Fellow Redditors! Thank you for the love and support! We are doing this live from inside the Equality House so you can ask myself (Davis Hammet) and the whole crew questions. Please help us spread the message of love & expand anti-bullying initiatives. www.plantingpeace.org/equality.htm PROOF:http://imgur.com/MQUk6Gk MORE PROOF: https://twitter.com/Planting_Peace

EDIT: -- I think I've answered all original questions. I'll occasionally check for stuff today. Thanks for all the questions & support!

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winchester1866102 karma

Has the WBC done anything in protest to you guys yet? Do you think they will? Just know you have tons of support. You guys are geniuses for this. I've done many reports on the WBC and any ones I do in the future will DEFINITELY have a huge portion on you guys.

plantingpeaceEH172 karma

Fred Phelps' daughter Shirley was taking pictures launch day (Tuesday) and said she loved the colors. So I blew her some kisses and she walked back into the church giggling. Besides that our interactions have been via twitter & radio interviews. It is our understanding they can't technically protest at the church because they are legally doing service from 6am-10pm ironically this was made to prevent others from protesting them. TL:DR - They may have prevented themselves from legally doing protests

winchester186688 karma

You guys are heroes I hope you know. There have been so many of the younger members (Shirley's children and other children) that have been leaving the church. I do believe that soon it shall be disbanded and your efforts may be one of the tipping factors in that. Keep it up! Peaceful protest is the best way.

Interesting fact. I did a report and put Shirley through Bob Hare's Psychopath Test, she scored a 34, definitely a Psychopath :)

plantingpeaceEH63 karma

haha Thanks so much for the support. We are really hoping this makes one of those poor kids start to question the hatred they are being taught.

ProjectEchelon51 karma

I presume you moved specifically there to send an ever-present message to WBC. Are you in this for the long haul - i.e. after the attention wears off?

plantingpeaceEH100 karma

That is definitely the plan! We went into this saying as long as we help one kid feel better about her/himself it would all be worth it

BigCat900049 karma

By setting up shop right across from the WBC don't you think you're just providing them with even more attention/coverage?

Is Planting Peace a religious organization? They use some religious terms and references on their site?

What happens with all the donations you get?

plantingpeaceEH84 karma

THANK YOU! I want you all to know these answers. 1) Silence does not make something go away. This community has been devastated by the WBC. Ignoring this means ignoring the emotions of thousands of individuals hurt by their hate. We had a girl come crying to us because her family all had moved out of Topeka because WBC and they all regretted it now. People have come out LGBTQ just because this house gave them courage (including a man who's been closeted in the south for decades). We've had kids contact us who were suicidal and told us this gives them hope. The churches hate is becoming shadowed by this communities love. 2) We are secular. We try not to affiliate ourselves with anything that divides people. We respect everyone’s personal religious freedom. 3) Our board & staff are unpaid. Our goal is to help the most with the least. Aaron, Rob, & I literally live off rice and beans and are usually sleeping on floors. The donations we are currently raising go to maintaining the house and anti-bullying programs/speakers such as stand for the silent etc.

BigCat900025 karma

The WBC has 40 members and is one of the most hated organizations in America. I was under the impression that they were a giant joke at this point in time. I didn't know they were devastating entire communities.

Even if that's the case, aren't you still helping them attract even more attention by setting up shop right across the street from them? Couldn't you address the issues of bullying and gay rights without involving the WBC? It seems like you're granting them legitimacy by even treating them as a subject worth talking about.

plantingpeaceEH58 karma

They represent the extreme of bigotry, in reality they likely do more for equal rights than anyone else because everyone is repulsed by them and reminded of their humanity. Similar to how the KKK showed us what happens when you tolerate racism, the WBC shows us what can happen if we tolerate homophobia as a society. Such hate drives a society to act for the better of humankind

BigCat90002 karma

Also I was under the impression that the organization was run by volunteers. How is the money being used with regards to the anti bullying programs/speakers? What are we actually paying for.

Sorry if I sound suspicious but I'm always reading about supposedly charitable organizations who really aren't doing much with the donations they get besides lining their pockets.

plantingpeaceEH9 karma

I mentioned above no one gets paid. We all pretty much work a zillion hours a week in exchange for a floor to sleep on and 2 meals of rice & beans a day... Glorious life style right? The money is all going to maintain the house (power, water, etc), feed us (we generally consume, between all 3 of us, less than $15 in food a day), & anti-bullying initiatives(Speakers, starting programs, helping programs that exist).

