsonAlcottPinchot149 karma

I was traveling in Makrinitsa & Volos, Greece when I developed Balki's accent.

BalkiBartokomous162 karma

Don't be ridiculous.

BronsonAlcottPinchot7 karma

I'll try.

MattDubbaU69 karma

Hi Bronson, I watched Perfect Strangers growing up all the time, you still do the "Dance of Joy"?

BronsonAlcottPinchot129 karma

Very rarely. But I'm capable of it.

PilotKnob67 karma

Just wanted to say "Hi!" and thanks for the memories.

BronsonAlcottPinchot85 karma

thank you for having the memories

PilotKnob34 karma

You just made my day, sir!

BronsonAlcottPinchot84 karma

Oh no I di-'nt!

rodmandirect29 karma

You seem to be answering almost every post, so I'm going to go for it. Kudos to you for providing me w much entertainment when I was younger. I enjoyed every episode and several of them stand out in my memory, like the piano episode. Props to you for owning the line "don't be ridiculous". I'm a big fan. Can you give me a "Don't be ridiculous" in your best Balki accent, please?

BronsonAlcottPinchot101 karma

Well of course I can, don't be ridiculous!

rodmandirect20 karma

Huge smile on my face, thank you sir. You totally went up a cool notch in my eyes, and I will take appraising note of your next project. Keep up the good work.

BronsonAlcottPinchot34 karma

I will. bestest wishes

tenehemia61 karma

Hey Bronson, the last time you did one of these we got to talking and you told me to tell my mom "hi" from you. Just reporting back that I did tell her "hi" and she says "hi" back.

BronsonAlcottPinchot69 karma


Smunny58 karma

Fine work on The Langoliers, I watch it pretty frequently. Did you ever get a chance to speak with Stephen King about the movie or role? How do you feel about the movie?

BronsonAlcottPinchot92 karma

Stephen was there on set and I enjoyed him very much. He was fun and witty and a great guy. I never watch myself so I can't say much about the movie. Except that I heard the Langoliers were kind of....low end

D3adkl0wn26 karma

If it helps I used to mimic your paper tearing insanity from that movie as a kid to scare the heck out of my little sister..

BronsonAlcottPinchot29 karma

Aw. :-)

GrampappyJoe25 karma

They looked awful and maybe it's just me but somehow that made it seem a little more awesome to me. after all, they're a made up creature maybe that's exactly what they were supposed to look like.

BronsonAlcottPinchot36 karma

Interesting spin.

oswaldcopperpot20 karma

Yeah, the story was awesome and you were the bright spot of the movie which otherwise felt a little made for tvish. Without your performance it would have been forgettable.

BronsonAlcottPinchot24 karma

Well, thank you. It's nice to feel appreciated.

4LostSoulsinaBowl11 karma

Are you suggesting that CGI meatballs weren't the height of creativity?

BronsonAlcottPinchot18 karma

I am vaguely insinuating as much.

snipersteve58 karma

If asked, would Serge appear in the new Beverly Hills Cop show?

BronsonAlcottPinchot79 karma


gqsmooth54 karma

Bronson! So many hilarious memories! Where'd the accent for Serge come from?

BronsonAlcottPinchot76 karma

I copied it from my makeup lady Lilli Ben Yair

Sa1ntB3trayus7 karma


BronsonAlcottPinchot12 karma


sureyado45 karma

Dun't be ridi-ka-louse

BronsonAlcottPinchot67 karma

OK, I'll try

mwproductions44 karma

I used to work at a T.V. station, and we found a super-old publicity shot of you as Balki. One of my co-workers hung it at his desk with a label below it that said, "WWBD? What Would Balki Do?"

BronsonAlcottPinchot60 karma

Wow. And now you can ask the man himself.

mwproductions28 karma

Indeed. So, what would Balki do?

Actually, what do you think Balki's favorite subreddit would be?

BronsonAlcottPinchot74 karma

Balki existed before the internet, yo!

Alkaline5640 karma

Hi Bronson! First let me say that I love your show. It has opened my eye to the beautiful that exists in all things worn and used. What spurred you to take on a project like this, using only salvaged materials?

You have a keen eye for design; are you self taught? If so, can you please give some resources that taught you everything you know? Were you always interested in these things growing up?

