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Uh... The demonstration video on the website starts out with her visor having a whole bunch of fog on the front. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

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Is there a chance at some point of getting edibles that can compete on cost-per-high with vaping/smoking? Or even close? I'm a professional singer, so I'd vastly prefer edibles to anything that messes with my lungs, but the difference in cost between a $40 vape cartridge that can get me high every day for months and the number of edibles it would take to do the same is just so high that it's not even worth considering, currently.

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Right, but you wouldn't be putting 1000mg in a single edible (unless it was really large, or a drink that can be easily measured) anyway, since it would be really difficult to portion at that point.

I guess my main thought then is why edibles necessitate being "food," persay. Is there not a market for things that don't need many ingredients? Like pills? The disparity currently is just so huge that it seems like there's a large gap that could be closed before the issue of ingredient costs would actually come into play. As it stands, I can get high for around $0.50 with a vape cartridge (and that's being very generous; I'm fairly certain it's even cheaper than that). It's been a while since I focused on edibles, so I might be underestimating how many mg it would take to get me high now, but I'm guesstimating around $6/high with edibles. I know for a fact that the ingredients used to make two 10mg gummies don't cost $5.50. You can buy an entire bag of sour patch kids for less than that.