Ten years ago I deployed with 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, 1st Marine division to Kuwait. My unit was the "tip of the spear" all the way to Baghdad. We even made the first amphibious operation by the Marines since WWII (I think, someone said that once, I believed them.) I made 2 more trips back to the sandbox. Ask me anything!

Here's me! http://i.imgur.com/AWXIB9z.jpg

Proof: a pic of me and bros in Iraq in 2003 and at our 8 year reunion at our memorial reunion Iraq

Here's a link to story about the guy in the front left that looks like he's trying to kill himself.


and a story about the guy in the front right with the awful haircut. He was my room mate and best friend.


For further info on my unit specifically, there was a documentary made in 2008 that is on netflix (Severe Clear By LT Scotti!) and a book www.amazon.com/Battle-City-Dead-Shadow-Golden/dp/0760340064 about the whole thing

I submitted proof to mods cause someone demanded it. No word back from them but I assume it was sufficient. EDIT: As someone pointed out I accidentally a word in my unit. I am not a phony, I submitted proof to mods.

EDIT: I found this great video of my unit getting ready to go on a very successful raid. At 1:45 is a great speech from a great motivator. I know it is paraphrased from another person, no need to inform me. It still sends shivers down my spine though. NSFW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozxBaZhEWpA

EDIT DOS Thank you all for the interest. Sorry to anyone who got trolled by oobermen. I shared some very personal stories with you all because I truly feel like people need to hear how real this war was for some of us. I imagine reddit as largely people of my age range, and it is up to us to demand real justification for putting our children's lives on the line. These are kids that fight these wars. Look at an 18 year old kid and think about that. I hope some of my answers helped enlighten you all! I'm off for now but I am a regular redditor so I will always be around.

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Bagashyte118 karma

After all you know now... Has your opinion of the rights and wrongs of the situation changed?

WhatAboutTuna432 karma

Definitely. I was a kid then though. When I see pics of myself then I always think what a stupid and naive asshole I used to be. I believed in what we were doing. Now I just feel used.

Bagashyte121 karma

Thank you for such an honest answer.

WhatAboutTuna130 karma

It's the reality of the situation. I was young and full of bravado. Now I have a daughter and I wonder how I would feel if she was going to war in the same situation.

Bagashyte60 karma

That's youth for you, whether it be as serious going to war or as stupid as doing 60 in a 30 zone... You believe you are indestructable.

WhatAboutTuna187 karma

unfortunately, you often have to hit a wall at 60 to realize the truth of it.

Ramza_Claus75 karma

As a truly patriotic American (not "Murican"), I'm ashamed to read this.

And for what it's worth from some average Joe, I'm sorry that we citizens didn't stand up to the politicans who sent many of your fellow marines to their deaths, amid other injury (both physical and mental).

Our military personnel never fail at their job, no matter what we ask of them. But we the people failed you guys when we blindly approved a war that shouldn't have happened. I was (for a short time) among those who believed in the Iraq war. For that, I apologized. We should've called our reps and Sens and the White House and told them that we didn't want that war. And I didn't do that.

I feel so bad because it wasn't too much to ask, especially in comparison to what we all asked of guys like you.

Again, I'm sorry. But thank you and all of your fellow marines.

WhatAboutTuna126 karma

Man, we all got caught up in it. I feel like as Americans, this is a valuable learning lesson. We all let our emotions get us wrapped up and let Fox News and CNN dictate our rage. I was the same way. As a young 17 year old kid when the towers went down, living just 100 miles outside NYC, I was furious. I signed up and went off to war. As a 29 year old, looking back I realize that we made a very big mistake and a lot of people died because of it. Here's the good news. You can make up for it. A lot of veterans are out there and they need help. They need people to volunteer for organizations that help veterans get homes, get jobs, and get help. You can donate to them! Or, if you are not financially capable of donations, which I understand, you can just give a veteran a hug or a warm smile and a thank you for all you have done. I've had some rough days but they were all made better just by someone's understanding.

aabood60 karma

What about Iraqis lives that were destroyed, including myself?

WhatAboutTuna37 karma

I'm honestly very sorry for everything that has happened to the Iraqi people. You have to understand I was not out to kill brown people or destroy a nation. I signed up for a job and did a bad thing based off bad intel.

Polite_Werewolf93 karma

If there was a zombie outbreak, what would be your zombie plan?

WhatAboutTuna296 karma

Awww shit yeah, Now you're talking.

So I figure the safest place to be in the even of a zombie outbreak is a nearby outlying island. This way, you have the natural defense of the sea around you and with minimal defenses, can hold an area. Not like a zombie swarm is gonna wander into the ocean and then also just happen to drift to your island. So I figure somewhere along the coast by Camp Pendleton would be great. They have small islands down there and the proximity to the Marine Base would make it great for day time raids for supplies. The mountains on base would make a great natural hunting ground because zombies don't like going uphill. You could get all the stuff you need to make San Clemente Island a fortress. Tons of Barbed and Concertina wire. Weapons and Ammo. It would be a dream. You could even get the MRE stockpiles. If the Zombie come, head to my island. I will take all refugees but you must swear allegiance to me and get WHATABOUTTUNA tattooed on your back. Tramp Stamp style.

Polite_Werewolf44 karma

Good plan. But, I doubt you'd ever be able to just walk into a military base during a zombie apocalypse.

WhatAboutTuna135 karma

I'm under the assumption they will go down first. If you see how the military deals with anthrax and small pox then you would definitely think they are gonna be the first groups to get over run. Shit man, they can barely process my EAS paperwork to get out.

Special_Muffins35 karma

I will gladly accept your tramp stamp, in return with your hypothesis on how to actually make an MRE taste half edible. My dad served 30 years in the airforce and the sadistic fuck thought it would be a hilarious idea to have my 8 year old self eat one of the damn things on a camping trip. yeah fuck MRE's

WhatAboutTuna54 karma

Oh man, I can make anything in an MRE edible. It all about the barter system. Sure, your MRE sucks but with some elegant trading you can make all the parts of a glorious meal. Like the Indians, use every piece. EVEN THE TOILET PAPER.

ktmkid133 karma

I'll yummy down on the jambalaya MRE any day, Finding skittles is a big F ya buddy!

WhatAboutTuna5 karma

You are not human. Jambalaya is nearly inedible.

riptaway2 karma

They taste a lot better now than they used to

WhatAboutTuna4 karma

Yeah the toilet paper tastes like coffee now!

DCoxRox6913 karma

This is the first time I think I've ever heard a grunt refer to MREs as something they'd want.

WhatAboutTuna59 karma

I'm thinking long term. Yeah, country captain chicken sounds like shit now but give it 15 years without any spices and that shit is black market gold.

trepwn12 karma

I like your plan. Expect to run into me on one of these islands in case an outbreak ever occurs (as long as I'm not a zombie, otherwise I'll do my zombie best to re-direct our onslaught inland).