Thanks for the awesome show. (:

BronsonAlcottPinchot50 karma

I always used salvaged materials, they turn me on. I didn't take on the project so much as allow my wonderful producers to send up a wonderful crew to record what I do. That's why it's so natural. I am self-taught. The way to get info is look closely at what you like, get books on it, ask questions, and become an expert.

DreadedFoe37 karma

Hey Bronson, I just wanted to say thank you for your role as Balki in Perfect Strangers. My mom and I used to watch that show together every week. And although looking back it was kind of silly show, we both really enjoyed it. Even 20+ years later, every once in a while she would bust out with "I am so happy, I do the Dance of Joy!" She's gone now, she died back in September, but little memories, like her imitating Balki's Dance of Joy often pop into my head. It's the little stuff like that that gets ya. Anyway, I don't know where I'm going with this. Just, thanks for making some of those silly little memories with my mom possible.

BronsonAlcottPinchot55 karma

I hope she's chatting with my grandma in heaven.

stlouisbrowns36 karma

Would you like an espresso with a lemon twist? It's good! I make it for you.

BronsonAlcottPinchot57 karma

I make it right back there

stlouisbrowns26 karma

Button your shirt, what is this, it's animal!

BronsonAlcottPinchot40 karma scrub for the customer

NoShirtNoShoesNoDice32 karma

If "The Bronson Pinchot Project" ever merged with "The Vanilla Ice Project", would you call it "The Bronson Ice Project", "The Vanilla Pinchot Project" or "The Project Project, Project"?

BronsonAlcottPinchot86 karma

The Bronson hides in the glitzy bathroom project

Surfninja30 karma

This should be the standard of how AMAs should be handled. Bronson, you are an absolute boss.

BronsonAlcottPinchot18 karma

Aw, thanks.

PantsGrenades25 karma

Hey! I just wanted to say that people often act like 80s shows are cheesy, but they're often the ones who weren't around to enjoy it. My sister and I both still quote Balki to this day.

BronsonAlcottPinchot28 karma

We certainly didn't feel cheesy.

lisa_appassionato25 karma

Hi Bronson! Thank you so much for the get well wishes after my car accident last September. It was such a sweet surprise. You should receive a letter from me soon

BronsonAlcottPinchot29 karma

Aight. How you feelin'?

Submariner73921 karma

Bronson thank you so much for opening your home/homes to all of us viewers. I get so much enjoyment out of your show. Just watching the process you mikey and cj (and everyone else on site) go through to make something from nothing and it always ends up beautiful. Thank you.

I do wonder since its obvious youre friends with a lot of the people that do work on the show how do you maintain that balance of friend/boss? Is it difficult?

Thanks again for just being awesome and pass that on to all the wonderful individuals doing such amazing work on those houses.

BronsonAlcottPinchot42 karma

Once in a while, because I am responsible for balancing the construction budget, I have to get bosslike. And then there is a little bit of pouting but we all take turns making fun of ourselves until it passes. They have all become close personal friends BECAUSE OF their incredible commitment--initially--and then we remained friends because I love 'em. It's amazing how you can stagger out of bed with little will to live, and be laughing yourself silly after the guys have been there 20 seconds. It's amazing, amazing.

Shats_Deep20 karma

Finally got to see part of the renovation on the smaller house. Have to admit I watched just to see the happy, exuberant man who made me laugh like crazy as a teen. You did not disappoint! Great to see you on the screen again!

BronsonAlcottPinchot17 karma


shitwhistle8220 karma

THE LANGOLIERS FUCKING RULES! Watched Perfect Strangers all the time as a kid. Love all the shit you do man.

BronsonAlcottPinchot25 karma

Thank you so much.

shitwhistle8212 karma

Holy shit you answered....That's amazing. Dude seriously that accent, that character... Balki is a huge memory from my childhood. Thanks man. Keep on doin it bro.

BronsonAlcottPinchot20 karma

Thank you, I shall try.

VirtualRealityCzech20 karma

Do you feel the role of Balki killed your career or helped it? I guess... did you find that you were so strongly identified with that character that it hurt you more than it helped?

