Hey guys! My name is Miranda and my family owns Zeus, the world's tallest dog for 2013!

Here is proof. Hopefully that is sufficient. If it's not, well, you can try Zeus's Facebook page?

Anyway, before the AMA starts, I would like to address all of the comments I'm sure to get about his weight. My mom posted a reply on his Facebook page regarding those:

Hi everybody! We just got back last night and are amazed at the outpouring of good wishes and everything. We knew there would be some negative stuff too and planned on not commenting but we see that there are a lot of concerned people and feel they deserve a reply. Yes, we are aware that Zeus is thin and we are watching this closely and trying to help him put on some weight. We have noticed that there are several different amounts of food reported for Zeus. We have also noticed that what we say is not necessarily what is heard and reported. The focus is on pounds and we really feed him by cups- the translation to pounds is obviously clouding the issue. Zeus eats 10-12 cups of dry dog food per day and we add 2 cans of moist dog food to that. He also gets fresh cooked burger, chicken and steak when we cook some for dinner. We sometimes give him eggs, cottage cheese as well. There is always extra food down for him at night and when we are at work in case he wants a snack. We have had our vet do a complete exam on him and all the bloodwork and everything has come back normal. We really do appreciate your concerns and want you to know we are working on it. We are open to any ideas for adding weight to him. As for the trembling in his hind legs-this is present when he stands still, but not when he runs, jumps, plays etc. He indicates no pain at all when he is moving and is able to do stairs and jump up into the van etc with no problem. We have our vets looking into this as well to help determine the cause. We are aware that he may very well have joint issues especially with his height. We will not be deleting any posts from this page as it is a public page. We understand the concerns that have been stated and want you all to know that we are aware and are working on these things. It is very distressing to us that people would think that we don't take care of our dog or that he is mistreated. Anyone who knows us, knows that he is a very loved dog. He is a very special boy that we just want to share with the world. He brings joy into all of our lives. To all of you defending our honor- thank you. You know us well and know how much Zeus means to us. We really appreciate your support! The [edited out for purposes of Reddit rules] Family

So, ask away! :)

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muyfa287 karma

How big are the poops?

ClunkingBuckets240 karma

Uhm, quite big. Y'know the normal sized doggie bags they have so you can pick up after your dogs? He takes about 2 or 3 of them.

omar_ohindeed175 karma

Have you thought about taping two plastic dog heads on either side of him and taking him as Cerberus for Halloween?

ClunkingBuckets127 karma

Oh my god that is a fantastic idea!

ClunkingBuckets19 karma

Bahaha! Yes, good sir! Upvote for you!

mike808hawaii142 karma

Did you hang out with world's tallest mohawk guy?

ClunkingBuckets179 karma

Yes we did and he was awesome.

Naggers123139 karma

Would Zeus rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 50 duck sized horses?

ClunkingBuckets180 karma

Neither; he would probably want to play with the horse sized duck, and would run away from the 50 duck sized horses!

Naggers12351 karma

That's cute :)

Now would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 20 duck sized horses?

ClunkingBuckets74 karma

Depends, do I get weapons? And if so, do they get weapons as well?

sub_xerox35 karma

No weapons, that's cheating! Just gool 'ol fist to fi- uh, hooves? or flippers?

ClunkingBuckets54 karma

I'd prolly go with the 20 duck sized horses, then. Though I don't know if I could fight them-- duck sized horses would be pretty friggen cool.

blue_cheese_please111 karma

how do people usually react to seeing him for the 1st time and what was the funniest? my reaction was something like this

ClunkingBuckets180 karma

Most people: "Holy crap/shit/fuck/jesus/crimini!"

I think the funniest was when we were in New York walking to Central Park, some guy stops dead when he sees Zeus and deadpans, "Holy fuck."

My dad's favorite is when some little kid saw Zeus and said, "Holy crap, look at that dog," while pointing at him and jumping up and down.

Yanky_Doodle_Dickwad94 karma

Okay, that´s a tall dog. Is there any reason he has such long legs? Was he a result of breeding to get those legs that long? (Not putting you guys into question, btw. Just maybe the last 5 generations have been fed giraffe blood or something). Is he a single species? Also, what is his favorite toy?.

Finally, since I got in so early, just a warning that many questions will not be in the spirit of Good Morning America. Think nothing of it ...

ClunkingBuckets126 karma

As far as we know, it was just luck of the draw. I don't believe the previous generations had been fed any giraffe blood, but I cannot say no for sure. :P

He is pure Great Dane.

His favorite toy would prolly have to be these rubber rings. Three of them connected together. He loves grabbing them and playing tug-o-war with himself and throwing them up and pouncing on them.