WhatAboutTuna30 karma

Much appreciated. If you see zombie whatabouttuna out there, feel free to plug him in the brain. He will appreciate it.

UltimateOreo1 karma

You know this comment just gave me an interesting thought. Say the zombies did jump into the sea. If it is in fact a viral or bacterial or whatever zombie invasion, then it is very possible that any creature they bite would turn into a zombie. Although, would it work in retrospect? If a sea predator, say a shark, bit a zombie, I think they would be infected too. Wouldn't that be some shit, a zombie shark?

WhatAboutTuna11 karma

But seriously, fuck a zombie shark so much

WhatAboutTuna4 karma

Nah dude, we know animals won't go near zombies. They can tell.

holy_jesus_monkeys77 karma

Probably one of the best AMA's i've seen, being educated on something that happened when i was 6 is amazing. Especially since nothing made sense and parents didn't know how to explain it. Thank you for your service!

WhatAboutTuna87 karma

Gladly. Education is key to prevention.

nicolascage175 karma

What was the one thing that shocked you most about Iraq?

WhatAboutTuna174 karma

Violence is so ingrained in their culture that a gun battle on the street invokes curiosity more than fear. No one runs from explosions. They let their kids play in the middle of armed troops in a fight. it's insane.


I wouldn't say that has to do more with culture than with what we Iraqis went through.

Four major wars and an invasion all within two generations really does fuck things up a bit to a society. You become so sick of being afraid & taking cover that you face it headlong.

My father fought in the iran-iraq war. He says after fighting for only a few battles & seeing all the death & mutilation, he said he didn't care if he was blasted to smithereens. He wanted it.

War is nasty. You lived it. I'm sure you know it better than I do.

WhatAboutTuna48 karma


MartinH8459 karma

Did you read the book Generation Kill? If so, was it an accurate portrayal of the invasion?

WhatAboutTuna133 karma

Funny thing, Generation Kill is about the Recon unit attached to my unit. It is about as accurate as you can get. Watching the HBO series transported me back in time. I still remember the whole Jessica Lynch thing and every one being pissed because we had to stop the entire convoy and couldn't get food for 3 days because all resources were being diverted to rescue her.

MartinH8443 karma

I'll be damned. It's good to hear that book was accurate, because I don't trust the newspapers here in NYC.

Also, I've been playing around with a novel for a while, and how do you as a veteran feel about the whole "crazy soldier" character that shows up in movies and books? Do you find it offensive, or do you think that these stories are so far removed from reality that it doesn't matter?

WhatAboutTuna100 karma

Its hard to say. You wanna meet crazy? Talk to me before my daughter was born. No regard for life. No regard for humanity. I think that mentally, there is some real damage that can happen to a human who is put in a fight or die situation for so long. I've seen guys that laugh as they smash a nest of baby birds. That being said, civilians should disregard the "crazy soldier" and assume that no matter how crazy a vet seems, deep down they are fighting a very private war, with very personal and devastating emotions.

MartinH8422 karma

Thank you for the honesty.

It sounds like you're doing well now. You seem pretty articulate too; pick up a pen one day and see what happens.

WhatAboutTuna64 karma

I think one of the greatest advantages of our world currently is our ability to spread the word about our life experiences. If you aren't honest with people about the war how can we ever expect anyone to change it? I see so many fellow Marines who have such a tough guy attitude about it all. That's what our previous generations of vets did and it taught the world nothing. Talk about the lingering effects and eventually we will be too afraid of our children being damaged to send them off to war.

MartinH8414 karma

I agree. You also fought in a war that was completely televised; unlike American Wars of the past. However, a lot of the information we received was redacted, false, or just plain wrong. I took it upon myself to read a few books (like Generation Kill and Chasing Ghosts) mostly because my friends whom spent time in Iraq never wanted to share their experiences. I respect that also, because no matter how much I read, I'll never trully understand. That said, the public does want to know how our generation of men and women fared, not only at war, but with shaping global perceptions of America. At the end of the day, it's the story of the individual that captivates the public. America always loves redemption stories.

WhatAboutTuna28 karma

Thank you for taking the time to try to understand. A lot of those guys will fight demons for many, many years after they put down their guns. You can't walk a mile in their boots but you can always appreciate them and that is a lot for most guys.

perche56 karma

What contact did you have with Iraqis? How do you feel about them?

WhatAboutTuna168 karma

I interacted with Iraqi's every day of every deployment. There was always an IP (iraqi Police) training or humanitarian mission. At the time I saw them as less human than us. Like because they lived in the dirt they were more like dogs. I saw them as a dumb culture. Now I just feel bad. You are a product of your environment and I just got lucky in being born in a rich powerful country

DiaDeLosMuertos37 karma

Why the fuck hasn't a major network interviewed vets like you?

WhatAboutTuna61 karma

Eh, I guess I'm not that interesting.

ramadisapper53 karma

Having completed two combat tours in Iraq with the US Army (Baghdad 03-04, Ramadi 05-06) every time I come in contact with another combat Veteran we swap "war stories" so I feel like I'm in the position to ask you this one brother: What was your closest brush with death?

WhatAboutTuna148 karma

I was in Najaf in 2004 and my platoon was moving down the street when all of a sudden, everything fell apart. Explosions on all sides, machine gun fire, the works. I take cover as an explosion rocks the wall beside me. From the dust I see my best friend fall to the ground and another try to pick him up off the street. I rush to help him drag our badly damaged friend off the street. As we take cover we realize everyone else is gone. It's just the three of us, in the middle of the street, pinned down by fire. As machine gun fire near misses all around us, I scream for a corpsman. The other guy with me, despite missing some crucial pieces of his thumbs fumbles around with his 240g machine gun, trying to fire at the enemy. Sometime during all this mayhem, I look down at my friend. He looks up at me, missing half his face, his tongue just barely in his mouth, and he says, "I'm tired, just let me sleep. Just let me die..." Those words and that face... will haunt my private thoughts for as long as I live. Suddenly, the gun fire stops. I see a corpsman coming. We get my friend to safety and I escape with minimal shrapnel wounds to my legs. I return to my unit and got shot through a wall by the amtrack coming to evac my friend. Irony...

ramadisapper50 karma

That's real heavy bro... thanks for having the courage to share that with us, I know there's nothing easy about it... lost a lot of good friends over there.. some things you just never forget.

WhatAboutTuna72 karma

I shared because I think its really important for every one to have a complete representation of war. I hope people see it and remember it when they think of war. This was my friend.

drew34535 karma

damn... Im so sorry did your friend live?

WhatAboutTuna89 karma

He did. He went on the become one of the greatest human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The article about Lenny in my description is him. He inspires me daily.

conners_captures3 karma

how often does friendly fire actually occur?