BronsonAlcottPinchot101 karma

Ray Bolger was once asked if he got royalties from his role as the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. He responded, "No, just immortality." I'd rather have played one iconic role than a hundred forgettable ones.

mastersun20 karma


BronsonAlcottPinchot61 karma

Favorite color is dirty white. Or blue. And I don't have longevity in Hollywood. I just have longevity of mental agility. If you've got something on the ball, people seem to notice, somewhat. I want a second career--or should I say a third--in restoring, architecting, designing. MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME. It's storytelling....but in three dimensions

mastersun9 karma


BronsonAlcottPinchot63 karma

First career, movies and tv. Second career, musicals and Shakespeare. Third career, Bronson Pinchot Project and related. I don't know that I got typecast, just underused. Horrifically underused.

kingsfan3419 karma

How many people ask you to do the "Get the f@#k out of here!" scene?

BronsonAlcottPinchot31 karma

Hardly any any more.

argleblather26 karma

My husband and I quote that scene to each other quite frequently (probably several times a month,) so thank you for that. The phrase "no I cannot... it is a very important piece" is an odd and amusing addition to our relationship.

BronsonAlcottPinchot32 karma


filthygunt19 karma


BronsonAlcottPinchot63 karma

He wasn't downright cruel, he just didn't speak to me. And as I've always said, my loss was many other actors' gain, because from that point on I always made a point of chatting to actors with smaller parts than my own.

NoShirtNoShoesNoDice19 karma

Remember that time you were in True Romance?

EDIT: A clip for those that have never seen it (NSFW):

BronsonAlcottPinchot58 karma

I was in True Romance? get out of town! Kidding

sureyado20 karma

Man, you could have used both "dont be ridiculous" and "get the f@#k out of here" in this response, In my brain that's how it went down.

BronsonAlcottPinchot24 karma

Well, true

agnisflugen17 karma

did you ever find anything cool in the walls of the homes you rehab?

BronsonAlcottPinchot31 karma

Shoes and umbrellas. Found a cool little Bible once, and a letter in the floorboards.

lunapo17 karma

I love the BP Project and your passion for the beauty you produce. I'm curious how the show came to be. Did you pitch it, was it your agent that made it happen? Did someone just think it would be a good idea for tv? What's the story behind how it originated?

BronsonAlcottPinchot23 karma

There was some sort of blip about a li'l bitty lawsuit about a spit of land in front of my house. Matt Levine of Departure Films contacted my agent and I invited him up to do a little filming of my day in progress. He brought it to DIY and that's that.

Mantisbog17 karma

Chances of a perfect strangers movie?

BronsonAlcottPinchot29 karma


Mantisbog17 karma

Damn-it. Kickstarter?

BronsonAlcottPinchot21 karma


Mantisbog16 karma

I can foresee proposing some sort of movie starring everyone from the TGIF programming block. Maybe something where Urkel has grown up and become a demented mad scientist and kidnapped the Olsen twins, and all the TGIF stars have to rescue her.

BronsonAlcottPinchot13 karma

Sounds intriguing.

zasxcd17 karma

Hi! You'll probably not see this, but I just wanted to say thanks. I had a rough childhood, but when I was young some of my favorite memories were watching Perfect Strangers with my Mom, memories I still think about and smile to this day. It was a great show because it was funny no matter your age. I laughed right along with my mother, which was rare for both of us.

To this day we still say "1-2-3 LIFT!" when we're moving something heavy (the piano episode) and joke about introducing ourselves "Hellooo, my name is Larry Ap-Leh-Ton. How are you? Fine..." (from when Larry lost his memory.)

So thanks for the happy memories I'll always remember :)

BronsonAlcottPinchot28 karma

I'm glad to have been part of your life.

NYDon16 karma

I remember saying "Bronson Pinchot sent me" at Burger King to get some kind of free burger. Whenever I think of Bronson Pinchot, I think of that BK commercial. Odd memory of you, sorry. Question- When ripping the paper in The Langoliers, what thought was going through your head for that look? You looked.... orgasmic.

BronsonAlcottPinchot17 karma

The character's joy of murdering, i suppose. I can't remember. But it was dark.

kathartik15 karma

I just want to say how wonderful you seem with this AMA, taking the time to thank people without any questions. you seem humble and grateful. you're awesome!

