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1 2 3 times 2 to the 6

Which is it?

  • 123 x ( 26 )


  • ( 123 x 2 )6

EDIT: For those that have never heard Rollin': http://youtu.be/RYnFIRc0k6E?t=1m20s

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Holy crap. I thought you were just saying a bunch of crap for the song. I'm seriously blown away.

Thanks for the amazing response! :D

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That's terrible! :(

Were there any signs that it was coming or did it strike out of nowhere?

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Any chance of a rundown of what they are? How many web servers, databases, reverse proxies, etc?

Also, how often does syncing occur between databases? Would you be able to explain the process that you guys use? As a web developer that's never had to sync anything, I've always wondered what is the correct way of doing so.

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You liar. You're Alex Winter.