WhatAboutTuna6 karma

All the time, unfortunately

mellamojay52 karma

I was going to do an AMA like this tomorrow because it will be my 30th bday and the day that we actually invaded. I was 20 years old when we crossed. I was with 1st Tanks Bn. the actual pointy tip of the whole "tip of the spear" that pushed through ahead of the infantry clearing the heavy armor. Thank you for your service and hope you get lots of karma.

WhatAboutTuna21 karma

If you do an AMA let me know and I will tag it in my AMA so people can see more perspectives. I think its great. I actually turned 19 in Iraq right after we invaded so I feel you for sure.

Flying_ScotchMan40 karma

When crossing the border, did you meet immediate resistance by Iraqi troops?

WhatAboutTuna75 karma

No, we were told we were, but the only thing we saw was people surrendering for the first couple hours of the war. Wasn't until we got way north that we started seeing resistance. Around Nasyriah

COXIMUS49 karma

Nasyriah was a shit storm.

WhatAboutTuna52 karma


sydbarrett473-1 karma

So basically you just went around looking for people to get into a fight with?

WhatAboutTuna7 karma

Not really. We had a plan. Every one has a plan till you get punched in the face.

hydra45836 karma

Thank you for you're time and service overseas. I have three questions: 1) What made you want to go back two more times? 2) Whats your favorite memory or something you will miss about the sandbox? 3) If you could go back in time, would you do it all over again or do something different?

ughhh my apolgies for terrible formatting..

WhatAboutTuna107 karma

1) the second time I had to but I got shot and had a lot of friends get killed or wounded (Najaf 2004) but the third time I had such bad survivor's guilt that i just wanted to go back and get killed. Thankfully that didn't happen.

2) I miss the stars. In the summer you could see every star in the sky at night. You didn't even need lights (to see)

3) I would definitely do it again because it made me who I am, even if who I am is a cocky, arrogant, cynical asshole who thinks the world owes him a better existence

ImArchMageBitch31 karma

I love the honesty of your answers, thank for doing this IAMA

WhatAboutTuna53 karma

It feels good to get some of these opinions out there. Good Rehab, you know?

kirklikethecaptain17 karma

Is survivor's guilt a common reason for multiple tours? It is a new term to me.

WhatAboutTuna37 karma

I would say so. Or a sense of responsibility. I was also told if I didn't go and something happened to my friends that I would blame myself, which dammit if he didn't hit that one on the old moto button.

oobermen-5 karma

You would do it again? Really? That's the kind of bullshit response that makes me think not enough of you retards died over there.

Adieuanonymity3 karma

You are by far one of the most ignorant and insulting pieces of shit I've ever had the displeasure of noticing. Virtual or otherwise.

WhatAboutTuna1 karma

He's rustling jimmies, don't you mind him none.

indieshometownhifi36 karma

Thank you. My brother went 2 times and tried for Afghan. What is your suggestion on how to best help veterans, I mean how can the average person help. What can we say? What can we ask? What shouldn't we ask? Just the basics on being a friend or a brother.

WhatAboutTuna74 karma

I think the constant reminder that, if they want to talk, they can. Also, I think a lot of guys leave their units and feel like they have no one they can rely on if shit gets tight and it puts them in a panic. Remind them they are not alone. I've seen a few friends end it with a bullet instead of conversation and their good bye letters always seem to be about loneliness.

cheezburga36 karma

Whats your opinion on violent Video games?

Do you play Call of duty, battlefield or do you prefer something less war oriented?

WhatAboutTuna152 karma

I do play COD. Its two entirely different things. Anyone who says that video games are violent and prepare you for killing have absolutely no idea what it takes to end a human life. It is a devastating task, that no movie or game can ever desensitize you to.

jayhat19 karma

What about war movies? Do you enjoy them now (or did you before)?

WhatAboutTuna30 karma

Yeah, my favorite movies are always war movies. When they get it right, it sends shivers down your spine.

jayhat5 karma

What do you think of Black Hawk Down? One of my favorite movies of all time.

WhatAboutTuna15 karma

Its a really good movie. It Hollywood's it up pretty good but the message is on.

DirtyRottenMongrel30 karma


WhatAboutTuna19 karma

I can't even begin to imagine what I would have done with my life. I would probably have stayed in music the whole time instead of taking a 5 year break. I would probably be where I am, making hit records, just 5 years earlier than I did. Thank you for your words. I really just wanted to give a very honest reflection on the war.

edavis9810 karma

making hit records

What are some of your records?

WhatAboutTuna12 karma

I've worked with Justin Timberlake and Frank Ocean as an assistant and a handful of other records as an engineer. Mostly indie stuff that is only big in LA but someday soon I might be somebody

bobno30 karma

Only answer if you want.I won't mind if you dont answer.how many people did you kill ?

WhatAboutTuna65 karma

I don't know. Its hard to say when you pull the trigger and fire at someone if they fell or ducked. It's a flash and a jerk and then they are just gone, out of sight. I know how callous it sounds but I guess I just never thought to keep track of the people I was shooting at.

delta006226 karma

Where the marines the first there, or did army units arrive first?

WhatAboutTuna37 karma

As I remember it, there was both Army and Marines, but the Marines had a much larger presence in the early days.

delta006214 karma

What was your MOS?

WhatAboutTuna26 karma

0351 infantry assaultman.

WhatAboutTuna24 karma

Are you trying to decide if I'm for real by asking me qualifying questions?

jackattack5023 karma

Them cutting scores are a bitch.

WhatAboutTuna4 karma

I made Sgt in 3 years during combat but I was shit hot. But yeah, they were high.

delta00622 karma

Awesome! Thank you for your service, and taking the time to do this AMA.

WhatAboutTuna3 karma


delta006213 karma

What about special forces?

WhatAboutTuna33 karma

I don't feel qualified to speak on it. I never saw any SF except for battalion recon that was just a click in front of us and I saw the Force Recon team when we took Baghdad but I didn't see any others.

seitgeist24 karma

What do you do now?

WhatAboutTuna51 karma

I make beautiful, beautiful music. Nothing repairs the soul like music.

delta006220 karma

What kind of music?

WhatAboutTuna57 karma

All kinds. I work as an engineer in Hollywood so I get every type of music. Even recording Nelly at 5 AM is better than Iraq.

delta006223 karma

What's your favorite kind of music to make?

WhatAboutTuna40 karma

I love rock. Just any kind of rock music.

GreenBeret2Be23 karma

Do I smell a fellow Tenacious D fan? :D

WhatAboutTuna41 karma

Definitely. I hope I get to work with them one day.

NickN3v3r7 karma

Listen to any queens of the stoneage?

WhatAboutTuna7 karma

Great band.

Captaintele3 karma

Did you do an ama a few months ago about being an engineer? I think I remember you.

