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every account anyone has that supports two factor authentication, enable it!

I used to take this to heart, until I went abroad and realized my cell phone provider had very unreliable roaming coverage. Being unable to receive those text messages prevented me from accessing e-mail for over a week and my bank until I returned home. Awesome experience.

If you use two factor authentication for accounts that you plan to access from abroad, make sure that your phone will work before you depart!

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I live in a country with many refugees. Is there something I should know or can do to be more empathetic to the experiences and likely trauma that many people carry with them? How does the experience of learning to live in a new country differ when you come as a refugee compared to when you voluntarily move to a foreign country/culture?

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I am not OP, but a perfectly healthy looking adult with a neck injury. My injury makes it painful for me to sit still without a neck rest for long periods of time. Theatres (music, plays, movies) almost never provide any seating with neck rest and therefore I rarely go. Even a regular chair placed along a wall (from where it is possible to see the stage) goes a long way to help.

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I work at a vehicle manufacturer. Currently, our products mostly run on non-renewable fuel sources and are thus part of the problem when it comes to environmental damage. However, I feel that I can have a real personal impact by lobbying for and working in projects that lead to more sustainable solutions.

In the EU, where we are based, government most certainly is pushing companies to become more sustainable. Large parts of our R&D investments go towards meeting harder emissions rules. Companies can also gain a competitive edge by pushing for harder regulation that they but not their competitors can pass.

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I am not a medical doctor, but as a complement to the list of suggestions what to do, I’d like to add something to avoid: alcohol. At least for some people, alcohol can be a strong trigger for depressive symptoms with effects that last several days.