Hello Reddit, I am very excited to be here for my first ever AMA. Over the last 50 years I have been an artist, architectural designer, inventor, teacher, gemologist, philanthropist, and photographer.

You can view all the different endeavors I have been involved in at www.DouglasBusch.com

After graduating from the University of Illinois in 1973, I moved to California and worked as an assistant to Morley Baer and Al Weber along with assisting Ansel Adams wash prints on Portfolio VI. My work at SuperLarge Photography encompasses an array of subjects, including landscapes, cityscapes, nudes, portraits, and color and is part of the collections at the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA.

My imaginative eco-friendly, sustainable architectural work and drought-tolerant landscape designs have allowed me to work with many of my colleagues throughout California through my firm Busch Design Build, Inc. including designing the late Bob Saget’s home and others featured in Los Angeles Times, Robb Report, and Malibu Times. Through EcoTech Design Studio my vision for an eco think-tank, learning and demonstration center known as the EcoPark can be seen here before it was lost in the Woolsey Fire in 2018.

With a dedication to the principles of healthy design and sustainable building I launched pH Living: Healthy Housing Systems, with the goal of providing homes for people who suffer from environmental allergies and chemical sensitivities (MCS). I also developed the first modular, patented self-watering vertical gardening system designed for urban spaces offering an affordable organic herb and vegetable garden that can be used right out of the box called Farm in a Box™.

My philanthropic work includes the No-Strings Foundation, where we provided no-strings-attached grants for photographers providing direct assistance to photographic image makers in an effort to facilitate and enhance their creative opportunities and endeavors.

Earlier this year I publicly announced my legacy project that I have been working on for the past many years. The Genos Center Foundation is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit created to develop the Genos Center, a planned multicultural art gallery, non-denominational chapel and reflective gardens focused on eradicating genocides worldwide giving a voice to marginalized communities by raising awareness, promoting healing, and providing new perspectives on past and present issues.

Upon completion we plan to donate the project in-full to an institution, foundation, or city where the exhibition and chapel buildings are located where it can be sited in perpetuity, to maintain evolving exhibitions and offer a public park destination via the gardens.

The mission of the Genos Center is to teach tolerance through the power of art inspiring reflection and allowing visitors to form new ties between their own current understanding of history and emotional subconscious.

Before 1944, the term "genocide" did not exist. Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-Jewish lawyer, crafted this special phrase to portray Nazi policies of deliberate extermination during the Holocaust.

Genocide remains tragically overlooked in the public eye, so it's essential that we don't allow our words - "Never again" - to remain empty rhetoric. We must take tangible action and ensure that these powerful words become a reality.

Unfortunately, those steps have not been taken and we have seen similar atrocities in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Darfur, and Libya. Little has been done to address and promote a greater understanding of the causes and dynamics of genocide, such as ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

Our vision is for visitors to see the artwork and the world from a new perspective. Through art we can raise awareness, understanding and promote healing as we recognize not only the past but the present. In the last century alone over 50 Million lives have been unjustly taken. If genocidal policies and colonialism continue, some groups of people will cease to exist.

Ask Me Anything!

Proof: Here's my proof!

EDIT: Thank you all for the great questions, this was a very engaging 5 hours. Please do continue to leave any questions that you have as I will be coming back to this thread in the hours and days ahead so that we may keep the discussion going.

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willflameboy77 karma

What's the most bizarrely ostentatious feature a celebrity client has wanted as part of their home design?

GenosCenter101 karma

we designed a hidden group of spaces larger than the actual house below. very cool.

Czcrazy56 karma

What’s the smallest camera that you ever used?

GenosCenter63 karma

1/2 frame motorized in the early 70's

RedditFan2648 karma

If you could make only one suggestion to someone who is just getting started using large format camera equipment, what would that suggestion be?

GenosCenter96 karma

go up incrementally. start 4x5 and keep going if you want. the larger you go the more issues you run into...ie: film and bellows reciprocity, size of darkroom/trays, etc. Find a simple easy camera and pick a lens. Make sure your exposures are good. I use the zone system and I used to use the pentax spot meter but haven't used a meter in years. I use one film, one developer, one paper etc. Thus, I keep it simple and I can now read the light for the film I use. Hope that helps

AngelLOL12329 karma

On a photo day, how many photos do you take?

GenosCenter50 karma

I make a commitment to the image so I do not take many photographs.

Ok-Feedback560419 karma

Your favorite camera model and why?

GenosCenter49 karma

I still prefer the 12x20 view camera. I like Super-xx film and Azo paper. I still use Pyro developer and amidol for the paper. I inspection develop and contact print only. I have the new Fuji medium format camera for over a year and have taken 3 photos with it. It is a different sensibility using a view camera which slows down time for you.