WhatAboutTuna4 karma

I did. I try to share often with the reddit community

Biggerwolf22 karma

Have your political views changed based upon your expiriences there?

WhatAboutTuna77 karma

My political views continue to change every day. Even right now as we speak I am reading stuff on Reddit that makes me feel differently today than I did yesterday. I think that's what separates us from our parents is our willingness to change our behaviors when they are wrong. (soft jab at my hard core republican dad)

drew34520 karma

Whats combat like? do you see the enemy or is it mostly just shooting in the general direction you think they are in? Also what range did most of the fights take place at?

WhatAboutTuna28 karma

Depends on the time. In Najaf, in the cemetery, we were inches away some times. In the early days we were always shooting at dudes from a 1/4 mile away.

drew3458 karma

wow inchs away? Do you feel like elaborating on that battle?

strangechicken18 karma

Do you feel awkward when you meet another veteran Marine who all they want to do is talk about what it was like in? I recently got out last month and have met a few who seem to have turned into regular dippity da'd gon Chesty Pullers now that they're out and it's "cool" to talk about the Marine Corps now. I guess what I'm asking is how do you handle them?

WhatAboutTuna40 karma

When i was in I was a true Marine. High and tight, 300 PFT and I chewed out shit pfc's and lance coolies at the PX like it was my only job. It was amazing to me how many guys talked all sorts of shit about how as soon as they can get out they are out of here and Eat the apple, fuck the corps and all that nonsense and then the day they EAS they get their moto tatt and start talking like they were the hero of Najaf. I let them do what they do. I never remind them how big of a shit bag they used to be. Be proud of what you did and who you are and let them seek their glory. People will respect you more for not being that guy and in 10 years those other dudes will see how dumb they were acting and feel the embarrassment. If they don't then they are too dumb to be dealt with anyway. Mostly, my answer is I just agree and nod my head, seek the exit out of Bullshit Land and make my escape.

strangechicken14 karma

Haha, I would have probably been that lance getting chewed out by you cause I wore flip flops to the chow hall or hands in pocket in cammies. Yeah, their glory hunting gets annoying to say the least cause you know they most likely were how you described it. It's just particularly distressing when, in say a public function, some guy goes out of his way to make it known he was in the military and goes on and on about his "war stories" that don't pass the sniff test and people just eat it up cause they don't know any better. We've all seen that guy. But, I guess you're right in just ignoring them and laughing at them on the inside.

WhatAboutTuna20 karma

Maybe you were that lance... sorry, if you were. I was a little high strung back then.

strangechicken10 karma

lol I never took it personally. I realized about half way through that it was just a job.

WhatAboutTuna48 karma

I had a gunny that I hated until I realized that he was just the best Marine ever and I was just pissed that he was doing everything by the numbers. When he became a 1st Sgt his whole demeanor changed. He gave up the last drops of his water to young Marines in the middle of battle and ended up almost dying from dehydration as a result. That man was a fucking marine.

strangechicken16 karma

Stop giving me a moto-boner. Ha. It sure is easy to lose sight of the big picture with garrison silliness at times, then you see stuff like this. You could definitely tell the posers apart from the real ones it situations like the one you mentioned. ANYONE can pick apart a room on field day but we all know who you can really count on and who you can't when it really matters.

WhatAboutTuna11 karma


MrKrazybones2 karma

Im trying for the ANG right now and one of the biggest reasons I dont want in the Marines is because I hear too much about how cocky they are. I know there is cockiness in all branches but it sounds like its more frequent in Marines

WhatAboutTuna6 karma

They give you a really good reason to believe it. It is really true. We get better training and are far more reliable in combat than Army units. But that's just my opinion, dude.

some_random117 karma

Was the bit in generation kill where the iraqi translator always said that the iraqi's where saying "we welcome American liberation etc etc" true?

WhatAboutTuna39 karma

They were so happy when we got there they were throwing parades in towns. It changed quickly but it doesn't matter in my brain. We were greeted as heroes at first.

some_random15 karma

Sorry what I mean is in Generation Kill they more or less said the higher ups had told the translator to say the locals where saying they welcome the liberation even if they didn't actually say it. Did you feel that the translators where doing this?

WhatAboutTuna13 karma

Oh, no. People were yelling it in english to us.

imarapperJKJK16 karma

I've watched Generation Kill on HBO (phenomenal IMO). What are you're opinions on the reality of this series?

WhatAboutTuna29 karma

It was really good. It's been a while since I watched it last so I don't remember the entire thing but I do remember watching it and thinking it was incredibly accurate. It was actually about 1/4 (my unit) so I remembered a lot of the stuff that was happening in it.

tmpsox8015 karma

How the hell do you know zombies don't like going up hill?

Thank you for your service, seriously.

WhatAboutTuna27 karma

Its science man. zombies don't climb gates and fences and they don't go uphill. No mental power to over come difficult tasks.

Inlakeshh14 karma

Did you know you were going to Iraq? Or did you find out, uniform on, about to board a plane, your going to Iraq?

WhatAboutTuna34 karma

I was on my Christmas vacation, home with my girlfriend, lying in her bed and talking about the future when my cell phone rang. It was my friend and he sad we had to get back. Christmas leave was cancelled and we were going to Iraq. 3 months before the war started. We actually took a ship over to Iraq so there was 45 days of thinking about it before we got there.

Theropissed14 karma

Hey man if you ever need to talk or game man just let me know. I can't do much and I never did much but I feel like I could help keep nightmares away.

WhatAboutTuna11 karma


alexsmander13 karma

So I dont steal your thunder, I will give you some lightening. For me I went to Afghanistan, we had heavily armored trucks, basically brand new gear, and all this technology to prevent what happened to you guys in Iraq (during the early years). What was it like driving (if you got to) in hmmwvs and operate in heavily populated cities.

WhatAboutTuna27 karma

I always equate it to Vietnam. We walked around in deuce gear and Boonies. The early days were the Wild West. Driving around in Humvees popping off rounds like a drive by. Stopped being fun when they got IED's

alexsmander15 karma

Yeah I can imagine. We really didn't care about getting shot at (unless it was a large ambush). We spent a lot of time dealing with IEDs, and the after effects of them.

WhatAboutTuna56 karma

Funny story about trucks. In the early days, the Army kept getting ambushed on this MSR outside our territory. They wouldn't attack the Marine Convoys because we would stop and get out and rush them. So in order to get them to attack us we would drive around at night in Army 7 tons pretending to be playing music and sleeping while a follow 7 ton with its lights off trailed a half mile back. We would get fired at and then all of a sudden, SHITSTORM.

AxeManActual21 karma

Ah, the Army. The Army's two greatest enemies throughout history have been Nazi Germany and the Marine Corps.

