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damn that sounds kinda malicious. Your best bet would be posting craigslist adds se if he responds. Or you could s him at your clinic. Not trying to be a dick. You got the short end of the stick for sure

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damn... Im so sorry did your friend live?

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Whats combat like? do you see the enemy or is it mostly just shooting in the general direction you think they are in? Also what range did most of the fights take place at?

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Haha good on you for the fight club referance.

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You need to advocate strongly for your mother near the end! There are lots of tools in the bag so to speak but doctors are busy and will often due the bear minimum or simply have the same plan for every patient. You need to research morphine,oxymorphone, fentanyl and ketamine. The first 3 are front line opiates the third is less common but very nice. Oxymorphone and ketamine is how i would pick to die