Warm_East148516 karma

The renderings of your Genos Center project are very nice, where do you envision the location for that?

GenosCenter28 karma

I have been searching the USA for a suitable location. Right now we are focused on Asheville, NC. Progressive community and good weather (we want it's gardens year round and accessible. We are hoping to open up dialogue with the community soon and find 10 acres to accommodate the existing vision and future ideas for the center. It should be a fluid changing educational and art center for the community and international tourism and study. Curators, Artists, and Visionaries from around the world would be welcome and encouraged.

doomtop15 karma

I live in Asheville. How can I find out more about your plans?

GenosCenter2 karma

Our website is GenosCenter.org. We hope to have more news on developments very soon.

passthetreesplease8 karma

I am a photographer in Asheville and would love for this to happen!

GenosCenter1 karma

It would be great to connect.

Crisko4211 karma

What's your process for framing a photo? Do you have any tips from experience shooting many different styles and subjects?

GenosCenter25 karma

The main tip is I do NOT crop an image. I fill the entire frame...corner to corner. The eye has to move through the image and the positive negative space is important. I use my fingers to make a rectangle thumb to finger top and bottom. I can adjust that frame by moving in on the fingers. An 8x10 frame or 12x20 frame is just moving on the axis. I do not mix color and black and white...my mind isn't that sharp to do that so I get in a mindset and stay there. I prefer black and white is you review the gallery on my website. www.SuperLarge.com. I prefer to do projects and focus on what I am trying to say. I do not skip around alot. I can spend a year or two on a project. Hope that helps.

Eruionmel-18 karma

If you're so committed to the integrity of your photography, why on earth are you editing your skies like that? The halo around the edges of your foreground makes it look like you ran it through an HDR program from 2010. No cropping and you spend a year on it, but clumsy editing is OK? Seems like a weird position to take.

GenosCenter13 karma

I do not know what you are looking at but all my big camera work is contact only and I do use filters to darken or lighten a sky but do not add skies. The iPhone photos I only used for instagram facebook for fun. I call them photos for Mom. Let me know what you are viewing and I will respond. thanks, doug

cramduck9 karma

What do you think is the biggest "red herring" of eco-friendly housing initiatives?

GenosCenter16 karma

I think that many of these products are not healthy and white sheets are not necessarily correct. When we started pHLiving.us which is the healthiest (sustainable was easy) housing system to help the MCS community we actually tested everything from the screws up. We could not put our name on it if it was not as we stated. I get the different initiatives and so many people and agencies trying to do the right thing but it is a holistic physical structure...they have to breath and control the environment inside and out. I focus first on the air quality so we always have heat recovery ventilators in our homes to exchange and condition the air coming into the house every 2 hours. No build up of gases, etc. Then to inert products which do not offgas or contain VOCs, etc. Aesthetic is important to me so the end product has to be pleasing to my eye and the spaces and volumes have to feel right. hope that helps.

Grouchy_Pressure60397 karma

What motivated you to design homes suitable for people with allergies and MCS?

What was the inspiration behind it?

Can you describe the features and design principles that make pH Living homes environmentally friendly? How do they differ from traditional homes?

Could you give examples of the methods that you implement to mitigate allergens and chemicals in your homes?

GenosCenter13 karma

My motivation was my son who had selenium poisoning from the darkroom at age 9. Knew too many folks who were sensitive to mold, etc and wanted to help. go to www.pHliving.us to answer your other questions...short video is good starting point. thanks

Ok-Feedback56047 karma

what do you think in future the era of portable cameras return again in current trand of mobile cameras?

GenosCenter17 karma

I used a "portable camera" 35mm and 2 1/4, 4x5 which I think are portable. I prefer the 12x20, 14x17, and 20x24 view cameras because it slows me down enough to really see and decide what is important I am feeling. I can set up a 12x20 and have an exposure off in 2 minutes but I see no reason to rush the shot. I visualize the finished print before the exposure is made. I only take one shot and don't take that until I am sure it is capturing what I felt in the original moment. Commitment to the image comes through in my estimation.

To answer your question though small cameras and even film seems to be coming back now. They are all tools and it is the vision which sets your images apart. Some like to shoot from the hip or like me; they prefer to look for the metaphor represented by the subject. Hope that helps...bottom line they are all tools and your vision is your own.

uburoy6 karma

View cameras sound amazing, but it’s always felt like they take great care and feeding, especially with alignment. In the modern day, is this true or have a lot of those problems been solved? And greetings from another Illini ‘84.

Edit: just watched the Ecopark video. Amazing work, sorry to hear of the loss.