WhatAboutTuna15 karma

This is the best quote ever!

austingv13 karma


WhatAboutTuna45 karma

Absolutely. Take a long hard look at your reason for joining and consider the fact that every friend you make for the next 4 years could die in your arms. If you are prepared to deal with that then man up and start doing pull ups. They help the most on the pft. Every one of those is worth 5 damn points.

jayhat3 karma

How many pull ups can you do? Do you still workout regularly?

WhatAboutTuna5 karma

I can still do 20. I don't work out much but I think I m still as tough as I ever was. Just not as strong.

TheTruthYouHate112 karma

I was in the Army for a quick stretch way back in my glory days (see: like 6-7 years ago), but my job allowed for me to be whored out to any-and-everybody within the coalition hemisphere. One such occasion was a couple of weeks with a unit from the 3rd LAR.

I say all of that as background for my actual question, which concerns the story of a USMC Staff Sergeant who also participated in the initial invasion campaign. He said that you guys had to wear full MOPP gear for weeks at a time, which sounds utterly cruel & unusual - did you experience the same conditions? If so, (without violating OPSEC, of course) what kinds of threats were you guys hearing about up to, and within the beginning stages of the invasion?

WhatAboutTuna23 karma

We were in MOPP gear (read bio and chem suit) for the first 2 months of the war. It was awful. I went 52 days without a shower or changing my socks. Seriously, it was bad. We alternated between full mopp gear and just the suit and boots (forgive me I forget the levels these days) for most of the trip to Baghdad. I remember when I got to Baghdad I had trench foot so bad from no air on my feet that I peeled the bottom layer of skin right off my feet and I almost lost my pinky toe to infection.

TheTruthYouHate18 karma

Fucking christ, that sounds horrible. I've heard stories of trenchfoot like that, but I always assumed tit was just standard "no shit, there I was" hyperbole.

Movements during the invasion are almost entirely within the realm of public-record now, so I don't think this question carries any inherent OPSEC risks, but what was your timeline like from SP in Kuwait up until the point you guys crossed the boundary in to Baghdad proper? (which if I remember correctly, was the release point for the main body of the Marine invasion force)

I feel like all of the units and branches involved take a healthy serving of creative license in their respective accounts, and I've never had the chance to hear a firsthand account from the Marine Corp's perspective.

forgive me I forget the levels these days

The only one I remember is MOPP 1/4th (pro-mask, tan t-shirt, combat boots w/ one green sock, empty rucksack, MOPP gloves, and absolutely nothing else) because I invented it while I was in basic training.

WhatAboutTuna7 karma

It happened so fast but I think i remember that it was three weeks from Kuwait to Baghdad. We had to stop a few times because of some bs but we got there pretty quick. We came up from Kuwait through Nasyriah and Hillah and into Baghdad by crossing the Tigris, I think.

neverkidding12 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA. I feel like recently on TV it's been Iraq war this, President Bush that... And I haven't seen any ads featuring veterans. Something about the candid, personal tone in your responses makes me feel like I've finally heard an account of the whole thing that actually means something. It's like I can't hold it at arm's length anymore. I guess I don't have a question, I just wanted to say thanks for your service and for the AMA, and tell you that you really affected me with your answers. Glad to hear you're doing so well!

WhatAboutTuna12 karma

I was kinda hoping it would do that for some people. We can't forget the cost of war, both financially and in what it steals from our dignity. War is a cruel, dirty task.

gamman12 karma

First off, I respect anyone that goes to war for their country. You guys have got balls, I would be crying like a baby at the first conflict.

Despite all the negative shit the press bleeds about Iraq, what you guys and gals did was liberate a bunch of citizens from a nasty dictator. Dont ever forget what that nasty cocksucker did to the kurds. He violated peoples civil liberties left, right and centre. He had woman raped as a political tool. etc... You should be proud of what you have done.

WhatAboutTuna16 karma

I am certainly, but it has been stained by all the negative that comes with it.

chucktaylorz12 karma


WhatAboutTuna26 karma

I was able to fake it really well. I was always pretending and giving the answers people wanted to hear. I was injured badly on my second deployment so it gave me a very different perspective coming back. I spent weeks in hospitals trying to recuperate. I wish you and your boyfriend the best. When he is gone send him a letter every day because it means more to him than you could possibly ever imagine. When he comes home support him and give him space but don't let him push you away. I made that mistake. He may not know it yet, but he has a long rehab in front of him.

chucktaylorz10 karma


WhatAboutTuna44 karma

I have healed. THE FOLLOWING IS NOT A REASON TO HAVE A BABY. My daughter changed every thing for me. I never wanted to hurt another human being again after my daughter was born. When I look at her I can't believe I could take away some one else's loved one.

whatdusay_10 karma

did you ever do joint operations or just spend time with other nation's militarys? Who were your favourite(and least) to work with?

Thanks for the AMA :) One of the more interesting I've seen in a while.

WhatAboutTuna32 karma

Awww man there were South American troops there... I cant remember what country, but man those guys were tough as nails. They were little as hell but damn if they didn't all carry switchblades. I think they were Salvadorean... tough little dudes.

Least favorite to work with was always the US Army. Man, some of those people really don't have their shit together.

A_Traumatised_Man7 karma

They were from El Salvador you're right. They ran out of ammo and charged with bayonets at a dug-in position. Motherfucking badasses!

WhatAboutTuna4 karma

Yeah I heard a bunch of stories about those guys.

Fillyy10 karma

What were your initial thoughts upon entering Iraq?

WhatAboutTuna46 karma

Honestly I was wondering if the war was gonna last long or if would be over before we got there. There was a lot of talk about the first Gulf War and the speedy decision that occurred so I thought it would be a week long even and then we'd head back to states to collect our paychecks and patriotic whores

trepwn9 karma

Did you get the chance to watch the documentary "Restrepos" and if so, what did you think about it? As a civilian who has never really witnessed any of the atrocities of war it really struck me just how... unprepared? is that the word? we as a country were for what our soldiers were going into.

WhatAboutTuna18 karma

I have not watched it. For some reason I always reject it when I see it. Well, I guess not just for some reason. We definitely are never prepared when it comes to war. We are always one war behind. In WWII we were prepared for trench warfare. In Korea we had no winter clothes. In Vietnam we didn't understand guerrilla warfare. War is something you can't adequately prepare for because you can never tell how the enemy is going to fight.

ghillisuit958 karma

I am pretty sure there was an amphibious landing in Korea.

But it is equally impressive still.

WhatAboutTuna16 karma

You are definitely correct. My Marine Corps knowledge should be much better. We landed amphibiously at Hue City for sure. Maybe they said Korea!

Brendancs05 karma

How do you feel about private military contractors, AKA Black Water and other groups?

WhatAboutTuna5 karma

A lot of my friends went that route after the Marines. I hope that they make the right decision regardless of who pays them. Mercs are mercs though.

