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They did the same in the #1DMX in Mexico.
The 'anarchists' burned businesses and cars and the media focused on them solely.

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Well, hello there! Good to see you here. : D
I've been watching your past AMAs but never managed to get a question done since it was going to be drowned in the millions of replies in here.
So, now that I caught this at 3seconds, I'll try to be quick.
Background: I'm from Mexico and I've been following you ever since the 2012 campaign.
The question: Obviously the first one will be "How to heal the Mexico-United States relationships?" and I'm not only talking about the whole immigration thing (Which has roots in both sides, I will admit), but in regards of the image and politics placed upon each other. It seems that you guys in the north get all the benefits from treaties like NAFTA, while it seems [we steal your jobs]™ due to outsourcing. How can we (we in the sense of your government and ours...though you might have to drag them) balance two countries that are so different yet united in such a unique way?

Thanks for listening to quirky me ^ ;

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Without saying much, I would like it if the politicians in the US would stop seeing the Arab League/Middle East and notice their lovely Latin Neighbors. Mostly us, to be honest.
As of current, more than 70,000 people are dead due to the ongoing war against drugs. More than 100 journalists have been murdered or kidnapped while trying to say the truth. Bloggers who have been doing nothing but to warn their people to keep them out of harm have been kidnapped and decapitated as a way to deter people from using the Social Medias as an aid.

It is understandable that the [War on Terror]™© is very important and there are reasons to be so, but you cannot simply ignore how just next to you there is a country bleeding slowly to death. A bit of tending and nurture - not infiltration - can do a great change.
Those are just my thoughts. *shrug* I can't say I expect something to happen but, it is good to let it know what's going on.

"Truth is, after all, is the most valuable asset in the world."

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Usually, religions or many of the New Age movements tend to be all like that. All "Free your mind" and happy trees being painted. Only when you are deeper you realize you are not meant to question anything they tell you. It's kind of sad. And it can be applied to many things actually, not just religion/ideologies. Good thing you are awake. Never give away that right to think by yourself

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I cannot upvote you enough. I think this is the main problem with all religions TBH. It's the process or brainwashing they use upon you to stop thinking and make you overlook things. Either in the organization or the things they teach. A Thoughtcrime. If people where to show these kinds of aspects, I'm sure there would be less people inside.