GenosCenter9 karma

don't use a presion studio camera. I use very simple cameras. I built the 14x17 camera for the Vestiges Project in 2 weeks....no fine focus...get under the cloth and study the glass. Simple and corrections and focus are easy then.

dcrothen8 karma

Not OP, but was using a Calumet 4x5 until about ten years ago (Jeez, it's been that long?!), not sure if anything's changed since then (doubtful, "if it ain't broke...") but at that time, view cameras still offered, and thus required, the usual adjustments: swing (front & rear), tilt (front & rear), rise/drop (front), and shift (left & right), along with the obvious focusing. BTW, these aren't "problems" but opportunities to getting the images one wants. HTH.

GenosCenter9 karma

agreed. simple and fast but the point is you should only be looking at the ground glass when making corrections or focus...works for me anyway.

ImCaffeinated_Chris6 karma

Where do you put your car keys when you get home?

GenosCenter2 karma

I come into the studio (attached to the house) and deposit on the flat file closest to the door.

PoopPhorPrez6 karma

Do find that rich people are more arrogant than RICH rich people?

GenosCenter6 karma

I think you can get stuck in your own bubble and thus the real world gets farther out of reach. A good person is a good person. Helping others is important whether you are poor or rich. I am not rich but I try and make the planet a better place and help people when I can. I try and teach through action and hope I set a good example for my grandchildren as they try and maneuver this rapidly moving world. So it is the person and not how much money they have...staying grounded is hard so it takes more effort.

ShitJustGotRealAgain5 karma

I know this isn't strictly a photography related ama, but wow! I really admire your dedication to the art of photography. I own a few analog cameras (both 35mm and middle format) that I still use sometimes and I don't manage to plow my way through simple black and white development of the film. I never printed my own negatives and wouldn't even know where to begin. But just thinking about your whole process of taking pictures has me in awe!

How much preparation goes into "grabbing" your camera and taking pictures? I mean it isn't just snatching a roll or two and strolling through the neighborhood, right? You obviously have to plan ahead what you want to photograph and how. How would you even meter film that large? Do you use available light or do you even try artificial lighting? So many questions I never thought about regarding large format photography.

And don't even get me started on thinking about you working for Ansel Adams! How insane is that?

GenosCenter2 karma

A workshop to learn is a great place to start. Let me know where you are located and I can send you some suggestions for workshops.

My cameras, filmholders, and lenses are well organized so all I have to do is load it into the truck and go. I have not used a light meter in years. I know my film, developer (inspection develop using zone system), know my paper/developer so it does not make me concerned with anything but taking the image. I know what the print will look like before I even click the shutter. Mainly natural light but if I use strobes I will use a meter but still inspection develop.

Working with Ansel was wonderful time in my life…ah to be young again. Al Weber was my mentor and dearest friend though…he helped me through life and photography.

coriana5 karma

Very cool. I used to shoot with a 12x20 and made platinum prints from the negatives. Do you do any alternative processes?

GenosCenter1 karma

I have done the Museum Portfolio in Platinum and Albumin prints for Vestiges Project. You can view in the gallery on Superlarge.com

Firemorfox5 karma

What is the most challenging photo you had to take, and why (was it so challenging)?

GenosCenter2 karma

I always wanted to take a photograph at Canyon de Chelly of Spider Rock (very vertical). I built a 12x20 Vertical Camera, drove from Rockford IL to Canyon de Chelly, set up the camera on the rim, took two exposures, drove back to Rockford, processed one of the sheets and it was perfect, made the print.

Black Box Collotype made a continuous tone lithograph for publication: available here to view or purchase: https://superlarge.com/shop/spider-rock/

Poop_Slow_Think_Long4 karma

Hello Doug, Thanks for doing the AmA! I picked up photography only about a year ago and started into film. Due to cost Ive had to switch to digital for now; and I am not finding it as fun so I ask, How do I overlook the medium? What do you look for in your photos, what keeps you inspired as I really don't want to lose interest in this hobby, its the only one I've found that's stuck around for as long as it has. What can I do with my camera to challenge myself a bit further for example?

GenosCenter1 karma

If you hone your vision and make a commitment to the image and what you are feeling and the best view point you will NOT find it so costly. I only take ONE photo of a scene and many times after setting up the camera I find it does not work for me and break down and move on. This will allow you to use film then. I only shoot black and white which you could process yourself.

diegocamp4 karma

Do you vape?

GenosCenter1 karma

No, American Spirits.

smoakee4 karma

Sooo as a 3d generalist who was nibbing into photogrammetry lately… Have you ever tried it with your hardware? 👀 Do you have any experience with photogrammetry at all?