Stockyards4 karma

Your unit was not (I believe) the one discussed in Evan Wright's Generation Kill, later made into an HBO series of the same name. Have you read Wright's book? How closely did the missions and general happenings within 1st Recon mirror your experience in Iraq?

WhatAboutTuna9 karma

I saw the Miniseries but didn't read the book in full. I started it once but it was a little bit too soon for me at the time. The unit referenced, 1st Recon Battalion, was the recon unit for 1st Marine division, which was lead up by 1st Battalion 4th Marines, Alpha Co, which is the company I was in. A lot of designations, but essentially that says that we were mirroring each other during the war. I was not recon or SF of any kind, I don't want to give the wrong impression. But we did a lot of the same missions and the miniseries on HBO nailed it. It was like watching the documentary. For a good look, compare the Netflix Documentary "Severe Clear" to the same event.

Stockyards2 karma

I will. If you're up to it, pick up a copy of the book. The miniseries did an absolutely top tier job of relating the events of the book but as you can expect, left a lot out. I can't remember if it was your battalions Alpha Company or 1st Recon Battalion's but there were numerous mentions and anecdotes about at least one Alpha Company in the book. You may even read about yourself.

WhatAboutTuna1 karma

Yeah, I will check it out again. I think I am a little better headspace these days.

MunozMandoMan3 karma

As a 17 year old preparing to enter the service what would you recommend I learn before entering? Also what was most satisfying during your service?

WhatAboutTuna7 karma

Don't learn anything. Expect to learn everything. Be open and be honest to your brothers. The worst things I ever did in the marines was when I betrayed my brothers. They are there for you. Always try to find the balance between being honest with command and not selling out your peers. I don't have a great satisfying story off the top of my head but my words of caution probably reveal some of my disappointments

bakabakaneko3 karma

As a person who watched the invasion occur on the news 10 years ago , I would like to as your opinion on what do you think of the US efforts to rebuild the country is like.

And what is your stance on how the US handles its policies concerning war ? Looking at what is going on today (Syria in particular) why is it that the US (under the George W. Bush administration) chose to attack Iraq ? For the purpose of having 'WMDs" ? Or for the oil ? I've chatted with a serviceman before who griped about the Iraq invasion and how he told me that the invasion is merely an excuse for the resources (aka oil) in Iraq.

And even though I'm not a US citizen , I highly appreciate the efforts of servicemen like you considering how the country I'm in once fought a war against insurgency and recently against invaders in Lahad Datu.

What these servicemen and women in the frontlines sacrifice for the sake of others is something not to be underestimated or forgotten and should always be remembered by future generations to help prevent the mistakes of the past from happening ever again.

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

I totally agree. We must learn from our past. The earth is big enough for everyone. I don't know how they are doing with rebuilding the country. I think it's hard to rebuild a country that is damaged from 2000 years of war.

AHedgeKnight3 karma

Was there ever a moment you felt was 'awesome' I know most combat is just horrifying, but was there ever an exception?

WhatAboutTuna11 karma

I had a piece of metal from a mortar whiz by my face so close it burned my eye brows. I looked at it sizzling in the berm next to me and I thought, "Invincible. You are fucking invincible."

usuksuk2 karma

Did you guys find any oil?

WhatAboutTuna1 karma

Seriously, there was no oil in that country. I found gold bars in a truck once though.

aussum_possum2 karma

What is the worst thing you have seen US soldiers do? When you first saw action, do you think your training had you prepared for it?

WhatAboutTuna4 karma

I don't know about the worst. The best thing I saw them do was be there for each other unconditionally. I think you get adequately removed from your emotions enough in boot camp to prepare you for the eventuality that you may have to take someone's life. That's the most important thing, I think.

SG_Dave2 karma

I have a question you may or may not know the answer to.

When the British took Basra, who were the first in? My mate was in the 1st Light Infantry and swears blind his unit was the first to cross into Iraq and the first to clear Basra. But the Paras were given the credit in the UK.

Also, any near misses that made you re-evaluate your life?

WhatAboutTuna6 karma

I think its really hard for anyone to pin point who was first into any area because at any one time there was a hundred operations going on. I remember thinking we were the first people into Baghdad and then we turn a corner and there's another unit right there. Who knows, you know?

I had so many near misses I thought I was invincible until I got hurt.

Sergeant_Sarcastic2 karma

What was your greatest motivation for serving, and what is the most valuable thing you learned from it?

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

I don't really know anymore. I have said every thing. 9/11, I love my country, pride... a woman. I guess you never really know what drives your life in certain directions. There was this moment, and on one side of that moment I had made a decision to do something and I couldn't go back.

I think the most valuable thing I learned was how to understand people. I feel like I can see through people, understand their true core natures, sometimes even better than themselves. I think that when you look into the eyes of a person who truly wants you dead and is willing to sacrifice their own life to make it happen, you suddenly gain an awareness into all emotion.

Sergeant_Sarcastic2 karma

Any elaboration on the woman? Nothing personal, of course, but in what way did she motivate you, directly, or just as something you wanted to defend?

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

haha I was in love with a beautiful girl and I thought being a Marine was gonna make me a man for her. I eventually broke up with her because I was an idiot and regretted it forever.

bakabakaneko2 karma

Would you mind sharing some of your more memorable events that happened ? Whether it was good or bad ?

WhatAboutTuna11 karma

I've shared a few but mostly bad so here's a good one. The first time we were over there it was pretty much a free for all in the smaller towns as far as leadership because obviously, we had eradicated all the major leadership. So the tasks of handing out money to civil servants and getting them back to work fell to small unit leaders. For example, my platoon commander was put in charge of an iraqi bank with 5 million American dollars in it. Every night while guarding the bank, we would discuss ways to rob it. We never did... Back to the story. After guarding this bank for a few months we had managed to make friends with all the locals around the bank that were of the immoral type. Since Iraq is mostly a dry country, we would pay them to get us some beers or something boozy to drink. Well, they don't really have beer so this dude brings us shitty gin in a can. Well we decide to start drinking it and getting rowdy with our iraqi friends. For some reason, dude in my platoon thinks its a good idea to let the Iraqi dude pop off a few rounds. He lets loose on a dog down on the street and the next thing we know half the damn Army is banging on the door of the bank looking for where the shots came from and if we know anything. Of course we're all drunk so we had to quickly hide our Iraqi friends, all the booze, the dead dog and the Marines that were too drunk. The next day we heard some dude at the battalion headquarters bragging about the firefight he got into at our bank. We just laughed.

bakabakaneko1 karma

Haha wow , that sounds like something you people would do for shits and giggles. Upvoted for making me chuckle when I imagined what happened.

p/s : Drinking on the job as well ? Doesn't get any better than that.

WhatAboutTuna1 karma

I almost got busted down for it another time... booze is bad mmmmkay?

douggie42 karma

What ship did you take over there? I was on the Boxer around the same time.

