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I have a friend who's Russian, she came over to the US after high school. Everything going for her, wrapping up her PhD from MIT, and yet all she talked about is starting a family. She finally got her wish!

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I'd play unrated games, but I'm sure the sales would suffer. If they made a kid's game like Mario and it received an "unrated" rating, chances are parents who may not be video-game savvy (like most) would be very reluctant to buy that game for their family.

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I'm not sure if this happens with all dogs, but they're obviously built different than horses and riding one could be potentially detrimental to their health. I know a friend's dog that had severe problems after an incident like this occurred.

I'm not saying I know better than you or anyone else in the realm of pet health, but just as a PSA I'd like to share my thoughts on the subject.

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Also from another Eagle Scout: this, I had a friend who was gay in the scouts. Nobody gave him a hard time for it. We all just hung out and had a good time.

Yes, one of the tenets is "A scout is reverent" but it doesn't say "religious" so you can interpret that however you'd like.

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I went to college with a girl who was a stripper. Or said she was a stripper, I never saw her strip... Maybe she was just telling me she was a stripper?