BronsonAlcottPinchot15 karma

I am humble and grateful, it's true. And glad to know I've lived long enough to be patient and philosophical. :-)

Roarstar15 karma

What was it like to be cancelled? Not trying to be a jerk, I was just a young man when Perfect Strangers was out, but I remember being bummed when it was gone. Just wondering what you were thinking at the time, and how it relates to where you are now.

BronsonAlcottPinchot43 karma

I was fine with it, ready to move on. Then at the last show an audience member asked us to do the Dance of Joy one last time and I lost it, utterly heartbroken, sobbed my eyes out doubled over

Oznog9915 karma

What were your feelings on playing Perfect Strangers: Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now online game? What was the first dream you "accomplished"?

BronsonAlcottPinchot26 karma

I never played. I just looked at my butt and wished it didn't look so wrinkly

Oznog9914 karma

Has anyone ever told you that in the 1985 anime Vampire Hunter D, when the painting of the Noble patriarch of the vampires (Dracula) shows up, he looks strangely like Balki Bartokomous?

I'm guessing no, nobody has ever told you that.

BronsonAlcottPinchot28 karma

Nobody has ever told me that.

Oznog999 karma

Do you feel your understanding of the world is a just a bit fuller with that in your head?

BronsonAlcottPinchot22 karma


warmyellowsnow14 karma

My boyfriend makes me sing the "bibbi babka" song when I make cookies.

BronsonAlcottPinchot16 karma


zioneyeyes14 karma

Thanks for putting Omorosa in her place. Her plan to make you look bad went awry.

BronsonAlcottPinchot23 karma

It's a lot of work for her to be her.

chris_Hansen1014 karma

How were janice dickenson's tits?

BronsonAlcottPinchot80 karma

You are joking I hope. Imagine two eggs that you have been frying when the phone rings and you leave them there to burn.

CervantesX14 karma

Hey Bronson! Never thought I'd see you on here. You've done a lot of cool stuff over the years, and I hope you get to keep being super-awesome. Do you feel the recent legitimization of non-studio projects via YouTube and kickstarter will give you more opportunities to get back into mainstream work, or are you doing it more for love and/or boredom?

I gotta say, it was my early childhood exposure to Balki that made me believe it was ok to be different, weird, quirky and loud, and I've carried that enthusiasm and selflessness my whole life. So, I believe every one of my friends who's had to put up with me over the years would like to pass on a very heartfelt "This is all your fault. Go fuck yourself."

BronsonAlcottPinchot16 karma

YouTube and kickstarter might be the ticket, yes, but I have had rather good luck just keeping my nose to the grindstone, as well.

working_joe13 karma

I'm always late for these things! Everything I wanted to ask has been asked and everything I wanted to say has been said. So I'll just say I love your work and I grew up watching Perfect Strangers and the Beverly Hills Cop movies. I hope you have a great day and regardless of where your career is now I hope you know you brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces for many many years.

BronsonAlcottPinchot16 karma

Well thank you kindly.

finster_davenport13 karma

Seriously, thank you for doing this.

I still laugh hysterically because of your character Serge when I rewatch Beverly Hills Cop 1 & 3.

Question: How much time did you spend on the set of Risky Business?

To this day, whenever somebody says the word "memo" I start repeating (in the best electronic voice I can muster). "Memo, Memo, Memo" Even though, I'm sure, it was added later THANK YOU for being that connection.

Take care sir!

BronsonAlcottPinchot23 karma

Hmmm, Risky Business about twelve weeks. It was really fun.

SaskatoonRJ13 karma

Any actors or directors you'd give your eyeteeth to work with/for? Also, are there any roles that you really wanted but missed? I think you'd have been an excellent James Bond Villain, by the way.

BronsonAlcottPinchot32 karma

I would love to act with Julia Roberts. We did a benefit performance of a Shakespeare play once. Pure magic. Very, very, very real and connected. Just magic. As sparkling in the room, in a pony tail and jeans, as she is on screen.

FletchDoesNotLive13 karma

Any chance of you being in that Beverly Hills Cop TV reboot?

BronsonAlcottPinchot18 karma

They haven't asked.

