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I remember you tweeting that 25th Hour is getting a criterion release. Is this true?

How do you feel that you helped start Bill Nunn's, Roger Guveneur Smith, and Giancarlo Esposito's careers?

I've always been wondering, what's the whole story behind John Savage's cameo in Do the Right Thing?

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Do you still keep in touch with Ralph Bakshi anymore? How did Matt Groening approach you over the couch gag? How'd you get Frank Zappa to voice the pope in the Powdered Toast Man episode? Was he a big fan of the show and approached you guys first? Your thoughts on independent animators like Bill Plympton?

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Any chance of you being in that Beverly Hills Cop TV reboot?

FletchDoesNotLive13 karma

Since Gregg Turkington of the On Cinema family is in Ant-Man, is there any hope of Joe Estevez appearing in a future Marvel movie? Also, did you get to talk to Joe, Mark or Kim during the special?

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Any chance of you writing for Marty again in the future?

How was it like working with Pauline Kael and writing scripts for DePalma and Peter Weir?

After writing Taxi Driver, Yakuza, Blue Collar, and Obsession, what made you decide to write Old Boyfriends? Did you ever get to talk to Belushi on set? How was he?

Lastly, any hopes of your other films like Blue Collar or Hardcore going on Criterion?