GenosCenter1 karma

I’m sorry but I don’t. I have done many images which stay true to the subject and scale. To me it has always been about the image and how it makes me feel or helps me to question my own beliefs.

Y34rZer03 karma

What’s your most expensive lens worth?

GenosCenter1 karma

The 1,750mm lens Rodenstock built for me which was on the World’s Largest Portable Camera (40x60” negative) and probably worth $20k

csspar3 karma

Where do you get film and how much does one sheet cost?

GenosCenter2 karma

Kodak made all my film and I still have some in the freezer. Super-XX is all I use. Last time I bought film and it was always a minimum order was about $25 sheet for 20x24”.

RedditFan263 karma

When working with your favorite film size camera, the 12x20, do you tend to stay close to the access roads that got you to an area, or have you figured out some elegant solution to getting your camera and equipment into the harder to access locations? Thank you.

GenosCenter8 karma

a magLiner hand cart with pneumatic tires and drop down bed.

GenosCenter4 karma

I do now stay close to the road...too old for long treks

Weird_Username13 karma

Are the China Observations done with ultra large format?

GenosCenter2 karma

No, they were done digitally. The book is available in my store www.superlarge.com

drop_panda2 karma

What happened to the Farm in a Box? Can it be purchased?

GenosCenter2 karma

I ran into some health issues and never finished the website with the finished product, you can learn more at TheFarmInABox.com. I was inspired to do this because of water consumption and vertical gardening. The startup would be expensive and right now I am focused on my own art and getting the Genos Center Foundation up and running.

Most people overwater and have the wrong light location. The patent and uniqueness is that the Farm in a box™ turns on when it needs water and turns off when it has enough. All one has to do is keep the reservoir filled. Tried to sell the concept...we had working prototypes. I had too many projects going and I couldn't sell it to anyone who would keep it organic. Didn't want miracle grow, etc

Marschitect922 karma

What was/is your favorite project you did? Whether it be landscape/building design, photography, inventing something, etc. and why was/is it your favorite?

GenosCenter1 karma

All my projects are my favorite whether successful or not. My favorite architectural/landscape project is the Trancas Compound.

This project was holistic in all aspects. Aesthetic, Sustainable, Healthy (bau Biology and Ecology), technically superior to what was going on at the time, turtle and Koi rescue (50 turtles and 75 koi), use of some of my concepts around energy efficiency- cistern cooled, solar heated, voltaics, water roofs, planted roofs, Zen gardens, 1,500 varieties of draught tolerant plants from around the world, not to mention spectacular white water views and Federal Park Mountain views behind on 20 acres in Malibu.

Marschitect922 karma

Who is your favorite landscape designer/architect?

Who is your favorite building designer/architect?

What about artist and/or photographer?

GenosCenter1 karma

Landscape designer Russel Page who worked at the turn of the Century. I have photographed some of his gardens in Italy and you can see them in my book “Italian Gardens”

For building designer/architect this is a tough one. I have simplified my own vision over the years and lean towards Modern now exclusively. Farnsworth House in IL. and Falling Waters for use of placement and integration into landscape location.

The simplicity and elegance of the Farsworth is the direction I go at this time. I have several homes on the boards which use concepts from Morocco and Egypt from Biblical days and have been in practice for centuries. Use of air flow over cisterns and use of temperature in the ground to keep homes maintain a constant temperature.

Favorite artists and/or photographers Still Edward Weston, Wynn Bullock, Paul Caponigro, Minor White, Roethke, Picasso, Phillip Perlstein to mention a few. They have become my favorities and because I am drawn to very silent images now. Images you have to spend time with to go deeper. I no longer like majestic images…wow factor.

Ok-Pride-89592 karma

What steps do you think are required to achieve the goal of a world free from genocides?

GenosCenter1 karma

enlightenment and understanding of what you do not understand. Giving space to open your mind to a different future. Education and dialogue, communication, vision, and awareness. The Art will start the process. Education will open the experience, and contemplation will change the world. One soul at a time. Breaking the bonds of ignorance and hate and fear is the starting place. History is a good teacher but visceral experiences go deeper to making change. Communication about what we are doing with the Genos Center and bringing it to life is a start. Small steps. I hope there will be like minded folks who will be willing to help with my dream and vision.