AuroraLenore34 karma

Spoke with the writer. You WILL be asked to play Serge. He guaranteed it!

BronsonAlcottPinchot30 karma


PaperbackBuddha12 karma

This is the only time this story will ever be somewhat relevant, so here goes.

I was at a party years ago when there was a soda called "Surge". I took the label off of the bottle and wore it as a name tag and would introduce myself (in your accent) "Hello, I am Surge."

So there's that. Also, thank you for doing the AMA. I admire your craft.

BronsonAlcottPinchot22 karma

Thank you. And thank you for the little homage.

kingofthebean10 karma

So as an actor that is strongly associated with a specific character, how do you move beyond a role like Balki?

BronsonAlcottPinchot31 karma

You embrace the circumstances of the new character and let the audience follow or not follow.

TNGunner10 karma

"True Romance" is one of my favorite movies EVER... and you were brilliant in it. Was it a blast making it? What an ensemble cast that was.

BronsonAlcottPinchot44 karma

It was indeed a blast. But I always made myself stay up for 24 hours before every scene so I would seem emotionally drained.

ldd-10 karma

Hi! Totally random, but Cousin Larry happens to be my downstairs neighbor! I see him in the elevator all the time, but never talk to him . . . anything I should say when i see him next?

BronsonAlcottPinchot8 karma

Tell him that you were corresponding with Bronson in a reddit AMA and that I said if you wanted to have something to say to him you'd say:

"A single a statement."

Oznog999 karma

When's the last time you did the Dance of Joy?

BronsonAlcottPinchot25 karma


Alkaline569 karma

I have more questions, SORRY!!!

It threw me when you used new bead bored on the ceiling in one of your homes. Why? The paint looked fresh too, did you use a modern paint or a period paint? What sort of things do you try to stay in the time period and what things will you go for new supplies?

BronsonAlcottPinchot20 karma

I have deadlines, you see. And sometimes I just say, 'throw it up, let's get out shot, and I'll do it again when I get more stuff.' It's really the only way to go.

Smunny8 karma

What do you think you would be doing if you weren't discovered by that casting director in that play you were doing? I see you are extremely educated.

BronsonAlcottPinchot29 karma

I would possibly be a crumber at a nice restaurant. You know, the guy that crumbs the crumbs before dessert. Or a tongue-cleaner.

Mr_Smartypants8 karma

No you're not. You're just SCAMPERING!

BronsonAlcottPinchot39 karma

(slowly rips paper)

HarryEllis7 karma

Thanks for the reminder on your show, it looks interesting. And so do you, Freemason, Wizard of Oz fan... good luck with everything.

BronsonAlcottPinchot16 karma

thank 'ee kindly

relatedartists7 karma

I just want to say I loved you as Balki, as many others have. As a lonely geek kid without friends, you made my Friday nights enjoyable watching TGIF. Thank you so so much.

BronsonAlcottPinchot21 karma

Ah, you're very welcome. I know loneliness.

balkibartokamis7 karma

I am Balkibartokamis!

BronsonAlcottPinchot12 karma

How splendid for you.

nsgafc6 karma

Do you ever look at the current state of Vh1 and think, "man, I'm partially responsible for that?"

BronsonAlcottPinchot29 karma

No, I don't. And I don't feel that I am in any way connected with or responsible for anything of theirs. It was well-established by the time I was dragged in.

WannabeNywriter5 karma

What is a role that you haven't played that you would want someone to write for you?

BronsonAlcottPinchot22 karma

I don't know if anything could write anything that would compete with the fun of just being me.

revjeremyduncan5 karma

I grew up watching Perfect Strangers. It blew my mind when I found out that wasn't your real accent. Thanks for all the laughs.

BronsonAlcottPinchot11 karma

You're dang welcome.

revjeremyduncan3 karma

Totally read that in Balki's accent :)

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

Did you? Wow.

AuroraLenore5 karma

I've "heard" that some fans of Perfect Strangers write fan-fiction stories? Have you ever read any?

BronsonAlcottPinchot19 karma

No, indeed. The idea terrifies me.

