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I messaged the mods.

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I just don't know why you can't provide a face photo and another pic of you deployed. You link group photos and link stuff that isn't that concrete. I googled about 2nd logistics, you may have been attached with them.. idk

I am really surprised mods let this get this far without questioning you. I am actually deployed right now kicking it in some sweet sweet A/C. Stumbled across this while we are slow and just couldn't help but think it is fake. I could probably ask some Marine's I know about your story, but it is so vague and similar to everything else I hear it would be like "yeah, that unit did that."

Did you seriously try to use my own accusation? I guess you are dumb enough to be a Marine... story checks out, sorry guys. Must be legit.

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Just a post a picture, it is that easy dude.

What if I made an AMA about being Jimmy Page and posted my proof as some old pic of him playing?

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You said that you went back your second time after being shot in 2004. Yet the interwebs said your unit went into Iraq initially in 2004. I may be wrong, but I didn't see anything about how you could have been in Afghanistan for that first rotation. Looks like your unit was supporting Noble Eagle stateside for a bit and then not much else. Then something in Timor for relief of whatever happened there until 2002.

Also, if you were shot once and took shrapnel again and can't feel your leg... wouldn't that be two purple hearts?

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Maybe because his proof was shit? He gives really vague and canned answers? If he posted something up with his BMT cert or a side by side of his unit pic/current, sure. But this all sounds like bullshit to me. You guys are eating this shit up and I see no reason without something solid.