WhatAboutTuna6 karma

I was on the dubuque (Sp?). I remember the boxer, some dude fell off it on the way. My friend Zeppa told every one it was his brother but it wasn't

Ramza_Claus2 karma

Thank you for your service. I'm sorry that our country has failed to adequately care for every veteran of every war. I strongly believe that we should not have invaded Iraq, but I also believe every individual soldier, marine, airman and sailor should be offered whatever they need to readjust to civilian life, and those who did not come home should be able to rest in peace knowing their families will not be forgotten.

Again, thank you for your service. Just wanted to say this.

WhatAboutTuna4 karma

Thank you. It's a heavy load to care for that many people so I understand.

bobbrah2 karma

Would you of rather gone to Afghanistan instead?

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

Nah, I heard afghanistan was cold. Fuck the cold.

Parictis2 karma

First of all, thank you for your service and your willingness to answer questions. I'm not sure if you can answer this one, but I'm curious: What were your directions in regards to WMDs? Where you actively looking, told to keep an eye out, or directed to specifically ask surrendering enemy soldiers about them? Did you or anyone else every feel pressured to lie about WMDs?

WhatAboutTuna6 karma

No we were looking every where for them. Man, did we fucking look every where. We went to a whole lot of places that they weren't. I did get to ride a scud missile and a sacred Babylon lion like a mechanical bull so there's that.

Parictis1 karma

At what point during all of that looking did you guys start to come to the consensus that you were wasting your time? Or did you?

WhatAboutTuna5 karma

Man, if you asked any PFC in April of 2003 if there was WMD's in Iraq he would've told you to fuck off. We looked everywhere.

MyEvilTwinSkippy1 karma

Thought you guys did an amphibious operation to kick off the ground war in Desert Storm? Ah...some info...


Carry on.

WhatAboutTuna0 karma

There was a fake amphibious operation. The old Stormin Norman Hammerhead move. I remember that.

Varastus1 karma

What did it feel like to get shot?

WhatAboutTuna5 karma

I told someone this before but its like getting hit with a super hot sledgehammer. Burning pressure.

fdotik1 karma

What were things your battalion did in Iraq in 2003? I was just a little kid at the time and am curious at what went on when we first got into Iraq.

WhatAboutTuna4 karma

We took a bridge in Nasiryah and got ambushed. We actually had to do a night time drive by through Nasiryah because it was a total war zone. I remember sleeping in a trash dump outside Nasiryah, waiting for our turn to drive through a burning city. There were flies every where and as soon as you stopped moving, they covered you too. They were on your food, on your shit, and in your mouth. Every where.

Edit: Grammar

Grngeaux1 karma

What kind of music could be heard before heading out on a mission? Something smooth to calm y'all's nerves? Or maybe some lamb of god to get y'all fucking jacked?

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

A lot of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden. Also, to be fair, I was kinda fagging out on Incubus at the time. Mp3's didn't really exist until my third deployment so we were still rocking cds in the desert.

RichardRambone1 karma

I want to know something simple, what was the average day in Iraq like? What did you do to pass the time?

Bonus Question: Have you seen Restrepo on netflix? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

WhatAboutTuna1 karma

On off days it was a lot of Spades games and game boys. The rest of the time it was one step from insanity. Hot, miserable and demanding.

josh08611 karma

whos 1st battalion 4th marine division? Do you mean 4th marine regiment? The fact that you got your unit completely wrong makes me suspect.

WhatAboutTuna4 karma

I accidentally a word bro. 1st battalion 4th Marines 1st Mar Div.

josh08611 karma

Cool, it happens. I was with them for a deployment, Bravo Co. Surprised no one commented on the mistake.

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

Yeah me too actually. I said it right a few other times... God I think I did. Now I should go check

closer_to_the_lung1 karma

My question might be a little late, but I figure I'd still ask:

Seeing that you have a different viewpoint of the war you fought in from when you first enlisted, how do you respond/feel to those that do nothing but praise and thank you for doing what you did? Blind patriotism, so-to-speak... Do you shrug that off as well, like you do the stories from those self-proclaimed "war heroes"?

WhatAboutTuna1 karma

I bashfully accept. You ever get thanked for something you felt like you didn't really have anything to do with but you know it would be rude to say so? Its like that.

Ydderf841 karma

Holy fuck that sounds like first sergeant young and I know sgt Sandoval had to be there.

WhatAboutTuna1 karma

That's him. You must be one of their guys.

ben17291 karma

Did you encounter any cheers or praise from Iraqi civilians and children? In your experience were you greeted as a liberator?

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

Absolutely. Everyone was in the streets yelling "Good Bush! Good America! I love you!"

_Anti-Matter_1 karma

I was also there providing you and your guys support.

I was with 1st FSSG. I was the advance party, we were sent months prior to set up. I was a LCpl so yeah, I was the working party. I helped create Camp Coyote out of nothing. I picked up Cpl while out there.

I volunteered for some security patrols into Baghdad.

I also volunteered for mortuary affrais to help bring our fallen brothers home.

I was also sent TAD and attached to Task Force Tarawa.

WhatAboutTuna2 karma

Man, a bunch of the guys in my unit were part of that advance party. I feel for you bro. I remember when we first got there coyote was a dump and I remember thinking, "Those dudes have been here for 3 months already!"

AlexBosch1 karma

What economic changes did you see happen as the country changed from a socialist system to a capitalist?

WhatAboutTuna5 karma

Didn't seem like anything changed. They started using dollars and every one was poor. I prolly missed any real economic development because when I got out we were still fighting a war there, not just "insurgents"

sabachthanai1 karma

What did you think of Chaplain Cash?...did you read his book?

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

I'm not familiar with him at all.

sourdsmokin0 karma

Is it fun to invade a country? Do you get to loot and pillage stuff you find?

WhatAboutTuna27 karma

I took a gas mask and a hookah. I'm a regular Leif Erickson.

whatdusay_5 karma

so uh... what do you use the gas mask for?

WhatAboutTuna25 karma

I always dreamed of making a bong out of it but it just sits at my dad's place in Pennsylvania and I smoke out of bowls like an adult

whatdusay_6 karma

Did you smoke before you joined the military? I ask because I know a few veterans who started smoking when they came home to cope with PTS, depression, etc.

WhatAboutTuna23 karma

I did when i was in high school but I became a serious user after i got out. It stops me from dreaming at night which is pretty helpful.

Gothmaug0 karma

Im really sorry to force you to relive your horrible experiences but I am honestly curious and you seem like a man with enough perspective to understand why I want to know.

Have you ever killed anyone? Question already answered.

Could you tell a specific story about something really horrible or sobering you saw there? When you think of Iraq What is the event that comes to mind?

What would you say to a sophomore in High School who is considering joining the Armed Forces?