Scyllai90 karma

Is he cuddly at all? (Oh please tell me he is. And then tell me I can come play with him because I desperately want to.)

ClunkingBuckets120 karma

Very, very cuddly. And you can come to visit, sure! :P

rescuerabbit67 karma

Are there any health concerns which comes with Zeus' size? If so, what have you done to deal with them?

ClunkingBuckets101 karma

There are many health concerns for Zeus and Great Danes in general. We're making sure to keep an open ear for health issues we or our vet may not have thought to look for.

As of right now though, he is perfectly healthy.

mike808hawaii67 karma

How do other dogs interact with Zeus?

ClunkingBuckets136 karma

Most dogs are either scared of him, or they love him. The ones that are more scared are smaller dogs. Zeus loves other dogs and as soon as he sees one, we're pulled over to meet them whether we want to or not!

Tre4_G487 karma

The ones that are more scared are smaller dogs

So... every other dog on earth?

ClunkingBuckets120 karma

Bahaha, touche.

Smaller dogs as in chihuahuas, terriers, etc.

Marvin_GPP31 karma

My friend also has a great dane, which is at least 109 cm tall, (~42-43 inches), and when you walk into the house he maneuvers to your side and leans on you. I have ended up on the floor numerous times.

He (the dog) also fell into the pool once while standing still. He is really clumsy, is your great dane clumsy as well? or is it just my friends?

ClunkingBuckets61 karma

Oh yes, he's very clumsy. But it's so cute you can't help but go, "awww!" and then give him a hug. It also makes for a great laugh when he accidentally shoves someone on the ground from leaning on them.

use_more_lube65 karma

How much drool? Those lips are darling, but I imagine towels are involved after a drink.

ClunkingBuckets103 karma

So. Much. Drool.

Yes, towels are definitely involved, especially when we have company over. We don't want him drooling all over them! Sure they love him, but probably not that much. XD

aNonSapient58 karma

I'm sorry everyone has been doubting the way y'all feed him. That's ridiculous.

My wife demands we get our own 'Zeus' now.

ClunkingBuckets66 karma

You should! Great Danes are wonderful dogs!

Savannahbobanna135 karma

I second this. They will choose a human and love them more than anything in the world. Our great dane clearly loves my mom more than the rest of us.

ClunkingBuckets41 karma

Yep. My mom is his.

BabyEddieConrad54 karma

Has Zues been (or is he going to be) a father of giant puppies?

ClunkingBuckets119 karma

He has not, nor will he ever be. We did get him neutered when he was a puppy.

RLismyname48 karma

Do you regret neutering him?

ClunkingBuckets146 karma

Not really. We got Zeus for a family pet--we never had any intention of breeding him when we got him.

scientist_tz41 karma

Have you ever considered getting a cat who's chill enough to ride on his back? Because that would be awesome.

ClunkingBuckets43 karma

We have not. Maybe that'll be my next project. Trying to get one of our cats close enough.

mike808hawaii41 karma

How big was Zeus as a puppy?

ClunkingBuckets80 karma

Normal sized puppy, believe it or not. His Facebook page has a picture of me holding him a week or so before we took him home.

Frajer39 karma

Is it hard waking him or putting him in the car?

ClunkingBuckets66 karma

Waking him, not particularly. You just have to say, "Zeuuuuuus!" Until he gets up. As for getting him in the car, he loves car rides, so all you have to say is, "Wanna go for a ride?" And he's ready to go!

RainbowRaptor9623 karma

How does he ride in the car? I mean, does he take up the whole back seat, or do you drive a truck? I'm just curious how that might work out.

ClunkingBuckets44 karma

We actually have a van that we took out the back seats. So he has the entire back to himself, wherein he is free to either lay down or stand up.

[deleted]38 karma

I also have a great dane, and he also has leg tremors when he stands. I think its just something that happens to certain great danes.

ClunkingBuckets52 karma

Yeah, we've asked other Dane owners we've known/seen, and it's about 50/50 with Danes having the leg tremors.

Mortons_Fork32 karma

I heard about you and your dawg world news style. Whereabouts is Michigan are you? I Knew a great dane named Zeus when I was a kid, ate my fucking spy periscope.

ClunkingBuckets45 karma

Hahaha. I'm sorry about your spy periscope!

We live in Otsego, Michigan. It's between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

linalangley30 karma

Are there any extra precautions you have to take around your house to make it Zeus-safe?

ClunkingBuckets74 karma

Not really... but we do have to keep all of our food either on top of the fridge or in the microwave or oven so he can't get to it.

3eiwj29m27 karma


ClunkingBuckets74 karma

Guard as in jumping and scaring people off? Not exactly. Good as in barking? Yes.

Master2u26 karma

Does he have a dog house?