GenosCenter0 karma

Ending genocide requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses the underlying causes and promotes prevention, intervention, and accountability.
1 Prevention: Preventing genocide requires early warning systems, effective diplomacy, and targeted intervention to address potential threats. This includes promoting conflict resolution, addressing human rights abuses, and providing support for vulnerable populations.
2 Intervention: When genocide is occurring, it is important to intervene to protect civilians and prevent further violence. This can include military intervention, humanitarian aid, and the use of international tribunals to bring perpetrators to justice.
3 Accountability: Holding perpetrators accountable for their actions is essential to preventing future genocides. This can include criminal prosecutions, truth commissions, and reparations for victims.
4 Education and Awareness: Raising awareness about genocide and its causes is critical to preventing future occurrences. This includes educating people about the history and impact of genocide, promoting tolerance and respect for diversity, and empowering communities to identify and address potential threats.

turningsteel2 karma

Geez, how do you find the time to get good at all of these different disciplines? Do you spend months doing only one thing or you do a little of each every day? I have a lot of hobbies, none of which I’m good enough at to make a living and it seems that you’ve made hobbies out of entire careers. (Doing a bunch of different things that interest you and getting paid for it) You’re a photographer, gemologist, architectural designer, etc.

GenosCenter2 karma

I get an idea and have to follow it through. Start, evaluate, educate myself, continue, stay open to change as it progresses, just keep on keeping on I guess. I can jump between projects fairly easily though. I have had many more failures than successes but trying to live in the future (in my head) allows me to envision a better world. Helping others is the most gratifying for sure. Gives me the energy to stay positive and keep going.

It’s now 2:45 PT and I need to wrap up here. Wiped out. Thank you all for the great questions, this was a very engaging 5 hours. Please do continue to leave any questions that you have as I will be coming back to this thread in the hours and days ahead so that we may keep the discussion going.

EddGarasjen2 karma

Ever played GTA V?

GenosCenter1 karma

I have never been a gamer...I always have felt there is too much to do and too little time to do it all with the things I am passionate about.

Warm_East14852 karma

What inspired you to pursue designing the world's largest portable view cameras & producing the largest photographic contact prints?

GenosCenter9 karma

I was always in love with contact prints. The evenness in tonality and gradation. They just felt tighter than an enlargement. I started wanting larger images than a 4x5 or 8x10 so I started building my own cameras. I built the 40x60 camera for a project "Fallen Angels" which you can see some images on my website in the gallery. I wanted the nudes larger than one-to-one so I convinced Rodenstock to make me a lens and Koday supplied the film and paper. I had to build a 2,200 sq. ft. darkroom to build sinks and trays to process. Sundstrand Aviation and Northrop engineers were working on the stealth bomber in Rockford IL and they designed and built me a 20x24" enlarger where I could control the light source to reduce or intensify light in any area of the negative. I guess I am trying to say it is all in the vision and the commitment to what you envision the outcome of your work to be. thanks

InappropriateTA4 karma

Was there something that made aviation engineering uniquely suited to designing and building that enlarger, or was it the convenience of locality? aka Target of Opportunity?

GenosCenter6 karma

No...just two brilliant guys who were interested in photography and art. They loved the challenge.

Sea-Animator-77692 karma

What advice would you give to aspiring architects or landscape designers who are interested in pursuing sustainable design solutions?

GenosCenter1 karma

go to work for architects with fervor and commitment to good design. Go to work in the field as well. This helps you feel the spaces you are creating and how they breath as a holistic building. Finding good designers who are COMMITTED to good sustainable design is the key. Read a lot and look at lots of projects...

OleaC2 karma

Can I buy Farm In A Box in the UK?

Grouchy_Pressure6039-1 karma

Wondering the same. Also, what inspired you to create the Farm in a Box and how did you get started in vertical gardening?

What are the key features that make Farm in a Box unique and different from other gardening options available in the market?

GenosCenter1 karma

Water consumption inspired me. I have been studying vertical gardens for years. The I started doing eatable vertical gardens for clients. I then though it would be a good thing for refugee camps and able to feed people what they were used to.

I saw most people overwater and have the wrong light location. The patent and uniqueness is that the Farm in a box turns on when it needs water and turns off when it has enough. All one has to do is keep the reservoir filled. Tried to sell the concept...we had working prototypes. I had too many projects going and I couldn't sell it to anyone who would keep it organic. Didn't want miracle grow, etc

GenosCenter1 karma

you can see the development but never finished the website with the finished product...www.theFarminaBox.com

Ran into some health issues at the time

Grouchy_Pressure60392 karma

What inspired you to start EcoTech Design Studio?

Can you explain the concept of EcoPark and how you ensured it was sustainable and self-sufficient along with how it contributed to the environment?

GenosCenter1 karma

To educate people. We developed new systems (zero carbon heating and cooling systems for buildings and subdivisions, off grid, more insulation than required, LED lighting 20 years ago, sustainable envelopes, etc.

SupermarketLow4892 karma

In your opinion, what is the role of photography in society?