MrWinslow4 karma

This is only Balky reference I've heard on the internet within the past 10 years

I've been waiting for a reason to post that link to the real Bronson Pinchot. I'm going to buy a lottery ticket now

BronsonAlcottPinchot6 karma


Kmwiegand4 karma

I see this has been going on for four hrs, but I wanted to say I really enjoy watching The Bronson Pinchot Project! I get to design buildings, but only offices and warehouses - I love seeing your take on design and using salvaged materials. Plus, you look like you would be awesome to hang out with! I loved the episode where you zoomed around in a go cart.

BronsonAlcottPinchot6 karma

I loved that too.

redhot-9114 karma

I love the Project. You seem so passionate about your visions. I also love Mikey, the Panda! I also appreciate your sense of humor and your intelligence. I can sit and watch the show with my kids and they love it too. Thanks for the show and much luck finishing the house! But then... What will you do after you 'finish' the house? Would you ever allow tours of the house? I would love to see it in it's glory! Thanks again!

BronsonAlcottPinchot5 karma

I will probably never finish the house, and cannot envision giving tours. Thank you for all your kind enthusiasm.

RachySnip3 karma

Bronson!! Here you are...hiding... naughty naughty! Ok, so...

Tell us something that you have never told anyone before. It does not have to be groundbreaking!

BronsonAlcottPinchot12 karma

Sometimes I wear the same underwear two days in a row if my clean underwear is at another one of the houses. True story.

Scrumpilump20003 karma

Hello Bronson! Did you ever meet Quentin Tarantino on the set of True Romance? Also, i am enjoying a blast from the past as 'Perfect Strangers' has started recently on reruns in Canada. Balki is such a sweet character.

BronsonAlcottPinchot5 karma

Yes, I met Quentin. he was very nice. He told me the crazy laugh I did in the coke/car scene was the kind of sound he wanted in the movie.

fxpstclvrst3 karma

Hello, Mr. Pinchot! My boyfriend and I DVR your shows. We're waiting for the current season to be done so we can just sit down some weekend and binge (come onnnnnnn!). We're both DIY Network addicts, and in addition to Mike Holmes, you're our favorite current personality. You've just got so much kooky charisma, and your show is a delight to watch. I was initially intrigued for the fun of seeing what you were up to, then delighted at both the work you do and the enthusiasm you and your team have.

The rehabs you guys put together are interesting to me not only due to aesthetic appreciation of how you combine salvaged materials, but also because they remind me of the very old home in which I grew up. I lived with my grandmother and mom in a house that was built by my grandmother's grandfather or great-grandfather in the mid-1800s. It had some Greco-Roman architectural features in the original doors, mantles, etc., though many changes had been made over the 160-plus years of its known history. The home was owned by the family until my grandmother went into a nursing home and lost the house to auction after foreclosure (in better times, she took out mortgages to help her children financially). There's just something about seeing familiar lines in each room from your show, from light fixtures to furniture to doors, that reminds me of a home that doesn't exist anymore, and the nostalgia is bittersweet, if fleet.

I'm off to stare at the little folder that says 11 episodes of The Bronson Pinchot Project are sitting unwatched on my DVR. Maybe I can make all the episodes air faster if I stare at my tv hard enough.

BronsonAlcottPinchot7 karma


SisypheanBant983 karma

First I'd like to say how much I've enjoyed your work over the years. Is there a chance of having Mark Linn-Baker showing up on THE BRONSON PINCHOT PROJECT?

BronsonAlcottPinchot4 karma

I'd love him to.

jellyseafish3 karma

HI Bronnie P. You and Mikey slay me! Deep belly laughter. Your show is a rare and delicious find and I thank you for that. We want to visit the Elf house! Can we?

BronsonAlcottPinchot4 karma

Unfortunately you can't. But you can visit it on your TV.

Cannibalzz2 karma

How do you feel about how TV is all reality now- are you happy to do that stuff, or would you rather it be like the old days where there was a lot of great scripted work around?

BronsonAlcottPinchot9 karma

I can only speak for my own show. And I am here to tell you that what comes out of me and my guys without a script can hold its own with anything that anyone scripts anywhere. And i say that in all humility.

ipokeholes2 karma

Did you enjoy doing the weather this morning?

BronsonAlcottPinchot7 karma

Yes. It was bright and quasi-proto-Spring-esque

ipokeholes1 karma

My day has suddenly gotten much better!