ClunkingBuckets107 karma

Well, he has his own queen sized futon mattress he sleeps on, if that's what you mean.

JJKeys26 karma

Has anyone ever tried to put a saddle on its back and ride it like a small horse?

ClunkingBuckets69 karma

No one has ever tried, but we did put a saddle on him for Halloween last year and a doll on the saddle.

TheDoktorIsIn37 karma

I'm not sure if this happens with all dogs, but they're obviously built different than horses and riding one could be potentially detrimental to their health. I know a friend's dog that had severe problems after an incident like this occurred.

I'm not saying I know better than you or anyone else in the realm of pet health, but just as a PSA I'd like to share my thoughts on the subject.

ClunkingBuckets46 karma

Oh yes, we never allow anyone to actually get on him and ride. We have had people hold up other animals/their smaller kids near his back to get a picture, but we've never allow them to actually put their weight on him.

Very good PSA announcement, though. Never really thought of it to say.

broncuffaloes27 karma

I am no dog expert, but I have heard that great danes actually have delicate bones, so good to hear you take very good care of him. I saw you posted about a doll on his back, I had a boxer in college and we bought him a costume with a cowboy riding on the back and he was so mad, he didnt move.

LockedInTheCloset15 karma

I owned a Great Dane up until a few months ago (sweetest dog I've ever had the joy to know btw). Great Danes do have fairly fragile bones. They're very likely to develop arthritis in their old age. My dog, for instance, lost her ability to walk about a few days before we had to let the vet end her pain.

ClunkingBuckets11 karma

Aw, I'm so sorry for your loss. :( Hopefully you had a great time with her while she was still with us!

[deleted]25 karma


ClunkingBuckets36 karma

We have looked into that disease, and are pretty sure he does not have it, but we make sure to keep checking for it whenever we have tests and whatnot done. Thank you so much for your concern!

[deleted]16 karma


ClunkingBuckets20 karma

Thank you so much! And don't worry--we worry about him probably more than anyone else!

Master2u24 karma

Can he run like a normal dog?

ClunkingBuckets55 karma

He doesn't run like a normal dog, exactly. I've always said it's more of a lope. But if you meant the speed, yes, he can go as fast as our German Shepherd.

LockedInTheCloset24 karma

Does Zeus sit on the couch like a human? I've noticed this is a relatively common occurrence with dane owners.

ClunkingBuckets30 karma

Yes he does! He especially loves doing this if there's someone to sit on.

All7hatRemains22 karma

Did Good Morning America pay you?

ClunkingBuckets47 karma

They didn't pay us, but they did pay for one night's stay in the hotel we stayed at.

thombudsman21 karma

Where did you get him at? In other words, what is his origin story?

ClunkingBuckets39 karma

We got him from a breeder in Lawrence, Michigan. My mom was talking to people she worked with about wanting either a Great Dane or an Irish Wolfhound. The Wolfhounds are very difficult to find in Michigan, so we were kind of leaning towards the Danes.

Come to find out, someone mom worked with just had a litter of Great Dane puppies! 15, to be precise! We went to look at them one day. Since mom chose the breed, dad could choose the color. There was this beautiful fawn colored Dane that dad wanted, but he was spoken for. The next dad wanted was the one with the most black. Thus, Zeus!

sachou13 karma

Did you ever hear about how the rest of the litter grew up? Are they also ridiculously large?

ClunkingBuckets19 karma

As far as I know, we've only met two others from the same litter, and they're normal sized Danes. No idea how we got to be the lucky ones!

sammalis18 karma

What the heck is up with that one guys hair in your pictures

ClunkingBuckets22 karma

He's Kazuhiro Watanabe, the World's Tallest Mohawk guy.

tnuts42018 karma

roughly how many times a day do you get the "do you have a saddle for that horse" question? i only ask because i also have a great dane, and while she is nowhere near zeus' size i swear to god i have heard that joke 600 times already and she isn't even full grown yet.

ClunkingBuckets27 karma

So many. It's impossible to count. Ever since he was a puppy!

malvoliosf8 karma

Is there a funny joke about him you've heard once?

ClunkingBuckets25 karma

Well, the first time we heard the, "is that a horse?" variation it was funny. We also did come across quite a funny Scottish lady while walking in Central Park who said, "Now that is a pony!" Coupled with her accent and facial expression, I about lost it.

billy_b_badass18 karma

How awesome is he?

ClunkingBuckets30 karma

Very, very awesome.

mike808hawaii18 karma

Have you been offered money for breeding?

ClunkingBuckets44 karma

We have gotten offers for breeding, but we've had to decline as he has been neutered.

lew17is17 karma

Do you plan on saving his hair in order to clone him in the future?