GenosCenter4 karma

it is now untrustworthy do to AI. We try to create images and the objects become placeholders which are metaphors for truths. Now it seems society is only interested in self indulgence and selfies...so self consumed. No one wants to really look at an image for more than a split second so vision and truth are negated. I have no idea where it is going and it seems most the concepts I see for images are weak and not thought out or do not have real value to spend time viewing. Of course there are some really good photographers out there but it is tiring to try and find them...will the work live on...I don't know

Grouchy_Pressure60392 karma

Considering that Farm in a Box is made for urban spaces, does the system require a lot of maintenance?

Can you explain how the self-watering function works and how it benefits the vegetables and herbs being grown?

GenosCenter1 karma

No it does not. Fill the water reservoir, grow the food, enjoy. I change my dirt out every 6 months…that’s it.

Regarding the self-watering function works and how it benefits the vegetables and herbs being grown, no mold and no root rot…just healthy food.

M-2-M2 karma

What are your hobbies ?

GenosCenter2 karma

My work and ideas are my hobbies. My family is important as I get older and spend much time with my granddaughters.

Ph00k42 karma

Do you know Ian Ruhter ?

GenosCenter2 karma

I know his work but do not know him personally. You may enjoy Luther Gerlach’s work as well. A prince of a guy and old friend when he lived in CA.

immilacarmelaa2 karma

What's your favourite photo of all?

GenosCenter1 karma

I would say an Edward Weston Photograph of a dead Cyprus tree (gone now) at Point Lobos State Park in Carmel. Quiet and suttle.

Grouchy_Pressure60391 karma

What are the differences in the cost of building pH Living homes compared to traditional homes?

How do they compare in terms of overall environmental impact over their lifetimes?

GenosCenter1 karma

maybe 15% depending on the finishes one picks and using clean materials. We are sustainable and we pick components which have low environmental impact to start with

Tchotchke_geddon1 karma

How much start up capital did this all require? What kinda support structure did you have?

GenosCenter1 karma

It has taken close to.$500,000-$750,000. I have been working on the vision, concepts, and drawings for over a decade. It has all been my money and only taken this much time because I wanted a grounded holistic vision without influence caused by money. My support has been friends and other visionaries. Everyone on the team is on the same page and now it is time to move it forward with donors who share our vision.

CriticalPolitical1 karma

Can you please go to Sedona, Arizona and get some high quality pictures of UFOs (as the most UFO sightings per capita happen in Sedona, Arizona)? Can you also please go to to Pierce County, Washington and get a good picture of Bigfoot (as there are the most Bigfoot sightings there)?

GenosCenter2 karma

I have been to Sedona, it is a beautiful place but I did not see any UFOs or have I ever seen any sightings of Bigfoot during my travels in Washington.

Due-Narwhal-62501 karma

Tell us about yourself as a person, what are your favorite meals?

Who are your favorite artists?

GenosCenter1 karma

I only eat organic. I still eat meat and fish. I am a foodie.

Favorite artists and/or photographers Still Edward Weston, Wynn Bullock, Paul Caponigro, Minor White, Roethke, Picasso, Phillip Perlstein to mention a few. They have become my favorities and because I am drawn to very silent images now. Images you have to spend time with to go deeper. I no longer like majestic images…wow factor.

Turbulent_Gur_17431 karma

How was it working with Bob Saget on his home? That was an incredible design, remember seeing it in the news. What a funny man, RIP.

GenosCenter1 karma

http://buschdesign.com/projects/bundy-drive-brentwood/ is Bob’s house. More importantly he was a good father. His daughters always came first. This is why I admired him.

Apprehensive_Pain1861 karma

How many secret rooms have you designed for your clientele?

GenosCenter2 karma

2- one small walk in safe and a full working studio below a home.

SupermarketLow489-1 karma

Could you tell us a bit about your vision behind founding Genos Center Foundation and how art can be used to teach tolerance and inspire reflection for eradicating genocides globally?

GenosCenter1 karma

Through the TRUTH and not a lens of what historians tell us. If you break down humanity to the simplest GOOD in people one changes their view of other cultures and societies. I wanted the subconscious to take over and not one's understanding of the world around them. Art has always affected how I see the world and allowed me to go deeper into myself and often allowed me to feel things I had buried in myself. The educational aspect is to re enforce and guide the audience allowing them to have open dialogue or just reflect alone. Nothing out there gives such a holistic approach.

Grouchy_Pressure6039-1 karma

What projects stand out as highlights of your career so far?

What new trends or technologies do you think will shape the future of architecture and landscape design?

GenosCenter1 karma

This project was done 20+ years ago. Published all over the world. http://buschdesign.com/projects/trancas-canyon-malibu/

The trends have been there for some of us...sometimes to ahead of the times though. Being protectors and leaving better than you found the earth is always my guiding star.

