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What is Tosh like off camera?

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Yeah I can imagine. We really didn't care about getting shot at (unless it was a large ambush). We spent a lot of time dealing with IEDs, and the after effects of them.

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So I dont steal your thunder, I will give you some lightening. For me I went to Afghanistan, we had heavily armored trucks, basically brand new gear, and all this technology to prevent what happened to you guys in Iraq (during the early years). What was it like driving (if you got to) in hmmwvs and operate in heavily populated cities.

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See this is where we are in disagreement.

The 94AWB was proven to make no statistical difference in the U.S. homicide rate, restricting standard capacity magazines has been proven time and time again to not slow down anyone, and please tell me what / which schools are militarized?

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Yeah and that teacher is a moron, extremely reckless, and negligent in that situation and should be held 100% accountable. Arming teachers is also moronic idea, but allowing teachers who have a valid CCW, gone through training (military, police, or private), and carry concealed (not waving it around) isn’t a bad idea.