DeadGuyKai-11 karma


plantingpeaceEH12 karma

Actually, these are the questions I am most looking forward to answering. Please up vote them

dabeeisme39 karma

What is your end goal here? I mean, I know that the end goal is to spread equality, I am all for it!! I support you 100% but is your end goal to make the WBC take down their signs? Or is this an ongoing project? Where do you see your project in 5 - 10 years?

Good job! The house is amazing and I am happy for you guys!

plantingpeaceEH70 karma

The goal was to encourage people to speak out against injustice and simply show some compassion for their community. After the response we've received I know the LGBTQ community will have the same protections and rights as everyone else within 5 years. Ideally, within 10 years this whole debate will seem as ridiculous in retrospect as any other oppressive era

tneu9329 karma

LGBTQ... What's the Q stand for?

plantingpeaceEH58 karma

queer or questioning - or some identify as simply Q . It's generally a more progressive term to mean non-hetero-normative, and is often used by people who are out spoken activist on sexuality issues

Wrx0935 karma

You guys are awesome, as a soldier in the army I've unfortunately encountered these people multiple times at funerals for my friends. I was wondering if you can post a picture a sign or something that the WBC could see of the equality house supporting the troops?

plantingpeaceEH36 karma

We are currently planning to display gold stars in some way in honor of widows/friends of fallen soldiers. Thanks for your service buddy!

suckit2me32 karma

So, how are the Phelps? Have they confronted you guys yet?

plantingpeaceEH60 karma

They are some of the most pleasant people I've ever met lol! Shirley almost ran me over once and she apologized something to the tune of " Oh my, sweety so sorry go ahead, have a great day" Although, it's a strange sort of kindness because she's thinking about you burning in hell as she smiles... We requested her over for dinner! (no reply yet) Once a camera is on them they go nuts though

LeChatBotte10 karma

Shirley almost ran me over once

plantingpeaceEH22 karma

She almost ran Aaron over also...

daveman3431 karma

Hey guys, I am hoping for the best for all of you during your time there and hopefully you can truly open the eyes of some individuals to some of the hatred and bigotry spread by WBC and replace it with some humility and goodwill of your own!

  1. For anyone who is just finding out about you guys, can you give a brief overview of your mission and objectives

  2. How did you go about acquiring the land and how long did it take to get the house set up?

  3. Has there been any reaction from any members of WBC yet? Or from anybody else in the community?

  4. How long do you plan on staying set up there?

  5. Tell us more about all of you wonderful people who are running the show.

That is all for now, once again thank you for your time and I wish the best for all of you!

plantingpeaceEH45 karma

1) The Equality House is a symbol of love, acceptance, & compassion. Our objective is to raise funds for anti-bullying initiatives in K-12 public schools to curb bigotry. Also, this is a message that it is time to end federally enforced discrimination by overturning DOMA and allowing same-sex marriage. 2) We contacted an openly gay real estate agent to assist us. The biggest delay was winter weather. 3) The community has reacted with so much love I have to try really hard not to cry every second 4) The house is ideally here to stay. We will be in NYC some over the summer as we do street education on intestinal parasites as well as other poverty associated problems. 5) Haha what do you want to know? We are pretty normal people… kinda

daveman3415 karma

Thank you very much for your reply! And as to my question about you as individuals, I was just curious as to how you all initially got involved with this whole project and what motivates you each as individuals.

plantingpeaceEH28 karma

Aaron Jackson flunked out of college & lived in a homeless shelter for 5 years where he started helping run the shelter and eventually began deworming people around the world. He dedicated his life to peace (really compassionate guy). Robert left a for-profit fundraising firm in NYC to live off rice & beans with us because he loves our programs and how almost every dollar goes straight to the cause (Rob is our residential feel good guy, super spiritual and always pleasant to be around) I am nicknamed numbers. I graduated from Florida State and decided to defer grad school in search of an adventure and deeper purpose. I've been an activist most my life. Aaron's little brother is my best friend and Aaron had been asking me to help him run the charity so one day I bought a one-way ticket into sleeping on floors and working constantly for no pay! It's very emotionally rewarding

plantingpeaceEH10 karma

1) The Equality House is a symbol of love, acceptance, & compassion. Our objective is to raise funds for anti-bullying initiatives in K-12 public schools to curb bigotry. Also, this is a message that it is time to end federally enforced discrimination by overturning DOMA and allowing same-sex marriage. 2) We contacted an openly gay real estate agent to assist us. The biggest delay was winter weather. 3) The community has reacted with so much love I have to try really hard not to cry every second 4) The house is ideally here to stay. We will be in NYC some over the summer as we do street education on intestinal parasites as well as other poverty associated problems. 5) Haha what do you want to know? We are pretty normal people… kinda

nectere27 karma

So far what is the climate? Have you spoken to any of your neighbors yet?