Apart_Ad9352-1 karma

Would love to learn any specifics like how the Genos Center's exhibits and artworks can be transformative and educational, and how they can inspire deeper thinking and philosophical reflection for visitors?

GenosCenter1 karma

The exhibits are designed to encourage you to explore and challenge your beliefs, but NOT bombard you. If you are open to seeing a vision of the world differently you will reach your own conclusions and our exhibitions will give you the freedom of expression as well as a platform for contemplation and synthesis.

We give you the space to explore the work, contemplate and synthesize what you have seen, and hopefully see the world and different people in a new light. Our exhibitions and artworks provide you with the opportunity to form your own opinions without the pressure of being judged or told what to think.

Apart_Ad9352-1 karma

You mention that you want the exhibits of Genos Center to offer a new perspective on educating today's society, thus impacting the future.

Can you explain how the exhibits will guide viewers towards acquiring a better understanding of the world around them?

GenosCenter0 karma

The Art should open their eyes and the dialogue and educational attachments to toe exhibits (lectures, research, school classroom visits, visiting artist and curator programs including writers and thinkers). The thinking is to stay open to change and ideas...nothing fixed and rigid. My vision has changed over the years and thus the Genos Center's vision should adapt and grow as well.

Apart_Ad9352-1 karma

How do you envision the Genos Center project continuing to educate and impact society in the years to come?

GenosCenter1 karma

Our mission is to shed light on the Human Condition in all corners of the globe. We have a team of international curators who will continually be rotating, and they bring unique perspectives from their various cultural backgrounds that grant them access to countless talented artists worldwide.

The Genos Center is able to spread its reach through the power of artwork, lectures and staff members who can explain their aesthetic vision. This opens many avenues for discussion on an even broader scale. We intend to continue our programming and develop it with more depth and breadth.

Our goal is that the Genos Center will be a bridge between diverse cultures, viewpoints, and lifestyles around the world. We strive to educate and inspire people from different perspectives to create meaningful dialogue about inspiring issues all through the power of art.

SupermarketLow489-1 karma

What motivated you to create the No-Strings Foundation and how did you get into philanthropy?

GenosCenter2 karma

For me it was about giving back. This allowed me to give to talented artists with No Strings attached. I did not want anything back. I wanted them to focus on their work. I also wanted people to see that GIVING is enough gratitude to receive that someone is given a chance to work and hopefully they will do the same for someone else. I just believe if the universe has been good to you then you should give back.

Sea-Animator-7769-2 karma

What inspired you to pursue a career in architecture and landscape design?

How do you combine the technical aspects of sustainability with your artistic vision to create aesthetically pleasing spaces?

GenosCenter2 karma

I started in architecture in college but changed to Photography and Cinema. I started doing architecture again 30 years ago because I was interested in 3 dimensional art and photography was 2 dimensional. I wanted to work on sustainable and healthy housing along with multi generational seeing we are loosing our grandparents stories. I wanted the spaces I created to be calm and relaxing...quiet. The more I studied buildings the more I simplified them...too much chatter in our lives. Meditative spaces allow one to decompress and relax.

The landscape design came as early as 1973 when LA was draining Mono Lake. I saw we needed to be more conscious of our planet and how we are abusing it. I invented a print washer which only used a cup of water an hour not gallons an hour. I started studying landscape environments. You can see my book "Italian Gardens" published by Braus Editions. I saw how we could control our environment and still be good stewards of the environment. I developed a vertical growing system which only used 10% of the water of an inground garden. "theFarminabox.com".

I believe you should leave the planet better than how you found it. I could go on and on. Sorry.

Ok-Pride-8959-2 karma

What do you believe the impact art has on inculcating a mindset of diversity, acceptance, and tolerance within communities?

GenosCenter1 karma

I don't think there is much and that is why I want a exhibit hall for all people and not just art collectors and intellectuals to go. I want school classes, the community, and international tourists who will search out Genos Center to blend the galleries, chapel, and gardens to be more inclusive of societies.

Ok-Pride-8959-2 karma

How do you envision the various areas of the Genos Center working in unison such as the art gallery, chapel & then reflection gardens?

GenosCenter0 karma

My hope is one would go through the exhibit, talk and reflect with others, open dialogues which would be encouraged...not a silent space. Leave the gallery over the water gardens (a cleansing ritual) into the Chapel to sit and enjoy the architecture and Contemplative Art Pieces allowing you to absorb what you saw: consciously or unconsciously. You can then go into the sunken gardens and commune with nature and water. I want it to be a holistic experience allowing you to spend the entire day if you choose. All your senses should be awakened and partake.

