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As a person who watched the invasion occur on the news 10 years ago , I would like to as your opinion on what do you think of the US efforts to rebuild the country is like.

And what is your stance on how the US handles its policies concerning war ? Looking at what is going on today (Syria in particular) why is it that the US (under the George W. Bush administration) chose to attack Iraq ? For the purpose of having 'WMDs" ? Or for the oil ? I've chatted with a serviceman before who griped about the Iraq invasion and how he told me that the invasion is merely an excuse for the resources (aka oil) in Iraq.

And even though I'm not a US citizen , I highly appreciate the efforts of servicemen like you considering how the country I'm in once fought a war against insurgency and recently against invaders in Lahad Datu.

What these servicemen and women in the frontlines sacrifice for the sake of others is something not to be underestimated or forgotten and should always be remembered by future generations to help prevent the mistakes of the past from happening ever again.

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Would you mind sharing some of your more memorable events that happened ? Whether it was good or bad ?

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Thanks for the reply. Hope to see you in Malaysia soon ! :D

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Thanks for doing this AMA Tommy. Loved the last show that you did in Malaysia and I hope that you will come here to do another show again.

Here's my question:

1) For which game did you enjoy working on its music the most ?

2) Will you convince Hibino-san to perform music from the Zone of the Enders franchise ?

3) We want more solo guitar covers from you. Please ?

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Haha wow , that sounds like something you people would do for shits and giggles. Upvoted for making me chuckle when I imagined what happened.

p/s : Drinking on the job as well ? Doesn't get any better than that.