plantingpeaceEH88 karma

Everyone is really excited that Kansas is becoming internationally known as a symbol of love instead of a backwards state that houses WBC. We have a 24 hour stream of people coming, taking pictures, sharing stories, giving hugs, bringing cookies... As I say this people are honking and giving us thumbs up. Political candidates have stopped by and the entire community has thanked us. We are looking into permits for a community BBQ block party

pennNteller19 karma

Please, please, PLEASE have the BBQ block party on a Sunday.. Say about the time the WBC has church maybe?

I'm straight but I hate bullies and I'll personally drive there from Denver, take off my shirt and dance on your front lawn just to fuck with them. I am not kidding.

plantingpeaceEH22 karma

they actually spend sundays protesting other churches

Hamiltron23 karma

Welcome to the neighborhood! I work for Positive Connections, (formerly the Topeka AIDS Project), and am a volunteer co-leader for Topeka's only citywide LGBT youth group, Beacon. We love you dearly.

How open are you to collaboration with other agencies on anti-bullying efforts? What can we do to support YOU?

plantingpeaceEH19 karma

We are very open to collaboration! Right now we are swamped with the media frenzy, but as things calm down and we can enter into longer conversations, we hope to get a lot of great programs going with anyone and everyone who wants to help. I recommend waiting till this cools down a bit in a week then emailing us at [email protected] or if you are in Topeka stop by and say hi!

Shelbicus20 karma

Does the house have a safe- and if so- WHAT THE F#$K IS IN IT!?

supertrink6 karma

I love you guys.

plantingpeaceEH5 karma

we <3 you too

Treeonmyhead1220 karma

From what I've read so far, the WBC seems to be playing it cool like it doesn't bother them, but considering we know they are batshit crazy, do yall have someone up at all hours keeping watch?

plantingpeaceEH35 karma

we haven't really gotten any sleep in about 3+ days. Our entire organization Planting Peace is run by 3 people including myself. Besides all the madness from the house which is requiring more hours per day than exist of effort from each of us, we are also swamped maintaining our other efforts such as our plan to de-worm every child in Guatemala this year TL:DR - We are sleep deprived and running on cookies the neighbors are bringing us

kristen_2316 karma

what inspired you guys buying a house so close to WBC?

plantingpeaceEH59 karma

Courage is to lead with the heart. We knew this was the right thing to do. The world needed a reminder that we are all in this together and that whispering love is more powerful than screaming hate.

Ahandgesture23 karma

whispering love is more powerful than screaming hate.

That was beautifully powerful.

plantingpeaceEH20 karma

<3 thanks I decided to tweet it b/c of this comment

TheWord_Love15 karma

All of my questions have been asked, but I wanted to drop a line anyways.

What you are doing is beautiful. Please keep spreading "the word".

PS I love the purple shutters. Good call.

plantingpeaceEH23 karma

Ahhh!! That was my last minute decision. I'm obsessed with purple <3

kavorka215 karma


plantingpeaceEH59 karma

We have been contacted by Gold Star Wives, a support network for widows who lost their significant other in active duty, and plan on doing something to honor those who had to deal with the WBC at funerals. As far as same-sex kissing a lot of that has been going on in our front yard lately

Rythmo19614 karma

I don't really have any questions, I just want to thank you for your great work. You have the support of r/atheism, and my thanks. Don't ever stop, ok? And stick it to the WBC.

plantingpeaceEH12 karma

Thank you! Having people's encouragement never gets old this means a lot <3

esteemery13 karma

I just thought you would enjoy knowing that I got a detention today. I was talking to a friend about the Equality House, and my history teacher heard me talking, so he asked me about it. I explained what you stand for, where you are located, etc. He laughed and said it was stupid, while my defending of you got me an hours detention.

TL;DR My only detention that's ever been worth it.

