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If anyone steps in, it's the producers, as he said.

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I love how you specified it was your current boyfriend.

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I just want to add, since most people don't think too highly of people in jail or even people accused of crimes in their community...They may be criminals, but some of them, by the nature of the game, are innocent, and those that aren't are also paying their debt to society. I agree with your post, but I want to emphasize that we should remember the emphasis on prison as a correctional institution, not simply a way to get revenge on people. Furthermore, I used to always assume whenever I read in the paper "local man X accused of murder" that. "Oh good, the cops caught that asshole, lock him up." I now know from family experience that the state doesn't care if you're innocent, if it means that they can build a case and someone important will benefit from your accusation, innocent people will suffer not only in prison but also in the eyes of their peers, thanks to the media. Prisoners are vilified, and while many deserve their punishments, many don't. And all of them pay.

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Is it true that since I'm Jewish, I'm not allowed to be a real Viking and therefore not a true AxeMan? ;_;

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fantastique things.