Sea-Animator-7769-3 karma

What is the company philosophy behind Busch Design Build & how has your photography background influenced the way you approach architectural design?

GenosCenter1 karma

Our philosophy is good architecture. Start with the site, get the vision for what the client wants and selling one's vision is the key. Good traffic patterns, space volumes and being away how lights places though the spaces all day (photography influence studying light for years and how it reflects off objects and surfaces). As I aged and envisioned and built the simpler the designs become...I came to the conclusion the designs should be "elegant in their simplicity"

Turbulent_Gur_1743-3 karma

What type of artwork will be featured in at the Genos Center? How will it be curated?

Are there any specific groups or communities that you are hoping your project will impact?

GenosCenter0 karma

I have been around awhile. I have had many museum shows of my own work and dealt with many curators and artists over the years. The No Strings Foundation also allowed me to work with curators and how they viewed artists, their work, and what excited them. It wasn't about me then. There is a stable of artists around the world I want to have a voice. Each show would have a different international curator bringing a different vision then mine to educate myself, as well as, an international audience. We have no preconceived communities but all should be given a voice. This is why we want many different curators and artists from around the world. A different vision than just one location and genocide. Many visions, voices, and shedding light on all atrocities. We have several curators we are in discussions with, as well as, international artists who want to be part of this ground breaking endeavor. I want everyone to have a voice and others to HEAR that voice. This is the only way I see we can bring light to the world. Dispel the darkness of hate and ignorance with light and self enlightenment. In the end it is change through one person at a time.

Warm_East1485-3 karma

How do you see art being used by the Genos Center to help break down social barriers?

GenosCenter2 karma

by being open to all visions and artists from around the world. Exposing people to different bodies of work, bringing in class rooms from schools, etc. What you do not understand creates the fear which keeps the cycle going. shed light

Sea-Animator-7769-3 karma

Can you tell me about some of your drought-tolerant landscape designs and how they minimize water usage in eco-friendly ways?

GenosCenter1 karma

We only use plants which require minimal water after they are established. He brought over 1,500 varieties from around the world to ecoTech Design Center for testing in our climate. sun or shade, etc. We gathered all the data on water requirements etc, along with moisture content in the soil. The use of mulch kept moisture in the soil so less water was required. Things like this help hoan your palette. Designs may change for each project but palette is pretty tried and true

Warm_East1485-3 karma

What challenges have you faced over the years as an architectural designer in bringing a project to fruition?

You seem to be ahead of the times, has this dettered projects in the past?

GenosCenter3 karma

It is a process. Stick to the process and it should go smoothly. I only have good subs and my vision is pretty clear. I also know when to say NO to a project. The client either has a similar vision and if not then pass on the project. Stress isn't worth it. I never do a project for the money but to do good architecture.

Warm_East1485-4 karma

The more I read the website the more intrigued I become by this project.

What are some of your goals and objectives for the Genos Center in the long-term?

It sounds like you would like to bring the concept to life & then donate it in-full which is incredible.

GenosCenter0 karma

Correct. I did not want to create a "museum" but instead wanted to create a space for the audience to view the art exhibits, hear the artist speak about what he was trying to convey, and hopefully allow the audience to see the world in a different light. I did not want them beat over the head. To break one's own ignorance and see other cultures in a different light thus making us more inclusive. Education through Art is my tool. Learning tolerance and knowledge of the world around us and not be scared of what one does not understand. I firmly believe in the "Golden Rule." Do unto others what you want done onto you. Everyone should be able to live the life they want and not have others dictate how one should live. If you don't harm anyone than who am I to say what is right or wrong. I started studying cultures to see what I could learn and incorporate into my own life, as well as, find understanding and not fear what I did not agree with. The Chapel is for reflection similar to the Rothko Chapel in Houston. Once one as gone through the art show and had a chance to hear from the artist or staff the "Why" they can then enjoy and reflect in the Chapel or gardens. The hope is that one will see the world differently and not stay in our own bubbles. There are museums and I wanted a different experience for the audience. Education, understanding, and tolerance...enlightenment hopefully.

Yes, I do want to donate it to a community to encourage the concept of "Community" and break the bonds of Ignorance but also wanted it to stay relevant to today and the future. Ever changing and enlightening.

Warm_East1485-5 karma


GenosCenter2 karma

I wanted a way to incorporate all the things which effected how I saw the world and how I could create safe spaces to allow people to arrive at their own conclusions and not beat them over the head with what "I" believed to be true. Maybe see something i a different light. Part 2 was to provide spaces to sit contemplate what you saw in a nurturing environment. I wanted the spaces to be an experience for more than a hour but make it a full experience...slow down and be able to process what you viewed and go deeper into your own subconscious. A holistic experience of all ones 'senses.