EDIT: I go to a Catholic High School by the way.

plantingpeaceEH3 karma

!! This is awesome !! It's funny that your history teacher seems to be on the wrong side of history. Thanks for your support. P.s. don't stop speaking out about what you believe in!.

jpjtourdiary13 karma

Davis, I loaned your brothers a double bass drum pedal around 2002. Is that kicking around the Hammet place anywhere? I'd love to have it returned. Thanks!

plantingpeaceEH8 karma

It may actually be in my parents attic! haha

charina9111 karma

Are you living in the house?

plantingpeaceEH17 karma

Yes! I've lived in the house for almost 3 months & I'm sitting at the window waving as people drive by honking.

MrCynicalDammit11 karma

Everytime they go off to protest a funeral, you should have sexy parties. On the lawn.

Get a spa

plantingpeaceEH11 karma

I could use a spa after this week

saveoursociety9 karma

Hi Davis and guys! My name is Silver and I'm leader of a volunteer group called "sos - save our society". Many members have been to anti-protests for WBC, and many members themselves are gay. I want to thank you from all of us! Maybe we will take a trip up there if the WBC tries to give you trouble, and help out!

plantingpeaceEH12 karma

Thanks! Love the name, I'm really hoping that the good vibes people get from the house encourage them to stand up to injustice and truly save our society.

KhabaLox9 karma

What exactly are donations going to? The crowdrise site is very light on details? Is this to pay the mortgage? Renovations? Paying people to counsel kids about bullying?

plantingpeaceEH15 karma

I mentioned above no one gets paid. We all pretty much work a zillion hours a week in exchange for a floor to sleep on and 2 meals of rice & beans a day... Glorious life style right? The money is all going to maintain the house (power, water, etc), feed us (we generally consume, between all 3 of us, less than $15 in food a day), & anti-bullying initiatives(speakers, counselors, starting programs, helping programs that exist).

phatyy8 karma

What is the next step for the Equality House movement?

plantingpeaceEH12 karma

--WE ARE-- raising funds to bring anti-bully/motivational speakers into schools & start/help anti-bullying clubs/programs. Also, we are planning some very cool things to keep the public eye on equal rights for all. --YOU SHOULD-- remember to speak out when you see injustice. Smile at someone if they are down, it could literally save their life. Come out as an Ally to your community. Remind people that we all deserve freedom & respect.

BranderChatfield7 karma

Will you be hosting Topeka PrideFest 2013 in your front yard as well? (-;

plantingpeaceEH13 karma

This may be possible. We are currently looking into permitting for a community BBQ at the house (we are all vegetarians though hah woot for veggy patties)

SauceBause7 karma

Michael Moore has that brilliant WBC troll video. Was it an inspiration?

plantingpeaceEH17 karma

Actually, no. We thought his trolling although funny was rather tasteless. Our goal is not to troll, but to pirate their fame for good

RonNacho6 karma

Has there been any type of police presence in the area since you folks started this project?

plantingpeaceEH7 karma

Great question! While we painted a couple cops hung around, but the funny thing is I haven't seen one since. We are such a peaceful group they don't need to be here + people use to always get speeding tickets by our house but everyone's driving slowly to see the colors... so take that speed trap haha

bigcitydandy6 karma

In your opinion, is the media's coverage of the Phelps helpful or harmful to the movement against homophobia and for gay rights?

plantingpeaceEH11 karma

They represent the extreme of bigotry, in reality they likely do more for equal rights than anyone else because everyone is repulsed by them and reminded of their humanity. Similar to how the KKK showed us what happens when you tolerate racism, the WBC shows us what can happen if we tolerate homophobia as a society. Such hate drives a society to act for the better of humankind

StephanieBoynton6 karma

Now that you have finished with the house. What is your next course of action? I also think every city should have a house as bright as eye catching of the one from WBC!

plantingpeaceEH3 karma

Course of action explained above, as for every city... hahaha wouldn't that be something

baconredditor5 karma

What gave you guys the idea for this?

plantingpeaceEH8 karma

because of your name I so badly want the true answer to be "Bacon"

ratapatapat5 karma

1) In your observation, since WBC owns several properties around their area, do you see any contradiction in their (members) ideas inside and outside of the church?

2) Do you believe that their might be retaliation from the church itself in terms of damage to your property or any vandalism and what would be your plan of action if that was to happen?