ClunkingBuckets25 karma

I, uhh... was not. Do you think this is something I should consider doing?

Ambipom17 karma

Your dog is adorable. How do other dogs react to or play with your dog in general? Does he like children?

ClunkingBuckets39 karma

Thank you!

Other dogs are either afraid of him or they love him. It's mostly the smaller dogs who are afraid of him. As for playing, Zeus loves playing just like all the other dogs out there!

Zeus absolutely adores kids! I think it's because they're right at eye level with him. He loves licking their ears for some reason. :P

Huplescat2216 karma

How does he feel about being the world’s tallest dog? Does he like it? Has his fame gone to his head and turned him into a demanding prima dogga?

ClunkingBuckets13 karma

You know, he does not seem to care. I think the only thing he cared about was being able to sleep on mom and dad's bed!

VeryAppropriateName16 karma

Fellow Great Dane owner here. Is that a horse?

ClunkingBuckets16 karma

I can assure you that he is indeed a dog! :P

pauseforasecond16 karma

When did he started shooting up in size? Also is his actual body the same size as most great Danes? It looks like it's just his legs that are super long? :) he must be such a fun pet! I'd love a giant dog.

ClunkingBuckets37 karma

Well, we really started noticing how tall he was when he was 10 months old--we took him back to meet his parents and he was already 6 inches taller than his father!

Puddingdude14 karma

Does he chase cats? :p

ClunkingBuckets27 karma

Well, we own two cats as well. He doesn't really chase them unless they're running away from our other dog. Then he gets in on the chase.

fashi0n4ble13 karma

Does he have any skin conditions?

ClunkingBuckets19 karma

As far as I know, no. However, let me double check with my dad (he's a vet tech), and get back to you for a 100% answer. :)

ruffianstjames11 karma

I'd like to lead my question by saying my jealousy for you is taller than your dog.

That out of the way, what do you find is the biggest challenge of owning Zeus? I'm sure he's a huge sweetheart, but there has to be some difficulties to it no?

ClunkingBuckets29 karma

The biggest challenge... I don't know! It's so great (harhar) owning him, he's just such a sweetheart! Probably the biggest for me is more of an annoyance.

When he drinks out of the faucet, he drools ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR. And I like to walk barefoot in my own house. So when I step on his drool/water it's slimy yet wet it's just... blech to me.

RefriedBears10 karma

I own a normal sized Great sane named "Dante" - He loves to lean on us when standing. Does Zeus do this? And thanks for the AMA btw!

ClunkingBuckets7 karma

Yes, Zeus loves to lean! It always throws me off, even when I'm prepared for it. He's so heavy!

vese8 karma

Pancakes or waffles?

ClunkingBuckets35 karma

Ooh, that's a hard one. I'm going to have to say waffles simply because I don't get them as often.

audioeric8 karma

How tall is he on his hind legs standing up?

ClunkingBuckets11 karma

Over 7' tall. I believe the official measurement was 7'5".

simplyOriginal8 karma

This is a great Ama. Great job on answering.

ClunkingBuckets8 karma

Thank you so much!

random5guy5 karma

What is his personality like?

ClunkingBuckets22 karma

He's very gentle and loving. If I'm having a bad day, I can go over to him and talk to him, or lay down next to him. He'll give me kisses. I feel like if we're telling a story to someone else, he'll groan or sigh at just the right parts, and he's just amazing to have.

I wish everyone could meet him! You all would fall in love with him!

l_gonzalez4 karma

about how many pounds of food does zeus eat per week?

ClunkingBuckets7 karma

Pounds is difficult to go by--we measure it by 10-12 cups of food a day. That translates to (roughly) about 6 pounds per day. Plus we give him two cans of wet dog food everyday, as well as eggs, cottage cheese and chicken, steak and hamburger when we cook some up for ourselves!

We're trying to help him put on a little weight since we are aware that he's a bit on the skinnier side, but we don't want him to put on too much--it'd be unwanted stress on his joints and bones.

sealegs_4 karma

Was he an unusually large puppy?

ClunkingBuckets13 karma

Not really. Regular puppy size!

BearsChief3 karma

I love that he still thinks he's a lap dog :) is he friendly towards strangers/non-family members?

ClunkingBuckets3 karma

Very friendly, he loves people! He does get a little scared and a bit timid if someone tries to hold him that he doesn't know and we walk away, but if we're right in view, he's perfectly fine!

ebell2223 karma

Is he your first Dane? He's beautiful by the way! I come from a family of Dane lovers-we've had 7 of them in my 19 years of life. :)

ClunkingBuckets6 karma

He is our first Dane! And thank you so much! I know we love Zeus so much, we'd recommend this breed to anyone!