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma


RachySnip2 karma

How the hell are you on Reddit, Facebook, talking to people in person and god knows what else... i have two heads and 5 arms and i can't even do this...

Are you actually an undiscovered God (of Greek Revival?)

BronsonAlcottPinchot4 karma

At the same time, I'm doing publicity for the show

loves_reposts2 karma

What was up with Cousin Larry's lack of lips?

BronsonAlcottPinchot4 karma

He has extra heart.

snipersteve2 karma

To this day my dad mistakenly refers to Andy Kaufman as "Balki". I think you made an impact. :)

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma


DinaDinaDinaBatman2 karma

hi balki. i used to do impersonations of you when i was in school, thanks for the entertaining memories growing up with perfect strangers..

BronsonAlcottPinchot4 karma

You're welcome!

DannyPizza2 karma

Just wanted to say hey and let you know that when my brother and I were younger we would do the dance of joy on occasion. Usually joyous occasions.

BronsonAlcottPinchot3 karma

That's cool.

peachy12 karma

Hi Bronson! Can you tell us if you've been picked up for season3? Please oh please!

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

No idea. If you tell all your friends, maybe

TreasonousTeacher1 karma

Can you spell Balki's last name?

BronsonAlcottPinchot4 karma


baraqiyal1 karma

I like the premise of The Bronson Pinchot Project. Is there any way of watching it online?

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

Not sure. I've heard Hulu and On demand and a little on Youtube.

econoquist1 karma

I enjoyed your show last season. I am bit by bit renovating an old farmhouse and going with salvage as much as possible. Hoping to introduce a little steampunk aesthetic from the rustic industrial vs the brass and mahagony style. How will you be changing up your look this season?

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

I don't change up my look. I just create with what's on hand and with what occurs to me overnight.

malarchist1 karma

Was working on True Romance as awesome as I imagine it was?

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma


CaptainJeff1 karma

What do you think about Rampart?

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

What is Rampart?

AuroraLenore1 karma

Hey! Aurora Lenore here! I made it!

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

Aurora's in da house! Mikey sez: "Tell 'er I say "hi" and thanks for likin' the show, it's very fun!"

Nobody_home1 karma

What do you do to relax after a long day of talking to people and publicity tours?

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

Doing reddit and facebook, sketching, and howling with laughter at whatever Mikey says.

DatPiff9161 karma

Did you play one of Sho-Nuffs goons in the movie The Last Dragon?

Please...must know.

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

Oh, I so didn't.

ArtsySoul1 karma

Do you have a degree in architecture or do you just have a natural knack for it and can you describe your creative process --- all gut feeling and Bronson's vision or combo Bronson/borrowed ideas?

BronsonAlcottPinchot1 karma

All gut feeling combined with book learning and just feeling it. I have a photographic memory so I know what it OUGHT to look like, historically speaking.

wrsanim8r1 karma

I grew up in Tunkhannock, have you ever made it down to that neck of the woods? It's not too far from where you're at. Great show... I love your style, and what you're doing to revitalize the town!

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

Yes, I know Tunkhannock. It's fun. And thank you

headmustard1 karma

Sadly, what you meant to say in your title was "and star of PERFECT STRANGERS and headliner of BEVERLY HILLS COP!"

:EDIT: I have no shame in asking... how much are you worth? Millionaire? Easily.

BronsonAlcottPinchot6 karma

Oh, my, that was unquestionably the most brazen question I have ever been asked. However, I shy away from nothing. I am at a loss how to answer your question. My worth is not, I very much hope, to be calculated in dollars. I trust it is to be calculated in what I mean to my friends.

argg_matey1 karma

Bronson, I heard that you're a big fan of The Wizard of Oz. Have you seen the new movie, Oz The Great and Powerful? If so, how do you feel about it? What were your reactions?

BronsonAlcottPinchot12 karma

I haven't. I wish them all well, but I would rather slow-cook vomit and eat it than watch any attempt to approach the perfection that is The Wizard of Oz.

HiramAbiff330 karma

Hello Bronson!

Best of luck with your future endeavors. My only question is whether or not you believe in Illuminati influence in Hollywood?

BronsonAlcottPinchot2 karma

What is Illuminati influence?