3) Have you though about contacting Nathan Phleps, the son of Fred Phelps, to help you organize actions against WBC or even help promote and represent your organization? He defected against the church and is a prominent LGBT rights activist. If that was to happen, it would be a huge blow to the church and its anti-gay agenda.

plantingpeaceEH6 karma

1) The church is a giant contradiction… A Christian church built on judging others & hatred? 2) I went into this prepared to take a bullet. After all that has happened this week the church hurting us would only make us stronger. That being said we do have a couple plans incase real danger arises. The most likely crime will be a middle school aged kid trying to tag us or something. 3) We support Nathan, we haven’t contacted him but we would gladly work with him.

dabeeisme5 karma

Are you only looking for financial supports from the public? What else can we do to help your cause?

plantingpeaceEH13 karma

Every day remember to do an act of selflessness. If everyone just did that charity organizations wouldn't need to exist. If someone's being bullied do something. Don't just live somewhere be a part of your community. Oh, and come out as an Ally to everyone! Once someone finds out they know an ally or lgbtq person they usually come over to the right side of history.

stylz_p5 karma

Do you have or are you planning on getting Google Fiber, if you have it, how is it?

plantingpeaceEH8 karma

When we decided to do this I was so pumped thinking we were going to have google fiber.... The devastation when I realized i would be 40 minutes outside google fiber... unbearable

Plasmos4 karma

Were you at first apprehensive about moving in and painting the house? Did you expect protesters while the paint job got finished? Do you expect anyone to try to vandalize it in the future? I'm so happy everyone has been kind to you so far!

plantingpeaceEH3 karma

So the very very very first discussion I may have told Aaron he was insane and we are totally not doing that... Then a minute later I thought WE HAVE TO DO THIS.. The night we arrived I kid you not my legs went numb as we pulled in the driveway because it was overwhelming seeing the church in person after hundreds of hours of research on them/it.

TheloniousKeys4 karma

Did you make sure to check neighborhood codes and all that to make sure that your wonderfully flamboyant house doesn't violate some kind of city ordinance or neighborhood association bylaw? Rather, is there a possibility that WBC can find some kind of loophole to lessen your presence in their neighborhood?

I truly hope not but if there is anything like that I suggest you nip it in the bud now and file all the necessary paperwork to avoid something like that. From what I understand they manage to win a lot of lawsuits somehow and are surprisingly well funded for how small they are. The combination of money and a good lawyer can really wreak havoc, though it sounds like you folks have loads of support as well and would be able to fend off such things if they come.

plantingpeaceEH6 karma

My father is a developer and did the research. + the city spokeswoman has already publicly announced we are not in violation of any code or ordinance. Also, we have been offered free defense from many lawyers <3

iamaredditer4 karma

Awesome work!!!! I was wondering are there any plans for buying other homes around the area to really amp up the pressure for WBC to GTFO?

I would gladly donate funds to make this happen as I am sure other redditors would as well. Keep up the good work!

plantingpeaceEH2 karma

Well the goal is to raise funds to help educate kids and do outreach. Essentially prevent bigotry before it happens. Please do donate though b/c running this whole operation isn't cheap and we really want to do some big things www.plantingpeace.org/equality.htm Thanks for helping!

kimwim423 karma

Hey guys!!! So glad you're doing this! I know you're very busy, haven't had time to read the thread, have you had any new contact with the neighbors? Have they taken the time to "visit"?

plantingpeaceEH5 karma

Yes! Almost all of them have come over in support. Our biggest fan is our 79 year old neighbor who said she is so happy she gets to wake up to this every day. She is a widow to a veteran so the church made her very upset

sbonds3 karma

How worried are you about vandalism, arson, or other destruction?

plantingpeaceEH5 karma

I went into this because it is an issue I'm willing to take a bullet for. The most likely vandalism will be graffiti or something along those lines. If something really bad does happen to us it will only send a more powerful message that it's time for equality

dcsauce3 karma

Do you feel threatened at all living across from the WBC?

plantingpeaceEH6 karma

Somewhat, but I only did this because I'd take a bullet for this cause

sebchiken3 karma

Are you active in getting this message across? What kind of activities do you attend/do if so?

plantingpeaceEH3 karma

Well the whole project launched on Tuesday and every day we've been doing interviews and talking with hundreds of people... So it's been pretty active. In general, I've been outspoken about equality my entire life.