WhatAboutTuna1 karma

I shared my brush with death above. See that for a horro story. If you read that and you are ok with joining after that, then go for it. It wouldn't have changed anything for me. There is a type of person that puts his life on the line for no reason. If you wonder if you are that type of person then you probably aren't.

ethannwalker0 karma

After everything, do you still support the war in Iraq? I hope that doesn't seem offensive, I'm not trying to be. You have served your country well and I hope you nothing but the best. Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

I don't support the war in Iraq. I support my brothers who fought with me and I support the people who helped keep us safe.

fusor-guy0 karma

Did you know what you were getting into? For example if the local people would be hostile or friendly concerning your presence in their homeland? How did that change once you experienced it? And also can you put into scope just how big of a caracter ir oersonal imprint did going to war lave on/in you, if any at all? (I don't mean to be offensive, i apologize if it sounds like i am, I'm not)


WhatAboutTuna1 karma

We were told the locals would cheer our presence, which they did at first. It was mostly what I expected.

fusor-guy1 karma

Thank you for the answer! Im studying Vietnam at the moment and i feel there is a heavy correlation between the two!

WhatAboutTuna2 karma


BygmesterFinnegan-1 karma

First of all, thank you! I was wondering what your opinion was of President Bush's handling of the entire war?

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

I dunno. It seems unlikely that someone would purposely handle a situation like a war with such complete idiocy but sometimes it sure seems that way, doesn't it?

TDN6-2 karma

Do you have a missing eye/leg/arm?

How many of your bros died and how many of them have missing body parts?

WhatAboutTuna5 karma

I did say anything... no, no missing parts. My sural nerve in my leg was severed by shrapnel so I can't feel my foot though. My best friend lost his jaw and it was repaired by taking a piece of his hip.

MrHaggis-5 karma

What's the big deal? I was there in '90-'91.

WhatAboutTuna4 karma

cool man.

Ooer-6 karma

This AMA has been removed until proof can be provided. Sorry about the hassle.

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

Hello! Nice talking with you. Hopefully you can put this back up soon. I have been waiting for a minute now and its sad that it takes one dick 5 minutes to get someone's good AMA booted off but it takes an hour to get it back up after proof is submitted? What gives?

WhatAboutTuna0 karma

I have sent proof. Hopefully the AMA will be back up soon because I feel like it was a very popular and beneficial AMA for all involved except one angry dude who disagreed.

ChocolateBiscuit-12 karma

This sounds so fake. You guys smoking in one picture looks like a bunch of out of shape vehicle drivers. Then the reunion pic is a bunch of guy in relatively swole shape. Throw in the use of buzzwords like "sandbox" and "tip of the spear."

Did you piss hot at MEPS? Did they let you keep the T-shirt?

WhatAboutTuna6 karma

Dude, the first 4 months of the Iraq war we didn't get any food. Of course we look like out of shape truckers. We hadn't eaten in months. The reunion pic every one looks swoll because thats what happens when you get out. I'm not offended by your comment because I served, proudly. I have a purple heart. You don't get those pissing hot at MEPS. I was an 0351 for 5 years. 4 years on contract and 8 months as a voluntary extension to do my last pump. Don't be an asshole.

ChocolateBiscuit-8 karma

You said that you went back your second time after being shot in 2004. Yet the interwebs said your unit went into Iraq initially in 2004. I may be wrong, but I didn't see anything about how you could have been in Afghanistan for that first rotation. Looks like your unit was supporting Noble Eagle stateside for a bit and then not much else. Then something in Timor for relief of whatever happened there until 2002.

Also, if you were shot once and took shrapnel again and can't feel your leg... wouldn't that be two purple hearts?

WhatAboutTuna3 karma

Don't know where you got the info on 1/4 but its all wrong. I was in Iraq in 2003 from March to September and then in 2004 from May to September when I was injured. I never claimed to have been in Afghanistan. Don't know where you got that. I was injured by both enemy fire of a rocket and also by friendly machine gun fire that went through a wall before hitting me. Your information may be skewed because often they refer to unit by its MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) designation. For example, we were part of the 11th and 13th MEU if IIRC. I understand you made this account to prove me to be a liar but I am not. Take your witch hunt else where.

ChocolateBiscuit-6 karma

Just a post a picture, it is that easy dude.

What if I made an AMA about being Jimmy Page and posted my proof as some old pic of him playing?

WhatAboutTuna2 karma

what of dude? a picture of me in the desert? i got like 50 and they wouldn't even be of the right desert. Don't be retarded man, a picture means nothing. You're just being a stubborn dick. Nothing I have said shows anything but the truth.

Stammy4LA5 karma

Your a dick. I see no reason not to believe Tuna.

ChocolateBiscuit-8 karma

Maybe because his proof was shit? He gives really vague and canned answers? If he posted something up with his BMT cert or a side by side of his unit pic/current, sure. But this all sounds like bullshit to me. You guys are eating this shit up and I see no reason without something solid.

WhatAboutTuna1 karma

You want my DD214 ass clown? You have no idea what you are talking about. You sound like some dumbfuck MEPS dropout with something to prove. Because one asshole doesn't believe me I should start posting my sensitive info all over the internet? Fuck off dude.

ChocolateBiscuit-5 karma

I just don't know why you can't provide a face photo and another pic of you deployed. You link group photos and link stuff that isn't that concrete. I googled about 2nd logistics, you may have been attached with them.. idk

I am really surprised mods let this get this far without questioning you. I am actually deployed right now kicking it in some sweet sweet A/C. Stumbled across this while we are slow and just couldn't help but think it is fake. I could probably ask some Marine's I know about your story, but it is so vague and similar to everything else I hear it would be like "yeah, that unit did that."

Did you seriously try to use my own accusation? I guess you are dumb enough to be a Marine... story checks out, sorry guys. Must be legit.

WhatAboutTuna1 karma

haha dude, I don't need to continue to defend myself against the one person who doesn't believe me. It's silly. If you are that mad, ask a mod to demand my proof and I will provide it to them. I have plenty. All my pics have my name tapes on them because I was in uniform. If you want to message me privately I will gladly answer any questions you have and even provide you personally with some proof. Otherwise dude, fuck off. For real, fuck off.

ChocolateBiscuit-5 karma

I messaged the mods.

WhatAboutTuna1 karma

Cool! When they message me I will provide them with any proof they desire.

oobermen-13 karma

Fuck you and the tens of thousand of others like you who were stupid enough to participate in the murder of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

WhatAboutTuna8 karma

I'm sorry that you are so angry about this. I was a very young person who made a life decision that happened to be a difficult moral position. I hope you sort out the anger in your life.

raj19950 karma

Response with Humility and class. Good for you man.

I think its amazing how I can go through and read a part of your story... beats the news and TV media any day. The internet is an amazing thing. Best of luck to you.

WhatAboutTuna0 karma

Thank you. Can't let them rustle your jimmies.