DaMangaka3 karma

Hello there!
Thanks so much for doing this sort of thing for the LGTBAQIX community there, in the heart of Kansas where we all know the challenges that one might encounter.
I don't live in the US but I want to know if there's any way to support the cause from other places outside the state or the States. Kickstarter? Paypal? Other ways?
I wanna donate some framed art to bring more color to the house : P

plantingpeaceEH4 karma

you can donate directly to www.plantingpeace.org/equality.htm & www.crowdrise.com/plantingpeace If you want to send art 1200 SW Orleans Street Topeka, KS 66604 Thanks for your support. Love transcends national boundaries <3

Nomsfud3 karma

I love you guys for being the ones with the balls to silently protest the WBC every single day with your house. You definitely make that area of Kansas look more welcoming and more appealing, and something like that can never be a bad thing. My main question is what gave you the idea to actually build the Equality House, and did the WBC do anything to try and prevent you from actually buying the property?

plantingpeaceEH4 karma

kimwim42 is mostly correct. You know how weird it is to play undercover whilst making real friends?

uncle_dirty3 karma

seriously, love what you guys are doing wanted to say that first. was this something that you have been planning for a long time or was this more of an impulse buy?

plantingpeaceEH3 karma

The project has been in the back of our heads for roughly a year, it's been seriously considered for 8 months, and we knew we were doing it 6 months ago... we closed about 5 months ago and moved in roughly 3 months ago

tacotaster3 karma

Are you from Kansas or did you move here just to do this?

plantingpeaceEH7 karma

I'm from the panhandle of Florida. I moved here 3 months ago to get involved with the community to ensure that we respect everyone. It is actually very beautiful and I'm a big fan of this state now.

ForrestISrunnin3 karma

First off, I would like thank you guys.

My first question is to Mr. Hammet. What made you decide to do this? I mean, I couldn't imagine living next to these people, let alone making your entire house a subject of protest!

And, my question to the crew is the age old reddit question with a twist.

Would you rather have a cat sized elephant as a pet, or an otter?

Thanks for your answer!

plantingpeaceEH5 karma

I grew up in the homophobic south. I attempted suicide a couple times as a young kid b/c I was confused about my sexuality. I didn't really confront it till about 2 years ago and now I openly identify as queer or bisexual (depending on if the person understands queer theory haha). I was already a happy guy but coming out to myself, my friends, and my family made me whole. When we started planning out this project I knew it was something that would help people struggling with their sexuality or anything else that may make them feel 'different; as well as remind everyone that we are all in this together on spaceship earth...

Anddd I think were going with cat sized elephant :)

ALF19883 karma

have u talked to any news media? seems like the only way to hear about u is on facebook

plantingpeaceEH3 karma

Tons, check google!

Th3yca11mej03 karma

Do you guys get much heat for your efforts?

plantingpeaceEH3 karma

the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive

DeadGuyKai3 karma

Don't you feel bad for giving the WBC more of what they crave most - attention?

plantingpeaceEH3 karma

as actup used to say silence=death. If we don't do something against them they win. We have to conquer their hatred with love, ignoring them doesn't make them disappear.

MinnesotaFuckery3 karma

All I want to say is that you guys are some of the most badass motherfuckers I know. I'm straight, but fully support gay rights. Amazing work. Keep it up!

plantingpeaceEH2 karma

Thanks! Remember to let other friends know you are an Ally, it makes them more likely to become Allies

BloodBride2 karma

We need 'equality houses' worldwide to spread this sort of education, would you guys ever expand the operation if things took off?

plantingpeaceEH4 karma

We are going to expand these efforts as far as our donations allow us to. So please encourage friends to donate www.plantingpeace.org/equality.htm

turtleter2 karma


plantingpeaceEH2 karma

Not yet! The house has only been painted rainbow for 3 days though

pieitforward2 karma

No questions here, I just want to say that you guys are on our radar! We're traveling the country distributing free pie and we will be working Kansas into our plans now!

plantingpeaceEH2 karma


360walkaway1 karma

What are some major organizations that you guys are allied with?

Also, that was the best edit ever.

plantingpeaceEH1 karma

haha ya this has been a crazy couple days. We really like Stand for the Silent & GLSEN

CharlesBeeTV1 karma

How do you think the Westborough baptist church feels about you taking a public stand? Also, what TV shows do you guys like?

plantingpeaceEH1 karma

hahahah All 3 of us are huge documentary / educational video junkies. My favorite shows are comedy... things like archer, frisky dingo, arrest development, parks & rec, the office (Dwight & us are mutual fans), etc

darthjon1 karma

So you realize all WBC wants is attention right? And that is exectly what you are delivering right to them. I'm sure you think they are sitting across the street stewing all angry, but they are probably not

plantingpeaceEH2 karma

Yes, but who needs attention is those negatively affected by WBC. We have had the community thank us and tell us they aren't intimidated by the church anymore